Friday, November 10, 2006


A media outlet superficially outside the Jewish filter is itself a tool for that monstrosity. An example is a headline I just saw on Yahoo News coming from AP where White LA cops are roughing up a Spic ( The video comes from You-Tube but since it serves our Masters' ham-handed anti-white propaganda it is now to be distributed thru Jew-Tube: AP and Yahoo today, tomorrow the world. So, even if there are a million things coming thru You-Tube that are favorable to a White racialist viewpoint that reach a few thousand real humans the one anti-white exception (at least that is how it will be spun) is all that will be worthy of distribution to the millions of voting bipeds that prove what a farce democracy is.

There is a second story here as well and it is the content of the story. Looking at it straight on it contains all the expected components: ACLU analysis, reflections on Rodney King, lamentations by the Police Chief, a Spic activist, yada yada. That is the hackneyed pabulum any free White Man should expect. But here’s my take. In a way I hope Whites are purged and/or quit from urban police forces so that the law of the jungle returns to the barrio and the ghetto. Let the mestizos and blacks kill each other in their 3rd World hellholes but when they come into our territory we need to learn some lessons from our ancestors and thrash them. We can do it with our police (unlikely since they are under Hymie’s thumb) or with our own private militias (eventually needed if we will survive) or as individuals (the most doable but ultimately untenable).

Jews have a bit of a dilemma with a story like this. Do they push it and possibly destroy the order the cops impose which then exposes their pets more as they really are to the lemmings or do they back off and lose another chance to prove what nasty racists Whites are? They’ll try to get both of course. Keep Whitey in the police to make sure the forces stay effective but tie their hands sufficiently so that more White Cops die while at the same time more brown thugs are kept free to perform their duties. Under this scenario the cops will both keep sufficient order in the ghetto so that the tan-man can continue to breed and expand and still be there to be used as propaganda fodder when the need arises.

Jewry is learning to better take advantage of the internet. More and more it will serve to generate the content for its “news”. That frees up more members of the Master Race to use their enormous creativity on how best to market all this material to its drooling customers.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Yeeehaaa! It’s time for the roundup. Time for good little crackers everywhere to keep propping up the legitimacy of the U.S. Government by voting for Republicrat or Demican, Conservaral or Libetive, Tomatoes or Tomaytoes, Mickey or Donald. The variations are endless and you can look forward to an “I Voted” sticker with stars and stripes when you’re done. Two years ago I went into my chute like a good little deracinated, judeo-xtian lemming of the ‘conservative’ flavor and pulled the lever for one of the good guys. They were the good guys weren’t they? The Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Human Events, World Net Daily, Pat Robertson, D. James Kennedy, Jerry Fallwell, James Dobson, World Magazine, the National Taxpayers Union, the Heritage Foundation, the Free Congress Foundation, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Gordon Liddy, and Michael Savage all said so. The Clinton era was then four years past and we were kicking those nasty terrorist Muslim’s butts. We were going to return to an era of balanced budgets and low taxes, small government, constitutional law, border control, and all kinds of other wonderful things. Republicans would be in the White House, Senate, and House for several more years. Let the good times roll.

This was of course a complete sham. It was in the election of 2004 just like it was in 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984, 1980, …, all the way back to 1932 at least. Granted every year that passes takes us into an ever more overt anti-white situation but it was known by the forward thinking and courageous patriots of our people for a long time. I finally woke up right after the charade of 2004. It has taken the almost complete ethnic cleansing of Whites in my home area over the last 20 years for me to ask “why did this happen?” and then “why did no one stop it?” to “why is this not even mentioned as anything other than inevitable and/or good?” If you ever search for these answers (most never do) you will end in a similar spot to where I am now.

Many more of our people need to wake up during this year’s farce. Not wake up in the sense of going over to the jackasses unless, that is, you want to speed up the collapse. That is a thought to consider…

The slow suicide of the White Race that has happened by supporting what is now called conservatism is our worst option. This is true even of the handful of Buchananite conservatives like Tom Tancredo since they will no more stand up for us than Whore-hay Boosh himself. They all bow down to our masters and the religion they have forced on us. Constitutionalism is now worse than out-of-control fag-worshipping liberalism because with the latter we know our enemies rule wheras with the former a treacherous friend gives us a false sense of security. If the Constitution were now used as toilet paper it would have more value than the current cover it gives for the regime (and I’m not referring to the Crawford castrato) that rules. A new pro-White party is needed that names our enemy – Jewry and its Goy collaborators – and acts for us.

Short of that, stay home next Tuesday and watch the roundup with the eyes of a real and free man for a change. It may be the best vote you ever cast.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Paleo-Conservatism Bares Its Fangs

It’s time to party, or so I’m told. Randy Graf recently won the Republican nomination for a congressional seat from Arizona. He is one of “us”, one of the good guys, not a nasty liberal or one of those open borders, establishment Republicans. He is Team America’s boy. Bay Buchanan (Team America’s main cheerleader) has been singing his praises. The immigration reformer, Tom Tancredo loves him. Graf now has a chance to show just how much he will pull for “us” and he did. See here:

Don’t it bring tears to your eyes? Don’t you just want to go out and sing the Star-Spangled Banner and salute Old Glory since our reversals are coming to an end? Graf ain’t some “crazy racist”. What a relief. You see, paleo-conservatives – these supposed bastions of all that remains good in America – know what they are supposed to and that is “us” aren’t White Folks. Where would we be without them?

For those White racialists who believe that Team America and the Minutemen might speak for you, think again. We are “crazies” according to paleo-conservatism. Makes you tingly all over don’t it? We, who don’t want to go the way of the Dodo – and who truly are “paleo”; thinking as our fore-fathers did. We knew that the Liberals hated us and the Country Club Republicans hated us. Now these fire-breathing old-school “conservatives” prove themselves no different. What truly are these jokers trying to conserve? What is their mission? Their vision?

We (I know many racialists who did, including obviously Duke) gave these people material and spiritual support and in return get calumny and treachery. No longer can they be treacherous since their strategy is now exposed. Next time we have only ourselves to blame.

All this should be no surprise. Sheeny says “grovel” and Cracker says “right foot or left”. We deserve no respect from our enemies because we have earned none. This fraudulent and pathetic political movement had already revealed its intentions when the American Conservative editorialized that White Nationalists have no place in the immigration reform movement. They didn’t enlighten us as to where we do have a “place”. Answer: nowhere. If P-C is the best we’ve got we’d better hang it up. Paleo-con racialists - where to now?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So this is Caucasian?

