Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Commute

The following is a drive from my house in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC to work but it could be one of many similar spots across the Kwa in this age of transition...

Back out of the driveway in the quiet suburban neighborhood in mid-August. Leaves are still full on the maple, oak, chestnut, poplar, and ash trees though they are starting to brown and fall due to the dry summer. Wave hello to the neighbor on the right, a naval officer and his Asian wife; I like them both as individuals. He’s a conventional right-wing patriot, not at all agreeable to Bush’s amnesty but still a believer in the propositional America we’ve been given. Believes our greatest threat is Islam and best friend is Israel. My occasional challenges have not caused us strain. He is a decent fellow and a good neighbor.

On the other side are Somali tenants: a husband, wife and seven children ranging in age from late teens to fivish. They are not bad neighbors in the typical sense that is thought of. Islam seems to be giving them some semblance of discipline. The females all wear robes and head scarves. The modesty is becoming. Their younger children sometimes play with our kids. I have never spoken to the adults. We occasionally exchange waves.

Behind them (on the parallel street) are Peruvian newcomers. They fill the stereotype of the obnoxious Mestizo to a tee; loud music blaring at all hours forcing us to close our windows even when the weather is nice, when we yield to the base desire of wanting to sleep. Have called the cops thinking they’d get the message but that was expecting too much.

Drive down my street. The next house on the left has higher Latinos in the sense of being more Euro in both appearance and demeanor than their more prevalent cousins. Their daughter often plays with ours.

Walking down the middle of the street is some of the brood of pickaninnies imported by the U.S. Federal Government at our expense to a house at the end of the street. They slowly move out of the way and stare blankly as I dare to pass. Their presence in the street is ubiquitous; going to and from either the school to learn how superior they are to the White slaves who work day and night to feed, house, clothe, and entertain them or to 7-11 for their well earned sustenance. The sidewalk is too off-putting for them. 400 years of slavery and all. I believe I have heard that seven of the precious lil’uns occupy that house with their mammy. Some of the local White women have tried to be adult figures in their lives by taking them to the pool or otherwise watching them. The older “youths” or their friends often speed by with window rattling noise emanating from their SUV’s. What joy.

Further down is an older White couple still sporting signs for the GOP during every election cycle. One year before I woke up I went to the local school to hand out ballots for that racket.

Next to them is another Latino dwelling. The patriarch runs a towing business and cars overflow from all the residents. They have fixed up the house pretty nice. From what I hear they don’t get along with their gringo republican neighbors.

The rest of the drive out of the neighborhood includes some externally healthy White households. Most of the children in these cases are teenagers. Whites with young children are few; maybe one house out of twenty. Latinos abound and to their credit, most are industrious. Once their children are indoctrinated by ZOG that will change. By then we’ll have long said “hasta la vista baby”.

Heading down the major local road towards the Capital Parking Lot (aka the Beltway) the demographics hardly change either on the sidewalks, the busses or the cars. Latinos are everywhere. Asians aren’t far behind. Africans, home grown and imported, follow. Whites have been blown away. Driving through Annandale on Little River Turnpike can’t be much different than Tijuana. The McDonalds down near the Beltway doubles as a rent-a-spic though I doubt they get a cut of all that “cheap” labor. Then again no one does. I got no help from ZOG when my son was born but I’m sure all the wondrous “minorities” crowding us out did. No bother, I’m told they are enriching us.

Finally on the Beltway. Yes, it’s slow but I’m not on it for long. On I-66 West the traffic lightens and the speed limit is no longer posted as a mockery. Oh great, there’s a cop. Here to catch immigrant invaders? Going to stop a burglary, rape, or murder? Oh, it’s a speed trap. New $1,000 fines for driving too fast. Sam Francis so rightly called the hell of modern America an Anarcho-Tyranny. So true.

