Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sale of the Century

There is an old saying that you should be careful of what you wish for because you may actually get it. The Twentieth Century had many things which distinguished it, most notably change and death, and threaded throughout its salient moments was something which I believe will become clearer and clearer as more time passes. Amongst all the other events this may have been the most pivotal. And, what was this? It was the currying of favor by the White Nations, of a small but very influential group, to give them an edge in their competition against other White Nations. Once this group was bought, the winners of the auction ‘won’ their conflicts but in so doing they sold their souls, and are right now in their death throes because of the bargain. I call it the sale of the century but it may have been the swindle of the ages.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the White Race was ascendant, though undoubtedly by some very questionable means. Over 30% of the world’s population was white and the chasm of technology between the white world and non-white world was immense. Any conflict between the two was virtually a foregone conclusion. Just about all the land of the world was directly under the authority of white governments. Whites knew who they were and what it took to protect themselves, though often in short-sighted ways. What was generally in contention was the power distribution within the white world.

This competition was the genesis of our current death spiral for it did two things: first it made the major white nations desirous of empire to maintain parity with whoever was the greatest at the time; second it caused the white nations to look for anything from which to gain an edge. Imperialism made us an affront to the many peoples of the world who were not keen on being subjects of foreigners, it transferred enormous wealth and knowledge to them, allowing them to grow in ways they never could have on their own, and it made our people supremacists since we then had to rule over the brown world and ‘civilize the savage’. Imperialism is unhealthy to the master and the serf and it destroys diversity and localism.

The search for an edge caused white nations to lose sight of what got them to where they were - their genetic endowment, the order which issues from it, and the resultant culture. Since they now had to win at all costs against fellow Whites every little bit helped. Within most white nations were a particular people with well known talents in certain areas: very well motivated, cunning, eloquent, and powerful. Over the centuries this nation within nations honed the skills necessary for their survival in areas deemed inappropriate, immoral, and/or illegal for Whites. Since earlier white rulers saw the danger of this nation, they segregated them into certain areas and limited them to certain activities. In spite of or because of this they got stronger. By the start of the century they dominated the international trade in money (banking) as well as information dissemination (the media). This group has both thrived within and despised its hosts at the same time. The earlier wisdom of our leaders in keeping them on a very short leash was about to be abandoned.

Their first attempt to use their power was during a conflict between a white, Christian nation – Russia, which lorded over a multi-racial empire - and one of the first non-white countries to have a chance at resistance – Japan, which was a completely homogeneous nation. The Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 showed the weakness of the Russian Empire and the strength of the Japanese for sure. It also showed where the Other’s loyalties and enmities lay. The richest money changer in the USA (Jacob Schiff) provided enormous capital to Japan. Also, the Others fomented revolution in Russia in 1905. Russia may have lost anyway but the Others contributed greatly to this outcome. Russia’s revealed weakness enhanced both Germany’s ambitions in Europe as well as further Japanese expansion in the East, both of which had profound implications later in the century.

At this point in history, the Others were dominant in Germany. Their ideological movements were gaining momentum under the façade of progress and reason, when these movements were and are neither. Anthropology (Franz Boas), Psychology (Sigmund Freud), Sociology (Max Horkheimer), and other fields of study were all in their early stages of corruption: to serve the Others political purposes. Popular institutions such as entertainment and news were also under their influence, if not control, as well as the fountain of capitalist/industrialist economics: money. Their primary base of operations was initially Germany though later it was to become the USA.

With the defeat of Russia it became clear to the white nations that these Others were an important ally to gain, in their various quests for empire. In the buildup to the Great War, this was most apparent. The biggest enemy of the Others was still Russia, with her White Christian Tsar who still treated the Others the way White Christian leaders had in the past – as seditious foreigners. They were about to put him and all of his people under their wrath. As the powers of Europe schemed on how to deal with the upcoming international conflict, the Others initiated activity for the annihilation of the White Race, or so it appears in hindsight. The Others were very pro-German in the beginning of the war and maybe would have stayed so if the first part of their plan had not worked – a takeover of Russia. Their revolution in Russia, again in the midst of the war (just as in 1905), this time worked. They were able to convince the poor Christian peasants and workers that it was a proletariat revolution when its advocates were the quintessential bourgeoisie. The Others ‘capitalist’ money even paid for this anti-capitalist (supposedly) revolution. The Others paid with their wealth gained from milking the working man dry and only asked that this working man contribute with his own life. When the Others murdered the Tsar and his family a metaphor for the whole century was set – the death of Whites at the hand or by the cunning word of the Others. Once Russia was toppled and the Other’s greatest enemy became their greatest friend, now what was in their best interests? If one were to suspect a latent loyalty to Germany for being their most gracious hosts was to sustain them think again. The auction was to begin.

No one even proposes that they couldn’t be bought. That was a given since it has characterized them throughout history and is part of the reason they are almost universally reviled, even when they control virtually every organ of public opinion. The question wasn’t whether they could be bought but who would come up with the sweetest offer. Once their affections were obtained their ‘services’ would be rendered. In 1916 and 1917 as Russia plummeted, Germany and Britain began a vigorous courtship of her ‘ladyship’. A new homeland was the centerpiece of any deal. Kicked out of wherever they had dwelled in the past they now pulled a whopper, even for them. These Others now assumed the identity of a people they normatively had no connection to. Whereas they originated from central Asia, they claimed title to land of people from another race and faith. The Semitic people (descendants of Shem) of the Middle East who still followed the Old Testament are typically what people think of as Jews, when in fact these people are a small minority of ‘Jewry’. The people who asked that the land of the Hebrews be given to them, were Hebrew neither by birth nor adoption. Talmudic Khazars were now the people who were considered Jewry and the Semitic people who lived there (mostly Muslims and Christians) be damned.

Germany’s biggest hurdle in winning Jewry’s favor was her ally, the Ottoman Empire, who though they were Turkish and much closer related by blood to the Khazars than to the Arabs (real Semites) who lived there, were not willing to stir dissension in their empire with such a dramatic rearrangement. Germany was stuck. She could talk about how good she’d been to Jewry and promise to try harder but that wasn’t good enough. Britain wasn’t hamstrung by the Ottomans since they were at war and gladly seized at the opportunity to carve up the empire of an enemy and win the favor of an important power in one blow. The Jew bankers who lived in New York and London were won over and Theodore Herzl’s vision of a new homeland in Palestine became a firm commitment by Britain with the announcement of the Balfour Declaration in 1917. Britain expected repayment and Jewry did not disappoint.

The Jewish media in America went from being pro-German or neutral to joining arms with President Wilson in wanting to make the world safe for democracy. "Death to the Huns" was the new cry. The provocation started, now all that was needed were a few big events to stir American opinion away from isolationism. Even before this, in 1915, the passenger ship the Lusitania was sunk by German submarines but Jewry was still pro-German then so the media didn’t fan the flames of war so much. That this passenger ship was carrying munitions should have made the leaders of Britain and the USA just as culpable for murder as the Germans but such is not the case. The loopy Zimmermann telegram, in early 1917, which was an attempt by Germany to get Mexico to invade the USA, was the final event to grease the skids of war. Probably not coincidentally the British intercepted the telegram and forwarded it to the USA. It was laughably bad diplomacy but certainly not to be taken seriously unless the USA was looking for an excuse to go to war. Either Zimmermann was an idiot, since Mexico could have been conquered by one American division, or he was a double agent. I have not heard that argued but I find it hard to believe he was so dumb. Either way, Wilson and the British and Jewry got their way, and the US Congress declared war in April 1917.

If this had not happened, the German offensive of 1918, which started very strongly, may have ended the war in a German victory. The French and Brits were spent but right at that critical point the Americans came with fresh troops and supplies. The Allied counter offensive broke the spirit of the German Army, especially when coupled with internal dissension egged on by you guessed it, Jewry. Germany, Jewry’s greatest friend in the world was stabbed in the back. The unprecedented Treaty of Versailles was a fitting epitaph to the awful war, since it planted the seeds for the next one.

In the aftermath of the Great War the next phase of the Sale of the Century begins. Jewry was in ascension but still in an intermediate position. The White Goyim were still too strong. The Soviet Union became Jewry personified. It was their creation from top to bottom, with a handful of useful idiots like Lenin (his own term by the way) who was only half-Jew to make the movement seem less kosher. Millions of White Gentiles to impoverish, brainwash, torture, and kill; thought crimes to institute, even the death penalty for ‘anti-semitism’. How can one be anti-semitic to a Khazar? Who needs to wait for a messiah when there was the Soviet Union?

On the other hand, the Brits did promise a homeland. This was the Jewish dilemma Churchill wrote about in his essay about Zionism and Bolshevism struggling for the loyalties of Jewry. Unfortunately Churchill wanted to win the Jews to his side by hoping that Zionism would be their true love instead of Bolshevism. What he failed to see is that the Jews could, at that time, still love both. Churchill had created a false dichotomy.

Given the treachery against Germany, the onerous ‘peace’ treaty, and the worldwide economic depression, the rise of Nazism shouldn’t be too surprising. Its rise and its casting down of the ruinous ‘culture’ of the decadent bourgeois Weimar Republic created a new bogeyman for Jewry. It had been part of a political trinity of Jewry; the Soviet Union was Jewry at thought, the United States was Jewry at ‘work’, the Weimar Republic was Jewry at play. They were not too happy that the German people rose up against them. The Jews, for the first time in a long time were getting a taste of their own medicine. While millions of Ukrainians were starving to death at the hands of Jewish Bolshevism in the Soviet Union, the fact that Germans passed some restrictions on their own Jews was worthy of a declaration of war by international Jewry (centered in New York) against Germany in 1933. Ukrainians can starve by the millions, at Jew hands, but there better not be one Jew denied a civil service position in a nation that had just faced one of the greatest betrayals in history. Even though Germany was struggling to right herself economically Jews wanted her starved. They initiated a worldwide economic boycott of German goods through their control of markets and demonization of the German people through all their propaganda channels.

That was maybe the only time in the 20th Century when Jewry turned the thumb screws and the Goyim didn’t give in but instead fought back. Germany didn’t become less anti-Jewish as Jewry expected but more so. The Nuremberg Laws passed in 1935 but even they didn’t contain the death penalty for anti-whiteism the way Jewry’s Soviet Union killed their dissenters for thought crimes against the real Master Race.