A nice resource to use to help keep your family safe is a sex-offender registry. There are quite a few web sites to choose from. I checked into my area and it is loaded with offenders, partly because there are quite a few people in the outskirts of imperial headquarters. The other part is – how shall I say this so as not to offend all my sensitive readers? - all the wonderful pieces (especially the ones “of color”) making up the patchwork quilt that is modern America. One of these sites (familywatchdog) displays a map with color coded dots of all the offenders. In particular I look for child molesters and repeat offenders. When you click on an individual link you get a picture of the offender and a description of them. I looked at all the child molesters on the screen which covered a good part of my region. It was funny to see every White person correctly described as Caucasian, and also Arabs, Mestizos, Africans, and Asians described as Caucasian. There were also several non-Whites described as “unknown” when Helen Keller could have figured out what they were.

Look in particular at:

These “Caucasians”…







and these “unknowns”…





There were 37 total child offenders with home links that were visible on the query I ran and the 10 misleading pictures above were among these so I didn’t cherry pick these results. So roughly one third of these are distorting; either they are mislabeled or labeled as unknown when it is obvious. The other 27 results were either blacks or whites though many of those whites were swarthy Sicilian types. Funny that none of the real Whites were mislabeled or unknown. When it comes to white wrong-doing it ain’t ever misidentified. Everyone with half a brain knows there are the following broad groups in the US:

African-Americans (including Africans)
American Indians
East Asians (Chinese, Koreans, Japs, etc.)
Subcons (Asian Indians & Pakis)
Arabs (including Persians)

These are the groups that are clearly contending with each other for survival. Jews, chameleon-like, define themselves however best serves their purposes. Generally they would pass as either White or Arab. There are others but they are insignificant. There is also quite a lot of intra-group fighting, esp. among East Asians and Whites. As we all know Whites are the un-group/the nowhere men; the group that can be punched but can’t defend itself by all the acceptable “rules”. B is White? If the cops beat him up he would be the new Rodney King.

Would any of the “Caucasians” above be considered the nasty white devils that Jewry caricatures as White? Of course not. In that case Whites are Nordic, blond, and blue-eyed. Would any of them be defenders of white society and work to preserve our culture and race? Hell no, because they aren’t us. They know that and we know that, so why can’t the FBI or whoever classified these people see that. Because it ain’t kosher by gosh. When it comes to crime data, anything that inflates the negative view of whites as serial killers and pedophiles is fair.

The demographic data in the US is riddled with distortion. I’ve seen the “official” reports on the race data in my area and it is a complete joke. Not only are we way over-counted in population figures, we are also over-counted (using this very unscientific sample) in crime stats. In spite of this racial crime data shows how less prone to crime “whites” are. It’s already known that Mestizos are more criminal than Whites but how about they get to take all their refuse and leave us only with our own criminals. It’s generally known that Asians are less criminal than “whites” but putting people like J in unknown skews their figures.

It’s getting late and there is diversity to celebrate. What am I waiting for?

Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson meet Marlon Brando

I happened to get a copy of the Washington Compost yesterday and scanned thru it to see if there was anything worth reading an voila; there was a short story about Mel Gibson getting arrested for drunk driving and having a tirade against Jewry. Granted he was intoxicated and his guard was let down but it was refreshing to see a public figure allow some air into the stagnant public forum. Of course the Compost is run by Jews for Jews so it attacked his anti-semitism and pounded its chest in vindication for its doubted characterization of him in the buildup to the release of The Passion. The Compost even reminded its lobotomizsed Goy readership and its Chosenites how Gibson did not prostrate himself before the Holocaust but instead only said that Jewry was one group among many that suffered in WWII. Gouge out his eyes and cut out his tongue, the uppity dog!

The sad, though expected thing, is that the story didn’t end with Gibson’s defiance of Jewry but his prostration to it, “deeply regretting” his remarks and attributing his tirade to his struggle with alcohol. It’s hard to blame him for not really being a William Wallace in our time. Even the real William Wallace doesn’t compare to the fake one. The same thing happened to Marlon Brando a few years ago. He went so far to grovel and cry at the feet of the blessed and perfect Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League – begging for forgiveness and redemption from an anointed one. Gibson has not done that yet (it’s still too early) but expect Jewry to demand it.

Public figures in the last 100 years who have defied the Master Race have not fared well. Jewry knows how to make an example of uppity Whites, either individuals (Charles Linbergh, Henry Ford, etc.) or nations (Russia and Germany). I see no way in the next few generations Whites will cast off this parasite from our presence. I have spoken to enough “average” Americans (inside my family and out) who will hear of many things but not an attack on the Chosen Ones. Not that I expect average folks to do anything contrary to that which they have been conditioned to believe; it is for them too deep, too emotional, too dear. They are, in some sort of strange reverse projection “Jews” even as real Jews despise them. Judeoxtian-holocaustianity is at their core now. Mention Jewry as our enemy and the fists fly up in defense – “But not ALL Jews are against us. It is not right to generalize”. When I reply that they have attacked us AS A GROUP and we must respond in kind all I hear is, “it is not right to stereotype.”

This is another effect of judeoxtianity – niceness. Jews never fail to remind us how Christ turned the other cheek so good little xtians must do likewise “to make certain that their chaste minds are insulated against a wicked temptation not to love their enemies”- to quote Revilo Pendleton Oliver on a similar subject. Hollywood, the MSM, and Academia have demonized Whites AS A GROUP my whole life yet we are expected to defy them person by person. Jewry IS collectively guilty of crimes against the White Race in our own homelands for centuries but especially in the last 100 years. Why? Because every substantial political movement disproportionately influenced by or run by Jews has acted against us. I didn’t finally wake up to this fact until just recently.

Another thing I have heard by the conditioned masses is “but you don’t deny The Holocaust (TM), do you?” I now reply truthfully that I don’t know. This is usually met with dismay. I explain that I have become very skeptical of the claims of Jewry, and that since this is now considered the greatest heresy in any public discussion (to the point of imprisonment) it raises red flags in my mind as to its truthfulness. Why ban evaluation of this subject unless the assertions are dubious? What about freedom of speech that Jews claim to love so much? When I follow up with a question of why did the Germans perpetrate “the holocaust” more dismay follows. “Of course it’s because Hitler wanted a scapegoat. Jews did nothing wrong.” Lastly I ask why is the persecution of European Jewry at the center of our consciousness instead of the holocaust (not trademarked) of White Christian Ukrainians by Jewish Bolshevism? Most of the folks I talk to don’t say “tell me more”, they say – in effect – “shut up”. As long as it took me to see the light on this issue I think I would have been very open to hearing “me” several years ago. But most are not.

