Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Survival Strategy Thoughts for Whites

As I’ve become more racially conscious as a White man in the past few years I have seen a lot of info showing why we need to wake up. There is so much of it to blow away even the most skeptical field hand on the PC plantation – that is if they are ever exposed to it. Last night I heard on CSPAN another in a long string of outrages: a black leader (a college professor no less) literally called to his audience, with their applauding approval, for the worldwide extermination of all whites. Listen to this White folk – that is the beating heart of blackness in America. Yes, it is asinine but that’s what a very large number of their ‘intellectuals’ say. One has to look for this stuff now – it won’t find you. The mainstream media will not allow it. Once we clearly see there is a problem then what? This is the area where there is a vast desert of nothingness. At least I haven’t found much. What I’m talking about here isn’t advice like, “get the hell out of that ghetto”, or “sue the SPLC”; it’s not that things like that don’t often need to happen but they are band aids. We need a strategy; an overarching set of objectives and a means to get there. The ‘reasonableness’ of these steps must be measured in terms of what is at stake. If something proposed is ‘unreasonable’ but the alternative is our destruction then I say let’s be unreasonable. Here is a brief stab at some of the things I think we need to do. I hope to come across, or maybe even initiate here, more discussion on what needs to be done by White Nationalists and Kinists to try and save our people from genocide. Any other White folk who are willing to act for our people are also welcome even as they seek to make sense of our modern madness. Committed anti-racists need to be made to pay for their ride or sent to the oblivion they so richly deserve.

A couple acronyms I use are CP and CP2. CP stands for the Chosen People. They are disproportionately Jewish but not exclusively so. There are some Jews that oppose this but they are a very small number of influential Jews. Whites who have intermarried with Jews or otherwise been judaized are also included. This is a rich and powerful elite that pulls the strings of the world today. They are advocates for and leaders of the New World Order. CP2 are the Chosen People’s Chosen People. These are the people groups that are now on all the check boxes and preferred lists and are used as the foot soldiers in decimating White Nations around the world. The CP NEVER does its own fighting. Didn’t do it in WWI, WWII or any of the other imperial adventures they initiated - our people did. Our people died at their whim and we have been repaid by a treachery that would shake the world if the dirt craved justice. In the US, the CP2 are most notably Black and Mestizo. In Europe Arabs and Turks are more common. The CP2 the CP uses is dependent on the circumstances.

Militarize our youth. The greatest threat we face is the lobotomization and castration of our children. They are taught not to think, not to love their own, and not to grow up. That way they fail not only to pick up the torch of the generation before them but to be an extended burden on them also. To this point I have tried to raise my own kids with a healthy respect for people of other groups but with almost no education in the differences and how these differences make us incompatible as fellow citizens. Our children, as was I, are way too soft, way too prosperous. All other groups have gangs of brats (young and old) who take what they want and believe the CP propaganda that all their problems are the fault of Whites. When the CP2 don’t get what they want they have tantrums like the children they are in our (to them) alien culture. They do what they have always done: rape, murder, looting, rioting. When this stops they revert to their normative, parasitic indolence. In the future, when they come in their mobs to bring mayhem to our communities (like they recently did in Toledo) we need to respond with overwhelming force, sending them to route. They only respect violence. Charity and mercy on our part is spat upon by them. Our youth must be organized for their own self defense and in defense of their turf. I would hope this type of organization doesn’t take on the flavor of a CP2 gang – hopefully more in line with a Boys Scout-type group that also is schooled in racial awareness and martial arts.

Separate. The more I see of the parasitic relationship between CP2 and us the more I can no longer accept them in general. I accept them as a free and independent people, in their own nations, but not as our burden. This dysfunctional relationship must end; it is killing us as the CP want. In the long term either we must be amalgamated into the disparate races we have allowed into our homelands or separate. In an earlier age with racially restricted immigration assimilation was possible without dramatically altering us. Since the seeds of the anti-racial 1965 Immigration Reform Act have blossomed in force assimilation now equals genocide. Having separate races with dramatically different aptitudes in a socialistic state is untenable for long making the multicultural state a lie. An assimilating melting pot (e pluribus unum) or racial nations are the only options. More and more Whites have agreed to drink the genetic Kool-Aid of miscegenation or sterility. This is essential if the CP's plan is to work.

