Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wherever You Turn

Before pitching it in our fireplace, to at least do some good, I made a note of an interesting snippet out of the Wall Street Journal. A realtor from Arkansas forwarded some property listings along with some other material praising that region as a great place to live. The photocopy of the WSJ article (written by Jeff Opdyke) had many nice things to say about the area and then it lowered the boom – THERE IS NOT ENOUGH DIVERSITY IN THE REGION. Translation – “There are too many Whites around. What must be done to solve this problem?” It cited a statistic that ‘only’ 1.9% of the population is non-white. I know things are crazy regarding multiculturalism and the anti-white hatred that masquerades as anti-racism. I further know that the WSJ is pure neocon (Jews who used to be Marxist until the US out-bid Stalin for their support), money-worshipping rag, but what the hell does lack of “diversity” have to do with an article on real estate? For any sane person isn’t the opposite true; that the LESS diverse an area is the better?

Is everything now being done in code? Was the article’s backhand against Whites really the only PC way to get the news across? ‘Wink, wink, “We know we shouldn’t be saying this but there are very few colored peoples in this area but we can only say it by making it sound like a bad thing”, giggle’. Doubtful, since the WSJ wants to demonize whiteness the same way all organized Jewry does. Orthodox/Reformed/Atheist, Left/Right, Republican/Democratic; they all agree on that. They would have only said the lack of ‘diversity’ was a bad thing because they meant it. Still, maybe the Goyim aren’t as dumb as we seem and we are using the Chosen People’s propaganda to stay informed, regardless of their sinister intentions. Again, doubtful. The Goyim have largely been beaten down and only see what they are supposed to see and say what they are supposed to say. We seem to have no fight left. That tidbit was there and its brazen inclusion is evidence of our own humiliation and defeat. We must now avert our gaze and accept our disenfranchisement from that which our forefathers built. “Who’re you looking at BOY?” they ask and we look down.

When the assertion was made that the number of Whites was too high and other, preferred, races too low I don’t recall seeing any argument as to why this is a bad thing. As silly as the justifications always are, at least when they are attempted there is some facade of rationality but we are in the age of fundamentalist anti-white hatred. Statements such as these are now just made like mantras – a Rosary for the slaves of the Master Race as we kiss their ring. Is it really now this Pavlovian - this repetition of platitudes without critical reflection? It amazes me the way the average modern looks down at medieval folks as superstitious when we have it over them in spades (pun intended) in that area. We regularly nod our heads in agreement at the most ludicrous, counter-intuitive and surreal declarations of bogus morality and think we are progressive. Bloodletting was less bad for us than Jewry’s philosophies, and was not built on malice.

If white-hating propaganda now shows up during a search for a home, what’s next – the weather report?


David McCrory said...

Well, it wouldn't surprise me if it showed up in a weather report. It is all over TV commericals, programs, news reports, statistics, and on and on and on.

It is the on PC race which it is cliche to take "pot shots" at. The really sad parts is we "giggle" right along with them, courting them in their dimutive attitude towards ourselves. It's realy pathetic.

Good post.

jlh said...


Nice piece. Whenever some even quasi-traditional culture exists in a more or less intact state, it must be destroyed by the forces of modernity. If costs and taxes are low because the state is dominated by hardy, self-sufficient whites who have managed to resist even a little the ordinary material corruption, well they have a remedy for that. The developers will come in and build communities that tout the natural, unspoiled, scenic beauty of the place. Pro-growth policies will lead to economic expansion of the cities, attracting blacks and Mexicans. Crime will soar, and diversity will be “celebrated.” Politicians will demagogue, raising taxes for social services to ameliorate the problems that come with all the development. National media will decry the unwillingness of the original population to adjust to “progress.” People like Jane Smiley will write articles about how their ancestors were rednecks who hated blacks and women and gays and should be wiped out. Who do these racist bigots think they are, resisting the destruction of their way of life and the influx of foreigners (both domestic and foreign)? Too many whites living by themselves under their own traditions of government and local established customs, why that’s just … dangerous.

wjg said...


"It is all over TV commericals, programs, news reports, statistics, and on and on and on."

So true. Bad had a post on that same thing recently and it's now done so nakedly that it is ham-fisted propaganda; abandoning almost any attempt at subtlety. As the population is dumbed down by 3rd World people and culture, subtlety no longer works.

I'm sure just about all kinists are pretty jaded when it comes to the treatment of our people by the Establishment but every once in a while it strikes me that they are pushing the envelope further. Our enemies follow the very shrewd strategy of keeping us on the defensive. They fear what will happen when they lose the initiative.

I can't laugh at the stuff anymore and don't want to be angry too much so I have to completely turn off the jews-media. Sadly, their message is percolating into everything.

wjg said...


You describe the process well. A lot of suits stand to make a profit by crushing the White folks of our heartland. An unholy alliance of capitalists, jews, and the whores they can buy are arrayed against us. Greed and hate form the foundation of our foes.

I glanced over the piece by Smiley. What a useful idiot of the Establishment. This buffoon thinks exactly what she is supposed to: Democrats good, Republicans bad. A ditto-head in reverse. Since she spits on the graves of her ancestors I hope she enjoys the company of the preferred races that are the backbone of her faux progressivism.

Yep, squalor, indolence, abortion, faggotry, murder, rape and rap are progressive alright. Bring it on and kill all those ignorant crackers in the red states.

How can we lose when we face such idiots? If only they were all that dumb.

jlh said...

I keep going back to the parts in the Bible where Peter and Paul keep telling us that our task is to become more righteous by conforming to the will of God, and let God take care of things His way: God "rescued Lot, an upright man who had been sickened by the debauched way in which these vile people behaved -- for that upright man, living among them, was outraged in his upright soul by the crimes that he saw and heard every day. All this shows that the Lord is well able to rescue the good from their trials, and hold the wicked for their punishment, especially those who follow the desires of their corrupt human nature and have no respect for the Lord' authority." 2 Peter:7-10

wjg said...


I agree that we need to strive to follow God's commandments in action and in spirit. Much else will fall into place if that first is done.