We have an alien race, an alien religion, and an alien consciousness grafted into our psyche’s all to serve the alien’s malignant purposes; notably their ascension and our destruction. Rather than confront this life and death struggle head on our more intelligent people are directed to think harmless, even counterproductive, nonsense like the gummint blew up the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, Islam is “our” greatest enemy, Israel is a wondrous friend, and modern America is worth defending. The length of “acceptable” subjects for our people to devote their political energies on is only exceeded by their meaninglessness. Likewise the few meaningful ones are spoken about even less than the emperor having no clothes.

I hope Gibson defies our masters but I don’t blame him for not doing so; he has a family to support. But I pray he doesn’t grovel either, even as many of the judeoxtians who flocked to The Passion turn on him. Betrayal by friends and family has got to be the worst thing a man can face and that would be Gibson’s fate. If he proves not to be a martyr I have no complaint. I already know I am not.

P.S. Seeing the cover of the JewSA Today this morning is a fitting exclamation point. Right under the perfunctory attack headline on Gibson, directing the lemmings back to the Lifestyle section to get taught what happens to bad anti-semites, was a picture of several Lebanese children dead from an Israeli bomb. I doubt that was an attempt at irony.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Circle the wagons or roll out the red carpet?

As White Nationalists scattered around the world we are bound very loosely by blood and by a desire to save our people. We are not yet a power that our enemy has to take seriously since our numbers are few and we have little power or influence. Still, the enemy occasionally bites us, whether as a test or as a sincere effort to hurt us is unclear. At those times our unity, or lack thereof, is displayed.

Recently I came across a tidbit buried in a discussion thread at Majority Rights that brought this home. Someone posted, within the thread, an article about how White “Supremacist” groups (90% of the time the label is a lie; Separatist being much more accurate) were being infiltrated and undermined. The only thing referenced was the arrest of Shaun Walker and a compatriot of his/ours affiliated with National Alliance. Shaun Walker was the Chairman of that group until then and his offense was supposedly beating up one of the Chosenites’ pets. It is much more probable that this was a bar fight that happened spontaneously (as has been claimed) but when you are White and you have a run in with a person of color and especially if you are an avowed white separatist you are guilty. The Establishment (Jew) article sang the praises of this arrest since it will help root out the “hate” (uppity Whites defying our own genocide) in this pristine land of virtue and culture – the United States. That the article was full of jew-propaganda masquerading as unbiased news is no surprise.

What shocked me is that this happened June 12th and it was the first time I had heard of it. Furthermore, the tea-sipping advocate of “respectable” white nationalism who runs Majority Rights (Guessedworker), and has allowed it to be hijacked by an anti-white troll, was GLAD the arrest happened. Not glad because he expected the arrest to awaken and motivate our movement but glad because National Alliance was not as respectable as he was. NOW, he thinks the common man will flock to our cause because this blemish is removed. The flaming dimwit, who “for all his subtleties, has not wisdom”. Why will the inert “common man” come to a group that will not look after its own? The common man is smarter than that. At this point I doubt I would exert one calorie defending Guessedworker when the commissars come to take him away. Others should consider likewise since he not only would not defend us but PRAISE our incarceration.

Now I don’t visit many sites in an average day but many are pro-white and I had not heard of this news. News like that should spread like wildfire amongst all pro-white forums regardless of whether they agree with all National Alliance’s views. When one of us is attacked by our enemy we should consider it an attack on all of us.

If and until the White Nationalist movement becomes a community we will continue to invite the very abuse our enemy heaps upon us. When they come to haul one of our brothers away they should leave having paid a price for even considering it. As it is they leave with tea and crumpet stains on their shirts and the blessings of “decent” white nationalist ringing in their ears for a job well done.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Unavoidability of the Jewish Question

The following is a series of posts made by Wintermute at The Civic Platform. The comments came in response to a post there by Daedalus who asked if the Jewish Question is really something upon which White Nationalists should spend so much energy. Daedalus’ post was very sensible and the question is worth asking by newbies to WN. Wintermute’s answer is so well done it deserves to be seen by that handful of intrepid souls who wander to this small corner of the fever swamps but missed it there.

Here is a little background for those who may be otherwise unaware. American Renaissance is an organization run by Jared Taylor and it focuses on race realism. It covers subjects resulting from race differences such as crime rates, intelligence, and culture. The focus of AmRen is the negative consequences other races have on the White Race. It does a good job as far as it goes. Until a few months ago AmRen had a fair amount of debate about the causes of the on-going fall of our people. This often turned to the Jewish Question and there are advocates of at least three main views on this:

1) Jews must be courted and are only our enemies in the same fashion as white liberals and that anti-semites need to be purged from White Nationalist groups because Jews are white (this view is characterized by the blogger Lawrence Auster - View from the Right)

2) Jews overwhelmingly have been, still are, and always will work against Whites in very destructive ways and that they have no place in any white nation much less any WN organization and that they are NOT white (characterized by the late William Pierce - founder of National Alliance)

3) Jews have largely worked against us but since they control most institutions of power we must try to avoid giving offense.

Jared Taylor used to allow this debate but he had some sort of epiphany and has opted to shut down this subject altogether so he is now an example of the third variety. There is a fourth view and it is what I call Jew worship but since these people are never White Nationalists it is purely relegated to trolls allowed into WN forums. For now AmRen can still display all the destruction the white world is facing but cannot talk about possibly the most compelling cause - Jewry. It’s like seeing the Wizard of Oz but never being able to look behind the curtain.

Here’s Wintermute:

• I agree that this is the most vexed question facing racialism at the current moment.

However, I must disagree with Daedalus when he writes, “No one will ever care about the JQ until they are convinced that white racial preservation, or ”racism,” as it is pathologized today, is a moral duty that we owe to future generations of our own people.”

“No one” is not quite accurate. I was turned, virtually overnight, from what I call a “Benetton Libertarian” to what is now deemed a “racialist” of an almost obsessive cast, by a reading of Kevin MacDonald’s book. It was obvious to me, almost instantly, that the model MacDonald presented not only accounted for observed phenomena in a more parsimonious way than current theories of the architecture of political power, but that it could be used to make very accurate predictions as well.

I will be honest, Daedalus, I cannot tell whether you are anti-Judaic (a term to be preferred to the now loaded and unusable anti-Semitic) in private, admitting to a genteel Jared Taylor racialism, or whether you are genuinely unaware of the depths of the Jewish Question. It’s not like you would be alone, even among the greatest men of our race. It is very plain in retrospect that, though he suspected the degree to which Jews direct Western life, inner and outer, that Hitler himself could not bring himself to believe the depth of the problem. So you’re cagey and keeping your options open. That’s good. I respect that, though as I have said, I disagree.

