Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Are you a racist?

If you are a white person who actually cares about your ancestors, yourself, and children you had better be. The contemporary definition of "racist" in the United States and in Europe is any white person who favors their own group and acts to protect it. You don’t even have to hate other groups to be a racist. You can even, like most, hold no antipathy towards other groups at all; but that is not good enough for the high priests of multi-culturalism. Unless you feel no loyalty to your group you are a racist. So the choice is yours: either love and prefer your people and be labeled a racist or shun them and be allowed into the enlightened presence of the gatekeepers of acceptability.

For a long time I cringed at hearing the label but since I have come to realize what being an anti-racist is; a hater of kith and kin, an arrogant ingrate who despises his ancestors and what they created and suffered to protect, a nowhere man whose identity is shaped by others; I now no longer flee the label. Yes, it is unfair in the sense of both semantics and consistency but the alternative is far worse. Semantically it is unfair because it connotes something that is untrue. The average person equates racist with hatred, even violence towards others, which is usually not the case among Whites who want to protect White culture. Anytime a word means something on the visceral, emotional level that is entirely inconsistent with reality it is being used to distort instead of inform. Also this label is not used consistently by those who apply it. That was why I previously made it clear that white people are most affected by this. The label is applied by the news media, by the entertainment industry, by the educational establishment, by the political process, by government, by religions, by the business world, by just about every cultural institution in a one sided fashion. The label is almost exclusively applied to Whites in a way that, following the Establishment’s own definition, makes them anti-White racists. As an anecdote consider the contrasts of Al Sharpton and David Duke. I do this with an apology in advance to Mr. Duke, who though I have never met him, consider him fair minded, intelligent and brave from what I have seen available to the public. It is fair to call them both racial activists, Sharpton for Blacks and Duke for Whites, but look at how they are presented to the public by our cultural gatekeepers. Sharpton is occasionally criticized for being a demagogue but he was treated like a king by all the white politicians in the Democratic Party who were competing against him for the 2004 presidential nomination. Keep in mind Sharpton’s role in both the Tawana Brawley interracial rape hoax and the Freddie’s Fashion Mart arson/murder. This guy has made a living with unsubstantiated racially charged accusations that have directly led to murder and yet there he is a respected leader, in the estimation of our mainstream culture, of the black community. David Duke, on the other hand, has taken on the thankless job of defending White people’s interests. I am not aware of anything he has done that comes close to the mindless demagoguery of Sharpton but he is treated like the worst kind of villain. Read his book 'My Awakening' and see if you see hate in there. Yes, it is "racist" by the definition I led with but that definition is flawed and ahistorical so it is destructive of Whites as a group and as individuals. Duke has committed one of the unpardonable thought crimes of modern life, white racial awareness and a call to action. Add to it that Duke has called into question the role of Jews in the continued destruction of American society and the denunciation is irreversible. Sharpton ‘only’ rants and raves in a completely irrational fashion to extort wealth and create white self-hate and self-doubt, leading to occasional murder by mobs. He plays Stepandfetchit to his Establishment masters who want Whites continually on the defensive. He does a good job which is why the Establishment tolerates him. One is a player the other a pariah. I’ll take the pariah.

Now there is the chance that the love of your own people can lead to a hatred of others but that risk, I believe, is even greater when we are hamstrung into the deceitful ideology of anti-racism/multiculturalism. Man is tribal, for better or worse, and no trendy philosophy can change this regardless of how much it is propagandized, extorted, preached, and coerced into our minds. As a matter of fact the more energetically anti-racism is force fed to us the more rebellion there will be as people are finally forced to the surface to breathe the clean air of the truth.

A love and preference for those that are closest to you is a threat to the New World Order we are currently plunging into but far from leading to a hatred of others it allows for a respect for them since most people make some effort to apply the golden rule. We are all wired to treat others as we would like to be treated even though we often violate this principle.

If you are white and want to throw off the shackles that have been placed on you and your people a good place to start is to no longer run from the Establishment label of "racist", ignoring, for now, the distortions of the term. Not only will you begin to love your own better but, not surprisingly, others as well. The ones to despise are the great nation destroying amalgamators. The political arm of this movement dominates both the Republican (neoconservative) and Democratic (left liberal) Parties. Wall Street and Hollywood also march arm in arm on this. The whole Establishment of America is a great wheel attempting to crush all resistance to it. They preach the freedom of unity and togetherness, free-trade and democracy, when all distinctions, variety, and flavor that make life rich will be grist for their mill of ‘progress’. Remember who the real haters are.

Be counter-cultural; look after your folk. The dead can bury their own.

A Brief Introduction

A fascinating thing about being human is the opportunity to reflect on things encountered as we grow in life. Sometimes these things are weighty, sometimes they are light, yet they all are captivating. Many of these questions seem silly or irrelevant by the more cynical among us. I don't care since where will they be when I go to meet my Maker. I hope everyone makes an honest effort to arrive at answers since the consequences are eternal. What is the meaning of life? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Were we created? If so, by whom? Who created the creator? And so on...

I ask the deeper questions less the older I get, having by faith, logic, or frustration, arrived at some sort of answer on them, or filed them under the 'mysteries of life' to be contemplated but never rationalized. The relevancy and practicality of the questions now determine whether they are ones I spend much effort on. Now in my 42nd year I am realizing how little I know about this world. By faith I accept there is a higher being who created us and He has revealed himself in the Bible. This gift of faith I received when I was 30 and have stumbled and fumbled my way since then, not really knowing what Christian living is supposed to be.

I have decided to write this blog as diary if nothing else; if it spawns any interest then as a means of communication and dialog as well. If there is no interest other than from me it will at least have served its primary purpose of being a creative release and a means of helping me to better organize my views.

Currently most of my thoughts revolve around family, community, culture, continuity, and how faith in God should guide them all. I am struggling with what I perceive as the overly individualistic philosophy of the evangelical movement of which I am aligned. There is such an emphasis on the individual that community is an afterthought. In my local church we do have a meal together once a week to go with the 2 hours together Sunday morning but not much else. Is this all there is? Once when I sent an email to my Sunday School class about a moral issue being considered by our local school board the interest was almost non-existent. I even got one rebuke for not being the right kind of salt and light. Also I have become more and more aware of some of the effects dispensational theory on the whole evangelical movement. The end result of all this is even in the supposed 'right wing' evangelical Christian community there is a very passive, worldly way in which we are expected to act in the world. Doing anything that is communitarian and counter-cultural (like the Amish) is considered 'legalistic'. My interpretation is that Christ has been overtly feminized by non-Christian elements in our society and that the Church has gone right along because it both wants to fit in with the world and not face the masculine pain of separation from it. From my holistic view of the Christian life something ain't right. Forget the 'mainline' Protestant view on things; they are even more astray from the clear teachings of the Bible. Roman Catholicism is so riddled with anti-Biblical practices as to also be undesirable.

I am searching for the right balance for my family. I want to be the husband and father God calls me to be. A continuity of family and community is needed that can be preserved and passed on until Christ returns. With that in mind there is a time for a Christian to stand up and be counted and not to shrink from speaking the truth even when it violates the false religions and false gods of our day. Our liberty has turned into libertinism. The traditional Christian freedom of our forefathers is now a shadowy memory. I hope to reclaim some of it for my kin and kith before my time passes.