Friday, October 14, 2005

Bush's Legion

Now that Bush has nominated Harriet Miers as the latest Associate Justice to the Supreme Court, and she is revealed as both a mediocre intellect and a leftist, what does the Conservative Establishment want? To be mollified, to have their wounded egos appeased, to be reminded of how they need to trust El Presidente. It was already clear what Bush was not, a Conservative – at least in the best sense of the label, but it is now also abundantly clear what they are as well - pathetic. Bush’s Amen Corner in the blogosphere is circling the wagons around their guy. They “trust” him you see. Bush assured conservatives that he desired Justices like Scalia and Thomas. Roberts and Miers are to Scalia and Thomas as Tiny Tim is to Tom Jones. It is so patently false, based on the evidence at hand, and clearly reveals Bush for what he is, a puppet of the Liberal Establishment, as to clearly raise the specter of wholesale abandonment by his scorned base. But most (maybe all) the leaders of his base prove, so far, that they primarily crave access to power and the childish desire of being associated with a winner, therefore there will be no wholesale abandonment of the Compassionate Conservative. This could have been, and might still be if the foot soldiers abandon their ‘leaders’, a watershed moment of realignment within American polity. I actually thought the Miers nomination was a good thing because it was Bush unveiled, a hideous corpse with a ghoulish smile, with no adulteration; Skull and Bones in the flesh. This would wake people up. Maybe it will. Maybe a few more marginal partisans are seeing the truth of the betrayal and a critical mass has been reached. If it has it is certainly unseen right now.

Lawrence Auster posted a discussion he had with a pro-Bush blogger who was initially upset but was quickly brought back to the fold by Republican operatives. This loyalist said it was more important to rally around Bush so that the Republicans retained control of the Government. Why - because the Democrats are ‘worse’. Under this model of supposed pragmatism, and it is the model the Republicans have followed for years, the Republicans have to be just a little less worse than the Donkeys. What most don’t see is that these two groups are actors in a grander play, wholly in cooperation at the strategic level, of implementing ‘progress’ in America. Unless we are explicitly ‘ideological’ on some things (for example following the Constitution) we will always be moving to the Left as a society. The Donkey’s part is to initiate progressive ideas in the political sphere; the Elephant’s part is to implement them ‘practically’. The Donkey will typically lose, because most people (White’s at least) don’t want what Leftists call progress, and the Elephant wins because most voters still buy this con. Leftism can’t be beaten by this worthless ‘conservatism’ of the Republicans, which is only watered down liberalism, but by a red-blooded counter-ideology which is just as active on the Right as liberalism is on the Left. For a long time National Review and many others have argued that conservatism is non-ideological, and maybe it is if using Burke and Kirk as examples since in their time there was still a lot to conserve and ideology was a dangerous concept that takes one away from the status quo. Non-ideology doesn’t cut it any more. We have strayed too far from what I would call a state of natural liberty. In my mind natural liberty is best described by a proper functioning of the law as described by Bastiat in his famous essay of the same name.

More and more people seem to be seeing that what is needed is not conservation by yelling “stop” to the march of liberalism but a dramatic, even revolutionary, transformation of where we are. This revolution will happen, though whether peaceful or violent, improving or degrading, is unknown. We live in what is now an Empire and Empire only stays together by coercion. As our imperialistic, debt, and consumerist prosperity continues to fade the ability of the Empire to exert this coercion will weaken unleashing the natural forces it is currently subduing. The geographic entity known as the United States is no longer a nation. We were originally, but to win a war of imperial conquest Lincoln needed to transform “her” into “it”. He started the avalanche and it has only gained mass and speed with time. It can only be made into a nation through several subsequent generations of intensive race-mixing resulting in a new, and normative, genotype. What capabilities this new race will possess, on average, is predictable; somewhere between European, Asian, African, and Mestizo but what that will really mean is a mystery. People are generally opposed to marrying and procreating outside their group in spite of the massive corporate propaganda to the contrary – so this miscegenation must be forced. Churches are already on board, some even saying that racially mixed marriages are better than intra-racial ones. If race mixing occurs as a norm it means the end of the White Race, except as a curiosity in exotic locales, since all White countries are being forced to comply with this same situation. Since the White Race built and maintained the Western World what can be built and maintained when they/we are gone?

However, if revolution occurs and the Empire is cast down AND a worse Empire doesn’t rise in its place (a strong possibility), then there is a chance that real nations can be carved from this Empire. It is doubtful that this transformation would be completely peaceful but considering that the primary looming alternative is a World Government with no rival and complete control over our lives, it is a gamble I hope we are willing to take.

Most people don’t seem to see what I think is becoming crystal clear – the Empire is crumbling. The more it crumbles the more the Establishment will turn to the latent patriotism of Whites to rally to its defense. We are useful for nothing else to the Establishment than to keep their Order intact. Otherwise they want us gone and we soon will be if we can’t defend ourselves.