Ah, made it to work. And to think I get to keep almost 70 cents on the dollar. What a country.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our Situation

As a teenager living in Texas in the 1970s I loved war-gaming, especially of the WWII era. One of my favorites was one by Avalon Hill called Third Reich; a strategic level simulation of the European Theater of the war. From even an earlier age I developed an affinity for the German side in that war. It was all emotional at that time but I saw, even as a child that the Germans stood for something and some jealous bullies wanted to take it away. This sympathy was in spite of the propaganda that attempted to demonize Germany and Hitler. As a matter of fact the fairly ham-fisted caricatures of Germany in documentaries like the World at War were lost on me at a young age and all I saw was pride, and confidence, and beauty that a people, our people, had in themselves and their place in the world, past, present, and future. In my childish innocence and naivety I sensed that I was of them and not of the side that some words said I was supposed to be on. My war-gaming friend almost always took the Allied side even though he was ethnically Scandinavian, while I was of British (more distantly Germanic) and took the German side. By the way, he was a better player than I and almost always won but I did persevere. There was something phony I sensed in the alliance of Anglo-America and the Soviet Union and in its motivations that were not apparent on the German side. I did not understand until far later in life that my childish instincts were true and I am now a great admirer of the German cause not just instinctively but intellectually. I also now understand that that was not a war between the Axis and the Allies as much as it was a war between Jewry and the White Race; between darkness and light. America, Britain, and Russia – looked at as nations - were just pawns used against their/our own interests.

I bring all this up as a backdrop for assessing the conflict we are now in as a war-gamer must assess things. What are we up against? What are our prospects? What can we do? Where should we attack? Where defend? Where advance? Where retreat? Should the emphasis be on spending now (on weaponry/infrastructure) or saving for the future (research)? On guns or butter? The questions and their answers are critical for success in any conflict.

The first question that must be answered is who are we? This should not be assumed since deception is the unchallenged domain of our enemy. Saying that “we” are white people doesn’t go far enough. We must know both who we are and who is not us. The answer to who we are is not necessarily the same for all White folk. I will answer it from the perspective of the descendants of the founders of America: Anglo-Saxon and Celtic people with decreasing loyalties in direct relation to genetic distance. We can be broadly described as Northwest-European, Germanic, and/or Nordic without the loss of cohesion inherent with too broad an identity. More distant Whites like conventional Spaniards, Italians, and Slavs may or may not be considered us as well. It is critical that our umbrella not be too large for if it is we will lose cohesion. Having a motivated core is much more important than raw numbers. The best test to confirm whether we answered this question right is by asking another question… Will all the people in our group fight for our group. Do they know they are us? Clearly the blanket of Caucasian is too broad. Non-Jew Semites are not us. Neither are any other of the Supra-Saharan Africans often classified as Caucasian. Jews are only us if a parasite can be primary over its host. This is happening slowly but surely thru the intermarriage of the old Gentile elite with Jewry but as much as that has weakened Aryans and muddied the waters with the confusion of thinking our leadership represents us, it has not been completed. There is still an ever decreasing remnant of Aryan from whom to instigate a revival.

The second question is what is our situation currently? When I look at what the state of the White Race is today, primarily in the United States, I almost think our situation is hopeless. I have to fight this superficial impression because looking at a scenario at a point in time can be very misleading. Things are bad, very bad, right now but underlying conditions will often change suddenly. Let me start with the good news.

Using the 2000 Census, of an “official” population of 281M, “Whites” total 211M. This is 75% of the total. When healthy Whites can organize and fight far greater opponents. We have a capacity to create a society from raw earth that is unrivalled due to our unique pioneering quality.

The bad news is… just about everything else. First off the population number cannot be looked at statically but by where it is going in relation to the competition. The number of children per woman (Total Fertility Rate or TFR) of “real” Whites compared to “people of color” in a given geography is what really matters. There are no official statistics on TFR for 2000 but some estimates have the non-Hispanic (a completely unnecessary and demeaning prefix) White TFR at about 1.5; African-Americans around 2.5; Hispanics around 3. That Whites are less fertile than non-Whites (except perhaps East Asians) in a given environment is common knowledge and has been intellectualized by Rushton with his r/K factor dichotomy.

