Monday, October 10, 2005

Coming Soon to Your Area

As I drive to and from work these days in the Washington DC suburbs I see the New America crystal clear. On my ten mile drive I see nary a White face. Mestizos (many of whom refer to themselves as “The Race” or La Raza), Blacks, and Asians are legion; looking at the demographics of the children waiting to take the public school busses is all that is needed. Going back to just 1981, when I graduated from high school here, there were plenty of Blacks and a few Asians but Mestizos were rare. If these new Americans were completely self-sufficient, like immigrants of old were, it would be one thing, but they’re not and the socialism we live under insures they will be assisted by the rest of us. The local home builders and lawn care companies who make a killing hiring these Mestizos at slave wages pass their real cost on to me and other Americans in the area through higher healthcare costs, higher taxes, a dumbed-down student population, and greater crowding. These are called, in economic jargon, “externalities”. The true cost of this labor is not being paid by the employer but is instead externalized; borne by the rest of our society. Our establishment masters slyly call the corporate-sponsored Mestizo invasion “Latino” knowing full well that there are a handful of Whites amongst the Latinos and want them to associate with a propositional ‘nation’ – Latino-hood - instead of their race, White. It should be noted that the Mestizo invasion is the direct result of their economies being ravaged by ‘Free’ Trade coupled with White weakness. If our masters didn’t crave even more conquest through treaties like NAFTA and CAFTA these people would still be living in peace in their ancestral homes; though we still could have stopped them from coming in spite of this. As it is, they have been made our tactical enemies by design; they are fodder meant to undermine a free America. Our real enemy is the same as theirs - the aristocracy of mammon; the elite interests who calculate life and death based on how it impacts their net worth. It is the standard ‘divide and conquer’ strategy that most of our people are oblivious to.

When my wife and I were blessed with a son who was born this past February we saw the preponderance of non-whites in the maternity ward and I wondered how they were paying for it. It was clear they were getting support that I wasn’t. How many of them paid over $10,000 out of pocket, for a non-complicated delivery, like I did? My daughter (and a couple other White kids) being singled out last year by her sissy-white teacher as “privileged” in front of her, majority, darker skinned 2nd Grade classmates was another ‘blessing’ I have noticed of the New America. The children largely are oblivious to this propaganda but it has its impact, intended to both demoralize my daughter and empower the children of the preferred races. What was the privilege of her great-grandparents living on homesteads in Montana, farming in Pennsylvania, and mining coal in Indiana, with no help from anyone but themselves? Thank God they weren’t privileged in the sense of Government preference, like most “people of color” are today, since it is a corrupting influence. Maybe we were privileged by the genetic endowment of our ancestors but that was certainly not what that teacher was talking about. Northern Virginia, just south and west of Washington DC, is the America that is eventually coming to Idaho and Kansas and …, an America that is being ethnically cleansed of our people. Not only are we Whites driven out but our government insures we can’t escape through its anti-White bureaucracies like Civil ‘Rights’, Housing Subsidies, etc. There are fewer places to flee. White flight is even called racist. At all other times, when one race is chased from its home by members of other races, the other races are accused of ethnic cleansing or genocide. In the case of Whites, as with all racial issues, the definition is stood on its head. Even our desire to live is being decried by our masters. They will make sure, as long as they rule over us, that we will have no escape. Be prepared.

You see, there are two circumstances that have come together, partially by design and partially by fate, that have put Whites into a death spiral. The first circumstance is a recurrence of history that greater minds than ours have been unable to avoid. This is the part possibly attributable to fate. History shows that once a culture becomes prosperous its women bear fewer children. Once its own women fail to replace their own people, foreigners are brought in by the ‘pragmatists’ to fill the void. Once a critical mass of the genotype is lost through mixing, the culture is lost. This is postulated as the cause of the demise of many nations that became empires including Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Now “why” women of prosperous cultures become less prolific is clearly answered. They become more educated and aware of how to avoid the dangers of child-bearing while also being more economically valuable as a mammon producer instead of a child producer. There is an even more fundamental cause behind this that few seem to acknowledge and that is the definition of “prosperity”. Prosperity is almost universally thought of as a socialistic, urbanized, specialized, compartmentalized society instead of as a holistic, agrarian society. Socialism always reinforces dysgenics; that is reproduction by the least successful relative to the more successful, especially, as is the case today, when the socialism is coupled with effete, pseudo-Christianity. If progress always leads to the former (socialism) then it will cause the demise of the people who initiated it. If progress doesn’t poison its own wellspring then it is not, necessarily, self destructive.

