Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Survival Strategy Thoughts for Whites

As I’ve become more racially conscious as a White man in the past few years I have seen a lot of info showing why we need to wake up. There is so much of it to blow away even the most skeptical field hand on the PC plantation – that is if they are ever exposed to it. Last night I heard on CSPAN another in a long string of outrages: a black leader (a college professor no less) literally called to his audience, with their applauding approval, for the worldwide extermination of all whites. Listen to this White folk – that is the beating heart of blackness in America. Yes, it is asinine but that’s what a very large number of their ‘intellectuals’ say. One has to look for this stuff now – it won’t find you. The mainstream media will not allow it. Once we clearly see there is a problem then what? This is the area where there is a vast desert of nothingness. At least I haven’t found much. What I’m talking about here isn’t advice like, “get the hell out of that ghetto”, or “sue the SPLC”; it’s not that things like that don’t often need to happen but they are band aids. We need a strategy; an overarching set of objectives and a means to get there. The ‘reasonableness’ of these steps must be measured in terms of what is at stake. If something proposed is ‘unreasonable’ but the alternative is our destruction then I say let’s be unreasonable. Here is a brief stab at some of the things I think we need to do. I hope to come across, or maybe even initiate here, more discussion on what needs to be done by White Nationalists and Kinists to try and save our people from genocide. Any other White folk who are willing to act for our people are also welcome even as they seek to make sense of our modern madness. Committed anti-racists need to be made to pay for their ride or sent to the oblivion they so richly deserve.

A couple acronyms I use are CP and CP2. CP stands for the Chosen People. They are disproportionately Jewish but not exclusively so. There are some Jews that oppose this but they are a very small number of influential Jews. Whites who have intermarried with Jews or otherwise been judaized are also included. This is a rich and powerful elite that pulls the strings of the world today. They are advocates for and leaders of the New World Order. CP2 are the Chosen People’s Chosen People. These are the people groups that are now on all the check boxes and preferred lists and are used as the foot soldiers in decimating White Nations around the world. The CP NEVER does its own fighting. Didn’t do it in WWI, WWII or any of the other imperial adventures they initiated - our people did. Our people died at their whim and we have been repaid by a treachery that would shake the world if the dirt craved justice. In the US, the CP2 are most notably Black and Mestizo. In Europe Arabs and Turks are more common. The CP2 the CP uses is dependent on the circumstances.

Militarize our youth. The greatest threat we face is the lobotomization and castration of our children. They are taught not to think, not to love their own, and not to grow up. That way they fail not only to pick up the torch of the generation before them but to be an extended burden on them also. To this point I have tried to raise my own kids with a healthy respect for people of other groups but with almost no education in the differences and how these differences make us incompatible as fellow citizens. Our children, as was I, are way too soft, way too prosperous. All other groups have gangs of brats (young and old) who take what they want and believe the CP propaganda that all their problems are the fault of Whites. When the CP2 don’t get what they want they have tantrums like the children they are in our (to them) alien culture. They do what they have always done: rape, murder, looting, rioting. When this stops they revert to their normative, parasitic indolence. In the future, when they come in their mobs to bring mayhem to our communities (like they recently did in Toledo) we need to respond with overwhelming force, sending them to route. They only respect violence. Charity and mercy on our part is spat upon by them. Our youth must be organized for their own self defense and in defense of their turf. I would hope this type of organization doesn’t take on the flavor of a CP2 gang – hopefully more in line with a Boys Scout-type group that also is schooled in racial awareness and martial arts.

Separate. The more I see of the parasitic relationship between CP2 and us the more I can no longer accept them in general. I accept them as a free and independent people, in their own nations, but not as our burden. This dysfunctional relationship must end; it is killing us as the CP want. In the long term either we must be amalgamated into the disparate races we have allowed into our homelands or separate. In an earlier age with racially restricted immigration assimilation was possible without dramatically altering us. Since the seeds of the anti-racial 1965 Immigration Reform Act have blossomed in force assimilation now equals genocide. Having separate races with dramatically different aptitudes in a socialistic state is untenable for long making the multicultural state a lie. An assimilating melting pot (e pluribus unum) or racial nations are the only options. More and more Whites have agreed to drink the genetic Kool-Aid of miscegenation or sterility. This is essential if the CP's plan is to work.