Jewry was now swinging between the Soviet Union and Anglo-America as served its interests. Germany was rising again and trying to reclaim much that was lost because of the treason in the Great War; even going further as in the absorption of Austria and Czechoslovakia. Danzig had been Germany’s and kept her territory in East Prussia from being joined with the rest. Poland did not give in since she had a commitment from both Britain and France, themselves undergirded by warmongering Jewry, to defend her. Great Britain and France started the Second World War when Germany invaded Poland. Jewry had won again; Millions more of the Goyim were to die. Out of the scores of millions killed during this useless war, all that we are expected to remember now are the couple million (possibly) Jews who died and this situation is even copyrighted – THE Holocaust. EVERYTHING in our history is subordinate to it and them. To even question how many were killed and how is a crime in much of the ‘free’ West today. Jews were instrumental in the creation of the Atom Bomb though they (Oppenheimer, Teller, etc.) were disappointed when Germany surrendered before it could be dropped on her cities. They were further disappointed when it was dropped on the Japanese since they did not want it either to hurt the Japanese or help the Americans, only to punish uppity Germany.

With Germany defeated the next phase of the sale begins. Now the international struggle revolved around the Soviet Union vs. the USA, probably the two most philo-semitic (Jewish friendly) countries in the world. Of course they were both empires, for to be anything else is incompatible with Jewry’s schemes for white nations. Given the freedoms enjoyed in the USA most of Jewry could maintain their dual ‘loyalties’ when they lived in the USA. Some, like the Rosenbergs, went too far even for the weak and simple Goyim. Most were smart enough to stand on, but not cross the line. They helped ‘interpret’ most of our modern law so they certainly know how to use it. The change in this situation occurred as the result of the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. The USA became Israel’s chief benefactor, inheriting the mantle from the UK (since she was spent fighting for Jewry in two world wars), after WWII, and the Soviets naturally aligned with Israel’s foes. With Jews becoming more effective at making the USA a new Weimar Republic and the Soviets aligning with the Arabs the Jews told Stalin to take a hike. Not surprisingly Stalin didn’t like this too much so the Soviet Union started to do things that were ‘anti-semitic’; such as removing the death penalty for anti-semitism. Oh the horrors. But in ‘winning’ this latest round of bidding, the American political process was ruined, for when many of the Jews, like Irving Kristol, turned from Stalin they all of a sudden became ‘conservatives’ – neo-conservative that is. Jews had long been dominant in the USA’s ‘leftist’ political party, the Democrats, (being darlings since at least Wilson and forward) and now they started the takeover of the ‘rightist’ party, the Republicans. In the span of a generation they turned both political parties into anti-white organizations, already having poisoned the popular culture and educational system. There is in USA, as in all the white world, no voice for us in the established order. We Whites are now outsiders in our own lands.

The current jew schemes center around destroying the White Race with the end state seemingly being the New World Order (the implementation of a worldwide managerial state with the Chosen Ones as those managers). Open borders, socialism, egalitarianism, pathologizing whiteness through all mainstream media outlets, civil rights, feminism, faggotry, war-mongering, imperialism are supported by all our jew-dominated institutions. These are the fruits of Jewry. A few American patriots in the 20th Century like Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh saw this and warned our people but there were too many race traitors and toadies around to stem the tide. Now there are no patriots in the public sphere. They have been purged as though the 1st Amendment were meaningless, which it essentially is. Many white people who have awakened to the threat to our people want to win the latest phase in this perpetual auction but IT is the one thing we should pay NOT to take. With their right hand they will ‘help’ us even as they grasp a dagger in their left. History shows that when we win their favor we lose. It is poisonous and we must anathematize it and those who serve it if we wish for ourselves and other free peoples to survive.

The White Race is now spiraling towards oblivion, not only in numbers but, even worse, in attitude and Jewry loves this. Its public mouthpieces can barely contain either their elation at our continued slide, nor their fury when any (even two little girls) defy them. This will not change as long as we continue to subordinate ourselves to this ruthless, crafty, and hostile foreign race.

How to cleave ourselves from them can eventually be resolved once enough of us realize that it must be done. To say these things makes one a heretic to our state religion and few are yet willing to face the Inquisition.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wherever You Turn

Before pitching it in our fireplace, to at least do some good, I made a note of an interesting snippet out of the Wall Street Journal. A realtor from Arkansas forwarded some property listings along with some other material praising that region as a great place to live. The photocopy of the WSJ article (written by Jeff Opdyke) had many nice things to say about the area and then it lowered the boom – THERE IS NOT ENOUGH DIVERSITY IN THE REGION. Translation – “There are too many Whites around. What must be done to solve this problem?” It cited a statistic that ‘only’ 1.9% of the population is non-white. I know things are crazy regarding multiculturalism and the anti-white hatred that masquerades as anti-racism. I further know that the WSJ is pure neocon (Jews who used to be Marxist until the US out-bid Stalin for their support), money-worshipping rag, but what the hell does lack of “diversity” have to do with an article on real estate? For any sane person isn’t the opposite true; that the LESS diverse an area is the better?

Is everything now being done in code? Was the article’s backhand against Whites really the only PC way to get the news across? ‘Wink, wink, “We know we shouldn’t be saying this but there are very few colored peoples in this area but we can only say it by making it sound like a bad thing”, giggle’. Doubtful, since the WSJ wants to demonize whiteness the same way all organized Jewry does. Orthodox/Reformed/Atheist, Left/Right, Republican/Democratic; they all agree on that. They would have only said the lack of ‘diversity’ was a bad thing because they meant it. Still, maybe the Goyim aren’t as dumb as we seem and we are using the Chosen People’s propaganda to stay informed, regardless of their sinister intentions. Again, doubtful. The Goyim have largely been beaten down and only see what they are supposed to see and say what they are supposed to say. We seem to have no fight left. That tidbit was there and its brazen inclusion is evidence of our own humiliation and defeat. We must now avert our gaze and accept our disenfranchisement from that which our forefathers built. “Who’re you looking at BOY?” they ask and we look down.

When the assertion was made that the number of Whites was too high and other, preferred, races too low I don’t recall seeing any argument as to why this is a bad thing. As silly as the justifications always are, at least when they are attempted there is some facade of rationality but we are in the age of fundamentalist anti-white hatred. Statements such as these are now just made like mantras – a Rosary for the slaves of the Master Race as we kiss their ring. Is it really now this Pavlovian - this repetition of platitudes without critical reflection? It amazes me the way the average modern looks down at medieval folks as superstitious when we have it over them in spades (pun intended) in that area. We regularly nod our heads in agreement at the most ludicrous, counter-intuitive and surreal declarations of bogus morality and think we are progressive. Bloodletting was less bad for us than Jewry’s philosophies, and was not built on malice.

If white-hating propaganda now shows up during a search for a home, what’s next – the weather report?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Preparing To Take the Plunge

It has been little over 6 months since I came to the conclusion that I had to make a change for myself and family as far as our life model goes. There has, in recent years been a slowly welling realization that something is not right in the prosperity I, and many of my people, are now enjoying. I am currently doing better than ever financially. We have a nice house in the suburbs of Washington DC with a decent plot of land; we have no debt except for our home mortgage; my income has been very respectable for the norms of this region; we lack neither food, nor clothing; we are on friendly terms with our neighbors and belong to a friendly, perfectly respectable church. For all these things, and even more importantly the health and wellness of my wife, children and me, I praise God. This should be enough to make any man a conservative – to want to maintain the status quo, right?

As much as I appreciate what we have, I believe the Lord has spoken to me through his Word (and in turn through many of his prophets here on earth) that our current prosperity is not to his liking. Our children see us “going to Church” on Sunday but living just as the pagans live, with God invisible or in a, very little, box. My children know Dad “goes to work” to pay for our needs and wants. When we need food we “go to the store” and there it is on the shelf. When we need money we “go to the bank”. Life seems not to be something we are experiencing but something we are watching pass us by. No wonder children abandon their parent’s lives; they are devoid of meaning. This whole transformation in my thinking gained great momentum based on my wife’s research on healthy eating. It has led us to look to the Bible for guidance on eating and on living – a guidance that is virtually ignored by the contemporary Church. In parallel with her research on food I continued to delve into socio-economic and political issues and eventually saw the crystal clear truth – that our whole contemporary situation, and much of our history is a sham. The world has been and is about an elite group of people obtaining, maintaining, and growing their wealth, fame, and power at the expense of any who are in their way. I suspect most people would acknowledge this point in the general sense but are unwilling to see the extent to which its truth makes our existence in this model untenable. The thread that was sticking up on a few issues I have pulled on and pulled on until the whole ‘garment’ is a pile of garbage. This whole issue I have touched on in other posts as have many minds greater than mine and though it deserves much greater discussion I will not do so here. I merely wanted to set that as a backdrop for why I, and maybe you, should consider being a new generation of pioneers.

What is the “model” I just referred to, this model that is untenable and we should consider leaving? It is the current Standard American Lifestyle. David, at his blog Covenant Corner recently captured it in a nutshell:

“The home has become a place consisting solely of consumerism. Because no one in the home makes whole goods, the family is made up purely of consumers. Workers go out away from the home to work and gain the financial ability to buy (consume) goods and services. Rather than being a place of industry, artistic expression and production, the home has become a place of idleness, boredom, and often times discontent.”

There is an economy to the world that this lifestyle is mocking; an economy that says you must produce to survive, REALLY produce, not sit at a desk, attend meetings, make loans, litigate, legislate, or otherwise just reshuffle the deck that our betters have created. How many people in America are real producers anymore? They are becoming less and less and as their numbers shrink their yoke is made heavier by the consuming classes who have the faux-power the establishment now shrewdly grants. Many forward thinking and Godly people have expressed this same truth. We Americans are sitting atop a worldwide economic plantation that is exploiting and raping the truly productive here and abroad. Our natural wonders, as well as our own bodies, minds, and spirits are ravaged by the current paradigm. How we (Americans) are still able to stay atop I don’t know yet. I have read bits and pieces that make sense but I have not been able to tie it together yet. But acknowledging that America is now on top of the world should not blind us into thinking that this will last. The world is a very competitive place and there are many well motivated and successful people groups that are rising fast (China and India being notable). Some establishment lackeys continue to blather about a rising tide lifting all boats. I don’t see this as being the case. Why will these competitors want to continue to shine our shoes when they are harder working, smarter, and tougher than we are? They won’t.