No longer feed the Beast. Now that the CP run the show, the prosperity our people created is used as bait to attract our own executioners. This Beast only exists because we work for it, pay taxes to it, fight and die for it. It is madness. As best as possible we need to leave it, oppose it, condemn it, shun it. Let the CP who coo lies from their forked tongues hold its festering putrescence up. Then maybe CP2 will start seeing who the real enemy is. We created something to behold and it has been ruined, yet even in its ruination it needs us. It can’t live without us. The CP2 are, normatively, too dumb to see that once we are gone, it will collapse, and along with it the Western ‘prosperity’ it spawns. The CP know this perfectly well. That’s why CP2 are so useful; they do CPs dirty work for them. We MUST find a way to let it die. The only reason we are in such straits is because of our own prosperity. We create prosperity (albeit much of it is ungodly) that attracts the chaff of less successful peoples. MC says they are interchangeable with us and they aren’t. Lash a team of yorkies to a sled and try to win the Iditarod. That's more likely than maintaining a White Country with 3rd Worlders.

Stop imperialism. This is especially problematic with our do-gooder mentality. We want to help the CP2 because they are in such pitiful circumstances by our standards when left to their own. We want to lift them up; make them like us. How noble. We give them shots, teach them our language, our techniques, give them ‘aid’, their populations boom in a Malthusian way, and their squalor is simply reconstituted in cities instead of villages, their violence with gun instead of spear, their garb of robe is replaced with suit. Nothing has changed except the worst of the West (exploitative welfare/warfare capitalism) has replaced their best (simple agrarianism). Our best (our genes) is replaced with their worst (their genes). It’s a lose/lose for everyone except the CP. Third World populations would have never boomed without western imperialism. They can only be maintained with western imperialism. The 3rd World hates us even as they probably realize we are their drug. Without us their population would plummet but they would then have their precious freedom. We have a wolf by the ears – they have a perpetual teat to suckle from. It’s a charade that must be ended soon to bring things more into their natural state.

Return to Work. Of all the actions I list this one is the hardest. The others are really pretty easy. This one takes much more fortitude and creativity. Whites have become fat on top of the world economic plantation. We have to learn to really work again: digging ditches, building our own homes, plowing fields. The days of being overpaid paper pushers in the CPs faux economy are doomed to end one way or the other; better by our own choice than the inevitable collapse. Many Christian Agrarianists nobly pursue this goal while purposely avoiding the other, more ‘racist’, ones. Do they really think this would work in the middle of Zimbabwe? If they do they are fools. Given the artificially high CP2 populations, as White largesse is reduced, CP2 will go after the productive by force. They will be unable to sustain themselves here just like they haven’t in Zimbabwe, as Whites have been killed and driven off. For a season their lusts will be appeased with stealing and murdering from the productive. To them the Goose is only good for a gluttonous feast not for her perpetual golden eggs. The Amish are an admirable people but their pacifism can only work in the context of an otherwise productive society. If they were surrounded by destitution how long would it be before the downtrodden resorted to plunder for survival?

Get Real. The world is, has been, and always will be a dangerous place. Many people groups are only kept from killing outsiders by the constant diligence of the potential victim. This is not to justify imperial aggression but it does justify violent defense. We must constantly remind ourselves that our existence is precarious and can only be maintained with much effort.

I’m sure others have better ideas than this but all I know is something that takes on many of these areas needs to happen and soon.


Scorebored said...

A provocative and chewable essay. Your section about militarizing our youth resonated with particular strength.

