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Liberalism and Progress

You’ve probably heard the claim by liberals and leftists that they consider themselves progressive. This is not disputed in mainstream discourse by even the liberal’s kept opponents so they’ve given their passive approval to this connotative larceny. Kinda like buggery being “gay”.

It is a bit of a stretch to associate the two (liberalism and progress) assuming one actually compares the agenda of The Left* with the definition of progress. Beyond a stretch it’s an obliteration of all pretext of objective meaning. Let’s examine.

Here is the definition of progress:

1 a (1) : a royal journey marked by pomp and pageant (2) : a state procession b : a tour or circuit made by an official (as a judge) c : an expedition, journey, or march through a region
2 : a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal) : advance
3 : gradual betterment; especially : the progressive development of humankind

Especially relevant is the third and it is what is clearly implied in how progressivism is thrown around the mainstream political domain. Gradual betterment.

Now here is the agenda of the modern progressive political ideology as represented by the platform of the Vermont Progressive Party. I’m sure there would be some haggling among Liberals/Progressives on some of these positions but taken as a whole I think it is a fair representation. This is pulled from Wikipedia hence the “they want…” After each plank I’ll add comments within [].

In terms of agriculture, their goal is to protect family farmers and their land in order to be capable of dealing with global climate change.

[Okay they started out good here since understanding the importance and necessity of protecting the production of real food raised by farmers as part of an organic family is foundational to most healthy societies. But why the hell do they condition it (“to be capable of”) on a supposed change to the world’s climate? It should be stood on its own.]

On civil rights, the state and local government should have affirmative action programs for full and equal access to jobs, housing, education, and public accommodations. There should be a "zero tolerance" policy against any form of discrimination or harassment. The VPP is pro-gay rights, pro-choice, pro-Equal Rights Amendment, and wants to expand First Amendment rights in the workplace.

[”Civil Rights” means the destruction of freedom of association for all people in theory but in reality only affects whites because of certain racial realities and legal/political double standards. Who is bettered by this? “Affirmative Action” means state-sponsored group entitlement (for preferred groups) and punishment (for whites). If there’s a zero tolerance of discrimination how can they support Affirmative Action? AA IS discrimination. What is “harassment”? Someone daring to oppose their dispossession as brought about by this type of agenda. Faggotry, abortion, and unisexualization aren’t progress; they are all anti-life. Is death progressive?]

In terms of the criminal justice system, it is anti-death penalty and it wants to focus on programs that keep people out of prison and from committing crimes in the first place.

[Failed policies purporting to rehabilitate psychopaths is progress? It is idiocy. There are a small percentage of people who will kill/steal/swindle/rape unceasingly or be killed. Modern prisons have to be among the most corrupting institutions that exist. Have these progressive advocates ever heard of prison rape? Is there anything more degrading? It’s no surprise that a victim of this is going to want to lash out at the society that not only allowed it but promoted it. A progressive view is to dramatically expand the use of the death penalty with a simultaneously drastic reduction in prisons along with a reform of how they function.]

For the economy they want to promote unions, living wages, full employment, locally owned businesses, and other things such as a $7.50 minimum wage.

[Promoting unions and wage floors and full employment? Did they even think when they wrote this up? One of the functions of unions is to limit the pool of labor available to a prospective employer so unions by definition create unemployment. Same thing with the minimum/living wage; it creates unemployment. My point here is not to say one or the other of these points is really progressive but to clarify their incompatibility. Not all people can or want to work. Some people are predatory and others are non-functional for other reasons. A political ideology that seriously wants to better Man must first understand that Man is not a commodity. There is full spectrum of quality from phenomenal to refuse. Man is no different from other life forms in this regards. Man is not interchangeable in a given ecology. A progressive system must allow for a natural vetting to occur.]

Educational policies they support include mainstreaming special education children, changing which taxes fund schools, and increased funding for higher education.

[There are limited resources in the real world to do anything so enhancing the education going to people with special needs detracts from that received by the average and exceptional students. All societies live or die based on the achievements and/or failures of their elite. Is the leveling of educational opportunities progress or regress? Based on the reality of intra-group and inter-group differences then this is progress only if giving an oak sapling and a daisy the same amount of water is also progress. Higher education for the masses of people definitely falls under the concept of diminishing marginal returns. Some gain is to be had but at costs far in excess including an expanded childhood and increased debt. The education/indoctrination racket benefits but not the society at large. Real progress involves seeing what works and applying it, not conforming to some feel-good template of stale and failed ideas.]

Environmentally, they want to undo the damage already done, prevent more from occurring (i.e. enforce the limits for pollution runoff), and protect Act 250 which allows citizen input into how land is developed.

[Act 250 is some Vermont thing but the rest is a bunch of fluff along the lines of being for baseball and apple pie. The question is how do we live within our environment holistically rather than abusing it to serve profits and ease.]

On families and children, the party calls for things such as affordable daycare, 12 weeks of maternity/paternity leave, and the ability of mothers to breastfeed in public.

[So it’s progress to continue the outsourcing of motherhood, aka daycare? Also how is it progress to pit men and women against each other in the work force such that one even needs to advocate leave. A progressive view would not only not promote women in the labor pool at the cost of men (affirmative action) but would actively discourage them since the healthy, organic family is characterized by masculine provision. I agree mother’s milk is better than baby formula so they got that one.]

In terms of government reform, they advocate for financial disclosure of candidates, instant runoff voting, and proportional representation in the state legislature.

[I doubt the Federal and State governments are quivering from such reform proposals since both need radical surgery to initiate progress not candy-coated vitamins.]

They advocate that healthcare should be universal and affordable for all.

