Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Monkey Brains or Pig Ears?

Coming up in a few weeks is the election for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. This will be the first election since I fully became aware that our political process is a farce. Not that congress is full of crooks farce or taxes are high farce or the current party needs to be swept out of power farce but a COMPLETE farce.

The Dumb party has nominated Kilgore, the Dumber party Kaine. As expected they are suit wearing pretty boys who lick boots like the best of them. The only time I start to get even the slightest desire to support one of them is from his opponent’s sophomorically transparent attack ads. When I start hearing from Dumber how Dumb wants to slash this and cut that I think maybe Dumb’s got some guts after all; maybe he’s not just a puppet of the establishment. Then Dumb puts out his own ad ‘defending’ himself and ruins the whole illusion. Our wonderful News Media which is the public relations arm of the Establishment keeps the political parties in line, asking all the right questions, derailing any chance that things can be corrected through approved channels.

This is the first election I will not support the lesser of two evils. I won’t fall for the pavlovian prodding of abortion or terrorism. I thank GWB for making it crystal clear just how ‘conservative’ he and the entire Right is. To my shame I bought their spin for years. I gave them the benefit of the doubt but now there is nothing left to doubt for anyone who has a shred of integrity left unless their intellect has been catechized beyond repair. That this specimen of exceeding mediocrity can keep the other ‘leaders’ of the Right in tow shows not his, but their treachery. Saying one was mesmerized by the oratory of Cicero is one thing but not that of Gomer Pyle.

Virginia is overrun by an immigrant invasion, whether it is legal or illegal don’t amount to squat, but neither Dumb nor Dumber has issued a peep. They know better. The welfare state, the ethnic cleansing of Whites from our lands, dictatorship (rules by dictation), profligate government spending, tax slavery, public debt, are the issues of the day. None of these will see the least bit of light; our ‘free’ press won’t allow it. Actually that needs to be qualified: some of it will make it by the censors, if it can be used as a prop for more ‘progress’. Just like those liars did with the “population explosion” back in the 60’s and 70’s. There was a population explosion only as long as White birth rates were above replacement. Once they helped ‘fix’ that problem, the “population explosion” as an issue disappeared, even as the 3rd World overruns us.

Here is a very small anecdote to pass on. In the past few elections, besides me, two other close by neighbors have voted consistently Republican. For one of them I know this by curb-side discussions, the other because they always had out signs and recruited me a couple times to work at the polls. Not only have I given up on Dumbo but the first neighbor has really soured on them also. The other one no longer has out the signs and there are only a couple weeks to go. If these folks leave Dumbo for Donkey then the dance will just continue until the rotten floor collapses. It will be one or the other.

The Election will come, Dumber or Dumb, most likely Dumber, will win and then we can avoid having our intelligence insulted any more by the 3rd Grade level discourse. We can then resume at the 6th Grade level where we belong. Things will continue to spiral down afterwards and folks will wring their hands wondering why.


David McCrory said...

I feel for you. Just last year I started voting 3rd party (Constitution Party).

It is unfortunate that more 3rd parties don't run in state and local elections.

We need to wake up to the fact we're in a one party system!


Randall Gerard said...


I stopped voting for republicrats and demicans in '92. Remember when Bush senior gave the famous 'read my lips' pledge? That's when the republicans left me. I haven't moved, but they sure have.

As for the democrats, I don't think I've voted for more then a handfull of donkeys in my whole life - and I'm sure they were all solidly pro-life; at least until they got elected.

Nowadays, if there's not a suitable 3rd party guy running, I abstain or write my name in. At least I know where I stand.

wjg said...


I really liked what I saw from the Constitution Party in the past but never supported them because of the damnable "unelectable" excuse. If I vote at all it will be for them or the Libertarians. The sad conclusion I have reached though is that the system can no longer be fixed from within - it is beyond repair. Whoever assumes power in the current setup WILL be bent to the will of the Establishment. I don't know what the answers are but reforming what we have is now out of the question.

There are a couple Republicans like Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul who are decent but the Republican Establishment will support the jackasses before they allow a renegade to run the club. The media portrays liberal sycophant McCain as a maverick; what a joke.

You're right, we are in a ONE party system.


You were much more clearer thinking than I was. It has taken me years to shake my liberal indoctrination (I voted for Dukakis in 88) but I have finally done it. Some argue that the necon takeover of the Republican party was well under way back in 1980 when Reagan didn't defend (from internal neocon attacks) nominee Mel Bradford, who was a real conservative, and allowed neocon Bill Bennett to be put in his stead.

We can now clearly call our masters what they are, in more ways then one, - Dumb(o) asses.

John Brown's body said...


I agree with you 100% except the part about GP: “…but not that of Gomer Pyle.” Knowing to whom you are comparing GP, I must strongly disagree. GP may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he’s not criminally stupid like, oh, you know who (YKW). And GP’s heart is good and honest unlike YKW. Also, unlike YKW, GP loves his country and he would never do anything to put it or his countrymen in harms way just to satisfy some Skull & Bonehead buddies' lust for cheap labor and oil money. Besides, for all his naiveté, GP always sizes up the situation correctly, he always takes the quickest path to the root of the problem, and he always applies the right fix—and his actions always result in the right outcome. GP even manages, from time to time, to come up with some rather pithy observations about life and the human condition.

How can you possibly compare a GP to the likes of a YKW? LOL.

(David, I too like the Constitution Party. I voted for YKW his first term, to my unending shame. Never again will I waste my right to vote on the repuglicans—nor on the democraps, for that matter.)

wjg said...


I should have parenthetically added that no insult was intended to Gomer. You are right though - Gomer was goofy but good at heart and witty.

Who has the same 'qualities' as GWB: idiocy and treachery. He almost seems too dumb to be treacherous but he manages. Jimmy Carter, Caligula?

John Brown's body said...

Sorry, WJG, no singular, adequately evil entity to compare el presidente Dunce-nugget exists, to my mind. He is a hybrid of horribles: Sergeant Barnes in Platoon (Tom Berenger), for treachery; Archibald Cunningham in Rob Roy (Tim Roth), for ruthless ambition; Hans Gruber in Die Hard (Alan Rickman), for sheer unrepentant villainy; The Shark in Jaws, for unthinking and uncaring cold-bloodiness; and Warden Samuel Norton in The Shawshank Redemption (Bob Gunton), for almighty, on-high condescension, just to name a few possible candidates for comparable character traits. This is no way near a complete list, but it is a sampling. These characters are not just evil; they are also thoroughly unlikable—from beginning to end.

I should add Mr. Lincoln to the list because I very much despise him, but, in truth, it turns out that GWB is much worse, or, at least, they are both dead even for the title of Best Worst Loser President In History.

Since I’ve mentioned Abe, the Rabid, let me change gears and pose a question. If Johnny Booth had not martyred the tyrant, would have the radical Republicans been successful in coercing that accursed 14th Amendment onto the Constitution?

wjg said...


Thanks for your list of the infamous in the movie world. We could almost make a movie, along the lines of Frakenstein, of cobbling together a dunce, puppet president from villains of the past.

"If Johnny Booth had not martyred the tyrant, would have the radical Republicans been successful in coercing that accursed 14th Amendment onto the Constitution?"

Good question. As bad as Lincoln was, in many ways he was moderate compared to the Republican fire breathers of that time. He may have ended up being a moderating influence on some of the more egregious post conquest excesses, including adoption of the Declaration of Propositional Nationhood - the 14th Amendment.

The same probably happened with JFK's assassination. It turned loose another Texas idiot to ravage the Constitution and the White Race in the name of compassion.