75% sounds good until you realize that “White” is a bit of a demographic classification catch-all. It is used very loosely, so loosely, that the amalgamation of “Whites” that exist in America now could never form a unified society. It includes Hispanics who aren’t black, Turks, Arabs, and Jews, in addition to Euros. Now there are some issues even with Euros in the sense that Slavs and many Southern Europeans have had their blood diluted significantly more than Germanics. How many of the 75% are still White after subtracting the Asiatic and Mestizo “Whites” is unclear but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s around 15%. This is because Jews are considered around 2% (but not by the Census since God’s Chosen are always lumped in where they cannot be officially measured) which clearly is an understatement since half Jews and quarter Jews are not technically Jewish but are Philo-Semitic to an obscene degree since that is the best career move in the West these days. Also the 12.5% of the official Hispanic population is on top of their racial identification which is doubtless mostly White if a perusal of crime categorization is any measure. So 4% (my guess of Jews, half Jews, quarter Jews) + 12% (Meztisos) + 1% (Other) equals 15%. The math is very rough here but I bet it is close. If anything Whites are probably less than 60% as of 2000. Of course its 2007 now and things have only gotten worse and the illegals aren’t even in the counts.

But the numbers aren’t the worst news. The worst news is spiritual. We Whites don’t even care anymore about ourselves as a group. We have been catechized for so long, by the society we are cursed to live within, to loath ourselves that we do loath ourselves. White children that have managed to be born at all by being fated through the snares of their parent’s careers, and materialism are themselves confronted with every conceivable variation of life-destroying poison: summarized by narcissism and inverted idealism.

The unbalanced love of self (narcissism) is coddled to a degree completely at odds with sustainable - much less progressive - living. It leads to perpetual juvenility within our Fabian Socialistic structure that subsidizes the weak at the expense of the strong. Women that want to abandon men and children in the pursuit of “career”? No problem. Not only will you have rent-a-men (the military, cops, etc.) to protect you but you will be given preference in the pursuit of your career over men who a holistic woman has joined with in a nuclear family. Men who never want to be burdened as men but want to stay little boys and who go even further into the perverse pit of faggotry are also exalted. Narcissistic men and women are cloven from any roots; from love of anything greater than themselves; from the past and the future. All they have is the empty now.

Whites, especially, are both blessed and cursed with a tendency towards idealism. It can be a blessing when the elite from whence the ideologies spring desire the best for their people. When the elite are foreign and desire the destruction of the people they oversee the ideology is used as a means to so addle the minds of the masses that they pound their chests with pride at their degeneracy, thinking it virtuous. Whatever else the ideas may spawn they cause its adherents to regress by intent. The masses then continue to be befuddled by the causes of the symptoms of a disease they cannot see, since it comes from within. The fruit of Judeo-Liberalism including equalitarianism, cosmopolitanism, consumerism, feminism, anti-racism, Lysenkoism, etc., are unquestioned ideals to be promoted when they lead axiomatically to the very degeneracy any with eyes sees. The foreign elite have well learned: why kill your enemy when you can not only get them to kill themselves but kill themselves, and all they sprang from, with passion? The whole West is the Treblinka Judah marketed but never was. Our inhalation won’t kill lice but our very souls and when death follows it is an escape from a hell we have not only tolerated but created.

The third question is what can/should be done about it?