Taylor has now sold himself and his organization lock, stock, and barrel to the Jews. They will slowly arrive in small numbers, accumulate slowly (not all will admit to Jewish ancestry or loyalty), provide AmRen with access to media and respectability. Jared Taylor will be the first White Nationalist who will appear in a major Northeastern Newspaper without the epithet “far right extremist” or “neo-Nazi” listed as his official title.

Now, I have my sources concerning Mr. Taylor. I happen to know that his view of the Jewish Question, is, if anything, more alarmist and hysterical than my own. The less said about his devotion to the Third Reich, the better, though I will say he owns more paraphernalia of that regime than I do (full disclosure: I own none). Mr. Taylor, who has built the most respectable WN organization in the United States, has effectively outlawed discussion of the Jewish question, which he has already disavowed on the Donahue show and various radio programs. It’s not hard to follow his logic, since it follows yours: given that Jews are so powerful, there is simply no way to even challenge them openly and prevail.

So far as it goes, that’s not an unfair statement to make. It may yet prove to be impossible, or it may not. My take is: it hasn’t been tried yet.


As the years pass, and AmRen fills with Jews like Polichinello, Michael Weiner, and so forth, I predict one of two things will happen: either the group will be directed by its Jewish wing into purposeless and vicious encounters with Blacks and Mexicans, which can be used by “non-WN” Jews, via their media cousins, to destroy the legitimacy of all Euro-American Civil Rights movements, or they will simply be marginalized and encouraged to vent their increasing rage at more and more inconsequential targets, as the Birchers were. Remember, the Jews bought them out, and directed an anti-Communist group (in the 50s!) down avenues of complete irrelevance while they were roundly mocked so well and so often in the press that they are a laughingstock, even today.

You can see how easy it would be for Jews to do this to AmRen.

Finally, consider the odds on the gamble Jared has just made with our future: for a few radio interviews, appearances on daytime TV, and columns on Horowitz FrontPage, he has turned his well assembled WN group into the new Birchers. Not only are Jews now in a position to completely neutralize or marginalize WN or any subsequent racialist movement, the sacrifice of maybe fifty activists and a few hundred million dollars (pocket change, really) will now allow them to claim far and wide that:

a) Jews are actually not monolithic, and have a variety of political positions and concerns, which they do not and, even more damaging and nightmarish, that

b) Jews are on “our” side or even worse, that they are “White”, which they are not.

The PR damage of these last two listed items, to my mind, is even more dangerous than the simple marginalization of racialist opposition to current attempts to erase culture, family, race, nation, heritage, and religion as mediating structures between the “hierarchically harmonious” civilizations that Whites create, on the one hand, and the totalitarian nightmares and chaos that seem the only expression of Jewish political action among foreign populations.

We’ve discussed this before. There are times to remain silent on the debates surrounding German internment of Jews in the Second World War. The best approach to presenting the Jewish question is a challenging question but not impossible one. The main points of Culture of Critique, after all, can be summarized as an hour long DVD which gets the message across pretty well, not to mention the fact that the Jews - and no one else - are gearing up to drive America into war with Iraq, which will be our end as financial and political power forever. Wider repercussions, such as regional wars, the use of nuclear weaponry, and other possible sequelae to Israel’s command to the United States to attack Iran, will be the milieu in which we spread our message.

As I have said before, the hour of decision is not upon us, it is drawing to a close. I do not think much is achievable for the White Race, but something might still be saved. Whatever might be saved is not going to be saved by Taylor’s new John Birch Society, anymore than immigration is going to be resisted by the Sierra Club, on account of a hundred billion dollar contribution by a Jewish billionaire, who gave them instructions to purge the group of its anti-immigration wing, which they promptly did. So the largest lobby of its kind was emasculated by one Jewish player.

What do you think will become of Jared Taylor infinitely smaller, less influential, and widely hated lobby when it has fifty Jews inside?

This is not the time for irresolution. Our Race is almost certainly doomed, on account of its own actions in accord with Jewish demands during the Second World War (there are distal causes, of course). Since annihilation is virtually assured, why not go out saying what is true?

Christ, piss ant medieval peasants would regularly give Jews the boot. Are we of so much less stature than they morally that this is beyond us? They simply assumed their problem was over once the local group of bloodsuckers was dispensed with. They had failed to understand their own interdependence with other White States, just as they had no understanding of Jewish tenacity and hate, or their capacity to act virtually as a colony organism. How could a peasant know that a people so violently expelled would move heaven and earth to get back in? It does beggar belief. However, thanks to the works of Chad Powers, Kevin MacDonald, and others, we have a greater understanding of Jewish psychology, and can avoid the mistakes and the fate of our forefathers.

Are you saying we can’t create a similar climate of opinion here? Or that we shouldn’t?

I say, with chances of victory and defeat roughly the same I would rather go down telling the truth than lying. However, I keep in mind the Greco-Roman dictum that we may lie in two cases: to enemies, in order to elude them, and to the sick, feeble minded, and others of reduced capacity, to prevent them from harming themselves or others.

Obviously, we need to think more clearly how best to frame this question. However, I do not regard it as a debatable fact that Jews are now, and have always been, on a wartime footing with whomever they live among - back to Roman times - and that unless we engage them on the same grounds, we will lose.

Comment by wintermute — July 4, 2006 #

• One more point about Jared Taylor’s wager - Taylor is not a fool or a knave and I do not wish to indicate that he is.

What I want for readers here to consider is this: Taylor is betting the farm on the fact that ‘awakening’ whites to Mexicans and Blacks will eventually lead to an understanding of the Jewish Question, even though he has just made it plain that there will be no open discussion of the latter.

He’s using a Trojan Horse strategy: get Jews to foot the bill to educate Whites to their own best interests, and then watch as those ever politically clever Whites put two and two together, and turn on their ‘benefactors’. It’s a fair bet, and if we were dealing with anyone else but Jews, it might work.

My viewpoint is different: the White Man is such a politically retarded beast that he won’t even think about group interests until the electrodes are already on his genitals, if you’ll pardon my French. The Germans did seem to get the point - finally - when they had been reduced to abject poverty, debt slavery, and with a Jew controlled Empire waiting to swallow them up and murder their upper classes. But of course, those are the Germans, the best of us. There’s no guarantee regarding the rest of the branches of our racial family as to proactivity in this regard. Germany itself is now a lobotomized corpse, from which we cannot again expect help, or anything at all for that matter. They were well and truly murdered by the British and the Americans.

