Monday, September 22, 2008

Talmudvision in all its glory

God only knows I try to avoid watching television but it is very hard to avoid it completely. It is such a purveyor of poison because of who runs it and what their agenda is that it would be well for all White folk to shun it. As currently constituted the bulk of programming is fit only for the Elite’s untermenschen; the commoditized labor units in their New World Order. On a flight recently on United Airlines an episode of the show “Monk” aired. I had heard of this show though it was the first time I had actually seen it. It managed in the brief span of thirty minutes to encapsulate perfectly the Loxism (hatred of Whites) of our masters. Maybe this particular episode is standard fare for the drooling crackers and other hominids who now dwell in what is still called the United States of America. Still it was about as ham-handed as one can get and not cross over into a parody of the very thing it was trying to promote. If we ever emerge from the mess we are in this episode should be an exhibit in the enemy’s Gallery of Death: Vapid “entertainment” as malignant destroyer.

The show is set in San Francisco, which is renowned for its depravity and having much of the refuse of the world seek it out as a haven for the white, tax paying brutes to subsidize in comfort and in ever increasing numbers. That didn’t stop the show from making a white father, with a white wife and more than the standard one child from being the villain. Okay, so far this is the norm; almost all villains are white heterosexuals especially whenever anything interracial occurs in an exact inversion of reality. We were at least spared the interracial angle in the crime itself here. What were our lords thinking to have refrained from pulling out of their box of tools this most blunt hammer of all? You’ll see that’s about the only tool they left unwielded.

After firmly establishing the White Male antagonist the next thing they did was make Monk, who though it would be a stretch to call him White in the sense of being an Aryan still clearly fills that role for the purposes of the MSM, spend the episode in worshipful supplication to a Nigerian marathon runner who is his lifelong, avowed hero: one who was humble, moral, courageous, wise, truthful, and genuine and a perfect foil to the white villain who was a murderer, adulterer, coward, hypocrite, and liar.

Oh they’re not done yet shoehorning in scorn for us Whites. The next thing is that the compulsive Monk inadvertently offends another of our superiors: a Negro of the kind that resides in America. This Negro gave Monk a tongue lashing for the “offense” and Monk groveled at his feet.

This latter encounter was witnessed by several white females who did as they are constantly reminded by our masters to do and sided with the Negro and treated Monk with disdain. One in particular gave Monk the evil eye in several encounters over the remainder of the show. Monk’s constant apologies and reinforcement of being a true believer in white hating dogmas were not enough. Shame on you Monk for giving offense to any of those who are up the food chain from healthy whites (everything else that walks on two feet). Even doing so by accident, like using the word “niggardly” to describe a cheapskate, is a heinous infraction only pardonable after much rehabilitation, if ever.

It may sound as if I am exaggerating but it was really this bad. Watch for yourself. The title has the word “marathon” in it. One could possibly argue that this episode was parody since it was so over the top but I don’t buy it. We are a pathetic, beaten people and our masters want to see how much humiliation they can dish out before they have to worry. It’s always more and, as of yet, there has been little sign of any manhood left to react to this poison which is not just an insult but - even worse - one of their many tools of genocide. Hopefully there is simmering just beneath the surface – that I have yet to see – a rage that is building and will one day loose a righteous retribution our people would have exacted in ages past if ever brought close to this level of degradation.

This anecdote is like one speck of sand in a desert of examples that I don’t have the temperament to any longer sit through. If you are still making excuses for this shit as a “mainstream” White Man when will you have had enough and wake up? Become an Aryan and defy this putrid monstrosity which is defiling and destroying us. Don’t expect much company since the true path is always narrowest and the least trod. But for once you will live free and true.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

White Power

It is a harsh title is it not? Something even we awakened White folk recoil – at least a little – from. It has taken me a while until I was ready to read this book penned by George Lincoln Rockwell in the 1960s. Rockwell himself elicits much disfavor amongst many White Nationalists even today, 41 years after he was assassinated. Why?

Because he was direct and he advocated action that would bring about real victory for our people. He was a bold man of action, as well as theatrical, but also a man of deep thought. That union: thought and action is what makes a man great since most men are one or the other or – even more likely – neither. Spengler described Goethe as his model-man: philosopher and politician. As much as I have read about Rockwell I would like to know if there was a greater man than him in America in the last 50 years.

