Monday, October 20, 2008

Here We Go Again

There are many white nationalist bloggers who are chiming in on the upcoming US presidential election in a way I can only scratch my head about. A certain number of these bloggers are taking a seat at the table of the shell game called The Lesser of Two Evils AGAIN. It’s not surprising that self-styled conservatives keep falling for that line but nationalists? Say it ain’t so!

Throughout history our people have acknowledged two distinct types of enemies who are the worst; the ones who receive the most contempt and the severest of punishment. These are the traitor and the spy. The more conventional enemy is the barbarian – the outsider. A folk are never truly defeated by the outsider but by those who destroy from within.

In the upcoming soviet-style one party election charade there is an outsider pitted against a traitor. Who should we white folk loath and hate? Who should we lift up in mockery and instill with fear? It should be as clear as the afternoon sun. Instead many nationalists are rallying to this creature; the traitor. Many argue the outsider might enact policies in further detriment to the beleaguered white folk of the USA in excess of the traitor. I am not convinced of this for starters but even assuming this, my follow up is “so what?” Let the outsider bring our weak and craven people more strong medicine showing how the real world works. Granted this will not wake most of our people up. Most will never awaken of their own free will; they will be led either by a deceitful enemy who desires their corruption and destruction or by a new holistic elite who want and need them as the head needs the body.

My speculation is that though most will stay in their blissful ignorance and depravity some more will awaken and – most importantly – more of these potential members of a new white cadre will emerge than if the traitor ascends. With the traitor a little less pain may be felt now - but given his repulsive, self-righteous war-mongering even that isn’t certain – but no needed reform will occur since “we” will be in power, at least if the last 40 years of “conservative” pseudo pro-whiteism is any indication. The traitor will do his master’s bidding like a good little lap dog, still be eviscerated by the master’s yappy entourage (aka the “mainstream” media), elicit sympathy from decent white folk, who in turn are repaid by the traitor with even more treachery.

Why shouldn’t we be repaid that way? We have earned no respect. As a joke most acknowledge politicians in our system are whores but in reality expect them to work for our interests. They serve their pimp and only him. We as the John are left physically and spiritually diseased and poorer all at the same time. The few exceptions are ignored or destroyed and even they must play by “the rules”. To earn respect we must start withholding support from all except friends and pay traitors in ways tradition has deemed fitting.

The outsider is a symptom. He can and will be defeated in due course IF we first defeat the traitor and the spy. The spy is not a perfect metaphor here in that at first glance the spy appears more like a traitor. It claims to be us when it serves its purposes and shuns us otherwise. He is the enemy though he does not declare his intentions and does not usually wear his “uniform”. Our traitors serve this spy. Until they pay a price for this collaboration we will get more of the same supposedly insane (they are very sane once one understands the real situation) policies.

If one is to go into the chute at all and give any respectability to the fraud destroying us there are alternatives to the traitor and the outsider. The traitor isn’t the lesser of two evils but the greater.

If even the discipline of withholding our support from the traitor is asking too much from many white nationalists then we are even worse off than I thought – which is bad enough.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Talmudvision in all its glory

God only knows I try to avoid watching television but it is very hard to avoid it completely. It is such a purveyor of poison because of who runs it and what their agenda is that it would be well for all White folk to shun it. As currently constituted the bulk of programming is fit only for the Elite’s untermenschen; the commoditized labor units in their New World Order. On a flight recently on United Airlines an episode of the show “Monk” aired. I had heard of this show though it was the first time I had actually seen it. It managed in the brief span of thirty minutes to encapsulate perfectly the Loxism (hatred of Whites) of our masters. Maybe this particular episode is standard fare for the drooling crackers and other hominids who now dwell in what is still called the United States of America. Still it was about as ham-handed as one can get and not cross over into a parody of the very thing it was trying to promote. If we ever emerge from the mess we are in this episode should be an exhibit in the enemy’s Gallery of Death: Vapid “entertainment” as malignant destroyer.

The show is set in San Francisco, which is renowned for its depravity and having much of the refuse of the world seek it out as a haven for the white, tax paying brutes to subsidize in comfort and in ever increasing numbers. That didn’t stop the show from making a white father, with a white wife and more than the standard one child from being the villain. Okay, so far this is the norm; almost all villains are white heterosexuals especially whenever anything interracial occurs in an exact inversion of reality. We were at least spared the interracial angle in the crime itself here. What were our lords thinking to have refrained from pulling out of their box of tools this most blunt hammer of all? You’ll see that’s about the only tool they left unwielded.

After firmly establishing the White Male antagonist the next thing they did was make Monk, who though it would be a stretch to call him White in the sense of being an Aryan still clearly fills that role for the purposes of the MSM, spend the episode in worshipful supplication to a Nigerian marathon runner who is his lifelong, avowed hero: one who was humble, moral, courageous, wise, truthful, and genuine and a perfect foil to the white villain who was a murderer, adulterer, coward, hypocrite, and liar.

Oh they’re not done yet shoehorning in scorn for us Whites. The next thing is that the compulsive Monk inadvertently offends another of our superiors: a Negro of the kind that resides in America. This Negro gave Monk a tongue lashing for the “offense” and Monk groveled at his feet.

