Friday, November 10, 2006


A media outlet superficially outside the Jewish filter is itself a tool for that monstrosity. An example is a headline I just saw on Yahoo News coming from AP where White LA cops are roughing up a Spic ( The video comes from You-Tube but since it serves our Masters' ham-handed anti-white propaganda it is now to be distributed thru Jew-Tube: AP and Yahoo today, tomorrow the world. So, even if there are a million things coming thru You-Tube that are favorable to a White racialist viewpoint that reach a few thousand real humans the one anti-white exception (at least that is how it will be spun) is all that will be worthy of distribution to the millions of voting bipeds that prove what a farce democracy is.

There is a second story here as well and it is the content of the story. Looking at it straight on it contains all the expected components: ACLU analysis, reflections on Rodney King, lamentations by the Police Chief, a Spic activist, yada yada. That is the hackneyed pabulum any free White Man should expect. But here’s my take. In a way I hope Whites are purged and/or quit from urban police forces so that the law of the jungle returns to the barrio and the ghetto. Let the mestizos and blacks kill each other in their 3rd World hellholes but when they come into our territory we need to learn some lessons from our ancestors and thrash them. We can do it with our police (unlikely since they are under Hymie’s thumb) or with our own private militias (eventually needed if we will survive) or as individuals (the most doable but ultimately untenable).

Jews have a bit of a dilemma with a story like this. Do they push it and possibly destroy the order the cops impose which then exposes their pets more as they really are to the lemmings or do they back off and lose another chance to prove what nasty racists Whites are? They’ll try to get both of course. Keep Whitey in the police to make sure the forces stay effective but tie their hands sufficiently so that more White Cops die while at the same time more brown thugs are kept free to perform their duties. Under this scenario the cops will both keep sufficient order in the ghetto so that the tan-man can continue to breed and expand and still be there to be used as propaganda fodder when the need arises.

Jewry is learning to better take advantage of the internet. More and more it will serve to generate the content for its “news”. That frees up more members of the Master Race to use their enormous creativity on how best to market all this material to its drooling customers.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Yeeehaaa! It’s time for the roundup. Time for good little crackers everywhere to keep propping up the legitimacy of the U.S. Government by voting for Republicrat or Demican, Conservaral or Libetive, Tomatoes or Tomaytoes, Mickey or Donald. The variations are endless and you can look forward to an “I Voted” sticker with stars and stripes when you’re done. Two years ago I went into my chute like a good little deracinated, judeo-xtian lemming of the ‘conservative’ flavor and pulled the lever for one of the good guys. They were the good guys weren’t they? The Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Human Events, World Net Daily, Pat Robertson, D. James Kennedy, Jerry Fallwell, James Dobson, World Magazine, the National Taxpayers Union, the Heritage Foundation, the Free Congress Foundation, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Gordon Liddy, and Michael Savage all said so. The Clinton era was then four years past and we were kicking those nasty terrorist Muslim’s butts. We were going to return to an era of balanced budgets and low taxes, small government, constitutional law, border control, and all kinds of other wonderful things. Republicans would be in the White House, Senate, and House for several more years. Let the good times roll.

This was of course a complete sham. It was in the election of 2004 just like it was in 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984, 1980, …, all the way back to 1932 at least. Granted every year that passes takes us into an ever more overt anti-white situation but it was known by the forward thinking and courageous patriots of our people for a long time. I finally woke up right after the charade of 2004. It has taken the almost complete ethnic cleansing of Whites in my home area over the last 20 years for me to ask “why did this happen?” and then “why did no one stop it?” to “why is this not even mentioned as anything other than inevitable and/or good?” If you ever search for these answers (most never do) you will end in a similar spot to where I am now.

Many more of our people need to wake up during this year’s farce. Not wake up in the sense of going over to the jackasses unless, that is, you want to speed up the collapse. That is a thought to consider…

The slow suicide of the White Race that has happened by supporting what is now called conservatism is our worst option. This is true even of the handful of Buchananite conservatives like Tom Tancredo since they will no more stand up for us than Whore-hay Boosh himself. They all bow down to our masters and the religion they have forced on us. Constitutionalism is now worse than out-of-control fag-worshipping liberalism because with the latter we know our enemies rule wheras with the former a treacherous friend gives us a false sense of security. If the Constitution were now used as toilet paper it would have more value than the current cover it gives for the regime (and I’m not referring to the Crawford castrato) that rules. A new pro-White party is needed that names our enemy – Jewry and its Goy collaborators – and acts for us.

Short of that, stay home next Tuesday and watch the roundup with the eyes of a real and free man for a change. It may be the best vote you ever cast.