Some time back, I offered to teach martial arts combat skills to men in our church, along with their sons. I have over thirty years experience in martial arts, and have watched many alleged "black belt" charlatans grow fat on "$35 per month, every month, for the rest of your life" martial arts contracts (one has to wonder at what point the student becomes proficient). I offered my services to the males in my chrch with these terms: $150 per person, one time, one full day, on a Saturday. The price includes a 40-page manual, written by me. And at the end of the day, if you don't feel that (a) the seminar was more useful than any martial arts class you've ever taken in the past, and (b) you don't feel confident that you would emerge the victor from a violent confrontation, I will refund your money on the spot, no questions asked.

Not one man signed up for my seminar.

I found out later that at least four members of the congregation (members with whom I had discussed my fighting theory, my seminar, and my offer) were enrolled in tae kwon do classes with the local Korean teacher. I think the going rate was 40 bucks per month, free uniform included, black belt guaranteed within two years, offer subject to certain restrictions.

You'd better believe I'm for militarizing our White youth (though I fear that the term "militarizing" will be grossly misunderstood and attacked in the age of Emperor Bush).

wjg said...


In one sense I hate the word, "militarize", the way I am using it here since it conjures up images of movements that have used the youth against their own parents. Yet, when I went to change the word I couldn't think of anything that conveyed the imperative we should be under. "Making our youth more self-aware" is partly true but it is too much of that PC-feel good-don't offend stuff that neuters instead of empowers us.

On your story, it is good you offered your services and it is good that some of our folks are pursuing it but it is still happening, if at all, as individuals. We need something akin to militias, maybe even Orders, so that we are organized as a people. Through institutions like that our values can be reinforced and used to bind our communities together.

Thanks for sharing.

David McCrory said...


You raise some great points. We need an awareness of who we are (as whites) in relation to the “rest” of the world.
I like the paragraph on children. I believe it is covenantal faithfulness to separate and educate our children based upon those principles we find most near to us.

And our education must be well rounded. We are taught as we teach our children. They need to be aware of the difficulties they will face as they grow, and will need to be prepared both physically and mentally to meet those challenges. Martial arts are good, but you want to instill a solid worldview, apart from Eastern philosophy, that goes along with it. A strong work ethic, and self-sufficiency will be the difference in death or survival of our race.

Good post!


wjg said...


Good points. Children need to understand that 'this' will one day be theirs. They need to be set apart, both as Christians and as the inheritors of a very particular and special genetic and cultural endowmwent. I like the ceremony at the beginning of the Lion King where Simba was presented to his domain. All our children will end up being the kings and queens of their domains, however small, and we need to approach that stewardship reverentially.

Part of that stewardship is to protect the "pride's" lands from the hyenas of this world.

I hear what you say about the Eastern Worldview. In some ways it is contrary to the Christian view (especially the pantheism) and in other ways it is complimentary. Joel Salatin does a good job of describing how there is much good we Western Christians can learn from the Eastern philosphies. This is especially true as we consider how to have holistic and sustainable lives. The classical western mindset is way too individualistic, specialized, and reductionist. Sustainable living requires symbiosis.

Thanks for your post.

Mark said...

Regarding the idea of militarizing, or regimenting, our children: I agree entirely that our kids are too weak physically and too untutored in the ways of self-defense. The feminization of our culture over the last 80 years has led to this, in my opinion. But there is something about the idea of putting children into some kind of rigorous group toughening regime that pushes buttons for me. My ideal is the traditional American ideal of the strong, independent man who stands on his own two feet: a Davy Crockett type. I don't think it is necessary to put our children through some sort of regimented system in order for them to learn to defend themselves. It needs to become, again, something that fathers and uncles and other men help train boys to do (and girls too). In that sense, the other commenter's offer to train the men and boys at his church is more in line with what I have in mind.

jlh said...


Great essay. Many kudos for offering constructive analysis on what we can do to survive as a people. Separation would be ideal, but that's an option our laws don't really permit anymore. I'm working up a post on that angle for my own blog. I like the critique you offer here, which has been seconded and embellished by the other commenters, on the emasculation of whites partly as a result of rampant oprah-ization but also from whites' natural inclination to fair play and not wanting to resemble the ways of the forces we must oppose.

wjg said...