No longer feed the Beast. Now that the CP run the show, the prosperity our people created is used as bait to attract our own executioners. This Beast only exists because we work for it, pay taxes to it, fight and die for it. It is madness. As best as possible we need to leave it, oppose it, condemn it, shun it. Let the CP who coo lies from their forked tongues hold its festering putrescence up. Then maybe CP2 will start seeing who the real enemy is. We created something to behold and it has been ruined, yet even in its ruination it needs us. It can’t live without us. The CP2 are, normatively, too dumb to see that once we are gone, it will collapse, and along with it the Western ‘prosperity’ it spawns. The CP know this perfectly well. That’s why CP2 are so useful; they do CPs dirty work for them. We MUST find a way to let it die. The only reason we are in such straits is because of our own prosperity. We create prosperity (albeit much of it is ungodly) that attracts the chaff of less successful peoples. MC says they are interchangeable with us and they aren’t. Lash a team of yorkies to a sled and try to win the Iditarod. That's more likely than maintaining a White Country with 3rd Worlders.

Stop imperialism. This is especially problematic with our do-gooder mentality. We want to help the CP2 because they are in such pitiful circumstances by our standards when left to their own. We want to lift them up; make them like us. How noble. We give them shots, teach them our language, our techniques, give them ‘aid’, their populations boom in a Malthusian way, and their squalor is simply reconstituted in cities instead of villages, their violence with gun instead of spear, their garb of robe is replaced with suit. Nothing has changed except the worst of the West (exploitative welfare/warfare capitalism) has replaced their best (simple agrarianism). Our best (our genes) is replaced with their worst (their genes). It’s a lose/lose for everyone except the CP. Third World populations would have never boomed without western imperialism. They can only be maintained with western imperialism. The 3rd World hates us even as they probably realize we are their drug. Without us their population would plummet but they would then have their precious freedom. We have a wolf by the ears – they have a perpetual teat to suckle from. It’s a charade that must be ended soon to bring things more into their natural state.

Return to Work. Of all the actions I list this one is the hardest. The others are really pretty easy. This one takes much more fortitude and creativity. Whites have become fat on top of the world economic plantation. We have to learn to really work again: digging ditches, building our own homes, plowing fields. The days of being overpaid paper pushers in the CPs faux economy are doomed to end one way or the other; better by our own choice than the inevitable collapse. Many Christian Agrarianists nobly pursue this goal while purposely avoiding the other, more ‘racist’, ones. Do they really think this would work in the middle of Zimbabwe? If they do they are fools. Given the artificially high CP2 populations, as White largesse is reduced, CP2 will go after the productive by force. They will be unable to sustain themselves here just like they haven’t in Zimbabwe, as Whites have been killed and driven off. For a season their lusts will be appeased with stealing and murdering from the productive. To them the Goose is only good for a gluttonous feast not for her perpetual golden eggs. The Amish are an admirable people but their pacifism can only work in the context of an otherwise productive society. If they were surrounded by destitution how long would it be before the downtrodden resorted to plunder for survival?

Get Real. The world is, has been, and always will be a dangerous place. Many people groups are only kept from killing outsiders by the constant diligence of the potential victim. This is not to justify imperial aggression but it does justify violent defense. We must constantly remind ourselves that our existence is precarious and can only be maintained with much effort.

I’m sure others have better ideas than this but all I know is something that takes on many of these areas needs to happen and soon.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Bush's Legion

Now that Bush has nominated Harriet Miers as the latest Associate Justice to the Supreme Court, and she is revealed as both a mediocre intellect and a leftist, what does the Conservative Establishment want? To be mollified, to have their wounded egos appeased, to be reminded of how they need to trust El Presidente. It was already clear what Bush was not, a Conservative – at least in the best sense of the label, but it is now also abundantly clear what they are as well - pathetic. Bush’s Amen Corner in the blogosphere is circling the wagons around their guy. They “trust” him you see. Bush assured conservatives that he desired Justices like Scalia and Thomas. Roberts and Miers are to Scalia and Thomas as Tiny Tim is to Tom Jones. It is so patently false, based on the evidence at hand, and clearly reveals Bush for what he is, a puppet of the Liberal Establishment, as to clearly raise the specter of wholesale abandonment by his scorned base. But most (maybe all) the leaders of his base prove, so far, that they primarily crave access to power and the childish desire of being associated with a winner, therefore there will be no wholesale abandonment of the Compassionate Conservative. This could have been, and might still be if the foot soldiers abandon their ‘leaders’, a watershed moment of realignment within American polity. I actually thought the Miers nomination was a good thing because it was Bush unveiled, a hideous corpse with a ghoulish smile, with no adulteration; Skull and Bones in the flesh. This would wake people up. Maybe it will. Maybe a few more marginal partisans are seeing the truth of the betrayal and a critical mass has been reached. If it has it is certainly unseen right now.

