Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Empty Ritual

Last night we went to Back to School Night at my oldest daughter’s school; she is now in 3rd Grade. I hate to admit that it is a government school and it is a shining example of the New America where Whites are dwindling to nothingness through infertility, amalgamation, and flight. I want so much to homeschool her before the PC claptrap propagated by this seminary overwhelms her parent’s beliefs but that’s not want I want to talk about right now.

After all the parents were gathered in the Auditorium we were all asked to rise and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I couldn’t do it – recite the Pledge that is – even though I stood and placed my hand over my heart. The stars and stripes that we have all been raised to revere I now reel from. Up until a year ago I would regard my own thoughts now as disrespectful at the least, if not treasonous. I don’t care anymore about that. I care about the truth, justice, and the survival of my people. When I see that flag now I see lies, injustice, and genocide. Most Whites don’t see this. They see Iowa Jima, Gettysburg, Normandy, and the all the fallen heroes of America; our kin and kith who died for it and what they thought it stood for. It now spits on their posterity. Should we now honor it or them? I choose them. This is a conundrum most neither see, or if they do see can handle. Most choose to hope what I say is not true. They put their faith in false idols like empty patriotism, empty symbols, and empty ritual.

Recite the Pledge in your mind and see if the words are truth or lies. They maybe used to be true but are they now?

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America (united by coercion) and to the republic (we are a republic like North Korea is a republic – in name only) for which it stands, one nation (used to be of blood and faith, now it is based on an anti-White abstraction), under God (a blasphemous lie now, at least for Jehovah – we should not desecrate His holy name by associating Him with something approaching or exceeding Sodom), indivisible (thanks to Lincoln and his disciples), with liberty (maybe adolescent libertinism fits), and justice (Marx’s and Trotsky’s variety) for all (all who are of a preferred class and have preferred thoughts).

I understand that principles are good and it is good to try to aspire towards principles we can’t even keep, even if it often makes us hypocrites. The problem with the Pledge is that it means (either from its original Socialist intent, and/or through reinterpretation) exactly what is says in an Orwellian way to our current Masters and their adoring slaves. It is a lie from the perspective of a Christian who wants a society built on Christian liberty, freedom, and justice. When words are twisted like this it makes no sense to keep repeating them hoping they mean something different.

America has been changed from within into something diametrically opposed to its very foundations. The pre-Constitutional American States were all (with the possible exception of Rhode Island) explicit Christian Republics. The post-Constitutional Union was at least not hostile towards God’s Law. From the 1860’s until now we have been in a death spiral ever accelerating. Reciting and believing the Pledge is tantamount to digging our own graves. It’s a tough realization for a former mainstream (in the terms of Bob Whitaker – “respectable”) conservative.

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whs said...

Think it's bad now? I forsee a liberal backlash against the Republicans after this administration steps down. With very few exceptions, after this there won't be so much as a Republican dogcatcher in this country, much less a president.
The shortsighted look at GWB as Hitler reincarnate, while the savvy liberal elite know him for the Gumby in cowboy boots he really is. They will use to best effect his ineffectuality now, and his unpopularity later. A rubber chicken could win the presidency next time around, as long as it runs as a Democrat.