Most American farmers are now hirelings to corporate giants like Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, Monsanto, Tyson, etc. The farmer is the serf producing an undifferentiated commodity that then relies on the ‘value added’ supplements provided by the corporation, be they hormones/steroids, chemicals, economies of scale, ‘efficiency’, seed stock, name recognition, and/or slick ads. The farmer must toe the company line as Massa commands. Massa makes the bucks and pulls the strings; farmer does the work. The situation is just like the movie A Bug’s Life whereby our farmers are the Ants and Massa is the Grasshopper, only our farmers don’t see this – at least most of them don’t. Renegades like Joel Salatin (Polyface Farm), Lynn Miller (Small Farmers Journal), and the folks at Acres USA, to name just a few, are out there but they are greatly outnumbered and outgunned. They emphasize the farmer (or any producer) as free and artisanal, directly dealing with his customer, and cutting out the parasitic and enslaving middle man. Is the tide turning? I don’t know but we can make a difference.

Though, these are by no means exhaustive explanations as to “why” I think leaving the Standard American Life is prudent they are seed-thoughts to motivate the change. If you were to conclude that a change is desirable, maybe even necessary, then what? I have been investigating this for only a few months now so my current thoughts may still change a bit but here’s where I am at right now. This is not ‘advice’, only my germinating plans.

Be Productive. Engage in enterprises where something raw is transformed into something directly usable. There are many options here: food production (crops, orchards, dairy, meats, etc.), animal by-products (leather, wool, etc.), clothing production, wood-crafting, blacksmithing, and many others. If/when things turn down in the macro-economy these skills will be in demand, not only so that we produce for our own families, but also produce things people will really need.

Be Diverse. Enterprises must have symbiosis; that is, multiple activities need to be undertaken that collectively are more productive and efficient, than if they were done alone. For example, beekeeping and orchards are better together than by themselves, since each benefits from the other. Diversity also is more interesting and more adaptable to changing market conditions than specialization, such as only raising beef cows.

Emphasize Sustainability. Building something and emphasizing methods that will last is important in several ways. First, we are being good stewards of the domain God has blessed us with: we are being true to him. Second, we are not negatively impacting our neighbors with externalities (those side effects that others have to pay for due to our sloth or greed): we are being true to our fellow man. Third, sustainability involves pulling our children directly into the production process, as early as makes sense, so that they inherit it and ultimately improve upon it: we are being true to our posterity.

Be Flexible. Whatever I end up doing will initially be based on my best guesses and intuition. Though this may provide a decent starting point, it will no doubt require correction as failures occur and experience is gained. One of things that strikes me about people who live off the land is how adaptable they are, since nature can be cruel and very unpredictable. We must learn to adjust as is required.

Be Communitarian. Just like a diverse operation helps to ensure success, being part of a healthy community does as well. It is the ultimate insurance policy since a good community should be there when catastrophe strikes. We cannot, alone, deal with the worst that may hit us in this fallen world. The virtual insurance, normative today, that has outsourced community to extremely rich and powerful outsiders is a poor (though sometimes needed) substitute. Community not only provides for these practical needs but also provides much of the richness to life and will continue to be rewoven through intermarriage.

With all those concepts in mind where I am currently leaning is towards a home centered on a wood-working enterprise. Preferable is sufficient land with timber to harvest, sustainably, this wood and use it to make furniture and other products for the home, barter, and sale. In addition to this we would free-range chickens, for meat and also raise our own eggs. For milk I would prefer goats though my wife prefers a cow but we’d end up with one or the other. The other things I’d like to do include modest orchards for apples and beekeeping. Pickling will be a must along with other creative types of fermentation to deal with the cycles of natural production. I’m hoping my daughters would eventually develop the skill to make clothing. There are many possibilities, especially for secondary activities.

Lynn Miller emphasizes getting ‘off the grid’ as much as possible. That is, becoming independent of non-sustainable inputs, which come from outside the community and can only be obtained with cash. I believe this is a good objective to strive towards but in the short term I know I would use electricity as well as some petrol. I strive to reduce the amount we use but not elimination; I have too many other things to learn without that as well.

There are still a lot of things to work out but I am aspiring to make a move within the next year or so. Caution and ignorance are being replaced by urgency and knowledge.

If you are contemplating anything similar please let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Survival Strategy Thoughts for Whites

As I’ve become more racially conscious as a White man in the past few years I have seen a lot of info showing why we need to wake up. There is so much of it to blow away even the most skeptical field hand on the PC plantation – that is if they are ever exposed to it. Last night I heard on CSPAN another in a long string of outrages: a black leader (a college professor no less) literally called to his audience, with their applauding approval, for the worldwide extermination of all whites. Listen to this White folk – that is the beating heart of blackness in America. Yes, it is asinine but that’s what a very large number of their ‘intellectuals’ say. One has to look for this stuff now – it won’t find you. The mainstream media will not allow it. Once we clearly see there is a problem then what? This is the area where there is a vast desert of nothingness. At least I haven’t found much. What I’m talking about here isn’t advice like, “get the hell out of that ghetto”, or “sue the SPLC”; it’s not that things like that don’t often need to happen but they are band aids. We need a strategy; an overarching set of objectives and a means to get there. The ‘reasonableness’ of these steps must be measured in terms of what is at stake. If something proposed is ‘unreasonable’ but the alternative is our destruction then I say let’s be unreasonable. Here is a brief stab at some of the things I think we need to do. I hope to come across, or maybe even initiate here, more discussion on what needs to be done by White Nationalists and Kinists to try and save our people from genocide. Any other White folk who are willing to act for our people are also welcome even as they seek to make sense of our modern madness. Committed anti-racists need to be made to pay for their ride or sent to the oblivion they so richly deserve.

A couple acronyms I use are CP and CP2. CP stands for the Chosen People. They are disproportionately Jewish but not exclusively so. There are some Jews that oppose this but they are a very small number of influential Jews. Whites who have intermarried with Jews or otherwise been judaized are also included. This is a rich and powerful elite that pulls the strings of the world today. They are advocates for and leaders of the New World Order. CP2 are the Chosen People’s Chosen People. These are the people groups that are now on all the check boxes and preferred lists and are used as the foot soldiers in decimating White Nations around the world. The CP NEVER does its own fighting. Didn’t do it in WWI, WWII or any of the other imperial adventures they initiated - our people did. Our people died at their whim and we have been repaid by a treachery that would shake the world if the dirt craved justice. In the US, the CP2 are most notably Black and Mestizo. In Europe Arabs and Turks are more common. The CP2 the CP uses is dependent on the circumstances.

Militarize our youth. The greatest threat we face is the lobotomization and castration of our children. They are taught not to think, not to love their own, and not to grow up. That way they fail not only to pick up the torch of the generation before them but to be an extended burden on them also. To this point I have tried to raise my own kids with a healthy respect for people of other groups but with almost no education in the differences and how these differences make us incompatible as fellow citizens. Our children, as was I, are way too soft, way too prosperous. All other groups have gangs of brats (young and old) who take what they want and believe the CP propaganda that all their problems are the fault of Whites. When the CP2 don’t get what they want they have tantrums like the children they are in our (to them) alien culture. They do what they have always done: rape, murder, looting, rioting. When this stops they revert to their normative, parasitic indolence. In the future, when they come in their mobs to bring mayhem to our communities (like they recently did in Toledo) we need to respond with overwhelming force, sending them to route. They only respect violence. Charity and mercy on our part is spat upon by them. Our youth must be organized for their own self defense and in defense of their turf. I would hope this type of organization doesn’t take on the flavor of a CP2 gang – hopefully more in line with a Boys Scout-type group that also is schooled in racial awareness and martial arts.

Separate. The more I see of the parasitic relationship between CP2 and us the more I can no longer accept them in general. I accept them as a free and independent people, in their own nations, but not as our burden. This dysfunctional relationship must end; it is killing us as the CP want. In the long term either we must be amalgamated into the disparate races we have allowed into our homelands or separate. In an earlier age with racially restricted immigration assimilation was possible without dramatically altering us. Since the seeds of the anti-racial 1965 Immigration Reform Act have blossomed in force assimilation now equals genocide. Having separate races with dramatically different aptitudes in a socialistic state is untenable for long making the multicultural state a lie. An assimilating melting pot (e pluribus unum) or racial nations are the only options. More and more Whites have agreed to drink the genetic Kool-Aid of miscegenation or sterility. This is essential if the CP's plan is to work.

No longer feed the Beast. Now that the CP run the show, the prosperity our people created is used as bait to attract our own executioners. This Beast only exists because we work for it, pay taxes to it, fight and die for it. It is madness. As best as possible we need to leave it, oppose it, condemn it, shun it. Let the CP who coo lies from their forked tongues hold its festering putrescence up. Then maybe CP2 will start seeing who the real enemy is. We created something to behold and it has been ruined, yet even in its ruination it needs us. It can’t live without us. The CP2 are, normatively, too dumb to see that once we are gone, it will collapse, and along with it the Western ‘prosperity’ it spawns. The CP know this perfectly well. That’s why CP2 are so useful; they do CPs dirty work for them. We MUST find a way to let it die. The only reason we are in such straits is because of our own prosperity. We create prosperity (albeit much of it is ungodly) that attracts the chaff of less successful peoples. MC says they are interchangeable with us and they aren’t. Lash a team of yorkies to a sled and try to win the Iditarod. That's more likely than maintaining a White Country with 3rd Worlders.

Stop imperialism. This is especially problematic with our do-gooder mentality. We want to help the CP2 because they are in such pitiful circumstances by our standards when left to their own. We want to lift them up; make them like us. How noble. We give them shots, teach them our language, our techniques, give them ‘aid’, their populations boom in a Malthusian way, and their squalor is simply reconstituted in cities instead of villages, their violence with gun instead of spear, their garb of robe is replaced with suit. Nothing has changed except the worst of the West (exploitative welfare/warfare capitalism) has replaced their best (simple agrarianism). Our best (our genes) is replaced with their worst (their genes). It’s a lose/lose for everyone except the CP. Third World populations would have never boomed without western imperialism. They can only be maintained with western imperialism. The 3rd World hates us even as they probably realize we are their drug. Without us their population would plummet but they would then have their precious freedom. We have a wolf by the ears – they have a perpetual teat to suckle from. It’s a charade that must be ended soon to bring things more into their natural state.