[The healthcare industry is the receiving tentacle of the USA’s industrial food leviathan. The allopathic medical Western approach of conquering nature is a failure in many ways not the least of which is its primary objective of profit. A patient is a cash cow to the industry and their humanity is an afterthought. Health and wellness are affordable already. What’s not affordable is the modern industrial health system. It’s a racket fed in large part by the complementary industry of factory food. Mass produce synthetic, processed food by raping the environment and profits are made on the front end. The masses of people who consume this convenient and nominally cheap “food” for a lifetime then go out the back end for treatment of their chronic diseases generating more profits. Profit is not bad per se if it is kept in its place. In the West humanity is a commodity to both the capitalist and the communist. Allowing that beast to feed even more at the public teat is not exactly what I’d call progress. But conforming to the mold of what-a-caring-person-is-supposed-to-do is apparently what matters.]

They support affordable and public housing.

[”Affordable” housing sounds good but this should be a natural result of a society in-balance with just laws. Creating public housing to fix any flaws in the present system is more treatment of people as commodities – as lodging consumption units. If housing is not affordable to the masses of common folk then something else is very wrong requiring remedy. Handouts are the most dehumanizing anti-progress scheme that can be proposed for free people. If this proposal is for people incapable of functioning without the assistance of others I would ask how is it progressive for them to be sustained in this artificial fashion. Shouldn’t progressive life be characterized by sustainability and advancement? Providing for the perpetually weak by burdening the strong may be a lot of things but not a means of achieving progress.]

They encourage the development of personal privacy standards that guarantee how personally identifiable information is collected and distributed.

[Given the Police State that is slowly taking over in the USA this concern is understandable. Still it should be clear that this police state is not primarily concerned with typical individuals indulging in personally destructive behavior but with people attached to groups which threaten its hegemony. So, is progressivism joined at the hip to the Cult of the Individual? If so, why? Is it not characteristic of real progress to understand that there is a balance between the individual and the society they are a part of?]

They support cutting taxes for most citizens, and awareness of the social impact of taxation.

[Understanding the need to remove power from the government by moderating its claims on the fruits of its citizens is certainly progress. Unfortunately it is not compatible with the balance of this nanny-esque platform.]

In terms of transportation they support fixing the roads that exist before building new ones, supporting mass transportation systems over roads, eliminating excessive trucking, the idea that cars are a public health threat, and the need to "protect the livability of Vermont communities."

[I see nothing here that is anti-progress. So that is certainly progress in their platform.]

In terms of utilities they advocate for any restructuring to benefit citizens, and are against bailouts for utility companies. They promote local public power, renewables, efficiency, and conservation, and want to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant without selling it. They also want to strengthen the Certificate of Public Goods Process.

[Bailouts aren’t good for corporate entities just as they aren’t good for individuals (e.g. public housing). I wonder what is progressive about closing a nuclear power plant given that all of the viable alternatives of generating massive amounts of electricity also generate pollution. There seems to be a certain pacifistic mindset against anything nuclear. Yes, alternatives that generate less or preferably no waste by-products should be pursued.]

If you are REALLY in favor of PROGRESS do you want to be associated with stale, failed, counter-intuitive, anti-reality, ugliness and stupidity subsidizing, feel good, arrogant, ideology? Progressivism as now defined is anti-progress taken as a whole. Shouldn’t the definition of progress be advancement in the quality of Man? Does this not then insure advancement in Man’s accomplishments? Technology is not an end; happiness is not an end; ease is not an end. All these can and do denigrate Man not advance him since they make him softer. If progressivism isn’t trying to better Man then what is it bettering?

There’s a short number from the Benny Hill Show that describes the relationship between liberalism and (real) progress perfectly. A rather flabby wife said confidently to her husband in thick cockney, “I’ve got the body of an eighteen year old girl”. To which he retorts, “You’d better give it back then. You’re getting it all wrinkled”.

* Left/Right, Liberal/Conservative, Democrat/Republican. The opposition of these supposed conflicting visions is an illusion. They both play a part in bringing about an eventual synthesis of Talmudic “progress” to the body of the West initiated by the Left’s actions and the Right’s reactions. But this dance is “ever to the left, never to the right” to invert the words from the musical 1776.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pravda in the Kwa

The following is a typical mainstream media news story regarding White Folk daring to try and organize as Whites for Whites. It set in northern Idaho in the same region where the Aryan Nations group earlier attempted to organize a greater white awakening. This region is still overwhelmingly white though it is becoming more “diverse” (non-white to those of you who haven’t yet overcome your public schooling) as time passes. That there are fewer and fewer places for us nasty “supremacists” to escape to without soon being followed by poor, pathetic “minorities” (90% of the worlds population and growing) who have a “right” to follow us wherever we go and be “persecuted” by us matters not a whit to these paragons of virtue. Sorry for all the “ ” but we live in a world now of such god-damned double talk almost every other word has to be explained if you are trying to explain “mainstream” discourse from the outside.

This article is so ham-handed and juvenile as to hopefully make any thinking man with a sliver of critical thinking faculty to blush even if he has not awakened racially. But this is the same “mainstream thinking” you will find represented anywhere in the U.S.A. from Boston to San Diego, Seattle to Miami and ALL places in between. Diversity is a code word for the replacement of the White Folk who founded this country, not a description of allowable opinions on the Final Solution to the White Problem. On that subject all respectable sources sing from the same hymnal. Whites – my people – must go according to all the lovers of diversity and tolerance.