There are two main views on this. One is to fight it through reformation. The other is to let it, even encourage it to, die. Most of the internet forums I visit gravitate towards the latter, if not explicitly, then by inference. Still, there is a good deal of cross-over. We must be flexible and adaptable and regularly reassess the desirability of a reformed vs. destroyed institution. Much recent discussion has revolved around the candidacy of Ron Paul for President of the US. Some argue that he is much better than any of the other choices from the perspective of Euro EGI (ethnic genetic interests) while others argue he does not pass the threshold of acceptability since he would/does explicitly argue against “racism”. I am presently persuaded against supporting Paul though my point in this is emphasizing constructive debate occurring within WN (White Nationalist) circles about what should be done about our current situation. Voting in a presidential election can be both an act of reformation and an act of destruction. If Paul somehow won and was able to act upon his goal of dismantling the Federal Reserve it would be a reformation of out Government through the destruction of its usurious money lender. This scenario is completely unacceptable to the plutocracy lording over us making it impossible. Much less radical attempts at reformation, playing within the system’s own rules and its stacked deck, are routinely shot down so the ballot box is a very doubtful impetus for change. Even denying illegal aliens the fruits of the taxpayer is not acceptable to the Plutarch’s lawyers (aka judges). Our government is a symptom but it’s not to say there aren’t some things we can do to use it for our own ends. I am persuaded that the best way to use Government is to abuse it. Elect Barrack Obama as President; collect welfare; support quotas and set-asides; oppose English-only. It is true these are all revolting choices (maybe not the last one) but what better does our foreign occupational government deserve? “It” is not “us” so maybe it should be stretched to the breaking point through a form of dropping out. The ways of dealing with outside things is debatable.

What is not debatable is what must happen within us. We must grow and develop the personal and collective character to live as our ancestors and to go beyond that; to learn from their mistakes and improve. If we don’t become strong again and soon we will have no future except to add a little flavor to the New World Order’s mass-man. Three things I see as being foundational to this are:

1. A revival of our corporate identity as a distinct and special people
2. Reassertion of man as lord over women and children
3. Attention to breeding/eugenics

The first provides the foundation on which we build: it is our past. The second provides the operational framework for living holistically: it is the present. The third allows for true progress: it is our future. Of all these things the foundation is the second one. The first is showing signs of life via the Internet because white men are starting to be men again. But, if all the bloggers aren’t also translating their activism into personal acts as husbands and fathers we are really gaining nothing.

I want to focus on the second and third points for now since the first gets plenty of attention in the WN blogosphere. Just as any healthy society is an organism; it is made up of units that are also organisms. The family unit is the building block of all higher life since it makes the higher life even possible. If there is a better structure for it than man as provider, protector, and spiritual leader, and woman as integrator and nurturer I am unaware of it. It worked for millennia and will again once all its pieces are returned to their proper function. From a young age our girls must be socialized into their role as mothers and in the arts and skills consistent with that role. As should be obvious this is completely at odds with the social paradigm currently oppressing us. These factors must be eliminated, controlled, or minimized by parents to the highest degree possible. It can and must be done so that the current situation can be reversed. The television has got to be the main source of the enemy’s schemes. Its content is a toxin worse to our minds than even our rotten industrial “food” system is to our bodies. Second is the schools. Public or private they bow down to Molech and elevate his altar to the center of the universe. Leech the spiritual poison out of your children regularly as they return from these worship services. Better yet homeschool them. Better still is the small community Euro-friendly private/homeschooling arrangement. For now this is hard since the numbers of motivated WNists in a given locale is more than likely very low. The Amish are a model to borrow from in this area. Keep girls active in the affairs of the home, modeling their mother since idle hands are the devils workshop. When she reaches the age of transitioning from girlhood to womanhood make it a special and solemn occasion that she, and all who witness it, will remember. Remind her of the beauty of modesty and soft-spokenness.

Even harder is the socialization of boys since it is a setting-apart maturation, clashing with the childish and feminine, belonging and safety. I am not using “childish and feminine” as derogatory here since they are perfectly natural and desirable for children and women. Men must deal in the realm of life and death; be it protecting the home, protecting the community, or protecting the nation. This is not an area for sentimentalism or weakness. It is often kill or die. Men fill that role or the people disappear. Boys must be socialized to fill it. Men must learn self-control through arts emphasizing discipline be they physical or mental. Eastern martial arts is a good alternative readily available. As with girls keep them away from the boob tube as much as possible. What would really be nice is if Aryans started taking their god of death and ritually destroyed it (and remembered the date on the calendar) akin to Judah’s ritual of remembering why gentiles are only fit for the abattoir; Passover, Purim, etc. Fathers must apprentice their sons in their line of work so that work is real to the boys and not virtual. The work must be honorable and productive and not at odds with the greater interests of the community. A Coming of Age ritual is essential to reestablish amongst Euros, taking particular forms in different areas of our people such that it has wider significance and is shared between the father and son and other men who are kith and kin.