The Jews are betting that they can infiltrate, manipulate, and neutralize the largest and best WN organization in the US, and make it serve Jewish goals. My money is on them - they’ve taken down much larger targets. Jared Taylor is a marginal figure, if not despised, at least suspect. Charles Lindbergh was a god, and the Jews turned him into an unperson in a week’s time after the Dearborn speech. AmRen will be given the Free Republic treatment in short order, adding another few thousand Americans to the list of people whose entire information news intake is vetted by Jews first before consumption.

In addition to the “Jews are White” strategy for the ones who still have the Ferengi phenotype, there are also the ones who really do look like us, and never need to announce their presence, simply lending their assent in group discussions to standpoint that are friendly to Jewish interests. They get us coming and going.
Now, Jews have been strategizing as a Race for three thousand years - for those who doubt this, a rereading of the book of Exodus is in order. Whites have been strategizing as a race - well, it would be more accurate to say Whites did strategize as a Race for about twelve years in the mid 20th century.

12 years experience vs. 3000, with all of those on our side who strategized already tortured, burned, bombed, hung, ethnically cleansed, starved, or sent to the Soviets to be worked to death in labor camps, and their children brainwashed and silenced. So, unlike our Jewish counterparts, we lack that from-the-crib instruction in going for the jugular while feeling not a twinge of compassion in doing what must be done.
I think Taylor’s gamble is laughable because the level of political acumen (not to mention money, media access, etc.) between the two groups are not even remotely comparable.

And, although it did only last twelve years, the other method does seem to have the advantage of, um, working. Even to the point of holding off four Planetary Empires while so doing. The small hope that I have is that just a few years of Internet access has brought the most intense propaganda campaign in history - “The Holocaust” - to within measurable distance of its end. And all this just fifty years after our first slave revolt was put down so definitively! That is indeed heartening.

I do most of my work in what is referred to as “the real world” and I daresay I have ‘converted’ more people to the JQ than most online boards. It is a hard but not impossible road that begins with courage and ends with confidence. People who open Whites’ eyes to the Black ethnic cleansing of our cities, and Mexican depredations of the economy, are of course, wonderful. I simply feel that all of these branches of work must be done without Jews. That group which does not exclude Jews will eventually be ruled by them.

Likewise, there must be groups that openly speak about Jewish power and wrongdoing, expressing the appropriate degree of anger while so doing, and not just dispensing words. If you are afraid of the person you’re accusing, it plays badly with the crowd. Americans, especially, hate a loser.

Comment by wintermute — July 4, 2006 #

• The responses I have seen from JQ’ers are all over the spectrum: shoot them, give them the boot, name the Jew, etc.

Create a climate of opinion that does for them what the climate of opinion does for us: causes self-hatred, limits reproduction, encourages emigration, inspires fear of openly speaking in one’s own ethnic interests for fear of physical reprisal or job loss, etc. Continually feed this climate over decades, until the very sanity of the target group is shaken. This is one advantage we have in comparison to the Jews: much lower levels of neuroticism. They’ll break psychologically very quickly. Look at Michael Weiner. For him, the “Holocaust” is on its way already! And all of this because a few people on the internet have noticed that PNAC and the Iraq war were basically a Jew thing. Ditto Iran. I would say two decades of a “Critique of Jewish Culture” would have them begging for terms.

This process should be brought to a feverish summit where repatriation or sterilization are offered as alternatives for Jews, Muslims, etc.

Blacks and Mexicans: give them the South and Southwest. For the sins of America some form of permanent punishment, which is also a reminder of the terrible costs that externalizing costs and moral cowardice to later generations, that has a permanent effect on White political discourse is needed. New constitution sets death penalty for slavery or any related economic model, including immigration for cheap labor. Nation busting by capitalists will be the occasion for eye-opening reprisals a squeamish public and a cowardly and soft ruling class will never forget.

Intergenerationality is the key word here. We will initiate the project - and must design institutions which remain true to their charters. It is our children’s children who will see this process through to completion.

Comment by wintermute — July 4, 2006 #

Wintermute has captured the probable destiny of AmRen given Jared Taylor’s choices, using the JBS as a template. Wintermute does not underestimate our enemy but criticizes our folly for underestimating them. Jews have not survived and thrived for millennia in hostile environments because they are weak our soft; they are cunning and ruthless. This is not to say we should mimic them in every way since much of their scheming has made them a parasitic race. They can no longer live on their own. They need us while at the same time their malice and paranoia drives them to destroy us. It’s a contradiction buried deep in the Jewish soul.

Here is another piece of background showing the pervasiveness of anti anti-semitism. At Majority Rights, a forum slavishly devoted to making pro-White views “respectable”, there is still a fair amount of discussion about the JQ though it has a few contributors (one especially) who think just like Master Freud would have liked of his goy toys - that anti-semitism is a form of mental illness rather than a very healthy form of self-defense. Wintermute was one of the most eloquent proponents of the importance of a successful resolution to the JQ at MR and for that he was banned for a time from the site along with Friedrich Braun. The pathological jew-worshippers (and I do mean worship) still ply their trade at MR but not the more vocal anti-jews. Nonetheless, MR is still a useful site, as is, to a lesser degree, AmRen.

I suspect MR will follow the lead of AmRen if it ever becomes more of a force in shaping public opinion. It is too costly to defy our real enemy. Chasing their spawn down endless rat holes is more what they want of us. From Wintermute’s comments make special note of the Sierra Club. I remember as a child growing up to the impending doom of the “population explosion”. It permeated public thought, from governmental initiatives (the EPA) to novels like Soylent Green. The theme was mankind is the world’s bane. Pro-environment groups like the Sierra Club were big into this mindset and it is at least partly true; there can be too many people for a given eco-system. The funny thing is that once White populations dropped below replacement the constant reminders of population explosion have become fewer and fewer; this even as 3rd World populations continue to boom. Also, instead of being very anti-immigration, as should be expected from any pro-environment group, the Jew-money has neutered the Sierra Club. It no longer speaks for the environment but for Jewry. If there’s a conflict of interest, within a pro-environment organization, between Jewry wanting more Mestizo’s to overrun America and Environmentalists wanting fewer immigrants guess who wins? The same thing is now true for organized labor. They don’t speak for labor’s interests (fewer workers to keep wages high) but in Jewry’s (more darkies to bring down whitey).

