Friday, August 12, 2005

Questions for Judge Roberts

I recently received an email alert from the American Family Association requesting that American Christians rally in defense of President Bush’s nomination of Judge Roberts to the Supreme Court of the U.S. This is in anticipation of the liberal attacks that are bound to come. In the past I would almost reflexively answer the call to arms, maybe in so small a way as to send an encouraging email. Now, I take everything from the Conservative Establishment with a very large grain of salt. I don’t follow things much in Washington anymore since I believe it is largely a wasted effort while there are other areas we can make a big difference. Still, I have heard some things about Roberts that bring to question Bush’s promise to nominate someone in the mold of Scalia or Thomas. I’ll touch on those things in a moment but if I have heard these things, in very casual perusals of the Internet, wouldn’t Don Wildmon (head of the AFA), supposedly a very conservative and principled man, have also heard these things? If there are serious red flags regarding the judicial temperament of Roberts why wouldn’t the AFA bring those to the attention of its members rather than a call to blind support?

I hope history proves me wrong but right now Roberts looks like a spineless, liberal weasel like Souter, or a constantly compromising, ever “growing”, centrist like O’Connor or Kennedy. (As a side note, this morning I heard the abortion advocacy group NARAL is pulling an attack ad on Roberts. Are these liberals finally realizing they have nothing to fear from this guy? I think so. He seems such a domesticated, tame, acceptable little conservative.)

I’ll raise my two concerns in a series of questions that I would ask of Judge Roberts were I a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. These questions will not be asked due to both the blind support of Republicans for Bush and due to the liberal religion under which almost all Democrats are acolytes, if not clergy. Liberalism holds these things, that I consider major concerns of Roberts, as sacrosanct, akin to the geocentric universe before the time of Copernicus and Galileo. Cyberspace is the only place these questions will be asked.

1) Judge Roberts, you have said that Roe vs. Wade is the “settled law of the land”. Please explain.

(After the normal doublespeak and sophistry that is intended to bore people to disinterest…)

2) Judge Roberts, can the Supreme Court create “law”?

3) Judge Roberts, which body does our Constitution grant the authority to pass laws?

4) Judge Roberts, has the U.S. Congress ever passed a law prohibiting statutory abortion restrictions?

5) Judge Roberts, has not the U.S. Congress attempted to pass numerous laws to just the opposite effect – to override the “law” created by the Supreme Court?

6) Judge Roberts, is what the Supreme Court decides a law unto itself regardless of what our Constitution says?

7) Judge Roberts, are there no transcendent or institutional constraints that can correct rulings of the Supreme Court?

8) Judge Roberts, isn’t that why you say Roe vs. Wade is “settled” and “law”, because the Supreme Court said it is?

New line of questions

9) Judge Roberts, please explain the concept of “pro bono” legal advice.

10) Judge Roberts, is it fair to say that lawyers only provide pro bono services in support of cases in which they strongly believe?

11) Judge Roberts, are you familiar with the state of Colorado’s referendum, adopted by the vote of its citizens, that would bar special rights to sodomites, or, if you prefer, “gay” people?

12) Judge Roberts, you provided pro bono (i.e. free and voluntary) legal services in support of sodomite activists who sought to overturn the will of the people of Colorado in Romer vs. Evans. Why?

13) Judge Roberts, there are many places you could have provided free legal services where they are desperately needed, where there is no establishment popularity as with “gay” rights, but you chose this cause. What does this say about your value system, your convictions, and your courage?

14) Judge Roberts, are you proud that your volunteer effort helped to overturn this decision of the people of Colorado?

15) Judge Roberts, in what way did the Colorado Referendum violate Colorado Law, Federal Law, God’s Law?

16) So, if God’s Law is no longer relevant what did Thomas Jefferson mean when he stated our rights are “inalienable”?

17) So, if God’s Law is relevant only if it comports with modern sensibilities has it not become Man’s Law and are not Supreme Court Justices modern day prophets of a new polymorphous god?

18) Judge Roberts, are you an example of what President Bush considers a conservative judge in the mold of Scalia and Thomas?

19) Judge Roberts, might you speculate then as to who President Bush might think is in the mold of Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Never mind, don’t answer.

20) Judge Roberts, what are your thoughts on Judge Roy Moore?

Judge Roberts, I never would have known you were a Christian if I hadn’t read it in your bio. That should make you proud.

No further questions.

If Roberts can't "get" these simple things like abortion and sodomite "rights" how the hell can he deal with the harder issues that will come up where he would really have to prove himself a man of the law? The answer is he won't. He has failed on these little things so he should not be trusted on the big things. I wonder if the liberals will do the conservatives job and reject this example of mediocrity? I doubt it. As dumb as they are, they are not as dumb as conservatives.


Mr. Orthodox said...

The fact that neocon evanjellyfish are praising Roberts should give us a clue as to how good a judge he'll be.

wjg said...

Mr. Orthodox,

You're right. Rank and file conservatives are being rallied, not in opposition to Roberts, but in his defense. You would think they would have learned after Kennedy, O'Connor, and Souter? Nope.

ikantspel said...

Good questions. Of course, all the establishment types always tend to avoid having to answer questions dealing with any issue that is important to you or I.

Good blog, by the way.