Friday, June 15, 2007

The Republican Party

It took me a long time to wake up to the healthy, adult world of racial realism. Having grown up in a culture and family which inculcated almost no loyalty whatsoever to my race it should come as little surprise that I was functionally aracial as late as three years ago. I mean no disrespect to my family as they are “normal” in this regard. Ordinary white folk just don’t care about their race. I mean who wants to be a racist or a hater. That’s for Nazis and Klansmen but not for decent, patriotic, American Whites. Liberal, Conservative, Christian, and Atheist all agree on that. Such is the matrix we find ourselves in.

In spite of this being the publicly acceptable/demanded view by Whites on race for at least the last 40 years there was always simmering just beneath that surface the instinctive, yet mostly personalized, racism that can be kept from Whites no more than the sun from the afternoon sky. If the bizarre world of anti-racism (code word for anti-White racism) were given no outlet it would have soon imploded into either an outright revolt against the system that institutionalized it or a much more Bolshevistic crackdown on dissent: stripping away all pretenses of freedom of speech.

But there was an outlet - American Conservatism – and its physical manifestation came in the form of the Republican Party. In decreasing fashion during the White Man’s craven and idiotic slide towards extinction the Republican Party has supposedly stood for us. It now overtly disowns us with impunity and is plain to see to all who are not blind. George Bush champions amnesty (i.e. wholesale Euro-Am disenfranchisement) and demonizes its opponents; Carl Rove addresses La Raza and excommunicates the immigration restrictionist wing from the GOP communion table. The post-civil rights era Republicans have, until now, obliquely hinted that they would represent White interests. Now they explicitly disown us. What do we do?

I have long held the Democratic Party in contempt but my feelings against the Republican Party are now far stronger. The Democrats haven’t – since they abandoned Whites in the 60s and 70s – even tried to conceal their being the Party of the non-white and the degenerate. They are an enemy to healthy White life for sure. A false friend (euphemism for traitor) is a much more repugnant being. Alright, it’s silly of me to personalize political parties. They are functioning within our political reality rather than making it. Still, the leaders in it are accountable as traitors to our race. Dogs like Nixon and “heroes” like Reagan both were complicit. Though their bodies are spared just punishment, their legacies should not be.

JW Holliday posted at Majority Rights what we need to hope for and work for: the demise of the Republican Party, if not in actuality, then at least as any sort of false advocate for White interests. Read his post and comments as Jean Depression.

We are in a struggle for life and death. Europeans worldwide, are under attack physically, mentally, and spiritually by a foe with merciless (though dissimulated) intentions. Obfuscation as to our predicament and bogus solutions to its cure are not luxuries we can further entertain. Proponents of them are either dull/deluded or treacherous. The Republican Party is based by the former and led by the latter. Its demise is our gain.

As JW says, we should push for divisiveness and provocation since it will possibly stimulate a predictable overreaction by both Jewry and their tools. This, in turn, will wake up more Whites to what is happening and we will have one less false friend to betray us. We need to rally around our blood. The patriotards can be left with their ever shrinking and delusional rainbow coalitions.