My comments are included in []

Aryan Nations attempting return to North Idaho
Tania Dall | KXLY4 Reporter

Posted: 6:06 pm PST November 16, 2009Updated: 7:37 pm PST November 16, 2009

COEUR D'ALENE -- The Southern Poverty Law Center [The only thing it has to do with poverty is the poverty it CREATES through “legal” extortion and plunder of many White folk who have bravely and often alone fought to try and live free] estimates there are 17 chapters of the Aryan Nations across the country. While the Aryan Nations were bankrupted [Yep, bankrupted for their beliefs in this good ole Land of the Free that supposedly protects free speech. Think about that White Man. The reporter with the bird-brain that wrote this piece wouldn’t in a million years think that is an issue to possibly address. If she did she wouldn’t have a job. Only shills qualify as “journalists” in the kwa] out of North Idaho eight years ago there are small signs their hate [1st occurrence. Remember white people who are for our people and want to live free of state enforced “diversity” are full of hate. We and only we among all races must prove we don’t hate by inviting all other groups to live in our communities and take our daughters to make wonderful little hate-proof people of color] is making an attempt at a comeback.

It wasn’t uncommon several years ago to see downtown Coeur d’Alene turn into a battleground each summer, with Aryan Nations supporters parading through downtown, flanked by angry protestors [It needs to be made clear to any white folk who might possibly be sympathizing with these white heretics that “angry protesters” will be there to (righteously of course) give you a lot of hell since you are “haters” after all] and police officers up and down Sherman Avenue.

The last time the Neo-Nazi [I don’t know if the Aryan Nations purported to be national socialist or not – I suspect yes – but we all know “Nazi” in this article is supposed to convey “evil”, “wicked”, “monstrous” all wrapped into one, rather than describe a political philosophy] group marched down Sherman Avenue was several years ago but now followers claim to be regrouping.

“We hold monthly meetings and weekly church services. We try to get four major functions each year,” Paul Mullet, the self proclaimed national director of the Aryan Nations says.

Mullet’s goal is straightforward: He aims to pick up where Richard Butler left off.

Richard Butler, the founder of the Aryan Nations, first brought his brand of hate [2nd occurrence] to North Idaho in 1974 when he moved to Hayden and established the Aryan Nations World Headquarters. For more than two decades Butler shared his dream of a White-only homeland with recruits who came to his 20-acre compound.

In 1998 Butler’s dreams came to an end when Aryan Nations security guards shot at a woman and her son driving by the compound. Victoria and Jason Keenan sued and won a $6.3 Million lawsuit [Now I have not looked into this shooting in detail but I suspect there was some sort of provocation behind it. The shots did not even hit so maybe they were warning shots? Either way $6.3 Million for shooting at someone but causing neither injury nor death is not the norm in the U.S. legal system. It was obviously a pretext for Morris Dees to ride in on his white (make that black) horse and put the uppity white curs back in their place and ride off with a handsome booty and tons of accolades as a small fringe benefit] against the Aryan Nations three years later in 2001.

“For too long the Aryan Nations compound has been a haven for racists [I’m surprised it took so long for the R word to show up. White people wanting to live apart from every third worlder who has been imported here - to line the pockets of the same rich, power and money worshiping whites and jews who have created this mess and themselves live in gated communities - is a racist. Only people of color can do these things without being labeled in a way intended to bring disrepute] and I hope this jury verdict [Jury verdict. Yep Dees you’re a man of the people. People who day and night are indoctrinated into feeling shame at themselves and their ancestors and who only have an atomized future. People who are haters and racists if they dare feel any sympathy for their racial brethren who are daring to try and be free. People who are applauded for their “bravery” when they follow the state, the mass media, and every conceivable institution that exists but who are “cowardly” if they stand up to them. Yep, you’ve won them over with your skill, courage, morality, and rugged good looks] will put an end to that," Morris Dees, Chief Trial Counsel for the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Keenans’ attorney in the Aryan Nations case, said.

That judgment forced him into bankruptcy and kicked Butler off his compound [Everyone is now supposed to stand and applaud. Hallelujah]. Several months later his retreat was bulldozed over [You miserable white curs get the message don’t you? Not only do you get disparaged for standing up to us paragons of perfection and arbiters of all that is moral and just but your very property gets destroyed since it is unfit for decent humans to even use after you are removed]. Butler later died in 2004 [And then you die, got it?].

The voices of hate [3rd occurrence] were nearly silenced but now new voices are starting to emerge. [Create a Dracula, zombie-like image, of new monsters “emerging”]

“The Aryan Nations’ goal is to have an area where it’s an all white homeland and state, country," Paul Mullet said. [Allowing this statement through the censors is supposed to offend the sensibilities of indoctrinated whites who then recoil from it but it is a true statement that the remnant of surviving white folk will HAVE TO embrace.]

Mullet, 36, is originally from Ohio but has now made a new home for himself in Athol.

He denied requests from KXLY to attend one of his group meetings and only agreed to be interviewed after pre-screening the questions he would be asking. [Not trusting these media people is supposed to make Mullet look bad. Makes him look savvy to me]

Mullet says that this time the group is operating differently. [This skilled journalist is trying to direct the typical white newspaper reader to now think, “hmm, ‘this time’ eh? Why should we trust ‘em”?]

“If we're confronted we will protect ourselves but as far as us going out and doing violent acts like recent media attention has been giving the Aryan Nations, no. What was in the past is in the past what's now is now,” he said.

While the violence, according to Mullet, might be gone, [Yep, white “racists” and “haters” are presumed guilty until the court confirms it, legally of course] the message of hate [4th occurrence] remains the same. His goal, according to his website, is asking for recruits to “Fight the Jews and the mud people of the world." [After searching through 3 Google search pages looking for this web site and seeing up to then nothing but mass media and other “love” groups righteously waxing their hatred towards the “hater” I did find what may have been it. It wouldn’t open. Funny how that is and typical; 3 pages of being told what to think by our commissars of love and their paid-for government officials and the potential rebuttal of the accused is not even visible.]

“The black pride, the Zionist pride, the Indian pride, the list goes on where it’s OK for them to do that. But it's not okay for a white person to stand up and be proud of who they are,” Mullet said. [The censors made a mistake in letting this one through. The white slaves might actually begin to see a ray of light here.]

Mullet goes on to say today’s Aryan Nations members aren't who you might think they are.