Regardless of the dire circumstances we face we must reclaim our children as our own. They can no longer be sacrifices to the false god ruling this world.

When it comes to breeding by intent and with purpose it is amazing that this even has to be raised. You can look anywhere throughout the Kwa and see evidence of animal husbandry emphasizing selective breeding: horses, cattle, dogs, cats to name just a few. Yet due to the ideology of anti-racism our master’s have shackled on us human selective breeding is taboo. Jews don’t practice what they preach since to them (as stated in their holy book) they are the jewel in “God’s” eye while we are cattle. Aryans need to understand this. The “universality” of kosher ideology is reserved for the Goyim. Any practice of political correctness by the Master Race is by their weaker members who they are glad to cull anyway. With all that in mind Jews have very different standards of excellence than do Aryans both aesthetically and functionally making their specific selection criteria only partly applicable to us. They are a parasitic race unable and unwilling to function in a vertically integrated fashion so they have cultivated cunning and deceit as their top characters to allow them rule over their objects.

We need to return to a holistic view on genetics; trying as best we can to select mates for ourselves and our children who will in greater probability produce children of equal or better quality. What are the criteria for quality? Physical, mental, and spiritual: the three components forming the foundation of a healthy community and nation. Distorted body types are to be avoided especially related to the carrying of excessive weight as well as to misshapen features. Physical strength and stamina are important. Vigor and straightforward smarts are very important though a hyper-intelligent schemer is less likely to produce or rear quality. A love of life is a sign of spiritual health. Still, our Matrix is producing nihilism that is almost healthy since who wouldn’t want this hell destroyed. It is hard to evaluate spiritual health in our current situation. It must be done with a high level caution. A pretty face should be way down the list if it doesn’t fit with all the other criteria, though they usually run hand in hand. Asian Indians still follow eugenic principles in the selection of mates for their children. In the longer term we need to create societal models that naturally promote progressive breeding by returning to many of our old ways. Impersonal wealth transfers (welfare) to the mentally and physically weak must end, sterilization or execution of degenerates must resume. Wars pulling our best young men out of the pool to be replaced by their inferiors must end. War won’t end but who is killed in them can change. If Britain were still ruled by the British in 1916 they would not have sent their flower to be mowed down at the Somme but their dregs. Then again if real Britons ruled there would have been no Great War at all.

In other words almost everything in our current society must be inverted.

The fourth question that could be asked though I won’t delve into it is “why does it matter whether we survive at all?” I won’t deal with this because if it even needs to be asked (and answered) it shows a possible terminal rot in spirit. Many of the contributors at Majority Rights think the question needs to be answered when Jews like Anon Ziv write another piece of hatred advocating that Euros intermarry (i.e. commit racial suicide). They think we have to justify our right to live; to speak of all the wonders of our past and potential for the future; to debate an enemy in the style of the Greeks when that enemy only values truth or distortion from how it benefits them as a group. Rather than answer the question I say take note of who is asking it and if/when we recover our strength they should not be forgotten. Because when they ask it is purely rhetorical, having already conditioned our masses to reflexively answer “no”. They are just testing to make sure we have gotten the message. The people that are trying to answer this question in our defense fail to see that by even providing a response they are surrendering the initiative to the enemy. Our existence self-justifies both our past and our future. Never, ever justify why we deserve to live into the future.

Euro Man is facing an unprecedented challenge over the next few generations to reclaim himself from oblivion. Will it happen and to what degree and in what ways are the question. You can be part of this renaissance or lost in the flood. Which will it be?