The second circumstance seems unique to the prosperity of the European cultures of the 20th and 21st centuries, though it may not be unique; maybe it is also repeating itself, like a Groundhog Day from which Mankind never awakes. It is self-hate through a progression of intellectual movements which pathologized and are pathologizing Whiteness – the bedrock, coupled with Christianity, of Western Civilization. These movements are not only not weakening but are growing stronger as the White Race continues to dwindle (30% of the world’s population in 1900, projected to be 6% by 2050). These intellectual movements have normalized White self-hatred such that every mainstream institution propagates it and anathematizes any who resist it. Read Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique for a scholarly presentation of this thesis. Even Christianity has been co-opted into being advocates of this Marxist/Jewish inspired White self-hatred. This has long been the case with liberal sects but now the more conservative Evangelical and Reformed sects also are onboard. The dogmas of Man are now totems to which even Christians now willingly bow so that their ‘religion’ stays respectable. I am a Christian but have grown disgusted by this sissified Judeo-Christianity. Judeo-Christians have been told their place and they willingly go there. Judeo-Christianity now fills its role as the opiate envisioned by our masters and the clergy of institutional Christianity gladly complies. Imagine if Luther and Calvin were cut from this same cloth?

Other non-white prosperous countries have to deal with the first circumstance but not the second. They may or may not be bringing in replacement populations depending on how long-sighted they are; the more visionary will never sell out their genes but instead substitute capital for labor. That is what Japan is doing. Since these other prosperous nations have not been demonized as races they can easily, and naturally, continue their self-preservation, for now at least.

The prosperity which leads to socialism combined with institutional self-hatred results in one thing – Genocide. That other races are indifferent to or gleeful of our plight is not too surprising; that Whites agree is. A real prosperity of holistic lives, sustainable productivity, modesty, temperance, godliness, and humility will not lead to the end of our people. Not only will this path serve our people better but it will leave the other races of the Earth at liberty to rise to the level God has gifted them. The imperialism of capitalism and democracy being forced on the world brings warfare, welfare, and slavery.

Last week when I was driving home I happened to get slightly in the way of a Mestizo woman who was driving with her (probably) taxpayer-subsidized brood and I got an earful of the fruits of the New America. I said nothing in return. When one is falling is it wise to question gravity? It is better to see the sneaky hand in the dark that wants to push you over the cliff and send its master over in your stead.

Will we reverse course, learn from history, and save ourselves, or passively submit to our ritual sacrifice? The ultimate act of White egalitarianism is being played out – the absorption of our genes into a new race. The New World Order and their neo-babelist allies who lead the contemporary Christian church see this as a reason to cheer. The neo-babelists expect this new race will be closer to God than that which preceded it. Since racism is such a great sin (in their minds) and race will be destroyed, Man will be holier, right? We will all come together and sing “Kumbaya”, just like when there was only Adam and his mono-racial family. Oops, they forgot about the example of Cain. Oh well, at least their hearts are in the right place. Useful idiots indeed.


Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Davidw/ Covenant Corner. I was wondering if may link w/ you?

wjg said...


I'd be honored.

Anonymous said...

Hello again,

I just wanted to say if you want to link w/ me that'd be fine as well.

I like what you've been posting, and you already have some very good links.

I'm at

wjg said...


I'll add you here as well. Most of the gems I've come across have been from links on other blogs.

If I were to recommend one thing here to thoroughly digest it would be Bob Whitaker's audio series. It is full of the clear thinking that is completely absent from the wasteland called the mainstream.

Thank God for the internet.

Randall Gerard said...


Good post. My family and I watched a little known movie last night called 'The rabbit-proof fence'. It's a true story of white Australia's attempt to literally breed the Aborigines out of existence. In one part of the movie, a man gives a presentation to a white audience. He shows them pictures of half-blood, quarter-blood and eighth blood aborigines. He concludes: 'In three generations the aborigine is gone, and the white man appears', or words to that effect.

I don't know of any christians who wouldn't be horrified by this sytematic obliteration of an entire race of men. Yet, they would refuse to see the very same thing, happening more subtly perhaps, to our own race. Why aren't they horrified at that? I wish I knew.

You're doing fine work here; please keep it up.

Anonymous said...


I am familiar with Bob Whitaker. I like his stuff. I have a link to the Political Cesspool on my site and they are a local radio program that endorses him and has had him on as a guest.

If your not familar w/ The Political Cesspool, check it out!


wjg said...


Thanks for your comments.

It is good that you see how the content of that earlier attempted genocide is being used on us today, but that was not what you were 'supposed' to see. What you were supposed to see is that the White Race is uniquely evil. At least that's what my jaundiced mind suspects.

The folks that run the show now have no problems with genocide per se, just the wrong type of genocide.

When the Armenians and Ukrainians were being systematically murdered not much was heard. Only when the Chosen People were crossed did it matter.

All types of genocide should apall Christians, especially when it is our own people being destroyed. The fact that it is being done by stealth should enrage us all the more.

Few of them are so bold as Noel Ignatiev (Harvard Professor - Web Site, Race Traitor) to explicitly state they want the White Race destroyed.

wjg said...


I've heard the PC (ironic perhaps?) and like it. It's almost shocking to here anything approaching frankness on the real radio. I don't know how long it will be until the SPLC, ADL, NAACP, blah blah, manage to shut them down. But for now we should enjoy it.

jlh said...


That was a fantastic post. Thanks.