I think the primary method of helping transition boys to manhood should be from fathers and close relatives and from their churches. I share your hesitancy of a group regimen for children in a general sense (it conjures up images of Spartans, Nazis, and Commies) but we have to consider various options as our people become more and more surrounded. I think it can be done such that individual iniative is emphasized within the context of some sort of shared loyalty. It looks like all are in agreement something along those lines needs to happen. The devil is in the details.


Thanks. On separation, the "how" is certainly problematic. There are various degrees of separation reaching their apex with our own nations. Until that happens, which is, at this point, a distant hope, we must find ways to separate within the empire. It is currently very difficult to separate physically given 'civil rights' but we can separate virtually, to a point - through association. We can also separate the same way the CP2 do, by making outsiders very unwelcome. Usually Whites create both a prosperity others desire and also an openness to embrace them that is never reciprocated. A war cannot be fought successfully unless we are willing to subject our enemies to the same abuse they subject us.

I look forward to the thoughts on your blog.

David McCrory said...

I have mentioned in various places that the first seperation that needs to occur is an intellecutal and cultural secession.

We need to know where were going before we leave. And this takes time. But I think that if we learn from our Confederate forebearers.

Apart from some difficulties with slavery and planation farming, they had a solid base from which a society could and would thrive.

We need to look backward as we move forward. But first we have to capture the hearts and minds of white America once again and open their eyes to the falling freedom around them.


John Brown's body said...

I agree with you. We need to discuss this (the deliberate dismantling of our forefather’s America). We all need to discuss this everyday, with everyone we know. Hell, make it a point to make new friends as often as you can and discuss this with them.

WJG, I’ve read enough of your writings here to sense that we want basically the same things, so I believe there isn’t much you will say that I’ll respond to with a big, fat Nyet, unless, of course, you should someday stray from the Whites uber Alles message. I’m on your side, buddy, so don’t take anything I say the wrong way, but I think oftentimes we futilely waste our energies on the small pieces of the puzzle and subsequently give little thought of the puzzle itself. It goes something like this:

Situation: A gang of blacks, in an unprovoked attack, injure/kill a white.
White Nationalist: Somebody should do something.
Situation: Parents angered by the teaching of homosexuality at their 3rd grader
children’s school.
WN: Somebody…
Situation: Israeli nationals arrested for espionage; they flee to Israel after making
small bail with help from US judge.
WN: Somebody…
Situation: Illegal invaders claim they own New Mexico; they want whites to
leave pronto, or else. Governor says white’s fears unfounded.
WN: Somebody…
Situation: US government has stopped printing money because it isn’t worth the
ink, or paper.

The list goes on and on. It’s mind-boggling. What to do, what to do? It all seems so hopeless. How can we—you, me, the guy next door—possibly fix the myriad of problems this nation faces? Oh, god, we think how much easier it is just to do nothing; just grab a beer, go into the living room and turn on the football game.

The fact is we should stop worrying about all the little problems and we should concentrate on the one big problem, which is this: Our enemies are, and have been for awhile now, systematically, on purpose, turning our nation into one great dung heap. Why? Because, just as the dung beetle acquires nutrients from waste, our enemies acquire unimaginable wealth from our national decline. They have always been gifted in this way, as history shows. Those evil little dung beetles, uh, I mean, enemies of our nation…

So, what are we to do?

We have to make the ONE BIG FIX that will solve the one big problem. If we will make the ONE BIG FIX and solve the one big problem, all the little problems will be automatically taken care of as a result. Don’t be unduly concerned over the flood of non-whites into our towns and boroughs. Unlike you and me, they are citizens only because of the 14th Amendment, and you know what happened to the 18th Amendment, right? We just need to make the ONE BIG FIX. Don’t let black-on-white crime depress you into inaction. Get angry and make the ONE BIG FIX. Don’t waste time on being bummed over the economy, or the imperialistic war in the Middle East, or the godless creatures that teach their filth in our schools and in the media. Make the ONE BIG FIX and we all gain…FREEDOM.