This latter encounter was witnessed by several white females who did as they are constantly reminded by our masters to do and sided with the Negro and treated Monk with disdain. One in particular gave Monk the evil eye in several encounters over the remainder of the show. Monk’s constant apologies and reinforcement of being a true believer in white hating dogmas were not enough. Shame on you Monk for giving offense to any of those who are up the food chain from healthy whites (everything else that walks on two feet). Even doing so by accident, like using the word “niggardly” to describe a cheapskate, is a heinous infraction only pardonable after much rehabilitation, if ever.

It may sound as if I am exaggerating but it was really this bad. Watch for yourself. The title has the word “marathon” in it. One could possibly argue that this episode was parody since it was so over the top but I don’t buy it. We are a pathetic, beaten people and our masters want to see how much humiliation they can dish out before they have to worry. It’s always more and, as of yet, there has been little sign of any manhood left to react to this poison which is not just an insult but - even worse - one of their many tools of genocide. Hopefully there is simmering just beneath the surface – that I have yet to see – a rage that is building and will one day loose a righteous retribution our people would have exacted in ages past if ever brought close to this level of degradation.

This anecdote is like one speck of sand in a desert of examples that I don’t have the temperament to any longer sit through. If you are still making excuses for this shit as a “mainstream” White Man when will you have had enough and wake up? Become an Aryan and defy this putrid monstrosity which is defiling and destroying us. Don’t expect much company since the true path is always narrowest and the least trod. But for once you will live free and true.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

White Power

It is a harsh title is it not? Something even we awakened White folk recoil – at least a little – from. It has taken me a while until I was ready to read this book penned by George Lincoln Rockwell in the 1960s. Rockwell himself elicits much disfavor amongst many White Nationalists even today, 41 years after he was assassinated. Why?

Because he was direct and he advocated action that would bring about real victory for our people. He was a bold man of action, as well as theatrical, but also a man of deep thought. That union: thought and action is what makes a man great since most men are one or the other or – even more likely – neither. Spengler described Goethe as his model-man: philosopher and politician. As much as I have read about Rockwell I would like to know if there was a greater man than him in America in the last 50 years.

Many of the older White Nationalists around today came out of the conservative tradition and look(ed) on rabble rousers like Rockwell with suspicion. (This is not without some merit as the enemy seems most inclined to use Agent Provocateurs of this variety.) Rockwell grew to detest this variety of “right winger” – which he also came out of – because it had proven ineffectual at best and treacherous at worst. 40 years of additional hindsight proves Rockwell all the more right. Rockwell’s criticism of Wallace-ism (from ~ 1966) perfectly describes what many Nationalists now say of Tom Tancredo and Pat Buchanan. Our learning curve must be shortened since we are running out of time.

White Power is the best book I have ever read on the current plight of the White Man in America. It is generally (though not totally) as applicable now as it was 40 years ago. Most of its principles are valid to non-American White Nationalists as well. Unlike the scholarly writings of Kevin MacDonald, which are footnoted to the point of being unreadable, Rockwell writes in a very colloquial style and uses the best metaphor I have yet seen describing the relationship between the successful Gentile society and the Jewish parasite which took it as its host. He uses the metaphor of a ship being intentionally wrecked by enemies from within without the knowledge of the ship’s organic crew. Some of the highlights of the book are…

Exposing the false dichotomy of communism vs. capitalism

Describing the revolting moral inversion and hypocrisy in the handling of the Kennedy Assassination

Seeing through the right wing / left wing charade

Revealing the many faces of Judah and dashing to bits the supposed inconsistencies in these facets

Warning against “conservative” crypto-racialism

Astute critique of Boasian (e.g. mainstream) environment-is-everything “anthropology”

The inevitable failure of playing by the enemy’s rules

Proposed action plan for winning

…And all of it is presented with wit, humor and clarity. Almost all WN bloggers speak of these things now but Rockwell pulled it all together and presented it publicly over 40 years ago much to the chagrin of conservative useful idiots like William F. Buckley. Unfortunately the bought traitors like Buckley and Robert Welch (John Birch Society), etc., skimmed off almost all the White angst and directed it into their kosher little cesspits where no harm could be done to our Masters.

This book has everything, everything except a wide readership. It is true that no revolutions come from the masses. The masses in America are now lining up in their chutes to either pull a lever for Obama or McCain as their masters have convinced them is their duty. No the masses will never initiate anything. But of the potential revolutionary cadre which is out there somewhere, a much greater number of them must read this book. It is free on the Internet.

It is still very relevant but has some of its value been lost with time? Yes. In Rockwell’s time there was still a vibrant element of White Manhood within the working classes that just needed to be led and a reformation was possible. Alas 40 years of indoctrination through the now much more rotten popular culture has taken a heavy toll spiritually. This in turn has led to/allowed 40 years of increasing miscegenation, out of control immigration, feminism, materialism, and faggotry which have taken their toll physically. The White Man of Rockwell’s time has been gelded to a degree and with a speed that must be unprecedented in history. The “Greatest Generation” truly was great from Judah’s perspective. There no longer can be a popular, legal, revolt – a la Germany in 1933 - in America. Judah has destroyed her and can rightly wallow in all the decay now commonplace.