Return to Work. Of all the actions I list this one is the hardest. The others are really pretty easy. This one takes much more fortitude and creativity. Whites have become fat on top of the world economic plantation. We have to learn to really work again: digging ditches, building our own homes, plowing fields. The days of being overpaid paper pushers in the CPs faux economy are doomed to end one way or the other; better by our own choice than the inevitable collapse. Many Christian Agrarianists nobly pursue this goal while purposely avoiding the other, more ‘racist’, ones. Do they really think this would work in the middle of Zimbabwe? If they do they are fools. Given the artificially high CP2 populations, as White largesse is reduced, CP2 will go after the productive by force. They will be unable to sustain themselves here just like they haven’t in Zimbabwe, as Whites have been killed and driven off. For a season their lusts will be appeased with stealing and murdering from the productive. To them the Goose is only good for a gluttonous feast not for her perpetual golden eggs. The Amish are an admirable people but their pacifism can only work in the context of an otherwise productive society. If they were surrounded by destitution how long would it be before the downtrodden resorted to plunder for survival?

Get Real. The world is, has been, and always will be a dangerous place. Many people groups are only kept from killing outsiders by the constant diligence of the potential victim. This is not to justify imperial aggression but it does justify violent defense. We must constantly remind ourselves that our existence is precarious and can only be maintained with much effort.

I’m sure others have better ideas than this but all I know is something that takes on many of these areas needs to happen and soon.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Bush's Legion

Now that Bush has nominated Harriet Miers as the latest Associate Justice to the Supreme Court, and she is revealed as both a mediocre intellect and a leftist, what does the Conservative Establishment want? To be mollified, to have their wounded egos appeased, to be reminded of how they need to trust El Presidente. It was already clear what Bush was not, a Conservative – at least in the best sense of the label, but it is now also abundantly clear what they are as well - pathetic. Bush’s Amen Corner in the blogosphere is circling the wagons around their guy. They “trust” him you see. Bush assured conservatives that he desired Justices like Scalia and Thomas. Roberts and Miers are to Scalia and Thomas as Tiny Tim is to Tom Jones. It is so patently false, based on the evidence at hand, and clearly reveals Bush for what he is, a puppet of the Liberal Establishment, as to clearly raise the specter of wholesale abandonment by his scorned base. But most (maybe all) the leaders of his base prove, so far, that they primarily crave access to power and the childish desire of being associated with a winner, therefore there will be no wholesale abandonment of the Compassionate Conservative. This could have been, and might still be if the foot soldiers abandon their ‘leaders’, a watershed moment of realignment within American polity. I actually thought the Miers nomination was a good thing because it was Bush unveiled, a hideous corpse with a ghoulish smile, with no adulteration; Skull and Bones in the flesh. This would wake people up. Maybe it will. Maybe a few more marginal partisans are seeing the truth of the betrayal and a critical mass has been reached. If it has it is certainly unseen right now.

Lawrence Auster posted a discussion he had with a pro-Bush blogger who was initially upset but was quickly brought back to the fold by Republican operatives. This loyalist said it was more important to rally around Bush so that the Republicans retained control of the Government. Why - because the Democrats are ‘worse’. Under this model of supposed pragmatism, and it is the model the Republicans have followed for years, the Republicans have to be just a little less worse than the Donkeys. What most don’t see is that these two groups are actors in a grander play, wholly in cooperation at the strategic level, of implementing ‘progress’ in America. Unless we are explicitly ‘ideological’ on some things (for example following the Constitution) we will always be moving to the Left as a society. The Donkey’s part is to initiate progressive ideas in the political sphere; the Elephant’s part is to implement them ‘practically’. The Donkey will typically lose, because most people (White’s at least) don’t want what Leftists call progress, and the Elephant wins because most voters still buy this con. Leftism can’t be beaten by this worthless ‘conservatism’ of the Republicans, which is only watered down liberalism, but by a red-blooded counter-ideology which is just as active on the Right as liberalism is on the Left. For a long time National Review and many others have argued that conservatism is non-ideological, and maybe it is if using Burke and Kirk as examples since in their time there was still a lot to conserve and ideology was a dangerous concept that takes one away from the status quo. Non-ideology doesn’t cut it any more. We have strayed too far from what I would call a state of natural liberty. In my mind natural liberty is best described by a proper functioning of the law as described by Bastiat in his famous essay of the same name.

More and more people seem to be seeing that what is needed is not conservation by yelling “stop” to the march of liberalism but a dramatic, even revolutionary, transformation of where we are. This revolution will happen, though whether peaceful or violent, improving or degrading, is unknown. We live in what is now an Empire and Empire only stays together by coercion. As our imperialistic, debt, and consumerist prosperity continues to fade the ability of the Empire to exert this coercion will weaken unleashing the natural forces it is currently subduing. The geographic entity known as the United States is no longer a nation. We were originally, but to win a war of imperial conquest Lincoln needed to transform “her” into “it”. He started the avalanche and it has only gained mass and speed with time. It can only be made into a nation through several subsequent generations of intensive race-mixing resulting in a new, and normative, genotype. What capabilities this new race will possess, on average, is predictable; somewhere between European, Asian, African, and Mestizo but what that will really mean is a mystery. People are generally opposed to marrying and procreating outside their group in spite of the massive corporate propaganda to the contrary – so this miscegenation must be forced. Churches are already on board, some even saying that racially mixed marriages are better than intra-racial ones. If race mixing occurs as a norm it means the end of the White Race, except as a curiosity in exotic locales, since all White countries are being forced to comply with this same situation. Since the White Race built and maintained the Western World what can be built and maintained when they/we are gone?

However, if revolution occurs and the Empire is cast down AND a worse Empire doesn’t rise in its place (a strong possibility), then there is a chance that real nations can be carved from this Empire. It is doubtful that this transformation would be completely peaceful but considering that the primary looming alternative is a World Government with no rival and complete control over our lives, it is a gamble I hope we are willing to take.

Most people don’t seem to see what I think is becoming crystal clear – the Empire is crumbling. The more it crumbles the more the Establishment will turn to the latent patriotism of Whites to rally to its defense. We are useful for nothing else to the Establishment than to keep their Order intact. Otherwise they want us gone and we soon will be if we can’t defend ourselves.

Not only is Conservatism dead but it should be dead. Bush’s loyalists are blind to what they have become. Seeing the leadership of Evangelical Christianity and the Religious Right go compliantly along with the New World Order raises anew thoughts of End Times in my mind. Who really is the Whore of Babylon? Maybe it won’t be so hard to figure after all.

Going from Miers to the New World Order is a stretch in any short article but one is a herald of the other given that the ‘conservative’ establishment has pinned its hopes on Bush and the Republicans. Miers is one more shiner in a series of brutal beatings to the Religious Right from Bush and Co. and only a co-dependent would stay in the relationship. Much of the right wing grass roots don’t want this but they are not yet ready to see the clear but frightening light.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Monkey Brains or Pig Ears?

Coming up in a few weeks is the election for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. This will be the first election since I fully became aware that our political process is a farce. Not that congress is full of crooks farce or taxes are high farce or the current party needs to be swept out of power farce but a COMPLETE farce.

The Dumb party has nominated Kilgore, the Dumber party Kaine. As expected they are suit wearing pretty boys who lick boots like the best of them. The only time I start to get even the slightest desire to support one of them is from his opponent’s sophomorically transparent attack ads. When I start hearing from Dumber how Dumb wants to slash this and cut that I think maybe Dumb’s got some guts after all; maybe he’s not just a puppet of the establishment. Then Dumb puts out his own ad ‘defending’ himself and ruins the whole illusion. Our wonderful News Media which is the public relations arm of the Establishment keeps the political parties in line, asking all the right questions, derailing any chance that things can be corrected through approved channels.

This is the first election I will not support the lesser of two evils. I won’t fall for the pavlovian prodding of abortion or terrorism. I thank GWB for making it crystal clear just how ‘conservative’ he and the entire Right is. To my shame I bought their spin for years. I gave them the benefit of the doubt but now there is nothing left to doubt for anyone who has a shred of integrity left unless their intellect has been catechized beyond repair. That this specimen of exceeding mediocrity can keep the other ‘leaders’ of the Right in tow shows not his, but their treachery. Saying one was mesmerized by the oratory of Cicero is one thing but not that of Gomer Pyle.

Virginia is overrun by an immigrant invasion, whether it is legal or illegal don’t amount to squat, but neither Dumb nor Dumber has issued a peep. They know better. The welfare state, the ethnic cleansing of Whites from our lands, dictatorship (rules by dictation), profligate government spending, tax slavery, public debt, are the issues of the day. None of these will see the least bit of light; our ‘free’ press won’t allow it. Actually that needs to be qualified: some of it will make it by the censors, if it can be used as a prop for more ‘progress’. Just like those liars did with the “population explosion” back in the 60’s and 70’s. There was a population explosion only as long as White birth rates were above replacement. Once they helped ‘fix’ that problem, the “population explosion” as an issue disappeared, even as the 3rd World overruns us.

Here is a very small anecdote to pass on. In the past few elections, besides me, two other close by neighbors have voted consistently Republican. For one of them I know this by curb-side discussions, the other because they always had out signs and recruited me a couple times to work at the polls. Not only have I given up on Dumbo but the first neighbor has really soured on them also. The other one no longer has out the signs and there are only a couple weeks to go. If these folks leave Dumbo for Donkey then the dance will just continue until the rotten floor collapses. It will be one or the other.

