Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sale of the Century

There is an old saying that you should be careful of what you wish for because you may actually get it. The Twentieth Century had many things which distinguished it, most notably change and death, and threaded throughout its salient moments was something which I believe will become clearer and clearer as more time passes. Amongst all the other events this may have been the most pivotal. And, what was this? It was the currying of favor by the White Nations, of a small but very influential group, to give them an edge in their competition against other White Nations. Once this group was bought, the winners of the auction ‘won’ their conflicts but in so doing they sold their souls, and are right now in their death throes because of the bargain. I call it the sale of the century but it may have been the swindle of the ages.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the White Race was ascendant, though undoubtedly by some very questionable means. Over 30% of the world’s population was white and the chasm of technology between the white world and non-white world was immense. Any conflict between the two was virtually a foregone conclusion. Just about all the land of the world was directly under the authority of white governments. Whites knew who they were and what it took to protect themselves, though often in short-sighted ways. What was generally in contention was the power distribution within the white world.

This competition was the genesis of our current death spiral for it did two things: first it made the major white nations desirous of empire to maintain parity with whoever was the greatest at the time; second it caused the white nations to look for anything from which to gain an edge. Imperialism made us an affront to the many peoples of the world who were not keen on being subjects of foreigners, it transferred enormous wealth and knowledge to them, allowing them to grow in ways they never could have on their own, and it made our people supremacists since we then had to rule over the brown world and ‘civilize the savage’. Imperialism is unhealthy to the master and the serf and it destroys diversity and localism.

The search for an edge caused white nations to lose sight of what got them to where they were - their genetic endowment, the order which issues from it, and the resultant culture. Since they now had to win at all costs against fellow Whites every little bit helped. Within most white nations were a particular people with well known talents in certain areas: very well motivated, cunning, eloquent, and powerful. Over the centuries this nation within nations honed the skills necessary for their survival in areas deemed inappropriate, immoral, and/or illegal for Whites. Since earlier white rulers saw the danger of this nation, they segregated them into certain areas and limited them to certain activities. In spite of or because of this they got stronger. By the start of the century they dominated the international trade in money (banking) as well as information dissemination (the media). This group has both thrived within and despised its hosts at the same time. The earlier wisdom of our leaders in keeping them on a very short leash was about to be abandoned.

Their first attempt to use their power was during a conflict between a white, Christian nation – Russia, which lorded over a multi-racial empire - and one of the first non-white countries to have a chance at resistance – Japan, which was a completely homogeneous nation. The Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 showed the weakness of the Russian Empire and the strength of the Japanese for sure. It also showed where the Other’s loyalties and enmities lay. The richest money changer in the USA (Jacob Schiff) provided enormous capital to Japan. Also, the Others fomented revolution in Russia in 1905. Russia may have lost anyway but the Others contributed greatly to this outcome. Russia’s revealed weakness enhanced both Germany’s ambitions in Europe as well as further Japanese expansion in the East, both of which had profound implications later in the century.

At this point in history, the Others were dominant in Germany. Their ideological movements were gaining momentum under the fa├žade of progress and reason, when these movements were and are neither. Anthropology (Franz Boas), Psychology (Sigmund Freud), Sociology (Max Horkheimer), and other fields of study were all in their early stages of corruption: to serve the Others political purposes. Popular institutions such as entertainment and news were also under their influence, if not control, as well as the fountain of capitalist/industrialist economics: money. Their primary base of operations was initially Germany though later it was to become the USA.

With the defeat of Russia it became clear to the white nations that these Others were an important ally to gain, in their various quests for empire. In the buildup to the Great War, this was most apparent. The biggest enemy of the Others was still Russia, with her White Christian Tsar who still treated the Others the way White Christian leaders had in the past – as seditious foreigners. They were about to put him and all of his people under their wrath. As the powers of Europe schemed on how to deal with the upcoming international conflict, the Others initiated activity for the annihilation of the White Race, or so it appears in hindsight. The Others were very pro-German in the beginning of the war and maybe would have stayed so if the first part of their plan had not worked – a takeover of Russia. Their revolution in Russia, again in the midst of the war (just as in 1905), this time worked. They were able to convince the poor Christian peasants and workers that it was a proletariat revolution when its advocates were the quintessential bourgeoisie. The Others ‘capitalist’ money even paid for this anti-capitalist (supposedly) revolution. The Others paid with their wealth gained from milking the working man dry and only asked that this working man contribute with his own life. When the Others murdered the Tsar and his family a metaphor for the whole century was set – the death of Whites at the hand or by the cunning word of the Others. Once Russia was toppled and the Other’s greatest enemy became their greatest friend, now what was in their best interests? If one were to suspect a latent loyalty to Germany for being their most gracious hosts was to sustain them think again. The auction was to begin.

