Monday, October 20, 2008

Here We Go Again

There are many white nationalist bloggers who are chiming in on the upcoming US presidential election in a way I can only scratch my head about. A certain number of these bloggers are taking a seat at the table of the shell game called The Lesser of Two Evils AGAIN. It’s not surprising that self-styled conservatives keep falling for that line but nationalists? Say it ain’t so!

Throughout history our people have acknowledged two distinct types of enemies who are the worst; the ones who receive the most contempt and the severest of punishment. These are the traitor and the spy. The more conventional enemy is the barbarian – the outsider. A folk are never truly defeated by the outsider but by those who destroy from within.

In the upcoming soviet-style one party election charade there is an outsider pitted against a traitor. Who should we white folk loath and hate? Who should we lift up in mockery and instill with fear? It should be as clear as the afternoon sun. Instead many nationalists are rallying to this creature; the traitor. Many argue the outsider might enact policies in further detriment to the beleaguered white folk of the USA in excess of the traitor. I am not convinced of this for starters but even assuming this, my follow up is “so what?” Let the outsider bring our weak and craven people more strong medicine showing how the real world works. Granted this will not wake most of our people up. Most will never awaken of their own free will; they will be led either by a deceitful enemy who desires their corruption and destruction or by a new holistic elite who want and need them as the head needs the body.

My speculation is that though most will stay in their blissful ignorance and depravity some more will awaken and – most importantly – more of these potential members of a new white cadre will emerge than if the traitor ascends. With the traitor a little less pain may be felt now - but given his repulsive, self-righteous war-mongering even that isn’t certain – but no needed reform will occur since “we” will be in power, at least if the last 40 years of “conservative” pseudo pro-whiteism is any indication. The traitor will do his master’s bidding like a good little lap dog, still be eviscerated by the master’s yappy entourage (aka the “mainstream” media), elicit sympathy from decent white folk, who in turn are repaid by the traitor with even more treachery.

Why shouldn’t we be repaid that way? We have earned no respect. As a joke most acknowledge politicians in our system are whores but in reality expect them to work for our interests. They serve their pimp and only him. We as the John are left physically and spiritually diseased and poorer all at the same time. The few exceptions are ignored or destroyed and even they must play by “the rules”. To earn respect we must start withholding support from all except friends and pay traitors in ways tradition has deemed fitting.

The outsider is a symptom. He can and will be defeated in due course IF we first defeat the traitor and the spy. The spy is not a perfect metaphor here in that at first glance the spy appears more like a traitor. It claims to be us when it serves its purposes and shuns us otherwise. He is the enemy though he does not declare his intentions and does not usually wear his “uniform”. Our traitors serve this spy. Until they pay a price for this collaboration we will get more of the same supposedly insane (they are very sane once one understands the real situation) policies.

If one is to go into the chute at all and give any respectability to the fraud destroying us there are alternatives to the traitor and the outsider. The traitor isn’t the lesser of two evils but the greater.

If even the discipline of withholding our support from the traitor is asking too much from many white nationalists then we are even worse off than I thought – which is bad enough.