“The skinhead mentality is really losing ground and it's more of white collar people, good jobs,” he said. [Dees must be salivating. He’ll be able to shake down a lot of old Jews who will see the gas chambers right around the corner.]

Over the summer the Aryan Nations group was caught circulating white pride fliers on front lawns in North Idaho and Spokane. The Coeur d'Alene Police Department charged Mullet and two followers with littering. [How heinous. If only they’d do likewise every November when the elephants and jackasses leave their pabulum filled fliers everywhere. Of course that is protected since it is harmless and useless. Real opposition to our scam system must be repressed and belittled by our free press.]

This month, three men were charged with malicious harassment. Court documents show they threatened a Hispanic family with a gun and a Pit bull while passing out hate [5th occurrence] literature in another Coeur d'Alene neighborhood. [First off why is this anecdote presented here? What does this have to do with Aryan Nations? Would this journalist have ever in a million years inserted a tidbit about the Christian/Newsome torture and murders in the middle of a story about the Nation of Islam? Also, last year in the same town a Hispanic man shot a White man in the face and killed him after supposedly the white man called the Hispanic a name (yes they did make that clear in the jewspaper). Of course “hate” was nowhere seen in that article except alluded to as coming from the dead White. A Hispanic KILLS a White man and it is just a random senseless act precipitated by White misdeeds. Three White men “threaten” a Hispanic and it is hate and worthy of prosecution and it can also be used to tar the pro-White group getting this Pravda-like coverage.]

“This is like basketball being played by very under talented short people,” Attorney Norm Gissel said. [Wow a bloodsucker and traitor gets to hurl demeaning insults knowing no defense is possible through this medium. What a man of courage. And if they are such losers why don’t you just ignore them?]

Norm Gissel was also part of the team that helped bankrupt Butler back in 2001. [If we survive he may rue that “accomplishment”. But he has his reward now and his masters can pat him on his self-righteous head and send him back to drive more stakes into vampires]

Gissel says this new attempt at a resurgence isn't as organized and doesn't hold the same political power that Butler's group managed to gain in Kootenai County.
“There is no place that they're wanted. [Says who you arrogant ass? Why can’t at least some White Folk be LEFT ALONE? I can think of many places you will be wanted if your masters ever get sent packing and Aryan justice returns the traditional verdict reserved for traitors. Hell, it probably won’t ever happen and you’ll happily get to see this region turned into another Brazil over the remainder of your putrid life. Where I lived most of my life in the East Whites have been mostly "cleansed". The quality of life has degenerated proportionately. This is something this human rights (clearly Whites don't qualify) activist wants to bring to this region.] I can't think of a single place in the world that would welcome Nazis at this time,” [Ever wonder why genius? Might it have anything to do with who runs the Western World and what is in and is not in THEIR interests? ] Gissel said.

To underscore Gissel’s point the community [Yep the mercenaries of our police state is a “community”] isn't turning a blind eye to the Aryan Nations’ presence [Funny that those same eagle eyes never seem to work as well when the organization in question is advocating in favor of every other group on the planet that now lives in this country]. In August, law enforcement agencies, mayors, politicians, and other local leaders got together at the state line. [All to stop a pygmy basketball team. What brave heroes.] Their message: Hate [6th occurrence] won't be tolerated here.

Denouncing racism [2nd occurrence] is one thing but the reality is that it continues to exist. [It will continue to exist in the minds of your masters until every last white person is wiped off the planet and turned into a malleable labor and consumption unit ensuring these masters' continued supremacy. Yes they are the real "supremacists" but since they pay the chattering shills the enemy must be found elsewhere.] Just ask Coeur d’Alene DJ “Juice” [There are very few regions left in this country that are overwhelmingly White and it is quickly worsening. DJ can go back to many of the fine negro enclaves of civilization like East St. Louis, New Orleans, or Detroit. Why would he want to be in the presence of "racists" who are doing everything in their power to avoid him and his people?], who skin tone makes him an automatic target for white supremacist [Mullet made it clear his group is separatist but “supremacist” sounds more evil and this journalist can’t let Aryan honesty get in the way of Talmudic lies] hate [7th occurrence].

“They just yell the "N" word and keep driving. Most of the time I don't hear them because I have my headphones on,” he said. [Negroes kill Whites and it’s local news at best. Say the N word and bring in the Feds.]

For 25 years now Juice has been connected to the area [Why did you ever come here Juice? You need to be around Whitey don’t you? You see real, evil supremacists do rule this country and treat you like dirt (though not as badly as the white masses are treated) but since they run things and make you think what they want they make separatists look bad. No offense, Blacks are good basketball players and singers and dancers and some other things but we neither want nor need you. You are here because you need us and the U.S. Government will not allow us to exclude you. They have proscribed a peaceful solution that would have been both in your interest and ours. Your people are treated like helpless children who always need aid. My people are burdened with providing it. The people that brought you here as slaves are the same ones forcing us together now. We should both hate them and work together for their destruction.] Despite a few negative mishaps, Juice remains positive. [Fine, remain positive but please leave.]

“North Idaho is a great place. [Yes, because it is full of White people and the order and decency we create.] Don't sell it short [please do] because a couple of knuckle heads don't agree with the majority of America," [Yes the majority of Americans betray the anti-racist brainwashing they have received from womb to tomb for 40+ years in ever increasing doses but there are some of us who still – get this – don’t want our people genocided and asking us what we care about the thoughts of the majority of Americans is like asking the rooster to respect a vote of what’s for dinner if the electorate’s only other members were two foxes] he said.