There can be no health and life for any being which has surrendered its existence to another. Jews have shown, for so long, such a hostility to our people that we can no longer allow them in our presence – especially not in revolutionary organizations (and White survivalism is now very revolutionary) intended to fight for our interests. It is them or us. Unlike them I hope that they can live on in their homeland or some other place of exile in peace though as far from us as this earth allows. They afford our people no such right to exist. That is their wont. We do not have to be eaten from within by the same hate, just the love to live.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Delusions of Wordism

Wordism is a term used by Bob Whitaker to describe groups primarily organized by ideology. It is the bane of the White Race. It pits Republicans against Democrats, conservatives against liberals, communists against capitalists, etc. His idea, which I think is obvious after one is exposed to it, is that Whites are killing themselves with words; words that are often important but secondary to our survival. David Duke recently made a speech of a similar vein. Other races are not now primarily organized by words but by blood. This is our great comparative disadvantage.

A classic example of the futility of wordism is the limp-wristed opposition paleo-conservatism provides neo-conservatism. Neo-conservatism is a more moderate flavor of liberalism than hardcore or moderate leftism. Paleo-conservatism is a more moderate flavor of neo-conservatism. They are all word fetishists. Go to Chronicles Magazine and read the comments to get a sample of this. Outstanding comments and thought provoking, but almost none sullied with the reality of blood. These are among the most well educated commentators in the paleo-con world. Until the core of paleo-conservatism abandons its primarily ideological orientation, it is purely reactionary – that is taking the scraps the Establishment gives them and trying to turn it into something. These scraps aren’t fit for dogs much less free men. Reaction is not a strategy for victory, action is. Until they rally to the explicit call of the White Race and say so they should continue to flounder in obscurity.

Team America is a political action committee that is what I would consider classic paleo-con. It is headed by Bay Buchanan, Pat's sister, and I have a lot of respect for what they are trying to do. They are trying to stop the immigration insanity currently going on, in particular the amnesty scheme, and are trying to oust a few of the more notable open borders advocates (i.e. Establishment Lackeys) in Congress. The problem is they have already surrendered the high ground to liberalism; that is they argue about the pros and cons of immigration within the propositional paradigm. I suspect many of the leaders in this organization know of the importance of race but they will not utter it. They constantly run from the label they fear most - Racist. The American Conservative, a paleo-con magazine, recently editorialized of the necessity of distancing the immigration reform movement from white nationalism. In other words they will try to out-liberal the liberals regarding which proposition is the most American while they hypocritically condemn neo-cons for doing likewise in certain other moral domains (like fag rights and imperialism).

The "king of open borders", Chris Cannon recently won the Republican primary for his seat in Congress. Team America put a lot of effort into beating him. Part of me wanted Cannon defeated but another part realized that we haven't awakened yet. Until our side is willing to say we are the White Race and we (blood, faith, culture) are worth defending we don't deserve to win since we will be winning due to sophistry and playing by the enemy's rules.

All this is not to say ideology is not important. It is, very much. The problem is we are facing an attack clearly intended to wipe us off the face of the earth and this must be addressed first. The defense of our race has to be a given amongst the intellectual leadership of our people. They must sunder themselves from the distorting influence which emits a narcotic fog throughout our people. After that ideas can be sorted out.

Friday, June 16, 2006

What is this thing called Judeo-Christianity?

About a year ago was when I was first exposed to this movement called Kinism one of the things many of the Kinist bloggers talked about a lot was Judeo-Christianity. Up to that point I had a positive view of it, having uncritically accepted the notion that our culture and even religion were Judeo-Christian at their foundations. After all, every conservative opinion medium that was easily accessible sang the praises of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Could they all be wrong? It didn’t take long for me to see and agree with what the Kinists were saying about the ‘virtues’ of this amalgamation. Since I was already well aware that something was seriously wrong with the conservative political movement it should come as no surprise that that which was (and still is) its largest supporter was also diseased. I used to reflexively defend the Religious Right since they were opposed to much of the progressive ideals of liberalism, at least in word. I was thinking the thoughts the Establishment expected from those in the antithetical sphere of its dialectic charade. Liberals boldly propose new schemes, conservatives counter-propose something more palatable, and the masses ultimately receive a synthesis of the two.

There was a time when I thought the conservative variety of Christianity really was in opposition to this spiral of progress. It is not since it truly is JUDEO-christian. The oft-used moniker Judeo-xtian fits even better. When you look at the current state of the West today, and more importantly the White Race, you will see, if you are unafraid of the truth, that the institutional church is not only not working against our demise but has possibly become its most energetic cheerleader. Why is this, and what the heck IS Judeo-Christianity?

There are a few characteristics of it that I think are generally true. Within the following very important subjects Judeo-Christianity has made its position very clear. I consider the contemporary conservative/evangelical church and its many political organizations to be the soldiers making up the army known as Judeo-Christianity. These include such church groups as the Southern Baptist Convention, the Presbyterian Church of America and the more conservative varieties of the mainline Protestant and RC churches; such organizations as Focus on the Family and Campus Crusade for Christ; and such public figures as James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell, and Tim LaHaye; and such publications as World Magazine. What is the faith that binds them and motivates them? Judeo-Christianity.

Here are some of the key characteristics of it:

God’s Chosen People. Judeo-Christians first and foremost acknowledge that God’s Chosen are not those who He has elected from the beginning of time to share eternity with him but are those who claim to be the blood descendants of the Hebrews – modern day Jews. Modern day Jews, be they Orthodox, Reformed, Liberal, or as Atheistic as Madeline Murray O’Hare, have Judeo-Christians wrapped around their fingers. Judeo-Christians think God will curse those who oppose followers of the Talmud; a book exclusively for Jewry which claims God’s Son is boiling in excrement. If ever a group has been characterized by members who have committed the unpardonable sin – blaspheming the Holy Ghost – it is Jewry. Yet Judeo-Christians not only do not oppose Jewry, they think they walk on water. They even take them as their primary identity – Judeo. Authentic Christianity acknowledges that God’s Chosen people are the Elect; those He has chosen to save from damnation by his sovereign, and to us mysterious, will, through the sacrifice of his son.

Dominion. The Bible is clear that all is God’s and he expects his chosen people to take his revelation and apply it in the world. Judeo-Christians think that when Jesus says to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, it means everything that Caesar claims is his. This is a cop out which allows Judeo-Christians to seemingly stay relevant to the fickle moods of the world. It is also an act of cowardice since Christians no longer have confront evil but can virtuously (in their own minds) surrender to it. If Caesar chooses to conscript your children into a war for imperialism Judeo-Christians will cower and say “Caesar calls” so we must render unto him. Authentic Christianity understands that since all is God’s then “that which is Caesar’s” is clear – nothing. Caesar exists to serve God and we are all under his dominion. There is a role for Government and that is to be obedient to God’s revelation and enforce His law. Judeo-Christian’s will deny this surrender of dominion but listen to how they always speak of obeying the ‘law’ – Caesar’s law that is. Good little Judeo-Christian John Ashcroft said he would enforce the law of the land when appointed Attorney General – this ‘law’ being Roe vs. Wade; not even a law based on how law is formulated in the United States much less a law in the mind of God. It is an abomination (like much of the law in the West today) but Judeo-Christians render unto Caesar whatever Caesar says.