Deo Vindice

wjg said...


"We need to know where were going before we leave." Great point. As bad as things now are and as much as the current order is our enemy I don't want to see change for changes sake. We must go towards something that is good and can be sustained. The Southern Agrarian model is a great one to borrow from.


Thanks. We are on the same side and we need to be open to suggestions from each other. That's what forums like this are for.

I'm skeptical that there is one big fix to our current situation but I'm interested to hear what you think it might be. Even if there ends up being one big overarching cause to our problems I would be amazed if its removal will lead to all its infection going with it. Usually, completing one big milestone requires many smaller milestones
to get there. We shouldn't make this more complicated than it is but neither should we oversimplify if the reality doesn't fit.

I agree that we often spend too much time on the little things but there is a place for both: the 'complaining' (i.e. acknowledging what the problems are) and the fixing. Unless more of our people are willing to concede there is a problem then many will never think there is anything to fix. We need both but especially tangible progress towards resolution.

jlh said...


Your original post and many of the issues raised in these comments go a long way toward answering some of the questions I've posed in my post, "It's official: we are the enemy," now up on my blog and conceived as a sort of companion piece to your post. This point from your last comment is key, I think: "Unless more of our people are willing to concede there is a problem then many will never think there is anything to fix."

John Brown's body said...


Thanks for your response. I want to tell you how amazed I am at how you and other blogmeisters do all the writing you do. I know you have a life away from your forum, yet you write your articles and then, on top of that, you write acknowledgements back to all those who comment on your articles. Truly amazing. I can barely manage a comment on a piece someone else writes, but, boy, what I would say if only I was half as prolific as you. You wrote:

“…we need to be open to suggestions from each other.”


“I'm skeptical that there is one big fix…”

Skepticism is normal and healthy as long as you don’t allow it to keep you from seeing the truth.

“We shouldn't make this more complicated…”


“…but neither should we oversimplify…”

That hurts. I never said it would be simple. In fact, I will guarantee you that it will be extremely hard to accomplish, if it is even possible to accomplish. So, what is the ONE BIG FIX? It is this:

Get Control of Government.

OK, before the commencement of hisses and boos, let that message resonate for a moment. Get Control of Government (G.C.oG). I mean all government: local, state and federal. I mean all branches: executive, legislative and judicial. And I mean 100% control. What could conservative white nationalists do if 100% control of government was theirs? You tell me. You have to admit it’s an interesting question: “Hey, Joe. What would you do if you had absolute control of government?”

I’d like to leave you with a parable I just wrote. If it seems amateurish, it may be because I never wrote one before. So, don’t laugh. Just keep saying “G.C.oG” over and over to yourself. Clicking your heels three times is optional.

A Parable

There once was a man who had a dog that had a new litter of puppies. One day the man came into the kitchen where the dog, with all her pups, lay in a big cardboard box. One side of the box had been cut away so that the dog could easily enter and leave it, but with all those pups demanding attention she could not leave. The man saw how weary the dog looked and, taking pity on her, he took the dog by the collar, got her up out of the box and led her outside into the backyard. Then the man came back into the kitchen and closed the door.

Now, being at that tender age where clumsy-footedness and exuberant energy mix, the puppies were trekking out on little adventures all over the kitchen floor—some in groups of two; others, solo. A moment later, the man’s five-year-old daughter came into the kitchen and she was appalled at the utter mayhem. Puppies frolicking helter skelter all over place was not to be allowed and, so, with serious intent, she marshaled them all back to “their house”, the box. This phase of the operation went quite smoothly for it appeared that the puppies had readily adopted the man’s five-year-old daughter as their substitute mommy whilst their real mommy was away and they eagerly followed the little girl's ever step.