“We're Americans,” [That’s what the people with the guns say so you’ve got that one for now] he continued. “We earn the right to be free [My people slaughtered each other to free your people. Your people never even fought to avoid their chains much less fought to remove them] and say what you need to or whatever you want to say. It might not be right [what’s more right, a people groups right to life and freedom and living space or the Jew’s (and their lackey’s ) right to dominate and ruin?], it might not be the politically correct thing to say but nevertheless they can say it." [At least until the Master Race helps push through hate speech laws to prevent them and their current tools from being named and criticized]

Freedom of speech is one thing but if you ask Norm Gissel what can happen when hate [8th occurrence] is left to its own devices his answer is simple. Innocent people can get hurt. [Innocent people are much more often hurt when those of your “profession” help a child molester or rapist or murderer to be acquitted or get a reduced sentence. You don’t care about pain to innocent people; you care about accolades – since your “Civil Rights” crusading is loved by the powers that be - and wealth]

“Tell me a point in history where being silent about Nazis benefited anybody but Nazis. [Uh, let’s see. National Socialism arose organically from the German people and served their interests until the people you serve brought all the world’s power in to destroy them. So whenever National Socialism has ever been on the ballot and could be discussed prior to the demonization campaign against it it won. By not “being silent” on it you mean that IT must be silenced. You mean that any pro-White political movement must be silenced. We have no voice now and you mean to continue to play your part in keeping it so.] You have to talk about it. [What talk is there? There are law suits and cops and property theft through the legal system. Some discussion huh? If you were willing to talk/discuss the issue you would first have to grant the point that White people also have a right to live as is currently granted every other group but once you grant that you lose. You can’t let it get that far hence everything is “Hate”, “Racism”, and “Nazism”.] You have to raise that issue," [You simply demonize and silence the opposition. You aren’t raising an issue like Roberts Rules are being followed] Gissel said.

Mullet remains undeterred toward his detractors. He says North Idaho is his final stop and it’s where he’s setting up shop.

“In September we're going to have a congress in Idaho. I've got plans and a permit for a rally in Hayden,” Mullet said.

The City of Hayden says it has not issued a permit for an Aryan Nations rally but did say someone came and asked about the process. Mullet has also said that he plans to buy land and build a new Aryan Nations compound in North Idaho.

Despite Mullet’s plans for the Aryan Nations in North Idaho attorney Norm Gissel doesn’t see the hate [9th occurrence] started by Richard Butler making a comeback with Mullet’s arrival.

“Do they have any staying power? No. Is that a victory for all of us? [White man is nowhere man, white man is everyman; everything we have is theirs but theirs is theirs alone, even if they took it from us] Yes,” Gissel said.

[End of article]

So there you have it. I so rarely consume the white-hating sewage called the mainstream media (be it entertainment or news) anymore that even I am amazed how predictable a subject like this is presented even if I only read one relevant story like this a year. This was not even an opinion piece but the supposedly less unbiased content. This “news” story used the anti-white buzz words of hate, racist, supremacist, and Nazi more so than even two anti-white activists it lobbed softballs to. Understanding the role the mass-media plays in not just covering but actually leading the crusade for an Aryan free world can no longer be hidden. If you choose to ignore it is willful and not due to ignorance.

There is no longer any un-bias when it comes to the interests of White folk anywhere in our Talmudic Infested Society of which ZOG is but the “legal” enforcement arm. Even here in the land where Richard Butler was bankrupted for a pro-White ideology and Randy Weaver’s wife and son were murdered for him trying to live free there is no place for us. General Clark, the tool used by Judah to destroy the fledgling Serbian awakening said there is no place in Europe (wonder why there is no mention of Africa or Asia?) for an ethnically homogenous country but it should be clear there is no place in the WORLD for white folk to live alone. For us to want to live alone and do our own work (not bring in a lot of cheap, compliant 3rd World slaves) and create and rear our own White children is being "supremacist", "hate-filled", "racist", and "Nazi".

Friday, December 18, 2009

Our 'Fuhrer'

There is a lot made of the oath made by members of the German armed forces in the National Socialist era to Adolph Hitler personally. It is decried in the “free” West not only because of the lack of being subordinate to a legal document of some sort but also because Hitler is portrayed as the greatest monster of all time. I share the former concern in a general sense and in most times due to the fallibility and weakness of man. The latter concern is of course the result of who rules us and they rightly hate the man who defied them and raised his people (our people) up from their insidious clutches if only for a season.

The United States on the other hand has required the officers of its armed forces to swear an oath promising to serve the Constitution. Here is the oath sworn by officers in the U.S. Army:

I (insert name), having been appointed a (insert rank) in the U.S. Army under the conditions indicated in this document, do accept such appointment and do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, so help me God.

An interesting thing about the oath is its broadness. It doesn’t say that orders they are given must be vetted as to their constitutionality. It says without caveat that “that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. In theory this should ensure that the military is a bulwark against the official branches of government failing in their duty to serve within Constitutional guidelines. Now anyone with a shred of intelligence and perception has long realized that the government of the United States (I refuse to call it my government) follows the Constitution in only the most trivial, pro-forma sort of way most especially due to the ascension of the Supreme Court to being a super legislature. The Legislative and Executive both fail to reign in the Court as well procure for themselves powers never granted either in the letter or spirit of the Constitution. Documenting this complete breakdown of the rule of law is not something I will further delve into here. There are many web sites – mostly of the right wing constitutionalist flavor – that can give you more details if you are new to this.

What I do wonder is how many officers of the U.S. military are both aware of their own governments complete failure to follow the Constitution as well as their DUTY to therefore defy it. Would they not then be “defending” the Constitution against a “domestic” enemy? Of course the answer is yes.