Usury. This is a subset of dominion but deserves special mention. The entire pyramid of Western prosperity today is built upon usury – making money off of money. The Bible condemns it repeatedly and the Church did for the first 1500 years of its existence. Around the time of the Reformation, and picking up steam ever since, is the Church’s acceptance of this practice. The Church today is even one of its greatest practitioners through its ‘investments’ as well as its tortured biblical interpretations. It is commonplace to hear the Parable of the Talents used as a defense of usury when it is clear Jesus is condemning it, remaining consistent with his respect for his father’s law. Usury has been and is a destroyer of nations; it reaps where it does not sow, it is avaricious and feeds the beast known as capitalism – a modern antithesis to Marx’s communism. It has helped make the United States an empire that is now the greatest champion of the New World Order. To consider that the United States 150 years ago was probably the most Godly nation on earth and now it is probably the most wicked makes this all the more obvious. Productivity must come from work, real work, not through schemes.

Race. This area more than any other shows the sycophancy of Judeo-Christians to the Establishment. Jewry has schemed and is currently carrying out what can be called nothing other than Genocide of the White Race. This has been going on for a very long time but has accelerated dramatically since the world wars of the early 1900’s. The Church until at least the mid-1800’s was a strong opponent of Jewry in this area and at least a moderate opponent until the 1940’s. Since the 1960’s the Church has been in wholesale retreat and now accepts Jewry’s ‘religion’ as its own. The Evangelical Church threw in the towel once Jewry was able to destroy White people’s solidarity in what is badly labeled as the Civil Rights movement. Anywhere in the West today, if you cross Jewry, you end up marginalized at the least if not ruined. The gutless cowards of Judeo-Christianity have even jumped on the bandwagon and consider ‘racism’, that political weapon Jewry (notably Leon Trotsky) invented and has wielded like an axe, into a sin, maybe even THE sin. Go to any Christian blog and see which attracts more venom from its hosts – blasphemy or ‘racism’. Some of them even consider racism to be blasphemy. These folks are so clueless and craven they have convinced themselves that Jewish ideology intended to undermine White society is from the Bible.

Judeo-Christians know their place; in the religious realm filling the same role which respectable conservatives fill in the political – practical implementers of that which their master’s have granted them. They will take the leftovers of the real debate that the Establishment has already decided and make ‘Christianity’, Judeo-Christianity that is, fit into it. No wonder Kinists are hated by these frauds; we hold up a mirror to their pock-marked faces.

No doubt liberal Christianity is worse in many ways but for how long are we going to continue to accept “less worse” and the continued slide into degeneracy as evidenced by culture, race, and faith? Things are too bad to accept the lesser of two evils anymore. Christianity which is in thrall to Jewry is no Christianity at all.

With all this said, here is an attempt at a concise definition. Judeo-Christianity is a political and religious union which subordinates and perverts Christian (and especially White) interests to Jewish interests.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Amnesty Daze

This is a rambling post, hence the title...

The news of the impending amnesty of millions of illegal aliens should be a surprise to no one who has figured out what America now is. Still, I am a bit dazed - not only by the indifference with which this story is met by the public - but by the sheer brazenness of our eternal enemy. The more our people yield, the more they are expected to yield again. It is one thing to read about the Stockholm syndrome in psychology class, quite another to see it played out at a national level repeatedly.

Yes all our establishment institutions are either controlled by or are obedient to our enemy but when will enough Whites wake up? Awareness didn't come to me without a good deal of searching and in the unfolding period of discovery that followed many things I held dear came crashing down. Is there enough initiative left in enough of our people to rediscover that which we know instinctively though we subordinate it to our egalitarian/nihilistic obedience training? I really don't know.

Another reason for the daze is that I find myself almost in a parallel universe as far as social interaction. The few 'intellectuals' I come in contact with completely buy into the fundamentals of liberalism and what is worse is that they refuse to even entertain any dissent. On Saint Patrick's Day I chatted with someone that the controlled media would call "conservative" or even "right wing". I've known him for quite a few years and before my awakening (started about 2 years back and is on-going) considered an ally on the issues of our day. I told him I'd love to move out of the Washington DC area for a number of reasons, one being the threat of terrorism to the capital of this nation-destroying empire. He responded that he was an "internationalist" and a "free trader". I said free trade is fine as long as labor isn't commoditized in the process. Since the people are the nation labor cannot be freely exchanged if the nation is to survive.

When I added that another motivation was the browning of our area through massive immigration he said immigration is less proportionately now than 100 years ago. When I suggested that there are multiple differences between then and now, notably racial, he had to just end the discussion. It was civil but violated our state religion and this respectable 'conservative' would not dare pollute his mind with such heresy. This is someone who writes for a widely read neocon magazine and newspaper plus books on occasion. Rationally I can see why he would want nothing to do with a discussion on race; for any neocon short of denouncing race, any mention of it that became public could and would force him to look for new employment and new social circles. It is also an affront to their deeply held faith that words trump blood. Intellectually it is craven.

Yet this person is typical of the establishment sycophants. They all refuse to state the obvious or to even investigate it - that race is not only an important issue but that it is THE issue that drives the seeming vagaries of history. It is possible that maybe I am overstating the case here but is it any wonder since it is the great unmentionable? If these participants in the Establishment's adversarial charade (Republicans vs. Democrats, neocons vs. liberals) were honest with each other one side would say to the other as Captain Von Trapp said to the Nazi commissar in The Sound of Music, "we both seem to be suffering from an appalling lack of curiosity".

The other people I come in contact with are fat, dumb, and happy; contented in their processes of seeming self-actualization. Many of these have already committed themselves to their voluntary extinction to atone for the 'sins' of our forefathers as described by our eloquent enemy. Why would they care about the future? I personally come into contact with very few folks who think outside the ideological plantation. The blogosphere is an exception but it is, for now, a ghetto. This virtual world seems the only place where a modicum of sanity and reality exists. Seems paradoxical.

An added point of interest for me that has brought this whole alien invasion home is my current search for work. I finished a consulting engagement in December and have yet to land a new gig since. Being between jobs for a few months is not unheard of and there are many factors involved such as business cycle, luck, fit, etc. Putting aside the conventional answers I have noticed a preponderance of Asian Indians in the consulting marketplace in every part of the chain: both as consultant competitors and as the head-hunters. I have worked with many Indians and have liked almost all of them but when you lose work to them in your own country due to uncontrolled immigration or work visa madness it becomes less abstract and very personal. As more Whites feel this same squeeze maybe then there will be a rejuvenation of our warrior spirit?