The Election will come, Dumber or Dumb, most likely Dumber, will win and then we can avoid having our intelligence insulted any more by the 3rd Grade level discourse. We can then resume at the 6th Grade level where we belong. Things will continue to spiral down afterwards and folks will wring their hands wondering why.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Coming Soon to Your Area

As I drive to and from work these days in the Washington DC suburbs I see the New America crystal clear. On my ten mile drive I see nary a White face. Mestizos (many of whom refer to themselves as “The Race” or La Raza), Blacks, and Asians are legion; looking at the demographics of the children waiting to take the public school busses is all that is needed. Going back to just 1981, when I graduated from high school here, there were plenty of Blacks and a few Asians but Mestizos were rare. If these new Americans were completely self-sufficient, like immigrants of old were, it would be one thing, but they’re not and the socialism we live under insures they will be assisted by the rest of us. The local home builders and lawn care companies who make a killing hiring these Mestizos at slave wages pass their real cost on to me and other Americans in the area through higher healthcare costs, higher taxes, a dumbed-down student population, and greater crowding. These are called, in economic jargon, “externalities”. The true cost of this labor is not being paid by the employer but is instead externalized; borne by the rest of our society. Our establishment masters slyly call the corporate-sponsored Mestizo invasion “Latino” knowing full well that there are a handful of Whites amongst the Latinos and want them to associate with a propositional ‘nation’ – Latino-hood - instead of their race, White. It should be noted that the Mestizo invasion is the direct result of their economies being ravaged by ‘Free’ Trade coupled with White weakness. If our masters didn’t crave even more conquest through treaties like NAFTA and CAFTA these people would still be living in peace in their ancestral homes; though we still could have stopped them from coming in spite of this. As it is, they have been made our tactical enemies by design; they are fodder meant to undermine a free America. Our real enemy is the same as theirs - the aristocracy of mammon; the elite interests who calculate life and death based on how it impacts their net worth. It is the standard ‘divide and conquer’ strategy that most of our people are oblivious to.

When my wife and I were blessed with a son who was born this past February we saw the preponderance of non-whites in the maternity ward and I wondered how they were paying for it. It was clear they were getting support that I wasn’t. How many of them paid over $10,000 out of pocket, for a non-complicated delivery, like I did? My daughter (and a couple other White kids) being singled out last year by her sissy-white teacher as “privileged” in front of her, majority, darker skinned 2nd Grade classmates was another ‘blessing’ I have noticed of the New America. The children largely are oblivious to this propaganda but it has its impact, intended to both demoralize my daughter and empower the children of the preferred races. What was the privilege of her great-grandparents living on homesteads in Montana, farming in Pennsylvania, and mining coal in Indiana, with no help from anyone but themselves? Thank God they weren’t privileged in the sense of Government preference, like most “people of color” are today, since it is a corrupting influence. Maybe we were privileged by the genetic endowment of our ancestors but that was certainly not what that teacher was talking about. Northern Virginia, just south and west of Washington DC, is the America that is eventually coming to Idaho and Kansas and …, an America that is being ethnically cleansed of our people. Not only are we Whites driven out but our government insures we can’t escape through its anti-White bureaucracies like Civil ‘Rights’, Housing Subsidies, etc. There are fewer places to flee. White flight is even called racist. At all other times, when one race is chased from its home by members of other races, the other races are accused of ethnic cleansing or genocide. In the case of Whites, as with all racial issues, the definition is stood on its head. Even our desire to live is being decried by our masters. They will make sure, as long as they rule over us, that we will have no escape. Be prepared.

You see, there are two circumstances that have come together, partially by design and partially by fate, that have put Whites into a death spiral. The first circumstance is a recurrence of history that greater minds than ours have been unable to avoid. This is the part possibly attributable to fate. History shows that once a culture becomes prosperous its women bear fewer children. Once its own women fail to replace their own people, foreigners are brought in by the ‘pragmatists’ to fill the void. Once a critical mass of the genotype is lost through mixing, the culture is lost. This is postulated as the cause of the demise of many nations that became empires including Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Now “why” women of prosperous cultures become less prolific is clearly answered. They become more educated and aware of how to avoid the dangers of child-bearing while also being more economically valuable as a mammon producer instead of a child producer. There is an even more fundamental cause behind this that few seem to acknowledge and that is the definition of “prosperity”. Prosperity is almost universally thought of as a socialistic, urbanized, specialized, compartmentalized society instead of as a holistic, agrarian society. Socialism always reinforces dysgenics; that is reproduction by the least successful relative to the more successful, especially, as is the case today, when the socialism is coupled with effete, pseudo-Christianity. If progress always leads to the former (socialism) then it will cause the demise of the people who initiated it. If progress doesn’t poison its own wellspring then it is not, necessarily, self destructive.

The second circumstance seems unique to the prosperity of the European cultures of the 20th and 21st centuries, though it may not be unique; maybe it is also repeating itself, like a Groundhog Day from which Mankind never awakes. It is self-hate through a progression of intellectual movements which pathologized and are pathologizing Whiteness – the bedrock, coupled with Christianity, of Western Civilization. These movements are not only not weakening but are growing stronger as the White Race continues to dwindle (30% of the world’s population in 1900, projected to be 6% by 2050). These intellectual movements have normalized White self-hatred such that every mainstream institution propagates it and anathematizes any who resist it. Read Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique for a scholarly presentation of this thesis. Even Christianity has been co-opted into being advocates of this Marxist/Jewish inspired White self-hatred. This has long been the case with liberal sects but now the more conservative Evangelical and Reformed sects also are onboard. The dogmas of Man are now totems to which even Christians now willingly bow so that their ‘religion’ stays respectable. I am a Christian but have grown disgusted by this sissified Judeo-Christianity. Judeo-Christians have been told their place and they willingly go there. Judeo-Christianity now fills its role as the opiate envisioned by our masters and the clergy of institutional Christianity gladly complies. Imagine if Luther and Calvin were cut from this same cloth?

Other non-white prosperous countries have to deal with the first circumstance but not the second. They may or may not be bringing in replacement populations depending on how long-sighted they are; the more visionary will never sell out their genes but instead substitute capital for labor. That is what Japan is doing. Since these other prosperous nations have not been demonized as races they can easily, and naturally, continue their self-preservation, for now at least.

The prosperity which leads to socialism combined with institutional self-hatred results in one thing – Genocide. That other races are indifferent to or gleeful of our plight is not too surprising; that Whites agree is. A real prosperity of holistic lives, sustainable productivity, modesty, temperance, godliness, and humility will not lead to the end of our people. Not only will this path serve our people better but it will leave the other races of the Earth at liberty to rise to the level God has gifted them. The imperialism of capitalism and democracy being forced on the world brings warfare, welfare, and slavery.

Last week when I was driving home I happened to get slightly in the way of a Mestizo woman who was driving with her (probably) taxpayer-subsidized brood and I got an earful of the fruits of the New America. I said nothing in return. When one is falling is it wise to question gravity? It is better to see the sneaky hand in the dark that wants to push you over the cliff and send its master over in your stead.

Will we reverse course, learn from history, and save ourselves, or passively submit to our ritual sacrifice? The ultimate act of White egalitarianism is being played out – the absorption of our genes into a new race. The New World Order and their neo-babelist allies who lead the contemporary Christian church see this as a reason to cheer. The neo-babelists expect this new race will be closer to God than that which preceded it. Since racism is such a great sin (in their minds) and race will be destroyed, Man will be holier, right? We will all come together and sing “Kumbaya”, just like when there was only Adam and his mono-racial family. Oops, they forgot about the example of Cain. Oh well, at least their hearts are in the right place. Useful idiots indeed.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Vainglory of Self Defense

Recently it has been suggested by a certain Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that kinism is a sin because it is characterized by “malice and vainglory”. Nowhere in the attack by this minister is there an acknowledgement that defense of one’s people has any legitimacy. If every people group in the U.S. were held to this same standard then they (the anti-racists) would only be neo-Babelists. That’s bad enough since it destroys diversity and healthy skepticism and replaces it with universalism and utopianism – it supplants the American Revolution with the French. As it is, since the standard is only applied to Whites in the U.S. and worldwide, they are hypocrites, race traitors, and advocates of genocide.

Was it vainglorious of the American Indians to try and defend themselves from the invasion of their lands by Europeans?

Was it vainglorious of the U.S. to invade Germany in two world wars when they had never invaded us?

Was it vainglorious of the U.S. to build a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons as a deterrent against possible Soviet aggression?

This minister would probably say no on all counts. Apparently unilateral disarmament is a leftist/pinko thing when we are fighting Soviet imperialism but is a virtue when our people’s survival is concerned. It’s not vainglorious to attack and commit mass murder, only to defend your people (and only if they are White) from annihilation.

Some might ask why are these kinists so nasty by posting stuff about murder and mayhem committed by foreign peoples? The answer is simple. It answers the question of “why” to the masses indoctrinated into the religion of political correctness. Why should we (the average white person) care about defending the White race? Are we really different or is it only skin color? Etc. As undiplomatic and uncharitable as these posts may seem they are a necessary antidote to the completely contrary flow of information by our culture which demonizes Whites. 24/7 the average White who uncritically consumes the mainstream media sees that his people are uniquely vile and worthy of destruction. Does this Minister of the Gospel fight this? Of course not. Any “relevant” Minister of the Gospel has got to agree that the White Race is expendable. To say anything to the contrary would cause the minister to face the PC Inquisition and be denounced as a racist. The PC Inquisition is the authority any respectable Minister of the Gospel really fears. Any respectable Minister of the Gospel must refute his PC heresies pronto since his image might be negatively impacted and the seekers might look elsewhere.

If vainglory and malice are evident isn’t it in the advocates of amalgamation and genocide instead of in its opponents?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Japs and Serbs

Does anyone call the Japanese racist? Or, more specifically, is calling Japan racist normative? The answer to the second question is no just as the first question is meaningless – does “anyone” not do anything? The Japanese are a very race conscious nation. You cannot become a citizen unless you are genetically Japanese. Japan is considered a liberal and enlightened “western” nation. Yet one of the contemporary characteristics of an enlightened western nation is racelessness. Why this is so is a good question but please accept for now that it is. Almost every other nation in the lineup of the enlightened first world has embraced multiculturalism, not just in word but in deed. As best I can tell every country dogmatically multiculturalistic has a (still) White/European majority population. Every country that is not MC is non-white. One of the few White countries that in recent memory made any modest efforts to reverse this course is Austria which a few years ago, through democratic elections, chose a political party that, at least rhetorically, was not as committed to MC as is commonplace in the West. Whereas the enlightened, liberal Japanese have a much more nativist, racially-conscious and self preserving system in place than anything the Austrians have initiated it is the Austrians who were severely rebuked by the West’s ideological torch bearers – not Japan.