I have read a fair amount of commentary that describes the modern officer corps as being automatons in a moral sense. Not much different than the general population. The ones that do exhibit a small degree of moral clarity are weeded out. It’s ironic that they are very Germanic (at least as far as the caricature of WWII German officers goes) in this “I was only following orders” programming. I had occasion just a few years back to become close to members of a class of West Point graduates from the era between WWII and Vietnam. I was struck by several things about them that seemed pretty consistent. One, is that they were very honor bound especially to their classmates. Two, they were very stoic. Three, they were spiritually dead. The latter point requires some clarification and it may be a stretch given the short time I spent with them. As I would bring up any topic that was just slightly off the radar of trivial conversation they would politely redirect things. They just weren’t comfortable with it. By the way, at this time I was not yet fully awakened racially. I was more in the “Muslims are our number one enemy” camp, so nothing truly un-pc escaped my lips. They just weren’t a very inquisitive crowd. Then again that characterizes most people now and probably throughout history; sheeple, lemmings, etc. In the day when the U.S. Government was still under the constraints imposed by the Constitution this unimaginative, unthinking (I’m only referring to non-military issues here; they are very much competent in their core area) officer corps philosophy is not that dangerous. Since at least the time these officers were first commissioned the government has been extra-constitutional.

As I understand things from others and based on limited first hand experience with contemporary officers the situation is at least as bad now. Plus there is the issue of the mainstream poison they have internalized through their entire upbringings. What we have in the modern Amerikwan officer corps is a situation almost identical to that of the Nazi-era German one. Our officers do not defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. That is absurd. They serve the Fuhrer – our Leader. Who is that? Who sets the rules? Who tells us who is naughty and nice, who is respectable and villainous? If you think it is President Obongo you haven't even graduated from real politics 101 yet.

Compare the potential case of most modern officers being asked to do something politically incorrect like escorting the 3rd World peoples who have invaded this country back home (very Constitutional) with them being ordered to wage war on a nation who is no threat to us (say Serbia) with no Declaration of War being made (doubly Unconstitutional). Is there any doubt which of these scenarios would create more conscientious objection and mutiny? Likewise is there any doubt as to which scenario would elicit sympathy towards the objector on the part of the mass media and which scorn?

So who is this Fuhrer? Find out who sets the tone of morality and more importantly why and you have the answer. It is so painfully obvious that only the internalization of their suicidal values or fear will prevent you from seeing it.

There are differences between Amerikwan and German officers. The latter were honest not hypocrites and most importantly the Fuhrer they served sought to use them for the elevation and the progress of Aryan Man (albeit very imperfectly) while the Amerikwan Fuhrer uses them for degradation and destruction.

One can only hope that there is a kernel of Aryan men within the modern U.S. Officer Corps who still have honor and the moral courage so lacking in the so-called “greatest generation”; the generation that mindlessly followed orders instead of reclaiming America when it was still much more possible. Short of a coup within the U.S. Armed forces there is no institutional solution or even help in sight for our people anywhere on the horizon. Until then they should revel in their service to our 'fuhrer' and put all the constitutional b.s. to rest.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Here We Go Again

There are many white nationalist bloggers who are chiming in on the upcoming US presidential election in a way I can only scratch my head about. A certain number of these bloggers are taking a seat at the table of the shell game called The Lesser of Two Evils AGAIN. It’s not surprising that self-styled conservatives keep falling for that line but nationalists? Say it ain’t so!

Throughout history our people have acknowledged two distinct types of enemies who are the worst; the ones who receive the most contempt and the severest of punishment. These are the traitor and the spy. The more conventional enemy is the barbarian – the outsider. A folk are never truly defeated by the outsider but by those who destroy from within.

In the upcoming soviet-style one party election charade there is an outsider pitted against a traitor. Who should we white folk loath and hate? Who should we lift up in mockery and instill with fear? It should be as clear as the afternoon sun. Instead many nationalists are rallying to this creature; the traitor. Many argue the outsider might enact policies in further detriment to the beleaguered white folk of the USA in excess of the traitor. I am not convinced of this for starters but even assuming this, my follow up is “so what?” Let the outsider bring our weak and craven people more strong medicine showing how the real world works. Granted this will not wake most of our people up. Most will never awaken of their own free will; they will be led either by a deceitful enemy who desires their corruption and destruction or by a new holistic elite who want and need them as the head needs the body.

My speculation is that though most will stay in their blissful ignorance and depravity some more will awaken and – most importantly – more of these potential members of a new white cadre will emerge than if the traitor ascends. With the traitor a little less pain may be felt now - but given his repulsive, self-righteous war-mongering even that isn’t certain – but no needed reform will occur since “we” will be in power, at least if the last 40 years of “conservative” pseudo pro-whiteism is any indication. The traitor will do his master’s bidding like a good little lap dog, still be eviscerated by the master’s yappy entourage (aka the “mainstream” media), elicit sympathy from decent white folk, who in turn are repaid by the traitor with even more treachery.

Why shouldn’t we be repaid that way? We have earned no respect. As a joke most acknowledge politicians in our system are whores but in reality expect them to work for our interests. They serve their pimp and only him. We as the John are left physically and spiritually diseased and poorer all at the same time. The few exceptions are ignored or destroyed and even they must play by “the rules”. To earn respect we must start withholding support from all except friends and pay traitors in ways tradition has deemed fitting.

The outsider is a symptom. He can and will be defeated in due course IF we first defeat the traitor and the spy. The spy is not a perfect metaphor here in that at first glance the spy appears more like a traitor. It claims to be us when it serves its purposes and shuns us otherwise. He is the enemy though he does not declare his intentions and does not usually wear his “uniform”. Our traitors serve this spy. Until they pay a price for this collaboration we will get more of the same supposedly insane (they are very sane once one understands the real situation) policies.

If one is to go into the chute at all and give any respectability to the fraud destroying us there are alternatives to the traitor and the outsider. The traitor isn’t the lesser of two evils but the greater.