A roadmap for political success can no longer be followed with certainty. We are now in an age of corporate retreat that is more like a rout. We now must withdraw our support – economically and spiritually – from this thing masquerading as the USA. It must die, unfortunately not directly as a result of our actions, but through it killing us and driving our dwindling remnant away. It is ZOG. It has been corrupted and perverted beyond repair. Self, family, and community is where we now must rebuild from; from the bottom up. And even these will be challenges of great difficulty. If we cannot reintegrate with our women and children they will be harvested by ZOG and sundered from us. What will bind us in this rebirth? It will ultimately be a faith of some sort or sorts. Whether it is akin to Christianity or Paganism or something new altogether is less important than that it must be some binding force for life and progress for our people. Blood forms the bricks of any structure but mortar holds it together.

George Lincoln Rockwell paid with his life to try and wake us up. Let us not let this great man die in vain. Awaken, organize, instruct and let us live to one day recapture ourselves and our destinies. The alternative is to slowly sink into an ever rising pit of mud.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Speciation – The NWO end-game?

There is much discussion about the New World Order on the Internet but the term is usually not delved into. It is nebulous and this is not without value since it appears less a covert conspiracy than an evolving phenomenon that is heading always in one direction.

A huge blessing of the Internet is that it has freed a layer or two of people beneath that of the truly exceptional to the world as it is as opposed to the world as it in the interests of our masters to appear. Once one at least partially awakens to certain realities it is stunningly clear that there is this dichotomy of truth and fantasy due to the primacy of power politics. The masters CANNOT let a critical mass of thinkers unite behind a common theme in opposition to this situation for then a cadre to bring them down is a possibility. This is why “hate crimes” laws will easily trump the beleaguered piece of paper our forefathers mistakenly believed could endure in a world filled with a motivated and organized race of murderers and swindlers.

As this scenario continues to gather momentum I am struck by what I can’t help but think will be their final solution to the Goy problem. Their Talmud long ago was penned in actualization of a diabolical spirit that among other things declares those not in their tribe as cattle – literally. This manifest destiny of Judah to conquer the world as their playground has slowly but surely progressed. The 20th century was a coup for them of epic proportions. Based on how they got the best of the Goy to slaughter each other for their sole profit and entertainment I actually am starting to believe that we are cattle. What kind of idiots believe that we were right to destroy Germany in the mid-20th century because they were our enemies? Just about every American; even many so-called White Nationalist bloggers. So I can’t blame Judah for considering us sub-human. We shunned and murdered some of the greatest men nature could have blessed us with like Hitler and Rockwell; men who tried to wake us up when our chances of slaying this Beast were much more possible but as Christ long ago said, when we are shown light we instead prefer the darkness. I hope the trend changes but hundreds of years of history are all going their way.

What is this final solution? Is it not just this power bending to their will the current reality which defies it? And that is literally separating what is now referred to as humanity into not only two subspecies/breeds/races – a flagrant violation of the very PC dogma they have addled the minds of most Whites with – but two distinct species. How this will be achieved is another question that I have no idea about. But I have no doubt that the powers that rule us would like to do this and will attempt to do it.

Think about it. The ruination of Aryan Man through our mongrelization is the last major step towards Judah’s undisputed reign over this world. But once this is achieved it is only a reprieve from even the Mongrel-man evolving as a threat. But now once a significant gap is reached between the elite and their tools all the stops will be pulled out to maintain and increase this gap. Then as now Judah will extract the best of the Goyim as breeding stock to improve their still degenerate physical and spiritual traits. These Goyim will be destroyed as Aryans since half water and half dirt is just mud. The next tier of Goyim, then as now, will be left in circumstances where reproduction is minimized through feminism, materialism, and faggotry. The bottom tier, then and now, will be the most fecund and most prone to cross with “people of color”. Over time and with the help of all the technology money can buy the Master Race will not only distance itself from its fellow humans it will separate from them permanently – as man is now from livestock.

Once we are speciated they will breed, cull, and use their stock as suits their purposes: worker drones, medical and scientific test objects, sexual slaves, gladiators; the possibilities are endless. It will be the end of all except the Chosen Ones.

Seem implausible, impossible, just silly? Maybe. But the evidence is clear that the demonic force ruling us now and poised to control every corner of this planet would LIKE to do this.

Once this state is reached the “God” of Judah will be vindicated with a little help from his friends.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Presidential Rankings

Here is an attempt to rank the U.S. Presidents in order of their faithfulness to the interests of our nation’s founder’s posterity; in other words OUR interests. What I especially focused on was what the man did or failed to do when the actions would have made the most difference. I have heard it said many times the George Bush (little shrub) is the worst president ever from the perspective of White people. I think that is balderdash. He is awful for sure but is constrained in the damage he can do both by his own limited capacity but mostly by the times we live in which have virtually assured the results we are getting. We are now in a freefall with no end in sight and our people are truly out of control at the macro political level. This is not said to breed despair as much as to hopefully inspire local, humble actions which is about all we can do for now. This powerlessness was not always the case.

Starting with Lincoln and accelerating with Wilson and FDR the collapse has progressed. When we reached the point of no return – that is the time after which no president could any longer right our course back towards being a White Republic – is certainly debatable, but it has clearly passed. Whether it was with FDR (my guess) or Eisenhower or possibly – at the latest – Nixon is a good question. . Jews are right to gloat as they are now wont to do: the United States of America is now not only finished as a White nation it is filled with so many poison pills as to absolutely prevent its reformation back in that direction. A new model can and must rise again but the USA is gone.