Why are White countries, all of them, expected to be multicultural and not non-white countries, even among the supposedly enlightened? By the standards of liberalism it is arguable that a country like Chad be exempted from “progressive” anti-majority policies, since it is very poor, and the poor are usually held to a different standard in the egalitarian mindset (at least if they are the right type of poor) than the rich. Of course the poverty of Serbia didn’t stop the enlightened from bombing her into line for daring to defy MC. Serbia was defying the takeover of its historic lands by Albanian Muslims and international jihadists and the world community would not allow this since Muslims are on the approved list of people who can be self-preserving and Whites are not. What would be a dilemma for the Jews, along the lines of free pork, is if more and more Whites become Muslim. Will their Christian hatred or their White hatred win out? I think the answer is obvious.

So Japan is exempted though a prosperous first world country. Austria is not exempted though it is also a first world country (though not nearly as prosperous as Japan). Chad is exempted since it is very poor but not Serbia which is also poor. Other very rich and MC-exempt countries include Saudi Arabia and the other Persian Gulf states.

What is the common thread here? It is clear that White racial identity and nationalism is not considered legitimate while for every other race it is. Though many would argue that Nazi Germany should hold a distinct place in our memories this raises two questions. One, why are the white nations that defeated Nazism not exempted from the current anti-white bias? Unless these White nations shed their blood and treasure to defeat Germany in two world wars there would be no anti-white paradigm at all. So the free White countries that ended a menace, less to themselves than to other races, are now being treated like trash. Charles Lindbergh warned of this in 1941 and history is proving him right even though he was and is being vilified for saying so. Two, why are Japanese racial atrocities virtually ignored, at least in comparison to the Holocaust? Especially in regards to the Chinese, Japan was ruthless and this barbarity had a clear racial element.

On a related note, the Soviets were clearly genocidal to many of their classes and ethnicities, notably the Ukranians. If the Soviets were notably ethnic Russians then I have little doubt their crimes would be a much greater part of our collective memories. But since the soviet leadership was a racial polyglot (though disproportionately ethnic Jews) and their victims mostly White they have largely been given a pass.

I just gave a hint as to what I think is a compelling answer to the original question of “why?” Japan, as with all other non-white countries and people groups, is exempted from multiculturalism because they are not considered corporately responsible for transgressions against Jews. Even though Whites fought against Whites to, among other things, save the Jews to the point of tens of millions of deaths of our best young men, Whites are now considered illegitimate as a race. As the black writer Shelby Steele recently commented in defense of this double standard:

"No group in recent history has more aggressively seized power in the name of its racial superiority than Western whites. This race illustrated for all time—through colonialism, slavery, white racism, Nazism—the extraordinary human evil that follows when great power is joined to an atavistic sense of superiority and destiny. This is why today's whites, the world over, cannot openly have a racial identity."

In other words, Whites are uniquely evil compared to the supposedly more moral and less dangerous non-whites. He argues this in parallel with justifying non-white racial consciousness. Shelby Steele is considered very mainstream and his reasoning here is orthodox according to polite society. He will not be shouted down or boycotted or otherwise made into a pariah. To reverse some of these words and replace white with black or brown is considered in bad taste to even think much less speak.

We are called racist when we want to restrict who we allow in our countries. We are called racist when we demand that our governments confiscate less of our money for the purpose of domestic and international interracial wealth transfers. We are ridiculed for standing up to the anti-natal, culture destroying movements of radical feminism and homosexual rights.

Now all of these movements that are deliberately destroying the White race have an unmistakable level of Jewish intellectual leadership. Many argue that Jews are White and they are, when it suits them, just like they are non-white when that suits them. Does anyone suspect that the disproportionate representation of Jews in college admissions and in cultural leadership positions will be hindered by affirmative action? No, since at those times Jews will wear the mantle of minority victim of white, gentile persecution. Yet when it comes to selling things to the public as politicians, CEO’s, and actors Jews will turn as white as snow. Gentile Whites will lose either way. We will be squeezed out between Jews and the preferred minority groups when diversity reigns supreme. We will be hindered by our people’s demonization, leading to no sense of self, when merit reigns.

Wealth, religion, and language mean nothing in the paradigm of political correctness. Everything is subordinated to the goal of destroying the White Race. When will a critical mass of Whites see this and start working to save themselves? If we won’t do it no one else will. We are expected to save the world as our posterity is swept away. What would P.T. Barnum call someone who fell for that deal?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Empty Ritual

Last night we went to Back to School Night at my oldest daughter’s school; she is now in 3rd Grade. I hate to admit that it is a government school and it is a shining example of the New America where Whites are dwindling to nothingness through infertility, amalgamation, and flight. I want so much to homeschool her before the PC claptrap propagated by this seminary overwhelms her parent’s beliefs but that’s not want I want to talk about right now.

After all the parents were gathered in the Auditorium we were all asked to rise and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I couldn’t do it – recite the Pledge that is – even though I stood and placed my hand over my heart. The stars and stripes that we have all been raised to revere I now reel from. Up until a year ago I would regard my own thoughts now as disrespectful at the least, if not treasonous. I don’t care anymore about that. I care about the truth, justice, and the survival of my people. When I see that flag now I see lies, injustice, and genocide. Most Whites don’t see this. They see Iowa Jima, Gettysburg, Normandy, and the all the fallen heroes of America; our kin and kith who died for it and what they thought it stood for. It now spits on their posterity. Should we now honor it or them? I choose them. This is a conundrum most neither see, or if they do see can handle. Most choose to hope what I say is not true. They put their faith in false idols like empty patriotism, empty symbols, and empty ritual.

Recite the Pledge in your mind and see if the words are truth or lies. They maybe used to be true but are they now?

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America (united by coercion) and to the republic (we are a republic like North Korea is a republic – in name only) for which it stands, one nation (used to be of blood and faith, now it is based on an anti-White abstraction), under God (a blasphemous lie now, at least for Jehovah – we should not desecrate His holy name by associating Him with something approaching or exceeding Sodom), indivisible (thanks to Lincoln and his disciples), with liberty (maybe adolescent libertinism fits), and justice (Marx’s and Trotsky’s variety) for all (all who are of a preferred class and have preferred thoughts).

I understand that principles are good and it is good to try to aspire towards principles we can’t even keep, even if it often makes us hypocrites. The problem with the Pledge is that it means (either from its original Socialist intent, and/or through reinterpretation) exactly what is says in an Orwellian way to our current Masters and their adoring slaves. It is a lie from the perspective of a Christian who wants a society built on Christian liberty, freedom, and justice. When words are twisted like this it makes no sense to keep repeating them hoping they mean something different.

America has been changed from within into something diametrically opposed to its very foundations. The pre-Constitutional American States were all (with the possible exception of Rhode Island) explicit Christian Republics. The post-Constitutional Union was at least not hostile towards God’s Law. From the 1860’s until now we have been in a death spiral ever accelerating. Reciting and believing the Pledge is tantamount to digging our own graves. It’s a tough realization for a former mainstream (in the terms of Bob Whitaker – “respectable”) conservative.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

American Justice

If you ever wanted to see a story that so profoundly shows what a revolting monster our government and our legal system has become and how it is the enemy of flesh and blood Americans read this:

Note: I've pasted the story within []

[2 Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch in Court

Published: August 19, 2005
Correction Appended

DOUGLAS, Ariz., Aug. 18 - Spent shells litter the ground at what is left of the firing range, and camouflage outfits still hang in a storeroom. Just a few months ago, this ranch was known as Camp Thunderbird, the headquarters of a paramilitary group that promised to use force to keep illegal immigrants from sneaking across the border with Mexico.

David Bowser for The New York Times

A windmill tower in Douglas, Ariz., was a lookout point for members of a group that tried to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border.

The New York Times

Camp Thunderbird is two miles from the Mexican border. Now, in a turnabout, the 70-acre property about two miles from the border is being given to two immigrants whom the group caught trying to enter the United States illegally. The land transfer is being made to satisfy judgments in a lawsuit in which the immigrants had said that Casey Nethercott, the owner of the ranch and a former leader of the vigilante group Ranch Rescue, had harmed them. "Certainly it's poetic justice that these undocumented workers own this land," said Morris S. Dees Jr., co-founder and chief trial counsel of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., which represented the immigrants in their lawsuit. Mr. Dees said the loss of the ranch would "send a pretty important message to those who come to the border to use violence."

The surrender of the ranch comes as the governors of Arizona and New Mexico have declared a state of emergency because of the influx of illegal immigrants and related crime along the border. Bill Dore, a Douglas resident briefly affiliated with Ranch Rescue who is still active in the border-patrolling Minuteman Project, called the land transfer "ridiculous." "The illegals are coming over here," Mr. Dore said. "They are getting the American property. Hell, I'd come over, too. Get some American property, make some money from the gringos."

The immigrants getting the ranch, Edwin Alfredo Mancía Gonzáles and Fátima del Socorro Leiva Medina, could not be reached for comment. Kelley Bruner, a lawyer at the law center, said they did not want to speak to the news media but were happy with the outcome. Ms. Bruner said that Mr. Mancía and Ms. Leiva, who are from El Salvador but are not related, would not live at the ranch and would probably sell it. Mr. Nethercott bought the ranch in 2003 for $120,000. Mr. Mancía, who lives in Los Angeles, and Ms. Leiva, who lives in the Dallas area, have applied for visas that are available to immigrants who are the victims of certain crimes and who cooperate with the authorities, Ms. Bruner said. She said that until a decision was made on their applications, they could stay and work in the United States on a year-to-year basis.

Mr. Mancía and Ms. Leiva were caught on a ranch in Hebbronville, Tex., in March 2003 by Mr. Nethercott and other members of Ranch Rescue. The two immigrants later accused Mr. Nethercott of threatening them and of hitting Mr. Mancía with a pistol, charges that Mr. Nethercott denied. The immigrants also said the group gave them cookies, water and a blanket and let them go after an hour or so.
The Salvadorans testified against Mr. Nethercott when he was tried by Texas prosecutors. The jury deadlocked on a charge of pistol-whipping but convicted Mr. Nethercott, who had previously served time in California for assault, of gun possession, which is illegal for a felon. He is now serving a five-year sentence in a Texas prison.