If even the discipline of withholding our support from the traitor is asking too much from many white nationalists then we are even worse off than I thought – which is bad enough.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Talmudvision in all its glory

God only knows I try to avoid watching television but it is very hard to avoid it completely. It is such a purveyor of poison because of who runs it and what their agenda is that it would be well for all White folk to shun it. As currently constituted the bulk of programming is fit only for the Elite’s untermenschen; the commoditized labor units in their New World Order. On a flight recently on United Airlines an episode of the show “Monk” aired. I had heard of this show though it was the first time I had actually seen it. It managed in the brief span of thirty minutes to encapsulate perfectly the Loxism (hatred of Whites) of our masters. Maybe this particular episode is standard fare for the drooling crackers and other hominids who now dwell in what is still called the United States of America. Still it was about as ham-handed as one can get and not cross over into a parody of the very thing it was trying to promote. If we ever emerge from the mess we are in this episode should be an exhibit in the enemy’s Gallery of Death: Vapid “entertainment” as malignant destroyer.

The show is set in San Francisco, which is renowned for its depravity and having much of the refuse of the world seek it out as a haven for the white, tax paying brutes to subsidize in comfort and in ever increasing numbers. That didn’t stop the show from making a white father, with a white wife and more than the standard one child from being the villain. Okay, so far this is the norm; almost all villains are white heterosexuals especially whenever anything interracial occurs in an exact inversion of reality. We were at least spared the interracial angle in the crime itself here. What were our lords thinking to have refrained from pulling out of their box of tools this most blunt hammer of all? You’ll see that’s about the only tool they left unwielded.

After firmly establishing the White Male antagonist the next thing they did was make Monk, who though it would be a stretch to call him White in the sense of being an Aryan still clearly fills that role for the purposes of the MSM, spend the episode in worshipful supplication to a Nigerian marathon runner who is his lifelong, avowed hero: one who was humble, moral, courageous, wise, truthful, and genuine and a perfect foil to the white villain who was a murderer, adulterer, coward, hypocrite, and liar.

Oh they’re not done yet shoehorning in scorn for us Whites. The next thing is that the compulsive Monk inadvertently offends another of our superiors: a Negro of the kind that resides in America. This Negro gave Monk a tongue lashing for the “offense” and Monk groveled at his feet.

This latter encounter was witnessed by several white females who did as they are constantly reminded by our masters to do and sided with the Negro and treated Monk with disdain. One in particular gave Monk the evil eye in several encounters over the remainder of the show. Monk’s constant apologies and reinforcement of being a true believer in white hating dogmas were not enough. Shame on you Monk for giving offense to any of those who are up the food chain from healthy whites (everything else that walks on two feet). Even doing so by accident, like using the word “niggardly” to describe a cheapskate, is a heinous infraction only pardonable after much rehabilitation, if ever.

It may sound as if I am exaggerating but it was really this bad. Watch for yourself. The title has the word “marathon” in it. One could possibly argue that this episode was parody since it was so over the top but I don’t buy it. We are a pathetic, beaten people and our masters want to see how much humiliation they can dish out before they have to worry. It’s always more and, as of yet, there has been little sign of any manhood left to react to this poison which is not just an insult but - even worse - one of their many tools of genocide. Hopefully there is simmering just beneath the surface – that I have yet to see – a rage that is building and will one day loose a righteous retribution our people would have exacted in ages past if ever brought close to this level of degradation.

This anecdote is like one speck of sand in a desert of examples that I don’t have the temperament to any longer sit through. If you are still making excuses for this shit as a “mainstream” White Man when will you have had enough and wake up? Become an Aryan and defy this putrid monstrosity which is defiling and destroying us. Don’t expect much company since the true path is always narrowest and the least trod. But for once you will live free and true.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

White Power

It is a harsh title is it not? Something even we awakened White folk recoil – at least a little – from. It has taken me a while until I was ready to read this book penned by George Lincoln Rockwell in the 1960s. Rockwell himself elicits much disfavor amongst many White Nationalists even today, 41 years after he was assassinated. Why?

Because he was direct and he advocated action that would bring about real victory for our people. He was a bold man of action, as well as theatrical, but also a man of deep thought. That union: thought and action is what makes a man great since most men are one or the other or – even more likely – neither. Spengler described Goethe as his model-man: philosopher and politician. As much as I have read about Rockwell I would like to know if there was a greater man than him in America in the last 50 years.

Many of the older White Nationalists around today came out of the conservative tradition and look(ed) on rabble rousers like Rockwell with suspicion. (This is not without some merit as the enemy seems most inclined to use Agent Provocateurs of this variety.) Rockwell grew to detest this variety of “right winger” – which he also came out of – because it had proven ineffectual at best and treacherous at worst. 40 years of additional hindsight proves Rockwell all the more right. Rockwell’s criticism of Wallace-ism (from ~ 1966) perfectly describes what many Nationalists now say of Tom Tancredo and Pat Buchanan. Our learning curve must be shortened since we are running out of time.

White Power is the best book I have ever read on the current plight of the White Man in America. It is generally (though not totally) as applicable now as it was 40 years ago. Most of its principles are valid to non-American White Nationalists as well. Unlike the scholarly writings of Kevin MacDonald, which are footnoted to the point of being unreadable, Rockwell writes in a very colloquial style and uses the best metaphor I have yet seen describing the relationship between the successful Gentile society and the Jewish parasite which took it as its host. He uses the metaphor of a ship being intentionally wrecked by enemies from within without the knowledge of the ship’s organic crew. Some of the highlights of the book are…

Exposing the false dichotomy of communism vs. capitalism

Describing the revolting moral inversion and hypocrisy in the handling of the Kennedy Assassination

Seeing through the right wing / left wing charade

Revealing the many faces of Judah and dashing to bits the supposed inconsistencies in these facets

Warning against “conservative” crypto-racialism

Astute critique of Boasian (e.g. mainstream) environment-is-everything “anthropology”

The inevitable failure of playing by the enemy’s rules

Proposed action plan for winning

…And all of it is presented with wit, humor and clarity. Almost all WN bloggers speak of these things now but Rockwell pulled it all together and presented it publicly over 40 years ago much to the chagrin of conservative useful idiots like William F. Buckley. Unfortunately the bought traitors like Buckley and Robert Welch (John Birch Society), etc., skimmed off almost all the White angst and directed it into their kosher little cesspits where no harm could be done to our Masters.