From FDR forward the only debate is the degree of damage that each did. For Reagan apologists consider the 1986 Race Replacement Acceleration Act. Do his tax breaks come close to neutralizing that? Yes the soviet flavor of judeo-communism was thwarted but it was only replaced with a more virulent strain of judeo-capitalism. I agree Reagan was the best Republican since Hoover but that ain’t saying much. He ultimately fell far short of how he sold himself.

If I were to rate the Presidents on despicability the order would be a little different. For White folks in recent years the most despicable of the men below are those who said they were one of us but then served the enemy; as bad as Wilson was I don’t consider him as treasonous as Eisenhower or Nixon. He was clearly deluded but there is a special place in Hell for those who knew better and sold us out – along with their forefathers, us, and all our potential descendants – with forethought. But I wasn’t trying to rank intent, just effect.

Below my ranking, Wikipedia's ranking, and my comments are provided. With more knowledge and wisdom I’m sure I’ll find a few who are misplaced.

My Rank-Wiki Rank Comments

1-4 Thomas Jefferson. Acquired huge tract of land without a drop of blood. Understood that agriculture was the backbone of our people. Opposed money-worshippers. Race realist not through conformance but through reason. Dealt with Barbary Pirates very effectively.

2-3 George Washington. A man of unchallenged integrity, courage, and humility. Tried to hold together such creative and opposed men as Jefferson and Hamilton into a coherent whole. Walked away from power when it was his to keep.

3-16 James Monroe. Monroe Doctrine institutionalized an Aryan ideal (expansion of White living space) that served us well. It has long since been perverted beyond recognition.

4-13 James Madison. Understood the depravity of Man and the need for checks and balances against our worst tendencies.

5-5 Theodore Roosevelt. An explicit white nationalist at a time when that was coming under attack. At least outwardly an opponent of homo economicus and America as the great money machine. Conservationist. Imperialistic tendencies and progressive at a time when being conservative still had value. Split the Republicans in 1912 allowing Wilson to win.

6-31 Calvin Coolidge. Screwed up little. Oversaw the last significant action of the American government in the interests of White folk: the Immigration Act of 1924.

7-17 Grover Cleveland. The last Democrat who was obedient to the Constitution.

8-26 Chester A. Arthur. Signed Chinese Exclusion Act into law and supported other eugenic immigration restrictions.

9-10 James K. Polk. Liberated the American SW from pathetic, mongrel Mexico

10-8 Andrew Jackson. Defied the money-changers but also elevated the power of the presidency for later tyrants - starting with Lincoln - to abuse.

11-23 Martin Van Buren. Neutral.

14-19 John Quincy Adams. Skilled diplomat. His post-presidential defense of the Armistad "mutineers" reflects an addled universalistic morality: the White Man's bane.

12-36 Millard Fillmore. Ran as a candidate of the nativist Know-Nothing party after being president.

13-40 Franklin Pierce. Copperhead. Avoided Civil War. Followed the Constitution. But enacted the Nebraska-Kansas Act which allowed slavery (and negritude) room to grow in the west.

15-20 William Howard Taft. Possessed a cool, conservative temperament which at that time was a virtue. Supported income tax amendment along with just about every one of our blind leaders.

16-11 John Adams. Driving force behind American Independence but possessed a prickly temperament more suited to being a lawyer than president.

17-34 Zachary Taylor. Insignificant.

18-30 Benjamin Harrison. Neutral.

19-41 James Buchanan. Avoided Civil War. Followed the Constitution.

20-39 Andrew Johnson. Fought against Redestruction.

21-42 Warren G. Harding. Graves aren't filled with the "accomplishments" of his term as with the Establishment's darlings. Tea-pot dome? Who gives a damn. It's funny that Harding is pilloried for something that doesn't mean squat today and lying war-mongers who ripped the heart out of the West like Lincoln, FDR, and Wilson are lionized.

22-33 James A. Garfield. Was his defiance of cronyism which led to his death good or bad for Whites?

23-35 John Tyler. Evicted from the Whig party.

24-38 William Henry Harrison. His inauguration proved fatal so who knows what he would have done. Too bad that wasn't the case which such infamous traitors as FDR.

25-18 William McKinley. Annexed brown lands of Puerto Rico, the Phillipines, Hawaii, and Guam subordinating nation to empire.

26-15 Ronald Reagan. Equal or better than every other President since Hoover. Homo economicus is the best model Conservatism holds up for White Manhood. Proved that even our victories are sterile. Amnesty of 86: an infamous act of racial treason, though he may have believed the lie about that being a one-time necessary evil.

27-27 Gerald Ford. Short term but still not short enough.

28-29 Herbert Hoover. Compared to his successor he looks great. Not compared to that animal he was pretty lame.

29-7 Harry S. Truman. Ended the Pacific War without tens of thousands of more dead whites in defiance of Jewry who would have rather dropped A-bombs on defeated Germany. Involved us in another imperial adventure - Korea. Became a crusader for the latest blight to strike White people's right of self-determination: Civil Rights.