Mr. Mancía and Ms. Leiva also filed a lawsuit against Mr. Nethercott; Jack Foote, the founder of Ranch Rescue; and the owner of the Hebbronville ranch, Joe Sutton. The immigrants said the ordeal, in which they feared that they would be killed by the men they thought were soldiers, had left them with post-traumatic stress.
Mr. Sutton settled for $100,000. Mr. Nethercott and Mr. Foote did not defend themselves, so the judge issued default judgments of $850,000 against Mr. Nethercott and $500,000 against Mr. Foote.

Mr. Dees said Mr. Foote appeared to have no substantial assets, but Mr. Nethercott had the ranch. Shortly after the judgment, Mr. Nethercott gave the land to his sister, Robin Albitz, of Prescott, Ariz. The Southern Poverty Law Center sued the siblings, saying the transfer was fraudulent and was meant to avoid the judgment.
Ms. Albitz, a nursing assistant, signed over the land to the two immigrants last week.]

As bad as things have gotten, when I first read this I almost thought it was parody. It would have been funny parody but instead it is the disgusting truth. If this doesn’t make you despise the tyrants that have enslaved us and made us their serfs nothing will. It is actually worse than serfdom since it is clear that genocide of Whites is what the New America is after. No, this won’t take place in gas chambers, yet at least, but instead is much more shrewdly accomplished through public policy and attitudes affecting relative birth rates and racial purity. Whites are a free and liberty loving people who are clearly much less compliant than the 3rd World masses who would gladly trade a tyrant who gives them McDonalds, WWF, and WalMart at slave wages for their old masters who didn’t. That they are willing to live under tyranny, as the countries they flee from testifies, and we are not is why they are preferable. They will be the useful little cogs in the machine while we are not. Progress will be able to continue unabated. The theory for why 3rd Worlders ARE 3rd Worlders is not allowed into public discussion as it actually involves immutable racial differences (such as their reduced initiative, innovativeness, and spirit due to the smaller frontal lobes of their brains). I wish I were wrong on this but the evidence is very compelling. We can’t talk about these things since that would be hateful. Only genocide of Whites is allowable AND we Whites must celebrate it.

Read that story and reflect on how, if our government were legitimate, it would do exactly the opposite of what actually happened. Trespassers would face expulsion at the least, if not the risk of death and it would not be our citizens having to do this but the Border Patrol or other representatives of our will. Now our government attacks its own people for daring to defend their own property. A parasite like Morris Dees (in Cyberspace aka Morris Disease) has an extortion racket that uses our ‘legal’ system to deny our citizens self-defense and then steals their property. He should be in prison and the judges that allow these mockeries as well but that would be an older America of real justice and liberty. It is looooooooong gone.

Of course our great ‘watchdog’, the news media, shows how ‘objective’ they are by making the tyrants seem legitimate. If they had wanted to they could have made the judge, jurors, and SPLC seem like scum – easily – but that is not part of their agenda. If they had done their job the tyranny of our government would have been stopped a long time ago; likewise with the entertainment industry. Why are these institutions defenders of tyranny rather than its enemy? Do these institutions really reflect freedom loving, kin loving, productive and independent Americans? What is different about them that they are against us and why are they not honest enough to say so????? I’d speculate as to the overwhelming jewishness of these institutions but that is more unallowable hate speech. Besides, like a good conservative, I have to nod my head when told the Jews are our friends just like they were the friends of Russia and Germany and Spain in earlier times. They were just misunderstood and exploited by evil Christian Whites who needed a scapegoat.

If you are a typical brain-dead American keep loving this thing. Keep sending your sons, and now daughters, to die for its satanic lusts, and to be indoctrinated into its religion. Keep paying your taxes, regardless of how high. Leave your property when they claim it. Ask how high when told to jump. And, most of all, keep hating those of us who don’t. Only then will your continued presence be allowed.

For the rest of us, be wise as serpents. We can’t win a fight until we are clear who are enemies are and who are friends aren’t.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Questions for Judge Roberts

I recently received an email alert from the American Family Association requesting that American Christians rally in defense of President Bush’s nomination of Judge Roberts to the Supreme Court of the U.S. This is in anticipation of the liberal attacks that are bound to come. In the past I would almost reflexively answer the call to arms, maybe in so small a way as to send an encouraging email. Now, I take everything from the Conservative Establishment with a very large grain of salt. I don’t follow things much in Washington anymore since I believe it is largely a wasted effort while there are other areas we can make a big difference. Still, I have heard some things about Roberts that bring to question Bush’s promise to nominate someone in the mold of Scalia or Thomas. I’ll touch on those things in a moment but if I have heard these things, in very casual perusals of the Internet, wouldn’t Don Wildmon (head of the AFA), supposedly a very conservative and principled man, have also heard these things? If there are serious red flags regarding the judicial temperament of Roberts why wouldn’t the AFA bring those to the attention of its members rather than a call to blind support?

I hope history proves me wrong but right now Roberts looks like a spineless, liberal weasel like Souter, or a constantly compromising, ever “growing”, centrist like O’Connor or Kennedy. (As a side note, this morning I heard the abortion advocacy group NARAL is pulling an attack ad on Roberts. Are these liberals finally realizing they have nothing to fear from this guy? I think so. He seems such a domesticated, tame, acceptable little conservative.)

I’ll raise my two concerns in a series of questions that I would ask of Judge Roberts were I a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. These questions will not be asked due to both the blind support of Republicans for Bush and due to the liberal religion under which almost all Democrats are acolytes, if not clergy. Liberalism holds these things, that I consider major concerns of Roberts, as sacrosanct, akin to the geocentric universe before the time of Copernicus and Galileo. Cyberspace is the only place these questions will be asked.

1) Judge Roberts, you have said that Roe vs. Wade is the “settled law of the land”. Please explain.

(After the normal doublespeak and sophistry that is intended to bore people to disinterest…)

2) Judge Roberts, can the Supreme Court create “law”?

3) Judge Roberts, which body does our Constitution grant the authority to pass laws?

4) Judge Roberts, has the U.S. Congress ever passed a law prohibiting statutory abortion restrictions?

5) Judge Roberts, has not the U.S. Congress attempted to pass numerous laws to just the opposite effect – to override the “law” created by the Supreme Court?

6) Judge Roberts, is what the Supreme Court decides a law unto itself regardless of what our Constitution says?

7) Judge Roberts, are there no transcendent or institutional constraints that can correct rulings of the Supreme Court?

8) Judge Roberts, isn’t that why you say Roe vs. Wade is “settled” and “law”, because the Supreme Court said it is?

New line of questions

9) Judge Roberts, please explain the concept of “pro bono” legal advice.

10) Judge Roberts, is it fair to say that lawyers only provide pro bono services in support of cases in which they strongly believe?

11) Judge Roberts, are you familiar with the state of Colorado’s referendum, adopted by the vote of its citizens, that would bar special rights to sodomites, or, if you prefer, “gay” people?

12) Judge Roberts, you provided pro bono (i.e. free and voluntary) legal services in support of sodomite activists who sought to overturn the will of the people of Colorado in Romer vs. Evans. Why?

13) Judge Roberts, there are many places you could have provided free legal services where they are desperately needed, where there is no establishment popularity as with “gay” rights, but you chose this cause. What does this say about your value system, your convictions, and your courage?

14) Judge Roberts, are you proud that your volunteer effort helped to overturn this decision of the people of Colorado?

15) Judge Roberts, in what way did the Colorado Referendum violate Colorado Law, Federal Law, God’s Law?

16) So, if God’s Law is no longer relevant what did Thomas Jefferson mean when he stated our rights are “inalienable”?

17) So, if God’s Law is relevant only if it comports with modern sensibilities has it not become Man’s Law and are not Supreme Court Justices modern day prophets of a new polymorphous god?

18) Judge Roberts, are you an example of what President Bush considers a conservative judge in the mold of Scalia and Thomas?

19) Judge Roberts, might you speculate then as to who President Bush might think is in the mold of Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Never mind, don’t answer.

20) Judge Roberts, what are your thoughts on Judge Roy Moore?

Judge Roberts, I never would have known you were a Christian if I hadn’t read it in your bio. That should make you proud.

No further questions.

If Roberts can't "get" these simple things like abortion and sodomite "rights" how the hell can he deal with the harder issues that will come up where he would really have to prove himself a man of the law? The answer is he won't. He has failed on these little things so he should not be trusted on the big things. I wonder if the liberals will do the conservatives job and reject this example of mediocrity? I doubt it. As dumb as they are, they are not as dumb as conservatives.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Sucker Dance

The Republican Party, President Bush, the Catholic Church, the Evangelical Church, Wall Street, Corporate America, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, William Buckley, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal. These institutions and people are what most consider to be symbols of Conservative America. Sometimes they are called right wing as well. Do you consider them conservative? Do you consider yourself conservative? If the answer to both questions is “yes” then the label is meaningless.

These questions are at the heart of what I consider to be the conservative dilemma. Since conservatives are characterized by wanting to maintain the established order and the established order is now rotten (due to institutionalized liberalism) are conservatives, therefore, rotten? Thoughtful Conservatives do not want to conserve everything and instead only want to conserve what is good but they are now a fringe, having been either purged from any meaningful institutional power or been reeducated into seeing the “light”. Conservatives are also characterized by a respect for authority which further exacerbates the problem since our institutions have adopted the fundamental premises of liberalism.

The conservative rank and file still believes in our institutions even though the institutions now embrace those very things Conservatives used to consider anathema. What gives? Are Conservatives nothing other than the practical implementers of liberal ideas? Are we the ones who prevent the crazy uncle (liberalism) from killing himself on heroine by instead giving him methadone and Marlboros? The blogger Lawrence Auster has a term for the mechanism that holds the unholy relationship between conservatism and liberalism together – unprincipled exceptions. Go to his web site (View from the Right) for an explanation much better than I can provide. Sadly the relationship is completely one way. Liberalism is suicidal such that, if allowed to continue without constraint, it would destroy its host. Conservatism provides the brakes to this runaway train but Conservatives are never in the Engine, just the Caboose. Conservatives eventually grow to love the monster more than the Liberals who created it. It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

Does the Conservative Establishment (CE) challenge the New Deal era programs that now characterize our government? Does the CE challenge the taking of our freedom of association by “Civil Rights”? Does the CE challenge international American political tyranny through our stated advocacy of forced democratization? Does the CE challenge the imperialism of American Corporate conquest at home and abroad? Does the CE challenge the modern American identity of Consumer instead of Producer? Does the CE ever say that Caesar is subordinate to God and not vice versa? Does the CE do anything to stop the constitutional rape occurring because our Supreme Court acts as the Supreme Legislature? Does the CE try to defend the racial stock that created America in the first place by stopping unlimited 3rd World immigration? Does the CE do anything of substance to return us to a state of natural liberty?