This book has everything, everything except a wide readership. It is true that no revolutions come from the masses. The masses in America are now lining up in their chutes to either pull a lever for Obama or McCain as their masters have convinced them is their duty. No the masses will never initiate anything. But of the potential revolutionary cadre which is out there somewhere, a much greater number of them must read this book. It is free on the Internet.

It is still very relevant but has some of its value been lost with time? Yes. In Rockwell’s time there was still a vibrant element of White Manhood within the working classes that just needed to be led and a reformation was possible. Alas 40 years of indoctrination through the now much more rotten popular culture has taken a heavy toll spiritually. This in turn has led to/allowed 40 years of increasing miscegenation, out of control immigration, feminism, materialism, and faggotry which have taken their toll physically. The White Man of Rockwell’s time has been gelded to a degree and with a speed that must be unprecedented in history. The “Greatest Generation” truly was great from Judah’s perspective. There no longer can be a popular, legal, revolt – a la Germany in 1933 - in America. Judah has destroyed her and can rightly wallow in all the decay now commonplace.

A roadmap for political success can no longer be followed with certainty. We are now in an age of corporate retreat that is more like a rout. We now must withdraw our support – economically and spiritually – from this thing masquerading as the USA. It must die, unfortunately not directly as a result of our actions, but through it killing us and driving our dwindling remnant away. It is ZOG. It has been corrupted and perverted beyond repair. Self, family, and community is where we now must rebuild from; from the bottom up. And even these will be challenges of great difficulty. If we cannot reintegrate with our women and children they will be harvested by ZOG and sundered from us. What will bind us in this rebirth? It will ultimately be a faith of some sort or sorts. Whether it is akin to Christianity or Paganism or something new altogether is less important than that it must be some binding force for life and progress for our people. Blood forms the bricks of any structure but mortar holds it together.

George Lincoln Rockwell paid with his life to try and wake us up. Let us not let this great man die in vain. Awaken, organize, instruct and let us live to one day recapture ourselves and our destinies. The alternative is to slowly sink into an ever rising pit of mud.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Speciation – The NWO end-game?

There is much discussion about the New World Order on the Internet but the term is usually not delved into. It is nebulous and this is not without value since it appears less a covert conspiracy than an evolving phenomenon that is heading always in one direction.

A huge blessing of the Internet is that it has freed a layer or two of people beneath that of the truly exceptional to the world as it is as opposed to the world as it in the interests of our masters to appear. Once one at least partially awakens to certain realities it is stunningly clear that there is this dichotomy of truth and fantasy due to the primacy of power politics. The masters CANNOT let a critical mass of thinkers unite behind a common theme in opposition to this situation for then a cadre to bring them down is a possibility. This is why “hate crimes” laws will easily trump the beleaguered piece of paper our forefathers mistakenly believed could endure in a world filled with a motivated and organized race of murderers and swindlers.

As this scenario continues to gather momentum I am struck by what I can’t help but think will be their final solution to the Goy problem. Their Talmud long ago was penned in actualization of a diabolical spirit that among other things declares those not in their tribe as cattle – literally. This manifest destiny of Judah to conquer the world as their playground has slowly but surely progressed. The 20th century was a coup for them of epic proportions. Based on how they got the best of the Goy to slaughter each other for their sole profit and entertainment I actually am starting to believe that we are cattle. What kind of idiots believe that we were right to destroy Germany in the mid-20th century because they were our enemies? Just about every American; even many so-called White Nationalist bloggers. So I can’t blame Judah for considering us sub-human. We shunned and murdered some of the greatest men nature could have blessed us with like Hitler and Rockwell; men who tried to wake us up when our chances of slaying this Beast were much more possible but as Christ long ago said, when we are shown light we instead prefer the darkness. I hope the trend changes but hundreds of years of history are all going their way.

What is this final solution? Is it not just this power bending to their will the current reality which defies it? And that is literally separating what is now referred to as humanity into not only two subspecies/breeds/races – a flagrant violation of the very PC dogma they have addled the minds of most Whites with – but two distinct species. How this will be achieved is another question that I have no idea about. But I have no doubt that the powers that rule us would like to do this and will attempt to do it.

Think about it. The ruination of Aryan Man through our mongrelization is the last major step towards Judah’s undisputed reign over this world. But once this is achieved it is only a reprieve from even the Mongrel-man evolving as a threat. But now once a significant gap is reached between the elite and their tools all the stops will be pulled out to maintain and increase this gap. Then as now Judah will extract the best of the Goyim as breeding stock to improve their still degenerate physical and spiritual traits. These Goyim will be destroyed as Aryans since half water and half dirt is just mud. The next tier of Goyim, then as now, will be left in circumstances where reproduction is minimized through feminism, materialism, and faggotry. The bottom tier, then and now, will be the most fecund and most prone to cross with “people of color”. Over time and with the help of all the technology money can buy the Master Race will not only distance itself from its fellow humans it will separate from them permanently – as man is now from livestock.

Once we are speciated they will breed, cull, and use their stock as suits their purposes: worker drones, medical and scientific test objects, sexual slaves, gladiators; the possibilities are endless. It will be the end of all except the Chosen Ones.

Seem implausible, impossible, just silly? Maybe. But the evidence is clear that the demonic force ruling us now and poised to control every corner of this planet would LIKE to do this.

Once this state is reached the “God” of Judah will be vindicated with a little help from his friends.