Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Classic White Separatist Apologetic

Being one of those bloggers who posts in spurts, I still enjoy surfing and reading other's thoughts. Some of the gems that I find are buried deep in discussion threads as opposed to being stand-alone posts. One in particular I came across recently I'll past here in full. It is from MajorityRights dot com. If you've never been there and you are interested in the plight of our people, you should. The site itself is a mixed bag as far as whether I believe it is valuable to the survival of the White Race but generally it is excellent. The host goes by the moniker "Guessedworker" and he is very fair minded and thick skinned. He allows many contributors who are not assets to our cause in my view. One is an IQ-fetishist who could care less about the White Race per se, but rather that the human IQ be maximized whether it be through Asians, Jews, or some mix. Another comes very close to Steve Sailer's "Citizenism"; again wanting to maximize the types of people who provide for a productive society irrespective of whether they are White or not. All the rest of the members, those who make the initial postings, are what I would consider White Nationalists of various stripes.

Now the post that follows is from one of the contributors who was responding within someone else's thread titled "Black Aggression". Here is the link:

JW Holliday's retort was to an anti-racist (i.e. an anti-White racist) labelled June Gordon (better named Jewn Gordon) who trolls there on occasion. It is a classic that should be, or at least something very close to it, a part of our apologetic arsenal. Here it is in italics:

If I may paraphrase an argument that Svigor often uses:-

Why do people like “June Gordon”, Tim Wise, the GNXPers, all non-white “Americans”, white liberals, Jews, etc. so very much want to live in the same nation as us “dumber-than-Asians, more-criminal-than-blacks, less-noble-than-Jews, less-hardworking-than-Hispanics, criminal white gentile Americans?”

If all we want is to be separate, then why can’t we have an amicable separation. Each side can have a good-sized, ecologically viable, pleasant and productive territory. We can have - with full freedom of speech and no media monopolization - a honest public discussion of the merits of homogeneity vs. diversity for each population group, and then give members of each group a choice between a homogenous national state, or the multiracial, diverse rump America.

Forget about the details for the moment, let us keep the issue crystal clear. Let us focus on the principle of the matter.

Why must these folks force us to live in the same nation as them? Assuming that everyone has free choice, and everyone has the option of a ecologically sound, pleasant state, then what’s the problem? Do they really love us so much, that they cannot live apart from us? What’s the fascination with living amongst us stupid, violent white gentile, racist Americans? You’d think that given how much blacks complain about white racism, that they’d be begging us to leave them be. Yet, it’s the other way around, white flight tries to flee from “people of color”, and the “people of color” keep on following the whites. No matter how much whites want to be separate (in practice, if not overtly), they are forced to be integrated.

Isn’t it pathological to want to live amongst people who you believe hate you and wish to do you harm? A large fraction of blacks think that whites intentionally infect their community with diseases, flood their community with drugs, discriminate against them, flooded the levees in New Orleans, etc. If that is the case, and whites are so viciously racist, then, why don’t blacks and others demand to be as far away from us as possible?

After all, if blacks really are as capable as whites, and if the only thing holding them back is white racism and the legacy of that racism in history, then, by golly, all they need to do is be separate from whites and they’ll build their all-black community into a “shining city on a hill.”

Why don’t racial liberals wish to help blacks be free of the racist white parasites tormenting these intelligent, peaceful, and noble men and women of color?

The rallying cry of the racial liberal should be: “freedom and self-determination for people of color! Get as far away from the racist white devil as possible.”

Or do they believe that without a white majority, any rump America would become Detroit or New Orleans?

And they believe that, given all the facts, and given free choice, the “white devils” will run away from the people they are allegedly tormenting as quickly as possible?
Posted by JW Holliday on Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 12:15 AM | #

Since most White Nationalists are better described as separatists than supremacists (the distinction of which is worthy of its own post) JW's logic pins our enemies completely. They have no retort other than their typical obfuscation or straw-man arguments. Why are we constantly being called evil and deemed worthy of genocide by our jewish dominated establishment when we are simply trying to live in peace in our own lands? Simply because the elite have deemed it necessary for progress (Liberals), profits (the rich gentiles), and supposed peace (Jewry). They all agree on the end state though their motivations vary between idealism, greed, and malice.

When the majority of Whites finally see and agree that we have a right to be LEFT ALONE if we chose, the current stagnant political situation could change and fast.

Let us hope and work in whatever ways we can to bring that about. Bravo JW.