30-24 Rutherford B. Hayes. Was sympathetic to the plight of God's precious and always persecuted darlings as they started to face ramifications for their latest nation wrecking adventure in Russia. Hayes helped make sure America would be the parasite's new host.

31-37 Ulysses Grant. An incompetent administrator which allowed the carpetbaggers and their pet apes free reign to further ravage the South. In peace forgot how he treated Jewry in war.

32-12 John F. Kennedy. Set into motion - thru life and death - the end stage of America.

33-25 George H. W. Bush. Another tool of Judah like all since Wilson. Invasion of Iraq. Champion of New World Order. Caved when one of Hymie's pets was beaten to keep it in line and sold out white cops.

34-21 Bill Clinton. Cheered the on-going genocide of the White Race. Destroyed another white nation's (Serbia) attempt at sovereignty in favor of the NWO. Raised the Judah's governmental involvement to new levels of overt power.

35-22 George W. Bush. A Wilsonian dolt with (fortunately) only half of Wilson's IQ, but there is only so much more damage that can be done to what is left of America and the West. A lobotomized Goy that his masters let off the leash on occasion to sow destruction when it is kosher.

36-27 Jimmy Carter. Gentle as a dove but unfortunately only about as wise as one also. Case study in not becoming IQ fetishists since his was supposedly high. Had a unique fusion of Wilson's naivety with Grant's management skills. The first in a perverse parade (later Willy and Shrub) of born-again xtians: all proud of their sychophancy and what they considered their own "ideals".

37-9 Dwight D. Eisenhower. Deported the wetbacks while it was still PC to do so. A robotic anti-nazi who did nothing (like a "good" conservative) to recapture what FDR had ravaged. Stabbed our last notable patriot who had political power, Joe McCarthy, squarely in the back. Attacked the South by using the military to integrate schools and the South abdicated.

38-1 Abraham Lincoln. Wanted to repatriate Africans. Redestruction would have probably been much more temperate had the fury of the southern haters not been loosed by his "martyrdom". Ravaged the nation and our most legitimate culture and created an empire. Even though he was spinning fantasy with his Gettysburg Address and showed, with his own views, not to believe most of it, it nonetheless became fodder for the post-war invader to remake America to serve its own purposes.

39-14 Lyndon B. Johnson. The first Texas idiot to demonstrate his virtue as an anti-white. Was too cynical to believe the hocum he pushed. A base and craven politician. Oversaw the institutional dismantling of White people's rights, sent our young men to die in jungles leading to a generational rift amongst our people. Could have slowed down the pace of Kennedy's liberalism. Instead he supercharged it.

40-32 Richard Nixon. Hated by the non-neocon element of Judah for some odd reason since he did their bidding in spite of knowing they were an enemy. A more mediocre variation on LBJ but with the ignominy of treachery since he sold himself as a patriot. A huge reaction to the excesses of LBJ could have been unleashed. Instead this respectable conservative diverted this anger to where his masters expected. Implemented the Great Society like a devoted commissar. He wasn't forgiven for his proforma, youthful red-baiting; hence the Watergate scandal. Was partially aware of the Jewish threat but failed to act out of cowardice.

41-2 Franklin D. Roosevelt. Bernard Baruch's water boy. Drove a stake straight thru the heart of America and the whole West. Before him there was a chance of restoration, after him our course was unalterable. An evil, duplicitous warmonger. The NWO's favorite whore. If pure evil and treason were being rated this creature would lap the field. It might not even be fair to call this thing a traitor since it was really a Rosenfeld in body and spirit.

42-6 Woodrow Wilson. Accelerated what Lincoln started and handed to FDR to finish. First known pawn of the New World Order. Delivered to Judah tens of thousands of our best young men both in betrayal of Germany and in support of future Israel. Oversaw the institutionalization of both the White Slave Act (aka the Income Tax) and the Great Kosher Money Tree (aka the Federal Reserve). League of Nations?, War to end all wars?, Safe for democracy? Actually believed that nonsense. Best personification of Aryan Man's precipitous decline. Supposedly awakened to his own mistakes in the end.

If all goes as expected we will soon we will under the overt dominion of a mongrel-savant of the NWO as opposed to the more usual white ones. I look forward to an end to the white stooges. We cannot judge Obama as the men above since he cannot be blamed for not looking out for us. Our own won’t even do that unless their masters tell them it is acceptable.

True leaders are courageous, wise, and moral free agents in the sense of defying the "spirit of their times" if that spirit is not in the interests of the progress of their people. Those attributes are anathema to the entity still referred to as the United States.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The King, the Counselor and the Prophet

There is so much beauty and Aryan wisdom in the writings of J.R.R. Tolkein that it should be required reading by all White Nationalists. It is true that Tolkein disliked allegory but it is hard not to apply his works to our time. In fact by him overtly distancing his work from any contemporary issue he made its message all the more timeless. One recurrent theme in his works is decay; things are created in an original pristine state that is followed by inevitable general decline. I am not a fan of this particular aspect of Tolkein’s world though experience tends to reaffirm it. Still Tolkein reveals a desire as futile as it may seem to him to fight the decline and reform that which is sliding. In regards to this I want to emphasize one particular story of his I think is most relevant to us now.