At the box, however, the difficulty of the little girl’s mission became apparent, because as soon as she placed more than two of the puppies in the box, the escapes began. The little girl tried and tried, but no matter what she did she couldn’t get more than two puppies into the box at any one time. The little girl quickly grew more and more frustrated as each of her attempts failed. The puppies, of course, were having a great time. It was as though they were saying, “Wee, look at me. I’m up in the air. Now, I’m in the box. Now, I’ll make a dash for the floor. Wee, I’m in the air again.” After a few more tries, the little girl finally resigned herself to the futility of it all, stood up and scolded the puppies for being “bad”, and then she stormed out.

The little girl’s bemused father quietly got up from the kitchen table and opened the backdoor. The dog came into the kitchen and she went straightaway to the box to lie down, whereupon the puppies, all of them, immediately joined her.

The End.

In an earlier piece, you mentioned your son. I dedicate my little story to your son and all white children everywhere. I pray they grow up in a safe world.

Get Control of Government; all else will follow.

Deo Vindice

John Brown's body said...

Sorry for the WJB mistype. I'm really bad with names.

wjg said...


I saw your blog though I was too crunched for time to comment. It's right on. We are the enemy of our establishment. We have to, for now, form a nation within a nation.


I am online pretty much all day at work and oftentimes late at night when the little ones are asleep so it is not hard to write a few replies here and there. Some days are more hectic than others so I do this when I can.

I like your parable; it wasn't awkward at all. It touches on a theme that, in the unsophisticated world of animals, is completely natural - knowing whose we are. The Establishment of the West today detests instincts like these. They want to destroy natural affections and replace them with ones consistent with their schemes.

Thanks for clarifying what your "one big fix" is. I used to believe it as well, and it seems, at least on the surface, a more reasonable proposal than mine. I have come to the conclusion that our enemies have taken the hill, built up trenches around it, and keep shooting us down as we charge in haphazard, uncoordinated attacks, ala Burnside at Fredericksburg or Hood at Franklin. They don't expect us to let them have the hill. I say let them stay on it. Let the valley around it turn to desert. Let them starve on it.

One key to success in any conflict is not to take on the enemy in the way he desires it but in the way that will help insure victory.

Our government is now such a tangled web of socialism, theft, plunder, imperialism, etc., that whoever takes it over will be corrupted by it. Our government is just the administrative arm of the Plutocracy, the monied elite who control things. If we take over the government we will be bought out by their wealth and power if history is any guide. It is like the One Ring in the Lord of the Rings. It cannot be wielded for good, only evil. That's what absolute power does.

For the government to be taken over it must either be done from within, through elections, or without by violence. In all honesty I am a dreamer but I cannot see how either of these things can be accomplished. Even if they were accomplished, then what? The real power is not the government as I see things. The real power is fiat money and usury; London and New York. They pull the strings. If we had control and outlawed the things which empower the plutocracy then there would be real revolution through the disruption that would occur. It's possible the real enemy could be brought down but that would be a series of unbelivable events. It probably seems like I have woven together a web of conspiracy unworthy of consideration. I don't doubt what I say is fantastic but I believe it to be, at least close to, the truth.

Even though I am pretty convinced now, and this was only a recent epiphany, that the government can't nor should be take over, I am open to persuasion. My main desire is to see our people avoid the final stages of the genocide that is well under way.

Once we slow down and then stop this genocide we need to be able to be self sufficient and leave others to their own.

I hope not to discourage you by disagreeing with you; just the opposite. I want us to avoid discouragement by not fighting the wrong battles.

With all that said don't hesitate to give some ideas as to how we get control of the government. It may end up that the strategy we need to adopt includes elements of both.

I would be interested in others thoughts. Can our government be taken over? If it is taken over can it be reformed from our enemy to our friend?

Randall Gerard said...

Greetings gentlemen,

Good points all around. Scorebored, I'm very much interested in your self-defense manual; if you think it could do me any good apart from the personal instruction.

Part of our down-fall as a people is well illustrated by this discussion. Here we have seven men who are in agreement concerning the problem, but differ somewhat about a solution. We need to agree on general principles and then taylor solutions based upon where we live. In the process of growing a new movement towards racial solidarity, I think it's important not to be too dogmatic. What is effective in your neighborhood, may back-fire in mine.