Lawrence Auster posted a discussion he had with a pro-Bush blogger who was initially upset but was quickly brought back to the fold by Republican operatives. This loyalist said it was more important to rally around Bush so that the Republicans retained control of the Government. Why - because the Democrats are ‘worse’. Under this model of supposed pragmatism, and it is the model the Republicans have followed for years, the Republicans have to be just a little less worse than the Donkeys. What most don’t see is that these two groups are actors in a grander play, wholly in cooperation at the strategic level, of implementing ‘progress’ in America. Unless we are explicitly ‘ideological’ on some things (for example following the Constitution) we will always be moving to the Left as a society. The Donkey’s part is to initiate progressive ideas in the political sphere; the Elephant’s part is to implement them ‘practically’. The Donkey will typically lose, because most people (White’s at least) don’t want what Leftists call progress, and the Elephant wins because most voters still buy this con. Leftism can’t be beaten by this worthless ‘conservatism’ of the Republicans, which is only watered down liberalism, but by a red-blooded counter-ideology which is just as active on the Right as liberalism is on the Left. For a long time National Review and many others have argued that conservatism is non-ideological, and maybe it is if using Burke and Kirk as examples since in their time there was still a lot to conserve and ideology was a dangerous concept that takes one away from the status quo. Non-ideology doesn’t cut it any more. We have strayed too far from what I would call a state of natural liberty. In my mind natural liberty is best described by a proper functioning of the law as described by Bastiat in his famous essay of the same name.

More and more people seem to be seeing that what is needed is not conservation by yelling “stop” to the march of liberalism but a dramatic, even revolutionary, transformation of where we are. This revolution will happen, though whether peaceful or violent, improving or degrading, is unknown. We live in what is now an Empire and Empire only stays together by coercion. As our imperialistic, debt, and consumerist prosperity continues to fade the ability of the Empire to exert this coercion will weaken unleashing the natural forces it is currently subduing. The geographic entity known as the United States is no longer a nation. We were originally, but to win a war of imperial conquest Lincoln needed to transform “her” into “it”. He started the avalanche and it has only gained mass and speed with time. It can only be made into a nation through several subsequent generations of intensive race-mixing resulting in a new, and normative, genotype. What capabilities this new race will possess, on average, is predictable; somewhere between European, Asian, African, and Mestizo but what that will really mean is a mystery. People are generally opposed to marrying and procreating outside their group in spite of the massive corporate propaganda to the contrary – so this miscegenation must be forced. Churches are already on board, some even saying that racially mixed marriages are better than intra-racial ones. If race mixing occurs as a norm it means the end of the White Race, except as a curiosity in exotic locales, since all White countries are being forced to comply with this same situation. Since the White Race built and maintained the Western World what can be built and maintained when they/we are gone?

However, if revolution occurs and the Empire is cast down AND a worse Empire doesn’t rise in its place (a strong possibility), then there is a chance that real nations can be carved from this Empire. It is doubtful that this transformation would be completely peaceful but considering that the primary looming alternative is a World Government with no rival and complete control over our lives, it is a gamble I hope we are willing to take.

Most people don’t seem to see what I think is becoming crystal clear – the Empire is crumbling. The more it crumbles the more the Establishment will turn to the latent patriotism of Whites to rally to its defense. We are useful for nothing else to the Establishment than to keep their Order intact. Otherwise they want us gone and we soon will be if we can’t defend ourselves.

Not only is Conservatism dead but it should be dead. Bush’s loyalists are blind to what they have become. Seeing the leadership of Evangelical Christianity and the Religious Right go compliantly along with the New World Order raises anew thoughts of End Times in my mind. Who really is the Whore of Babylon? Maybe it won’t be so hard to figure after all.

Going from Miers to the New World Order is a stretch in any short article but one is a herald of the other given that the ‘conservative’ establishment has pinned its hopes on Bush and the Republicans. Miers is one more shiner in a series of brutal beatings to the Religious Right from Bush and Co. and only a co-dependent would stay in the relationship. Much of the right wing grass roots don’t want this but they are not yet ready to see the clear but frightening light.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Monkey Brains or Pig Ears?

Coming up in a few weeks is the election for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. This will be the first election since I fully became aware that our political process is a farce. Not that congress is full of crooks farce or taxes are high farce or the current party needs to be swept out of power farce but a COMPLETE farce.

The Dumb party has nominated Kilgore, the Dumber party Kaine. As expected they are suit wearing pretty boys who lick boots like the best of them. The only time I start to get even the slightest desire to support one of them is from his opponent’s sophomorically transparent attack ads. When I start hearing from Dumber how Dumb wants to slash this and cut that I think maybe Dumb’s got some guts after all; maybe he’s not just a puppet of the establishment. Then Dumb puts out his own ad ‘defending’ himself and ruins the whole illusion. Our wonderful News Media which is the public relations arm of the Establishment keeps the political parties in line, asking all the right questions, derailing any chance that things can be corrected through approved channels.