No one even proposes that they couldn’t be bought. That was a given since it has characterized them throughout history and is part of the reason they are almost universally reviled, even when they control virtually every organ of public opinion. The question wasn’t whether they could be bought but who would come up with the sweetest offer. Once their affections were obtained their ‘services’ would be rendered. In 1916 and 1917 as Russia plummeted, Germany and Britain began a vigorous courtship of her ‘ladyship’. A new homeland was the centerpiece of any deal. Kicked out of wherever they had dwelled in the past they now pulled a whopper, even for them. These Others now assumed the identity of a people they normatively had no connection to. Whereas they originated from central Asia, they claimed title to land of people from another race and faith. The Semitic people (descendants of Shem) of the Middle East who still followed the Old Testament are typically what people think of as Jews, when in fact these people are a small minority of ‘Jewry’. The people who asked that the land of the Hebrews be given to them, were Hebrew neither by birth nor adoption. Talmudic Khazars were now the people who were considered Jewry and the Semitic people who lived there (mostly Muslims and Christians) be damned.

Germany’s biggest hurdle in winning Jewry’s favor was her ally, the Ottoman Empire, who though they were Turkish and much closer related by blood to the Khazars than to the Arabs (real Semites) who lived there, were not willing to stir dissension in their empire with such a dramatic rearrangement. Germany was stuck. She could talk about how good she’d been to Jewry and promise to try harder but that wasn’t good enough. Britain wasn’t hamstrung by the Ottomans since they were at war and gladly seized at the opportunity to carve up the empire of an enemy and win the favor of an important power in one blow. The Jew bankers who lived in New York and London were won over and Theodore Herzl’s vision of a new homeland in Palestine became a firm commitment by Britain with the announcement of the Balfour Declaration in 1917. Britain expected repayment and Jewry did not disappoint.

The Jewish media in America went from being pro-German or neutral to joining arms with President Wilson in wanting to make the world safe for democracy. "Death to the Huns" was the new cry. The provocation started, now all that was needed were a few big events to stir American opinion away from isolationism. Even before this, in 1915, the passenger ship the Lusitania was sunk by German submarines but Jewry was still pro-German then so the media didn’t fan the flames of war so much. That this passenger ship was carrying munitions should have made the leaders of Britain and the USA just as culpable for murder as the Germans but such is not the case. The loopy Zimmermann telegram, in early 1917, which was an attempt by Germany to get Mexico to invade the USA, was the final event to grease the skids of war. Probably not coincidentally the British intercepted the telegram and forwarded it to the USA. It was laughably bad diplomacy but certainly not to be taken seriously unless the USA was looking for an excuse to go to war. Either Zimmermann was an idiot, since Mexico could have been conquered by one American division, or he was a double agent. I have not heard that argued but I find it hard to believe he was so dumb. Either way, Wilson and the British and Jewry got their way, and the US Congress declared war in April 1917.

If this had not happened, the German offensive of 1918, which started very strongly, may have ended the war in a German victory. The French and Brits were spent but right at that critical point the Americans came with fresh troops and supplies. The Allied counter offensive broke the spirit of the German Army, especially when coupled with internal dissension egged on by you guessed it, Jewry. Germany, Jewry’s greatest friend in the world was stabbed in the back. The unprecedented Treaty of Versailles was a fitting epitaph to the awful war, since it planted the seeds for the next one.

In the aftermath of the Great War the next phase of the Sale of the Century begins. Jewry was in ascension but still in an intermediate position. The White Goyim were still too strong. The Soviet Union became Jewry personified. It was their creation from top to bottom, with a handful of useful idiots like Lenin (his own term by the way) who was only half-Jew to make the movement seem less kosher. Millions of White Gentiles to impoverish, brainwash, torture, and kill; thought crimes to institute, even the death penalty for ‘anti-semitism’. How can one be anti-semitic to a Khazar? Who needs to wait for a messiah when there was the Soviet Union?

On the other hand, the Brits did promise a homeland. This was the Jewish dilemma Churchill wrote about in his essay about Zionism and Bolshevism struggling for the loyalties of Jewry. Unfortunately Churchill wanted to win the Jews to his side by hoping that Zionism would be their true love instead of Bolshevism. What he failed to see is that the Jews could, at that time, still love both. Churchill had created a false dichotomy.