I affirm the following general principles, as long as they are understood as a rough road map, not necessarily the precise details we all seek.

- The white race is under siege around the world, even in their own homelands, and are increasingly on the defensive in every nook and cranny of our society.

- Our biggest problem is coming to grips with that reality. Most of us still believe pluralism is the way to go.

- The rainbow nation has taken over most of our governing institutions, churches, media and schools.

- Given the above facts, any legal or political 'solutions' are probably not going to work in the short-term; yet we have to start somewhere, and we shouldn't stop trying.

- Based on the above, I would propose first winning the hearts and minds of our kin within our immediate and extended familys. Even this will be an up-hill battle, since we have all been conditioned since birth to see our own genocide as a good thing. I remember my own awakening to this issue as a painful, drawn-out process which brought with it much mental anguish and turmoil. We should be prepared to offer reasoned and articulate defenses of our stand. But patiently. The urgency of the situation is very real, yet if we are too strident with loved ones we will only lose them to the multi-cult.

This groundwork, it seems to me, should be the main priority; not that vigorous involvement in every level of government shouldn't be under-taken, but it should take a back seat to teaching our own. No political movement can last without extensive grass-roots support.


I commend your concern for our people and want to welcome you among us. But you should know that I consider the christian faith just as essential to the long-term well-being of our race as a healthy racial consciousness. It was christianity that welded together the squabbling white tribes, and brought them out of barbarism. The triune God has not lost His power to save and defend; but our decline is easily traced to our gradual apostasy over the last 200 years or so. We have enjoyed the blessings of the Almighty, but no longer stand for Him. Is it any wonder we're too fat, dumb and happy to recognize His righteous judgement? Our gradually becoming the tail and not the head is no accident. The legacy of our people would not be what it is without the faith of our Fathers.

I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I invite you to study and question our faith. Christianity has stood the test of two millenia; I'm confident it can stand your scrutiny as well. We stand ready to serve you should you wish to know more; even as we respect your right to make up your own mind.

wjg said...


You have said something that David touched on in his blog as well. That is that we must emphasize that which is closest to us. We must teach our families to have a healthy love of our kith and kin. I almost assumed that was a given in my initial article but it is too important to assume.

I agree also that the approach we take may need to vary by circumstance.

Beyond those points we need to network outside our families to form extended groups of self-defense. Our enemies are very well organized and we are being picked off or driven off as individuals in whatever locales our people are most recently under attack.

More needs to be hashed out on this and between all of us, and many others, we need to keep plugging away.

Straw Conservative said...

A very nice piece if I may say so. What is key is that we must wake up and teach our youth espically teenage youth to love their race and fight for its survival. That means opposing all non White Christian hobbies and actions. Most entertainment such as music and movies are ran by these so called CP that has filled there material with ideas that are resulting in a Non Racial identity with our youth in this day and age. Promoting entertainment activities that are ran by our people is very important. Another thing is that some will call our fight as a Movement or a Cause. Blacks use these terms as well. What we are fighting for is much greater than a cause. We are fighting for our racial survival as a people. Its about Survival.

Scorebored said...

Balestacker, I really appreciate your interest in my manual. I have to say, though, that I wrote the manual to compliment the material I teach, and without that live training, it's probably not very useful. Sorry if that sounds cryptic and intentionally vague. If ever we can organize a good kinist get-together (and if I can come!), I would like to teach my seminar to the men attending. Free of charge.

Randall Gerard said...


I understand completely. After reading numerous self-defense books cover to cover, and trying to guess and puzzle out the movements, and being no more proficient then when I started... well, I'm sure you understand the limitations of words on a page. Reading about it is no substitute for actual practice. Thanks for your response.

wjg said...


You are absolutely right. This isn't some trivia like which team is better or cappuccino or latte. This is about our very survival. More of our people need to understand the need for urgency.

Thanks for your comment.

anon9878 said...