Many of the older White Nationalists around today came out of the conservative tradition and look(ed) on rabble rousers like Rockwell with suspicion. (This is not without some merit as the enemy seems most inclined to use Agent Provocateurs of this variety.) Rockwell grew to detest this variety of “right winger” – which he also came out of – because it had proven ineffectual at best and treacherous at worst. 40 years of additional hindsight proves Rockwell all the more right. Rockwell’s criticism of Wallace-ism (from ~ 1966) perfectly describes what many Nationalists now say of Tom Tancredo and Pat Buchanan. Our learning curve must be shortened since we are running out of time.

White Power is the best book I have ever read on the current plight of the White Man in America. It is generally (though not totally) as applicable now as it was 40 years ago. Most of its principles are valid to non-American White Nationalists as well. Unlike the scholarly writings of Kevin MacDonald, which are footnoted to the point of being unreadable, Rockwell writes in a very colloquial style and uses the best metaphor I have yet seen describing the relationship between the successful Gentile society and the Jewish parasite which took it as its host. He uses the metaphor of a ship being intentionally wrecked by enemies from within without the knowledge of the ship’s organic crew. Some of the highlights of the book are…

Exposing the false dichotomy of communism vs. capitalism

Describing the revolting moral inversion and hypocrisy in the handling of the Kennedy Assassination

Seeing through the right wing / left wing charade

Revealing the many faces of Judah and dashing to bits the supposed inconsistencies in these facets

Warning against “conservative” crypto-racialism

Astute critique of Boasian (e.g. mainstream) environment-is-everything “anthropology”

The inevitable failure of playing by the enemy’s rules

Proposed action plan for winning

…And all of it is presented with wit, humor and clarity. Almost all WN bloggers speak of these things now but Rockwell pulled it all together and presented it publicly over 40 years ago much to the chagrin of conservative useful idiots like William F. Buckley. Unfortunately the bought traitors like Buckley and Robert Welch (John Birch Society), etc., skimmed off almost all the White angst and directed it into their kosher little cesspits where no harm could be done to our Masters.

This book has everything, everything except a wide readership. It is true that no revolutions come from the masses. The masses in America are now lining up in their chutes to either pull a lever for Obama or McCain as their masters have convinced them is their duty. No the masses will never initiate anything. But of the potential revolutionary cadre which is out there somewhere, a much greater number of them must read this book. It is free on the Internet.

It is still very relevant but has some of its value been lost with time? Yes. In Rockwell’s time there was still a vibrant element of White Manhood within the working classes that just needed to be led and a reformation was possible. Alas 40 years of indoctrination through the now much more rotten popular culture has taken a heavy toll spiritually. This in turn has led to/allowed 40 years of increasing miscegenation, out of control immigration, feminism, materialism, and faggotry which have taken their toll physically. The White Man of Rockwell’s time has been gelded to a degree and with a speed that must be unprecedented in history. The “Greatest Generation” truly was great from Judah’s perspective. There no longer can be a popular, legal, revolt – a la Germany in 1933 - in America. Judah has destroyed her and can rightly wallow in all the decay now commonplace.

A roadmap for political success can no longer be followed with certainty. We are now in an age of corporate retreat that is more like a rout. We now must withdraw our support – economically and spiritually – from this thing masquerading as the USA. It must die, unfortunately not directly as a result of our actions, but through it killing us and driving our dwindling remnant away. It is ZOG. It has been corrupted and perverted beyond repair. Self, family, and community is where we now must rebuild from; from the bottom up. And even these will be challenges of great difficulty. If we cannot reintegrate with our women and children they will be harvested by ZOG and sundered from us. What will bind us in this rebirth? It will ultimately be a faith of some sort or sorts. Whether it is akin to Christianity or Paganism or something new altogether is less important than that it must be some binding force for life and progress for our people. Blood forms the bricks of any structure but mortar holds it together.

George Lincoln Rockwell paid with his life to try and wake us up. Let us not let this great man die in vain. Awaken, organize, instruct and let us live to one day recapture ourselves and our destinies. The alternative is to slowly sink into an ever rising pit of mud.