When our people see how other races treat us when we are in direct competition only an idiot or a coward would not wake up. One more personal anecdote. I was at Air Force basic training in 1984 (a fitting year). There were 40 men per unit, called a Flight. Of that group there were 35 whites and 5 blacks. Every morning we would assemble in a box formation of 5 by 8 to march to breakfast and later for lunch and dinner. There was an ordering to the formation with the tallest men being in the front and the right and the shortest to the left and rear. It was assumed that each man got into the same spot every time we got into formation (for simplicity) and generally that was the case. When we entered the cafeteria for meals one column went in at a time so there was a rule to rotate the starting column for each subsequent meal. That way each man would sometimes go in early, sometimes in the middle, sometimes late. Sounds fair right? Well guess what 4 of the 5 brothas (to his credit one of them did not) did? They would line up in the column that everyone knew would be first to go in for that meal and displace the whites who were normally in that slot. The brothas must have worked this out by some sort of collusion because they always acted in consort while the whites just passively went along so as not to cause dissension or it could be that most were oblivious. I don't know since we didn't talk about it. I noticed it and it bothered me a bit but I was just a very young adult at the time and I didn't want to make a stink at basic training. You want to keep your mouth shut and just make it through but that experience has made a lasting impression. I was definitely not racially aware at this time and was surprised these blacks didn't have the same concern for fairness that I and all the whites shared.

That story may seem silly but to me it encapsulates in microcosm our current fight for survival - brown folks taking, whites yielding. More white folks need to see the fantasy of equalitarianism dashed to bits by blacks and mestizos kicking sand in their faces. Seeing Mexicans angrily marching in our cities demanding anything is an affront but our people are still too weak due to the political HIV that has weakened us. The mestizos and blacks are just the opportunistic diseases of this immunity system failure.

This amnesty is just another result of that weakness. Will the antibodies kick in or is the patient already terminal? Either way, only the ultimate destruction of the virus will save us else the wave of diseases it invites will wash us away.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Classic White Separatist Apologetic

Being one of those bloggers who posts in spurts, I still enjoy surfing and reading other's thoughts. Some of the gems that I find are buried deep in discussion threads as opposed to being stand-alone posts. One in particular I came across recently I'll past here in full. It is from MajorityRights dot com. If you've never been there and you are interested in the plight of our people, you should. The site itself is a mixed bag as far as whether I believe it is valuable to the survival of the White Race but generally it is excellent. The host goes by the moniker "Guessedworker" and he is very fair minded and thick skinned. He allows many contributors who are not assets to our cause in my view. One is an IQ-fetishist who could care less about the White Race per se, but rather that the human IQ be maximized whether it be through Asians, Jews, or some mix. Another comes very close to Steve Sailer's "Citizenism"; again wanting to maximize the types of people who provide for a productive society irrespective of whether they are White or not. All the rest of the members, those who make the initial postings, are what I would consider White Nationalists of various stripes.

Now the post that follows is from one of the contributors who was responding within someone else's thread titled "Black Aggression". Here is the link:

JW Holliday's retort was to an anti-racist (i.e. an anti-White racist) labelled June Gordon (better named Jewn Gordon) who trolls there on occasion. It is a classic that should be, or at least something very close to it, a part of our apologetic arsenal. Here it is in italics:

If I may paraphrase an argument that Svigor often uses:-

Why do people like “June Gordon”, Tim Wise, the GNXPers, all non-white “Americans”, white liberals, Jews, etc. so very much want to live in the same nation as us “dumber-than-Asians, more-criminal-than-blacks, less-noble-than-Jews, less-hardworking-than-Hispanics, criminal white gentile Americans?”

If all we want is to be separate, then why can’t we have an amicable separation. Each side can have a good-sized, ecologically viable, pleasant and productive territory. We can have - with full freedom of speech and no media monopolization - a honest public discussion of the merits of homogeneity vs. diversity for each population group, and then give members of each group a choice between a homogenous national state, or the multiracial, diverse rump America.

Forget about the details for the moment, let us keep the issue crystal clear. Let us focus on the principle of the matter.

Why must these folks force us to live in the same nation as them? Assuming that everyone has free choice, and everyone has the option of a ecologically sound, pleasant state, then what’s the problem? Do they really love us so much, that they cannot live apart from us? What’s the fascination with living amongst us stupid, violent white gentile, racist Americans? You’d think that given how much blacks complain about white racism, that they’d be begging us to leave them be. Yet, it’s the other way around, white flight tries to flee from “people of color”, and the “people of color” keep on following the whites. No matter how much whites want to be separate (in practice, if not overtly), they are forced to be integrated.

Isn’t it pathological to want to live amongst people who you believe hate you and wish to do you harm? A large fraction of blacks think that whites intentionally infect their community with diseases, flood their community with drugs, discriminate against them, flooded the levees in New Orleans, etc. If that is the case, and whites are so viciously racist, then, why don’t blacks and others demand to be as far away from us as possible?

After all, if blacks really are as capable as whites, and if the only thing holding them back is white racism and the legacy of that racism in history, then, by golly, all they need to do is be separate from whites and they’ll build their all-black community into a “shining city on a hill.”

Why don’t racial liberals wish to help blacks be free of the racist white parasites tormenting these intelligent, peaceful, and noble men and women of color?

The rallying cry of the racial liberal should be: “freedom and self-determination for people of color! Get as far away from the racist white devil as possible.”

Or do they believe that without a white majority, any rump America would become Detroit or New Orleans?

And they believe that, given all the facts, and given free choice, the “white devils” will run away from the people they are allegedly tormenting as quickly as possible?
Posted by JW Holliday on Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 12:15 AM | #

Since most White Nationalists are better described as separatists than supremacists (the distinction of which is worthy of its own post) JW's logic pins our enemies completely. They have no retort other than their typical obfuscation or straw-man arguments. Why are we constantly being called evil and deemed worthy of genocide by our jewish dominated establishment when we are simply trying to live in peace in our own lands? Simply because the elite have deemed it necessary for progress (Liberals), profits (the rich gentiles), and supposed peace (Jewry). They all agree on the end state though their motivations vary between idealism, greed, and malice.

When the majority of Whites finally see and agree that we have a right to be LEFT ALONE if we chose, the current stagnant political situation could change and fast.

Let us hope and work in whatever ways we can to bring that about. Bravo JW.