Since I’ve awakened both to the rot that has inflicted Aryan Man and tried to understand its causes the revelations and learning have pointed in a consistent direction. All the filth and degeneracy always points to the same source. Oh, to be sure there are other factors involved. European Man is both blessed and cursed with an open, inquisitive spirit. We formulate ideologies to try and better order ourselves such that real progress is achieved. This spirit has served us well in our traditional historical environment: one of cold and scarcity; where cooperation was not only desirable but was required for survival. This spirit has also been our Achilles Heel, the kink in our armor which we have been blind to when we are not in our natural environment and are sharing our physical and intellectual space with foreign beings. For it was long ago espied by an outsider who has used it to slowly but surely inject his poison into us; to turn us to his service, and to that of his master.

Tolkein captured this situation perfectly in the relationship of Grima Wormtongue and King Theoden of Rohan in the Lord of the Rings. Theoden was noble and strong, daring and proud, and just as well. Yet he was not subtle, cunning or sly nor really wise as a king must be and was thus prone to one skilled in those areas. Sometime after (or it may have been before) his rise to kingship he took into his confidence Grima. Grima was all the things Theoden was not and at the start this was seemingly a positive relationship for Theoden and his nation. Tolkein says just that – that Grima initially provided wise council to Theoden.

Over time Grima’s councils directed Theoden to serve another power; a power not at all consonant with the spirit of Rohan. This shift in direction was gradual and deliberate and Theoden never saw the big picture until much later, after he had become a servant of all that the true spirit of his people loathed. Now it must be made clear that Grima himself was only a funnel through which the desires of Saruman were poured into the heart and mind of Theoden and over time Grima the subtle counselor became Wormtongue the corrupter. In turn Saruman had been twisted into a servant, though renegade, of Sauron who himself was a servant of the first corrupter – Morgoth. But I will use Wormtongue as the proxy for these powers to which he was but a slave.

There were nobles and officers true to Rohan who tried to warn the king of his and his nation’s slide into corruption but by that time the councils of Wormtongue had enslaved Theoden. Therefore these patriots were ignored if not imprisoned. Through Wormtongue, Theoden looked at natural friends as enemies or at best as undependable neutrals. He saw all Saruman’s intentions as honorable and in the best interests of Rohan. It got so bad that even when Theoden’s own son and many other of his people were killed in a sneak attack by Saruman’s orcs and mongrels he did not awaken in a fury of vengeance. That things were not much worse in Rohan by the time of the arrival a prophet of light is mostly due to the diligence and “treason” (at least as regards the councils of Wormtongue) of the faithful and vigorous remnant of Rohan as best seen in Prince Eomer, Theoden’s nephew.

This prophet is who awakened Rohan through the exorcism of he through whom Rohan was led. Gandalf’s arrival was vigorously contested by Wormtongue and for a time the sly adviser debated the wizard with the addled mind of the king unable to see the light through the fog. At this time Tolkein employs a tool we would do well to hearken to in trying to communicate our plight. Gandalf ignores the supposed “man” named Grima and rightly calls him a serpent whose words are nothing more than hisses.

One of my favorite lines from Gandalf is, “I have not come through fire and death to banter words with a witless worm. On your belly snake”. If that isn’t the exact quote, it is close. (Just as an aside there is a comparable classic moment in the climax of C.S. Lewis’ The Silver Chair.)

Gandalf knew words were important tools but they can be and in this case had been used to distort rather than edify and for a brief time had to be smashed to bits. In Lewis’ story the Silver Chair is literally smashed. In this case the chains on the spirit and the fog on the mind of Theoden were just as real but could only be destroyed by reaching in and pulling out the king from a self-imposed slavery once the well-spring of the enslavement had been disrupted.

Once Theoden reemerged as himself his nation returned as an organic healthy entity; with spirit, body, and soul working together to fulfill its destiny.

What does this mean to us? Who are the people filling these roles in the current production we are all actors in? My estimation after several years of being awakened is that King Theoden is the bewitched and AWOL leadership strata of European Man. Grima is the liberalized European commissariat without whose suicidal cooperation the enslavement, corruption, and genocide of Euro Man would not be possible. Wormtongue is the chattering creator and disseminator of that kosher zeitgeist known as political correctness, which is simply the latest ideological tool used by Jewry to achieve its objective of world domination. This is where the Mainstream Media, education establishment, and government bureaucracies all fall. Saruman represents the group of people from whom the agenda for the New World Order issues. It is Talmudic at the core and though many participants are not physically Jews they are nowhere men with no past and no future unless they are ultimately absorbed into that tribe. Think of the international banking houses, and groups who are the real guides of governmental and commercial policies and actions. Sauron/Morgoth is their lord. Whether one wants to call this entity “Satan” or something else is debatable but from the perspective of Aryan Man it is the Biblical equivalent of Satan.

I separate Grima from Wormtongue in that there is a part of liberalism that comes from the honest desire of Euro-Man to fix/save the world. Experience and even intuition reveals classical liberalism (as opposed to judeo-liberalism) as folly but it is not evil per se. But by design Grima was transformed and became the voice of Saruman - Wormtongue. Just as a exorcized Theoden had a desire to see Grima return uncorrupted as a servant of Rohan I would hope our deluded liberals will soon come home to their people, repent, and make amends for the damage they have done. Likewise there are
elements to liberalism that may be salvageable as expressions of European Man’s desire for real progress. Rohan is Euro-Man, adrift without an organic leadership strata; awesome with one.