Not only is the answer in almost every case “no” but the CE is often the very proponent of these agendas. Sometimes, comically, they are even opposed by the LE. Conservatives are now the chief defenders of a status quo that is diametrically opposed to Christian concepts of right and wrong.

I no longer think Frankenstein can be turned into Fred Astaire. No charm school, no makeover, no dance lessons, no education can do it. Eliza Doolittle was turned into My Fair Lady but we are dealing with Bella Abzug. Henry Higgins wouldn’t have a chance and neither do we. We now have a beast that should be given enough rope to hang itself. The sooner we jump out of the caboose the sooner those that love the train will catapult over a cliff. I am afraid if we keep trying to stop it we will only become its advocates and, therefore, its food. Leave it and start to build something better subordinating all to The Author of all that is good. It’s been done before and it can happen again.

Your treasure is in your kin and kith, in your industriousness, in your willing submission to Jesus as the Lord of your life, in your voluntary sacrifice for your community, in your love of liberty, and of justice. If you want to conserve the established order your real treasure will be destroyed or corrupted. Which do you choose?

I pray that God will give me the courage and wisdom to follow the example of Joshua who said, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Monday, July 18, 2005

George W. Bush and the death of the Reagan Revolution

Ronald Reagan on our global nemesis, Soviet-led Communism: “Must freedom wither in a quiet, deadening accommodation with totalitarian evil"?

George W. Bush on our global nemesis Islam: “Islam is a religion of peace".

Has George Bush inherited the mantle of Ronald Reagan as the leader of conservatism in America? He is certainly America’s President but is he unmaking the very thing he seeks to defend, namely America itself, by failing to see reality? In this fallen world of ours conflict is inevitable and unending. The challenge is not to eliminate all enemies once and for all, since this is impossible, but to identify and deal with the enemies you face in your time. Fighting the wrong foes or aligning with the wrong friends can be fatal. Where are we now?

One of the first steps in dealing with any problem is identification of what the problem is. Ronald Reagan identified Communism as an enemy. George Bush has labeled terrorism as an enemy. History has proven Reagan correct; Communism was an enemy due to the rhetoric, actions, and the capabilities of its proponents. Its own founding documents, from Marx, through Lenin and Stalin left a trail of its intentions and its actual manifestations did not contradict these intentions. The reality of the countries where it was imposed testified to its fruits including: no private property, no freedom of faith, state-imposed starvation, gulags, etc. Reagan called Communism ‘evil’ because, based on our American standards and the evidence, it was evil. Reagan may have wished Communism was something else but the reality prevented fantasies. Our nation was under a mortal threat and a sizable portion of America’s intellectual establishment answered the call to arms.

George Bush has rallied the United States to fight the enemy of terrorism and more recently has made worldwide democratization the strategic means to fight this enemy. Is terrorism really an enemy? Many others have written effectively that terrorism is a means to achieve an end; in other words it is a tactic. This is not to say we shouldn’t combat terrorism at a tactical level. Not only should airports be secured which Bush has zealously overseen, going so far as to frisk 80 year old women as much as young Arab males, but also our border should be secured and our immigration laws enforced, which Bush has been loath to do. Above the tactical level every conflict has a strategic level – that is the overarching objectives that must be achieved to ensure victory. Bush’s strategy has most recently been articulated as democracy and freedom for all. This time Bush has made a benign process, democracy, a goal when it often leads to the very denial of freedom he purports to desire. Now that Iraqi democracy is leading towards Islamic Law, Sharia, by definition non-Muslim Iraqis have less freedom and we in the West are in greater danger of terrorism. So Bush has created a series of goals that contradict each other. If reducing terrorism is a goal then Islamic ‘Democracy’ will not be good since Islam demands submission of the infidel by any means possible. Likewise if maximizing freedom is a goal then Islamic ‘Democracy’ will not be good since infidels are second class citizens at best under Islamic Law. By making freedom and democracy and the elimination of terrorism goals without dealing with Islam is folly. Substitute ‘Nazism’ for ‘Islam’ and ‘Jew’ for ‘Infidel’ and you’ll get the point.

Why Islam is an enemy of the West is derived from a non-idealized reading of Islam’s sacred texts. Islam cannot be contrary to its own founding documents; the documents that describe what Muslims believe to be the inerrant revelation of Allah through Mohammed, the Koran; and the life of Mohammed and the early history of Islam, the Hadith, Sirah, etc. These are Islam since Allah said Islam is unchangeable. What has been revealed through Islam’s prophet Mohammed IS Islam. Islam cannot be that which we would like it to be if that which we would like it to be contradicts the original revelation. This is simple logic.

What is in Islam’s sacred texts is widely available over the internet. I recommend you go directly to the source documents and see for yourself. Be warned the structure of the Koran is very convoluted and repetitive so it is tedious to spend any time on. For an organized translation of Islam’s sacred texts see the web site The creator focuses firstly on presenting Islam’s own writings in an organized fashion, then in comparing Islam to Christianity and the comparison reveals diametrically opposed Gods. Allah and Yaweh (the God of the Bible) can not be the same. It is hard not to see Islam as a totalitarian political system in addition to being religious. As a matter of fact, its claim to divine origins makes its totalitarian political aspects all the more dangerous since they are non-negotiable from the perspective of Muslims; at least Muslims who follow the commands of their Prophet. Infidels (non-Muslims) are on very thin ice when they decry people like Osama Bin Laden as not being true Muslims when he is simply following the example of his prophet. Bin Laden can be called many things but heretical Muslim is not one of them. We in the West can be so arrogant in projecting our own sensibilities onto everyone else. The libertine ways of the West are anathema to Islam. They are also anathema to many Christians and Traditionalists though we have a dramatically different view on restoration than does Islam. For those who think Islam has no interest in the non-Muslim world wake up. Muslims are much less small minded than many attribute them to be. The "Muslim World" according to Islam is not the Middle East. It is the whole world. Doesn’t this make sense since Allah is believed to be the God of the whole world? The Koran describes the world as being in two camps; either at peace or at war. The "at peace" portion is where Islam rules inviolate. The "at war" portion is where Islam does not (yet) rule. Islam does not project this situation as permanent but as one to be overcome through jihad to make the whole world at peace; i.e. under the rule of Islam.

President Bush currently exists in a world of fantasy where what is true is what we want to be true rather than what is. He believes religion is good without dirtying his hands with the specific mandates of the belief system. He believes democracy is good regardless of what substantive results the process of democracy realizes. He and his strongest supporters, often referred to as neoconservatives are motivated by America the idea rather than America the real. This abstract America appeals to both the business elites who see nationalism as a competitor placing limits on markets and to the Leftists whose romantic views of the brotherhood of man has led them to create and propagate multiculturalism as a non-negotiable and virtuous end. The real America of Americans of flesh and blood and traditional Christian values is caught in the middle of this juggernaut. On one side our "conservative" party wants an open stream of workers into the country to keep labor cheap and profits high, and wanting the freedom to outsource other jobs to wherever it most benefits them, all the while having the blood of America to be their insurance policy if the foreign country infringes on their interests. On the other side our liberal party wants to recast predominately White, Christian America with a new amorphous American who has no identity from which to resist more cultural "progress". No roots and the largest tree will be unable to resist much of a storm.

Ronald Reagan’s reality has given way to George Bush’s wishful thinking. In saner times the opposition party would adjust to fill this ideological vacuum. Now the opposition party is trapped by its own ideology on the other side of reason. The synthesis in our current political dialectic is always leftward since the thesis is always leftist ideology and the antithesis Republican/Rovian compromising. The current Republican political strategy is to surrender ideology to Democrats but then win elections by being more "reasonable" in the administration of these liberal policies. Republicans celebrate when a Howard Dean (or similar juvenile dimwit) is pegged to lead the opposition party. How can a patriotic American cheer this? Shouldn’t we want two responsible political movements rather than one or, more accurately, none. This is the irony; as Republicans continue to win elections America moves ever leftward in its polity. And liberals hate Bush even though he gives them most every thing they want albeit at a slower pace. What a world.

The Reagan Revolution was a true, though temporary, reversal of the then unstoppable march of Liberalism through the American political landscape. He called our enemies and hindrances out, be they Communism, Big Government, Liberalism, etc., and this enabled constructive change and opposition to occur. George W. Bush has embraced Big Government through Compassionate Conservatism, embraced multiculturalism through open borders, embraced the mantle of Wilson, not Coolidge, through his messianic proclamations regarding world democracy and America’s duty to bring it about, and embraced our biggest outward adversary, Islam, by calling it a religion of peace over and over again.

The damage George W. Bush and neoconservatism has caused to conservatism is hard to measure since additionally many of Bush’s strongest supporters (including his Vice President) advocate many of the progressive innovations in the American cultural scene, including alternate definitions of marriage. America the Autonomous, America the Strong, America the Free was no accident of history. It was created and maintained by a very particular people, culture, and religion under just the right circumstances. It can, with great effort, be maintained into the future but it cannot withstand all mismanagement. Much that has now been damaged must be healed and nurtured back to its healthy state.

The neconservative view seems to be that America is the ultimate commodity. To them it is not only the perfect export to the world, to be forced upon its recipients if they do not accept it voluntarily, but it also is infinitely indestructible internally. No amount of immigration or ‘free’ trade or ‘progressive’ cultural change can undermine its existence. It is not protected like a fragile ecosystem but beaten like a rented mule. It is Yucca Mountain rather than Walden Pond. Both concepts defy history and logic. No culture can withstand an open ended assault on itself and still be itself. Likewise, the arrogant attempt to impose ‘America’ on all by force invites more of the former since we open ourselves up to embrace all we dislocate. America may ultimately survive with its name intact but little else.

Maybe that’s what the advocates of the New World Order have wanted all along.