Not only is Conservatism dead but it should be dead. Bush’s loyalists are blind to what they have become. Seeing the leadership of Evangelical Christianity and the Religious Right go compliantly along with the New World Order raises anew thoughts of End Times in my mind. Who really is the Whore of Babylon? Maybe it won’t be so hard to figure after all.

Going from Miers to the New World Order is a stretch in any short article but one is a herald of the other given that the ‘conservative’ establishment has pinned its hopes on Bush and the Republicans. Miers is one more shiner in a series of brutal beatings to the Religious Right from Bush and Co. and only a co-dependent would stay in the relationship. Much of the right wing grass roots don’t want this but they are not yet ready to see the clear but frightening light.


David McCrory said...


Thanks for another good post. Chances are the Meirs will get shot down then Bush wil put up someone they can't refuse.

But it really doesn't matter, we've had Republican superiority in the House, Senate and White House for years and look what is has got us.

Another day older and deeper in debt.

If i'm correct 7 of the current "conservative" judges are Repub. appointees.

The same was true when Roe v. Wade went through.

The definition of insane is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


p.s. You'll need to activate your "verification" tab on your settings to avoid these Ad Post.

jlh said...


Another terrific post. "Skull and bones in the flesh," indeed!

Last Saturday morning I answered the phone. It was the Republicans looking for money. I told them I didn't support them anymore, that they were wrecking the country even faster than I thought possible had the Dems been in office, and that what the country needed was immigration restriction now and the expulsion of Muslims and illegals, etc. And the lady got mad and said "so you're an independent?" What can you say to people like this? The best they can do is try to scare us into thinking that the Dems are worse. "We've got to keep the Dems from blocking Bush's conservative agenda." What conservative agenda?

Another problem implicit in your analysis is that the constitution is already debased, by the 14th amendment, universal suffrage, direct election of senators and the income tax, not to mention all the bureaucratic powers congress has granted to itself with things like the civil rights act of 1964. All of these things, as you pointed out, stem from Lincoln's war which destroyed local government and laid the groundwork to impose the uniformly enforced mass culture we wallow in today. This leads to another important point you make, which is that the more unnatural to human nature something is, the more tirelessly they have to work to force it on us, and the more vociferous they have to be in their denunciations of those of us who see the undesirability of things like integration, race-mixing, feminism, radical egalitarianism and the like. Your image of Bush as a grinning skull holding up for our approval the bland idiotic Miers as a steward of all this horror is right on. Yes, the empire is crumbling, and the right-wing grass roots is just another bunch of liberals.


wjg said...


There have been a few brief windows; 1964, 1980, and 1994 for example, where the Republicans showed a little guts in their words and deeds but they were quickly abandoned. People say the modern political discourse is too crude, too mean-spirited, and I say rubbish. It is too infantile. Real ideas aren't debated any more. It is not allowed by the gate keepers. If REAL ideas were truly in contention then we would see mean-spiritedness. Someone recently compared our politics to pro wrestling and that is exactly what it is - a charade.

On the Roe vote (7-2) I think 6 of the 9 justices were R appointed, and only one of them voted against - Rehnquist. Byron White (appointed by JFK) was the only other dissenter.

It is insane.

Thanks for the tip on spam. I'll try it.


I haven't gotten a call this year yet from the RP but this is the one time they show they 'care' about White folks when they want our money and labor. In the past I have helped and got a nice slap in the face as payment. I think I'll tell them to start calling all the Mestizos they so clearly crave. Ask for their money and their labor.

The sad, and relatively sudden, realization I have come to is that the system cannot be reformed. Once I finally removed the blinders of wishful thinking and jingoistic patriotism I saw what has happened over the last 140 years. The layers of 'reform', many of which you mention, are so deep and so intransigent that it is impossible to go back.

Add to that the world wide genocide against the White Race and I say good riddance to "it". Let the "others" they have recruited be its defenders.

Bob Whitaker has a good line, "I'll love your flag as much as you love my people".

It appears more of our folk are waking up to this.

ikantspel said...


You made some fine comments. I'll get on the bandwagon as well since I've been meaning to write a post similar to the one that you wrote.

I've decided to post them on my blog because they are longer than I anticipated.

Illegitimus Parvalus said...

Your comments about the Republican Party are right on the money, sir. I vote independent because there is really only one party now, and that's the Republicrats. It's about time the GOP realizes the values that made it once great have long since been left behind, and figure out how to fix it.

I've enjoyed your blog very much, sir...I look forward to more.

whs said...

Maybe after 100 years the time has come. Maybe the old, tattered banners of the Progressive Republicans, the Bull Moose Party need to be trotted out. It was good enough for Teddy.
It isn't enough to call ourselves Independents or try to find common ground with fringe groups like the Libertarians when we were, are and freely admit we came from Republican roots. If the party is bankrupt, let it die like the Whigs and the Federalists, passed by in favor of groups that more closely espoused the ideals of the voters.