Given the treachery against Germany, the onerous ‘peace’ treaty, and the worldwide economic depression, the rise of Nazism shouldn’t be too surprising. Its rise and its casting down of the ruinous ‘culture’ of the decadent bourgeois Weimar Republic created a new bogeyman for Jewry. It had been part of a political trinity of Jewry; the Soviet Union was Jewry at thought, the United States was Jewry at ‘work’, the Weimar Republic was Jewry at play. They were not too happy that the German people rose up against them. The Jews, for the first time in a long time were getting a taste of their own medicine. While millions of Ukrainians were starving to death at the hands of Jewish Bolshevism in the Soviet Union, the fact that Germans passed some restrictions on their own Jews was worthy of a declaration of war by international Jewry (centered in New York) against Germany in 1933. Ukrainians can starve by the millions, at Jew hands, but there better not be one Jew denied a civil service position in a nation that had just faced one of the greatest betrayals in history. Even though Germany was struggling to right herself economically Jews wanted her starved. They initiated a worldwide economic boycott of German goods through their control of markets and demonization of the German people through all their propaganda channels.

That was maybe the only time in the 20th Century when Jewry turned the thumb screws and the Goyim didn’t give in but instead fought back. Germany didn’t become less anti-Jewish as Jewry expected but more so. The Nuremberg Laws passed in 1935 but even they didn’t contain the death penalty for anti-whiteism the way Jewry’s Soviet Union killed their dissenters for thought crimes against the real Master Race.

Jewry was now swinging between the Soviet Union and Anglo-America as served its interests. Germany was rising again and trying to reclaim much that was lost because of the treason in the Great War; even going further as in the absorption of Austria and Czechoslovakia. Danzig had been Germany’s and kept her territory in East Prussia from being joined with the rest. Poland did not give in since she had a commitment from both Britain and France, themselves undergirded by warmongering Jewry, to defend her. Great Britain and France started the Second World War when Germany invaded Poland. Jewry had won again; Millions more of the Goyim were to die. Out of the scores of millions killed during this useless war, all that we are expected to remember now are the couple million (possibly) Jews who died and this situation is even copyrighted – THE Holocaust. EVERYTHING in our history is subordinate to it and them. To even question how many were killed and how is a crime in much of the ‘free’ West today. Jews were instrumental in the creation of the Atom Bomb though they (Oppenheimer, Teller, etc.) were disappointed when Germany surrendered before it could be dropped on her cities. They were further disappointed when it was dropped on the Japanese since they did not want it either to hurt the Japanese or help the Americans, only to punish uppity Germany.

With Germany defeated the next phase of the sale begins. Now the international struggle revolved around the Soviet Union vs. the USA, probably the two most philo-semitic (Jewish friendly) countries in the world. Of course they were both empires, for to be anything else is incompatible with Jewry’s schemes for white nations. Given the freedoms enjoyed in the USA most of Jewry could maintain their dual ‘loyalties’ when they lived in the USA. Some, like the Rosenbergs, went too far even for the weak and simple Goyim. Most were smart enough to stand on, but not cross the line. They helped ‘interpret’ most of our modern law so they certainly know how to use it. The change in this situation occurred as the result of the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. The USA became Israel’s chief benefactor, inheriting the mantle from the UK (since she was spent fighting for Jewry in two world wars), after WWII, and the Soviets naturally aligned with Israel’s foes. With Jews becoming more effective at making the USA a new Weimar Republic and the Soviets aligning with the Arabs the Jews told Stalin to take a hike. Not surprisingly Stalin didn’t like this too much so the Soviet Union started to do things that were ‘anti-semitic’; such as removing the death penalty for anti-semitism. Oh the horrors. But in ‘winning’ this latest round of bidding, the American political process was ruined, for when many of the Jews, like Irving Kristol, turned from Stalin they all of a sudden became ‘conservatives’ – neo-conservative that is. Jews had long been dominant in the USA’s ‘leftist’ political party, the Democrats, (being darlings since at least Wilson and forward) and now they started the takeover of the ‘rightist’ party, the Republicans. In the span of a generation they turned both political parties into anti-white organizations, already having poisoned the popular culture and educational system. There is in USA, as in all the white world, no voice for us in the established order. We Whites are now outsiders in our own lands.

The current jew schemes center around destroying the White Race with the end state seemingly being the New World Order (the implementation of a worldwide managerial state with the Chosen Ones as those managers). Open borders, socialism, egalitarianism, pathologizing whiteness through all mainstream media outlets, civil rights, feminism, faggotry, war-mongering, imperialism are supported by all our jew-dominated institutions. These are the fruits of Jewry. A few American patriots in the 20th Century like Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh saw this and warned our people but there were too many race traitors and toadies around to stem the tide. Now there are no patriots in the public sphere. They have been purged as though the 1st Amendment were meaningless, which it essentially is. Many white people who have awakened to the threat to our people want to win the latest phase in this perpetual auction but IT is the one thing we should pay NOT to take. With their right hand they will ‘help’ us even as they grasp a dagger in their left. History shows that when we win their favor we lose. It is poisonous and we must anathematize it and those who serve it if we wish for ourselves and other free peoples to survive.

