Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Vainglory of Self Defense

Recently it has been suggested by a certain Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that kinism is a sin because it is characterized by “malice and vainglory”. Nowhere in the attack by this minister is there an acknowledgement that defense of one’s people has any legitimacy. If every people group in the U.S. were held to this same standard then they (the anti-racists) would only be neo-Babelists. That’s bad enough since it destroys diversity and healthy skepticism and replaces it with universalism and utopianism – it supplants the American Revolution with the French. As it is, since the standard is only applied to Whites in the U.S. and worldwide, they are hypocrites, race traitors, and advocates of genocide.

Was it vainglorious of the American Indians to try and defend themselves from the invasion of their lands by Europeans?

Was it vainglorious of the U.S. to invade Germany in two world wars when they had never invaded us?

Was it vainglorious of the U.S. to build a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons as a deterrent against possible Soviet aggression?

This minister would probably say no on all counts. Apparently unilateral disarmament is a leftist/pinko thing when we are fighting Soviet imperialism but is a virtue when our people’s survival is concerned. It’s not vainglorious to attack and commit mass murder, only to defend your people (and only if they are White) from annihilation.

Some might ask why are these kinists so nasty by posting stuff about murder and mayhem committed by foreign peoples? The answer is simple. It answers the question of “why” to the masses indoctrinated into the religion of political correctness. Why should we (the average white person) care about defending the White race? Are we really different or is it only skin color? Etc. As undiplomatic and uncharitable as these posts may seem they are a necessary antidote to the completely contrary flow of information by our culture which demonizes Whites. 24/7 the average White who uncritically consumes the mainstream media sees that his people are uniquely vile and worthy of destruction. Does this Minister of the Gospel fight this? Of course not. Any “relevant” Minister of the Gospel has got to agree that the White Race is expendable. To say anything to the contrary would cause the minister to face the PC Inquisition and be denounced as a racist. The PC Inquisition is the authority any respectable Minister of the Gospel really fears. Any respectable Minister of the Gospel must refute his PC heresies pronto since his image might be negatively impacted and the seekers might look elsewhere.

If vainglory and malice are evident isn’t it in the advocates of amalgamation and genocide instead of in its opponents?


Mark Ivey said...

You nailed it man. When it's the abstract, supposedly ideologically-based nation state, survival is imperative. When it's the ethnic-racial survival is "vainglorious." Funny thing is, the Bible defines nations as ethnic-racial entities. It knows nothing of the "proposition nation" of Lincoln.

But aren't politics an artificial barrier to this project of "Christian unification." Why id Wilson not calling for the end of nationhood as he is with race. Why have we never heard him speak on teh evils of nefro identity and ethnic cohesion and exclusivity?

wjg said...

Thanks Mark, you're exactly right. The guy's a hypocrite. He can pick on Whitey because it's PC to pick on Whitey. That he's White and his own posterity is placed at risk by his own hypocrisy is lost on him. Isn't it ironic that kinists are the only ones making an effort to save the children of White anti-racists? Nationhood is either founded on blood or words. The U.S. started as the former and now are the latter - thanks to Lincoln and his heirs. With a propositional nation there can be no heresy - ideology is EVERYTHING. This is lost on the "respectable conservatives" like Wilson. The Inquisition will not end until we are a real nation again.

The White Race is unique and special as are all the races. Since I am White I prefer my own. I would rather be a heretic against the Wilsonian/Trotskyite "gospel" than shun my ancestors and abandon my children. Wilson cannot abide that some people actually enjoy the diversity of mankind and actually want to keep it diverse.

Fr. John said...

Bravo. You clearly identify the error of Wilson and the other neo-Christians who will not acknowledge that perhaps God's blessings on Whites were given, umm, perhaps, because they applied Hebrew racial and moral norms (Found in the OT) to their culture, and benefitted thereby, but now are 'whoring after strange flesh' and 'reaping the whirlwind.'

wjg said...


The last few generations of White Christians have squandered scores of generations of blessings from our ancestors. Of course the more things fail (and they are failing at ever increasing rates) the more Whites will be expected to remedy them. New Orleans is the latest in this repetitive shell game; the Great Society in a nut shell. We keep playing it and are amazed the results are always the same. We have listened to Counselors with "honey on their forked tongues" and are reaping and will continue to reap the tares of this harvest.

whs said...

It seems interesting that the most successful group of agrarian non- participants in the american dream/ pyramid scheme, the Amish, are singularly without any racial bias complaints for or against simply because theirs is a faith-based system of inclusion. Since they accept no converts, if one is not born into an Amish family, one has no chance to enter the faith, and hence the community. I have to wonder, though, whether they are not burdened with complaints about their non-inclusiveness because of respect for their traditions, a lack of any ears within the community that would even hear of it, or the fact that there is no long line (or a short one, for that matter) waiting to join up.
If these were the southern baptists they would have long ago been labeled slavers and plantation owners and been reviled and bedeviled to the point where they might all have gone to Canada to resettle by now. Of course the austerity of the lifestyle mitigates against such a thing.
The relative ease of attainment and perceived value of a thing dictates the desire for it, and if one has something of value that another has not, the have-not starts looking for reasons why...