Of all the pieces to this allegory the one that is the least certain to me is Theoden. Is there still a potential aristocracy for Euro-Man? If so from where will it emerge? No body lives long without a head in the midst of merciless foes. We have not had one for quite a while.

King – Counselor – Prophet. Is there a king left to rescue from corrupt counsels or has he been so tainted that he is permanently estranged from us in all but name? Or will he rise from among a new aristocracy? - an aristocracy wrought by the fires of an ongoing spiritual enslavement and physical genocide. Might the new story be that Theoden is overthrown by Eomer as the only means to save Rohan/us? I wish there were a Theoden but more and more it looks like a pipe dream.

Thursday, August 14, 2008



“First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same… Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset…. Contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia….
“In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think.”

…Senator Ted Kennedy during the debate surrounding the 1965 Immigration Reform Act which he co-sponsored

Fast Forward…

“White people will no longer make up a majority of Americans by 2042, according to new government projections. That's eight years sooner than previous estimates, made in 2004.

“The Census Bureau Thursday released population projections through 2050, based on rates for births, deaths and immigration. They are subject to big revisions, depending on immigration policy, cultural changes and natural or manmade disasters.
The U.S. has nearly 305 million people today. The population is projected to hit 400 million in 2039 and 439 million in 2050.”

…Associated Press report from August 13, 2008

If any other people group in the world were facing this latest demographic report the news stories would all be raising alarms and asking what could and would be done to reverse the trend. Google “2042 demographic white America” and see what you find in “our” mainstream media. See for yourself how concerned “our” media is with this. They can hardly contain their glee.

As a warning, the demographic news is really much worse than what is circulated for public consumption. This is for three reasons. One, the “White” classification is a catch all that includes elements completely hostile to the Nordic stock of Whites whose ancestors founded the United States. Two, of all the groups now contesting for America’s carrying capacity Whites are the weakest spiritually due to several generations of self-hating propaganda which the other groups have been intentionally spared. Three, our women are the most useful as administrators in the NWO economy making their independence from their men more workable.

So be prepared – unless there is a dramatic change in these underlying factors – for this projection to continue to get moved closer to the present.

Now if you are young white man and aren’t so sure about why you shouldn’t stand up for your people and honestly are perplexed as to why “our” media has their hostile attitude to our plight and really want the answer then you are on the verge of awakening as a real White Man. The answers are everywhere and easy to be found for now. Soon that may change if Ted Kennedy and his ilk get our last easily acquired access to the truth stopped with “hate crime” laws.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Westward Bound

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. Between being both at a loss for what to say regarding America’s/The West’s continued decay and preparing to move from Virginia to Idaho my always sporadic entries have become nonexistent. But now the move is mostly over and I wanted to catch up and share some thoughts.

Northern Virginia had been my inherited home since my mom moved there (from Texas) while I was still in high school back in 1979. So for 29 years it was my little corner of the world. I finished high school, college (albeit on an extended plan), entered the workforce, became a property owner, met my wife, and have been blessed with three children here so it was in me/us and we with it. I also witnessed first hand the dispossession of the posterity of its creators by our masters. My graduating class in high school in 1981 was easily 90% White. Now that same school is maybe 50% White. The elementary school my girls were just pulled out of was maybe 25% White. Even that’s too many for our masters who look at Aryans the way Phil Sheridan looked at Indians. And the numbers are not the worst part. They are merely the symptom of a seemingly terminal spiritual disease.

I was unable to sell two of our properties in the area due to an ongoing collapse in property values so I can’t yet completely leave it behind. I’ll have to be a landlord until things turn around enough to sell. When that will be is a good question. That the house next door is home to an indeterminate amount of Central American mystery meat is doubtless a factor as well. I'm leaving behind at least one neighbor who is an honorable Aryan who's young adult son is possibly waking up to our plight. They were two of the few real life people I met who ever seemed interested in the story behind the story.

The trip cross country was mostly enjoyable. First off we stopped in Niagara Falls. We went out of our way to go there since neither my wife nor I had been. This stop was the biggest disappointment of all. Not the natural beauty which is awesome and uplifting. There were two things that ruined the experience. The first is that Niagara Falls, NY has allowed little bush-league tour groups to set up shop in the middle of town and unless you know this you will pay triple the price for the actual events for the ‘pleasure’ of these shysters shuttling you around town in their little busses spending half your time waiting for the slowest members of the group. So if you go to Niagara Falls, do NOT pay for any tour package. Go to the stops yourself for a fraction of the price and at whatever pace you choose. The second is that Niagara Falls is like New Calcutta. There are Asian Indians everywhere. Every other restaurant and every other visitor smells of the fusion of Cumin and BO and speaks like Gunga Din. They seem to have this strange water fetish as most probably already know as with the River Ganges. It seems to be for spiritual “cleansing” but not physical; my wife noted how three consecutive of their females didn’t wash their hands after using the rest room. Given what America now is they probably all have a piece of paper saying they are American. Of course none of them is coupled with a mongoloid or a Mestizo or a Negro with mongrels in tow. That’s the sole domain of those of us crackers who aren’t queer.