The White Race is now spiraling towards oblivion, not only in numbers but, even worse, in attitude and Jewry loves this. Its public mouthpieces can barely contain either their elation at our continued slide, nor their fury when any (even two little girls) defy them. This will not change as long as we continue to subordinate ourselves to this ruthless, crafty, and hostile foreign race.

How to cleave ourselves from them can eventually be resolved once enough of us realize that it must be done. To say these things makes one a heretic to our state religion and few are yet willing to face the Inquisition.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great post. It's very thought provoking. Certainly the white race hasn't done anything to promote it's well being in the last century. And rest assured that if we become a minority, we will never be affored the rights and priviledges we're affording them now.

Everyday the sun rises, thousands if not millions of white people across the world look for new ways to help promote people of other races. How many people of other races wake up each day wondering what they can do for us?

wjg said...


You're right. Bob Whitacker talks of that situation all the time and what it really is is white supremacism. We presume those brown skinned folks would never (nor should) have sympathy for our current plight while at the same time every white person must have unending concern for non-whites whenever they are threatened. The average white person has been blinded to this; their supposed superiority has been conditioned into them and is manifest as both egalitarianism and nihilism.

The publicly acceptable attitude is white supremacism, not the healthy sense of self we kinists want for our people and for others.

Whether we would be where we are without a little help from our 'friends' is where I am very doubtful. We went to them with a bad cold and we now have pneumonia after receiving their leechcraft.

Fr. John said...

An EXCELLENT post, especially as you realized the connection between the Bolsheviks and the death of the Varangian/Aryan White Nobility in Russia as part and parcel of the Sons of Satan's [John 8:44] plan for world domination. (Cf. Protocols of the Learned Elders)

That Sergei Nilus, who was both pious, and intelligent, is the compiler of the last mentioned tome, is indisputable. But to (as every jew who has feared the truth of the expose) decry it as a fabrication, is to merely avoid the question:

"Has what was outlined in the Protocols COME TRUE?" If the various points have been achieved, (and they have!) then Nilus was prophetic, and not a liar, nor a 'hate peddler.' That epithet is reserved for eternity to the Deicides. Bravo!

wjg said...


It's funny (though not in a haha sort of way) how so much of the discussion of the Protocols revolves around its authorship rather than whether they have proven prophetic. If they were a conspiracy of the Tsar's advisors all it proves is their foresight as you say. We ignore them at our own peril.

jlh said...

Fantastic essay, WJG, and a real act of courage not only to post it but even to think things through clearly enough to conceive it. For just to be able to break through the false categories and phony assumptions that pass for conventional wisdom today takes a miracle.

wjg said...


Since I post under a pseudonym it is easier to be a heretic than folks who use their real names. The people with courage are guys like Bob Whitaker, David Duke, Ernst Zundel, Rushton, Irving, Shockley, etc. In earlier times Lindbergh and Ford.

I don't want to overestimate the role Jews have played in our slide but neither to ignore it which is all too common amongst the 'Right' today.

Lawrence said...

Excellent post! You pulled it all together where these things can't help to make sense. David was correct, after growing up in a highly Hispanic area I can say not only will we not see the rights we afford them now, when we are outnumbered we can reasonably expect to have none. Given the propensity of certain non-white ethnic groups and the "master race" that often pulls their strings to engage in ethnic cleansing we can expect to at some point be facing a fight for our very lives.


wjg said...


As you say, things will not be reciprocated when the shoe is on the other foot. As our numbers continue to slide more and more sissy-whites will see that humanity is not a commodity. The continued exchange of our blood for third world blood is not making them "Americans" but making America 3rd World. It's already happening but most of our people still buy the Establishment's propoganda and have the prosperity (for now) to avoid diversity's less pleasant aspects. If our people avoid the final act of racial suicide (miscegenation or childlessness) I think a critical mass will wake up and act. By then we will have a real fight on our hands but we can prevail if we recover some of the 'meanness' of our ancestors; a quality we are sorely lacking in this age of childish effeminacy.

Good to hear from you.

lokuum said...

One thing I'm scetchy on is the post WWII Russia. I believe Russian Jews still represented a priveldge class in that society as it came out they were the ones running private business and making fortunes in the communist Empire. I think there's some proof that when push came to shove the Soveits layed down in the Israeli/Arab conflicts. What were we seeing, an argument among the Jews? George Soros also spent heavy to get Bush out of office. East coast/ West coast Jews.

wjg said...

When Jews aren't completely running the show they cry "anti-semitism" and vow revenge. When Stalin removed the Master Race from their exalted position many of them to bolted for greener pastures. There were still plenty of them in the SU to exploit and profit from whatever they they could. That's why the "Russian" Mafia is as kosher as a bar-mitzvah. Jewry definitely has its internal squabbles but we are too inept to ever exploit them.