Friday, March 31, 2006

Amnesty Daze

This is a rambling post, hence the title...

The news of the impending amnesty of millions of illegal aliens should be a surprise to no one who has figured out what America now is. Still, I am a bit dazed - not only by the indifference with which this story is met by the public - but by the sheer brazenness of our eternal enemy. The more our people yield, the more they are expected to yield again. It is one thing to read about the Stockholm syndrome in psychology class, quite another to see it played out at a national level repeatedly.

Yes all our establishment institutions are either controlled by or are obedient to our enemy but when will enough Whites wake up? Awareness didn't come to me without a good deal of searching and in the unfolding period of discovery that followed many things I held dear came crashing down. Is there enough initiative left in enough of our people to rediscover that which we know instinctively though we subordinate it to our egalitarian/nihilistic obedience training? I really don't know.

Another reason for the daze is that I find myself almost in a parallel universe as far as social interaction. The few 'intellectuals' I come in contact with completely buy into the fundamentals of liberalism and what is worse is that they refuse to even entertain any dissent. On Saint Patrick's Day I chatted with someone that the controlled media would call "conservative" or even "right wing". I've known him for quite a few years and before my awakening (started about 2 years back and is on-going) considered an ally on the issues of our day. I told him I'd love to move out of the Washington DC area for a number of reasons, one being the threat of terrorism to the capital of this nation-destroying empire. He responded that he was an "internationalist" and a "free trader". I said free trade is fine as long as labor isn't commoditized in the process. Since the people are the nation labor cannot be freely exchanged if the nation is to survive.

When I added that another motivation was the browning of our area through massive immigration he said immigration is less proportionately now than 100 years ago. When I suggested that there are multiple differences between then and now, notably racial, he had to just end the discussion. It was civil but violated our state religion and this respectable 'conservative' would not dare pollute his mind with such heresy. This is someone who writes for a widely read neocon magazine and newspaper plus books on occasion. Rationally I can see why he would want nothing to do with a discussion on race; for any neocon short of denouncing race, any mention of it that became public could and would force him to look for new employment and new social circles. It is also an affront to their deeply held faith that words trump blood. Intellectually it is craven.

Yet this person is typical of the establishment sycophants. They all refuse to state the obvious or to even investigate it - that race is not only an important issue but that it is THE issue that drives the seeming vagaries of history. It is possible that maybe I am overstating the case here but is it any wonder since it is the great unmentionable? If these participants in the Establishment's adversarial charade (Republicans vs. Democrats, neocons vs. liberals) were honest with each other one side would say to the other as Captain Von Trapp said to the Nazi commissar in The Sound of Music, "we both seem to be suffering from an appalling lack of curiosity".

The other people I come in contact with are fat, dumb, and happy; contented in their processes of seeming self-actualization. Many of these have already committed themselves to their voluntary extinction to atone for the 'sins' of our forefathers as described by our eloquent enemy. Why would they care about the future? I personally come into contact with very few folks who think outside the ideological plantation. The blogosphere is an exception but it is, for now, a ghetto. This virtual world seems the only place where a modicum of sanity and reality exists. Seems paradoxical.

An added point of interest for me that has brought this whole alien invasion home is my current search for work. I finished a consulting engagement in December and have yet to land a new gig since. Being between jobs for a few months is not unheard of and there are many factors involved such as business cycle, luck, fit, etc. Putting aside the conventional answers I have noticed a preponderance of Asian Indians in the consulting marketplace in every part of the chain: both as consultant competitors and as the head-hunters. I have worked with many Indians and have liked almost all of them but when you lose work to them in your own country due to uncontrolled immigration or work visa madness it becomes less abstract and very personal. As more Whites feel this same squeeze maybe then there will be a rejuvenation of our warrior spirit?

When our people see how other races treat us when we are in direct competition only an idiot or a coward would not wake up. One more personal anecdote. I was at Air Force basic training in 1984 (a fitting year). There were 40 men per unit, called a Flight. Of that group there were 35 whites and 5 blacks. Every morning we would assemble in a box formation of 5 by 8 to march to breakfast and later for lunch and dinner. There was an ordering to the formation with the tallest men being in the front and the right and the shortest to the left and rear. It was assumed that each man got into the same spot every time we got into formation (for simplicity) and generally that was the case. When we entered the cafeteria for meals one column went in at a time so there was a rule to rotate the starting column for each subsequent meal. That way each man would sometimes go in early, sometimes in the middle, sometimes late. Sounds fair right? Well guess what 4 of the 5 brothas (to his credit one of them did not) did? They would line up in the column that everyone knew would be first to go in for that meal and displace the whites who were normally in that slot. The brothas must have worked this out by some sort of collusion because they always acted in consort while the whites just passively went along so as not to cause dissension or it could be that most were oblivious. I don't know since we didn't talk about it. I noticed it and it bothered me a bit but I was just a very young adult at the time and I didn't want to make a stink at basic training. You want to keep your mouth shut and just make it through but that experience has made a lasting impression. I was definitely not racially aware at this time and was surprised these blacks didn't have the same concern for fairness that I and all the whites shared.

That story may seem silly but to me it encapsulates in microcosm our current fight for survival - brown folks taking, whites yielding. More white folks need to see the fantasy of equalitarianism dashed to bits by blacks and mestizos kicking sand in their faces. Seeing Mexicans angrily marching in our cities demanding anything is an affront but our people are still too weak due to the political HIV that has weakened us. The mestizos and blacks are just the opportunistic diseases of this immunity system failure.

This amnesty is just another result of that weakness. Will the antibodies kick in or is the patient already terminal? Either way, only the ultimate destruction of the virus will save us else the wave of diseases it invites will wash us away.