Fortunately most of the rest of the trip was edifying from an Aryan perspective. There were a few nauseating sites the rest of the trip. Noteworthy was the occasional White Woman in a rest stop who looked attractive but was in the arms of a Negro and was pushing around a wooly-headed little mulatto. She just followed all the leads of our sick culture and revolted against all her healthy instincts to end in that state. If we ever recover all the mongrels will have to be cast out or destroyed. Seem harsh? Well, they are all tools of our masters’ plan to destroy us. Do they give a shit about you as a carrier of life and progress? We can either be nice and die (or worse - end up permanently distorted) or be firm and live the full life that potentially awaits us. Payment cannot be avoided.

The next stop of note was in South Dakota. It is a beautiful state, with both diverse geography and topography and a largely untainted (from my small observation) Aryan population. I encountered a few Mennonite families and chatted a little with the husbands. They are characteristic of many of the best of our people; industrious, humble, communitarian, energetic and they were all physically well proportioned: in height, weight, and structure. They also exhibited the other characteristic of our people which has gotten helped get us in our current state – expected universal reciprocity. They are gentle as lambs but they do not appear as wise as serpents – at least not as regards the malign intents of our masters. They seem very protective of their beliefs but not of their genetic endowment. How they would fare if they were specifically targeted for destruction is a good question but I am skeptical. For now ZOG is busy ruining the still more numerous mainstream Whites so some of the dropouts (not all – note the Mormon Fundamentalists) are under the radar. I hope they can wake up to this without losing the best of themselves. Maybe they are savvier than I give them credit. If anything will save them – as Aryan people - from ZOG it will be their religious beliefs since that sets them apart and makes them close knit. Very few non-Aryans have the pioneer qualities it takes to be self-sufficient farmers and ranchers so this is an important though seemingly unintended firewall against miscegenation.

The Badlands, the Black Hills and Yellowstone were all as beautiful as expected. Mount Rushmore is especially worthy of seeing. Even if you hate Lincoln seeing the vision and implementation of such Aryan art is breath taking. The American Federal Government even deserves credit for the infrastructure they have put in around it. Almost all the other Americans encountered were decent and friendly. There were lots of Chinese at Yellowstone. They are on the ascent. Hopefully they all go back home when their visit is over.

I barely survived the behavior of my kids. It must have been half of the trip that one of them was having a tantrum. Higher doses of Talmudvision (the CD variety) would have pacified them but we only allowed a little of it and that was more benign shows like Andy Griffith. We arrived in western Montana after seven days and over three thousand miles right on Fire Cracker Day. Since then we have been lining up a temporary abode in northern Idaho to hold us until we can build a custom home further north on some acreage we bought a couple years back.

Even though my wife has not been agreeable to my racial awakening I am still happy to be away from ZOG’s imperial headquarters. The life there was getting worse every year and Whites are nowhere close to yet standing up to their destruction. As best I can tell they aren’t ready in the Pacific Northwest either but it is a place where a resistance may arise and if it does has the greater chance of success. For those either trapped in or defiantly staying in areas where Whites have largely been cleansed I hope for the best for you. We do need to carve out a nation within an empire but how to do it is not something I yet see.

I wish I had more things to say and there were others sharing ideas about truly constructive action but I must admit being at a loss right now. We must persevere and carry the torch since this generation won’t see the light. A high price must be paid for generations of failure and cowardice.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Clintons

Now that the Left/”Progressive”/”Liberal”/Democratic establishment has their panties in a ruffle over Hillary and Bill’s reluctance to bow out of the Democratic party’s primary a little reflection is in order. It’s funny that this same clique of boobs had absolutely no problem when the Clinton’s narcissism was only ruining the dwindling remnant of traditional America. (Of course the reason they had no problem with it is because this ruination was/is intentional and the Clintons were very effective in its execution.) Now that it is their precious rainbow coalition that is being exposed for the fraud that it is they want Hillary and Bill to get back in line like all the other good little crackers that are grist for the mill of progress. Thank God H&B have the integrity (in their own special kind of way) to just be themselves here. Don’t they realize that White folk are supposed to be used and then discarded? How dare they not conform! I know this little rebellion will be short lived but you gotta love it while it lasts. More Whites on the Left might finally wake up and see the reality of the one way street of race in the Jew-blighted States of America: a wonderful multicultural paradise as long as Whites surrender, turn the other cheek, self immolate, work and give but a Third Reich in-the-making if Whites come as equals to the political table.

What do I expect to come of this in the next few years? Absolutely nothing. Whites are still too narcotized by the spiritual poison of our zeitgeist and too comfortable playing remora to the New World Order’s shark. It will take others to save us unfortunately: whether it be Jewry’s own chutzpah, or some foreign power’s unwillingness to bow to this monstrosity we are trapped in.

In the meantime we (White Nationalists) can only cheer every new crack that is revealed within the JSA and hope the fissures keep growing to the point a critical mass of Aryans can grow out of the toxic waste. Based on our enemy’s unprecedented success (which the Clintons contributed to handsomely) in lowering White birthrates, encouraging miscegenation, and having brown skins fill in the carrying capacity we have built and maintain it is a race against time.

Here’s to the Clintons. May they always be themselves.