I noticed your posts challenging Martin Hutchinson on the Jewish Question at Majority Rights.

There is something deeply irrational about his attacks. Perhaps you might ask him:

1) Is he married to Jewess?
2) Does he have children by that Jewess?
3) Does he think ethnic genetic interest is a real phenomenon?

wjg said...


His mindset is irrational by avoiding the overwhelming evidence especially as it relates to our people's survival; it is rational in the sense of not wanting to face the wrath of the Establishment since he does not post anonymously.

Who knows what his motivation is. I don't think it appropriate for me to inquire about his wife or children though the 3rd question is fair enough.

Thanks for your thoughts.

anon9878 said...

"I don't think it appropriate for me to inquire about his wife or children"

That is a fair and gentlemanly position, how rare these days!

Still, his obstinancy might be explained by an interracial marriage? Clearly, his arguments are facile, bizarre, and bordering on manic.

Has he not commented publically his wife is a Jewess?

wjg said...

Not that I'm aware of. I'm new to that forum. I've heard that's the case with Jared Taylor which goes a long way to explaining their refusal to take on the JQ at AmRen.

jlh said...


I too followed very carefully the dust-up over at Majority Rights. I checked out Hutchinson's web page which included a Washington Times review of his book. The Times writer noted Hutchinson's "approval of Britain's acquisition and maintenance of a world-spanning empire," adding that "Neoconservatives will happily embrace both his domestic free-market and international imperial sympathies..."

To me this indicates Hutchinson thinks it's possible to combine a one-world economic and cultural imperialist view with a desire to preserve the particularities of certain local cultures, especially if they're British. He's blind to the role that international economics played in suckering America into the two world wars (on behalf of Britain) and is also the major factor in the immigration that's proving to be such a disaster for the West. Another thing that's lost on these English and Australian guys is the horror that any proper white nationalist feels contemplating the cream of two generations of German men destroyed to make the world safe for all this internationalism so beloved by Martin. But then again these types never regretted the destruction of Southern manhood either. As to the JQ, well, there could be some racial issues at play. But it's likely that his general globalist tendencies and grounding in the "polite conservative" world are equal factors and really amount to the same thing. Plus it would be death to his free-lance career. Being coopted by the international imperial and economic nexus would almost be proof that his interests lie in denying that it exists.

wjg said...


Thanks for sharing that. Your conclusions make perfect sense based on what you discovered about MH. As the Bible says, we cannot serve two masters at the same time. If one chooses a career involving establishment politics the White race must be subordinated. I don’t blame MH but it would be nice if he came clean on this conflict of interest. At the present he borders on being a troll in that forum.

The biggest frustration for me regarding the exchange at MR was the way many there treat our survival as a silly parlor game. How many comments were made by contributors about what we need to do and say, and who needs to be purged, to make white racialism appeal to the 'masses'? This seems especially true of the Brits with their damnable 'respectability'. They actually think (or at least say) that they can make themselves presentable to the Establishment. The Establishment has committed (either explicitly or implicitly) to our destruction and we need to go to it? I completely agree with you that the current economic/political empires of the British and US are disastrous for us. Will enough of these Brits wake up to this or stay deluded in Kipling-esque fantasyland?

The more my ideas coalesce the more I see Great Britain as the greatest scourge to the White Race in the 20th Century. The two world wars were complete disasters from the perspective of our people and GB initiated them both. All the while they were aligned with Jewry. I don’t think that ‘alliance’ and the damage to our race was any coincidence. The US has since taken the mantle of the most philo-semitic country but GB will be hard to surpass. If what was good for Jewry was also good for our people, it would be one thing, but they’ve made sure their gain is our loss. A lot of folks at MR (and this is of course symptomatic) will not allow the Chosen People to be challenged in their position of supremacy. I don’t see how we can survive unless that changes.

Our challenges are far greater than just the JQ but it seems wherever we face a hurdle we also face a phalanx of well organized, motivated, and financed Jews. As long as any challenge to this situation continues to face ostracism or worse we are in for a very tough fight.