This is the first election I will not support the lesser of two evils. I won’t fall for the pavlovian prodding of abortion or terrorism. I thank GWB for making it crystal clear just how ‘conservative’ he and the entire Right is. To my shame I bought their spin for years. I gave them the benefit of the doubt but now there is nothing left to doubt for anyone who has a shred of integrity left unless their intellect has been catechized beyond repair. That this specimen of exceeding mediocrity can keep the other ‘leaders’ of the Right in tow shows not his, but their treachery. Saying one was mesmerized by the oratory of Cicero is one thing but not that of Gomer Pyle.

Virginia is overrun by an immigrant invasion, whether it is legal or illegal don’t amount to squat, but neither Dumb nor Dumber has issued a peep. They know better. The welfare state, the ethnic cleansing of Whites from our lands, dictatorship (rules by dictation), profligate government spending, tax slavery, public debt, are the issues of the day. None of these will see the least bit of light; our ‘free’ press won’t allow it. Actually that needs to be qualified: some of it will make it by the censors, if it can be used as a prop for more ‘progress’. Just like those liars did with the “population explosion” back in the 60’s and 70’s. There was a population explosion only as long as White birth rates were above replacement. Once they helped ‘fix’ that problem, the “population explosion” as an issue disappeared, even as the 3rd World overruns us.

Here is a very small anecdote to pass on. In the past few elections, besides me, two other close by neighbors have voted consistently Republican. For one of them I know this by curb-side discussions, the other because they always had out signs and recruited me a couple times to work at the polls. Not only have I given up on Dumbo but the first neighbor has really soured on them also. The other one no longer has out the signs and there are only a couple weeks to go. If these folks leave Dumbo for Donkey then the dance will just continue until the rotten floor collapses. It will be one or the other.

The Election will come, Dumber or Dumb, most likely Dumber, will win and then we can avoid having our intelligence insulted any more by the 3rd Grade level discourse. We can then resume at the 6th Grade level where we belong. Things will continue to spiral down afterwards and folks will wring their hands wondering why.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Coming Soon to Your Area

As I drive to and from work these days in the Washington DC suburbs I see the New America crystal clear. On my ten mile drive I see nary a White face. Mestizos (many of whom refer to themselves as “The Race” or La Raza), Blacks, and Asians are legion; looking at the demographics of the children waiting to take the public school busses is all that is needed. Going back to just 1981, when I graduated from high school here, there were plenty of Blacks and a few Asians but Mestizos were rare. If these new Americans were completely self-sufficient, like immigrants of old were, it would be one thing, but they’re not and the socialism we live under insures they will be assisted by the rest of us. The local home builders and lawn care companies who make a killing hiring these Mestizos at slave wages pass their real cost on to me and other Americans in the area through higher healthcare costs, higher taxes, a dumbed-down student population, and greater crowding. These are called, in economic jargon, “externalities”. The true cost of this labor is not being paid by the employer but is instead externalized; borne by the rest of our society. Our establishment masters slyly call the corporate-sponsored Mestizo invasion “Latino” knowing full well that there are a handful of Whites amongst the Latinos and want them to associate with a propositional ‘nation’ – Latino-hood - instead of their race, White. It should be noted that the Mestizo invasion is the direct result of their economies being ravaged by ‘Free’ Trade coupled with White weakness. If our masters didn’t crave even more conquest through treaties like NAFTA and CAFTA these people would still be living in peace in their ancestral homes; though we still could have stopped them from coming in spite of this. As it is, they have been made our tactical enemies by design; they are fodder meant to undermine a free America. Our real enemy is the same as theirs - the aristocracy of mammon; the elite interests who calculate life and death based on how it impacts their net worth. It is the standard ‘divide and conquer’ strategy that most of our people are oblivious to.

When my wife and I were blessed with a son who was born this past February we saw the preponderance of non-whites in the maternity ward and I wondered how they were paying for it. It was clear they were getting support that I wasn’t. How many of them paid over $10,000 out of pocket, for a non-complicated delivery, like I did? My daughter (and a couple other White kids) being singled out last year by her sissy-white teacher as “privileged” in front of her, majority, darker skinned 2nd Grade classmates was another ‘blessing’ I have noticed of the New America. The children largely are oblivious to this propaganda but it has its impact, intended to both demoralize my daughter and empower the children of the preferred races. What was the privilege of her great-grandparents living on homesteads in Montana, farming in Pennsylvania, and mining coal in Indiana, with no help from anyone but themselves? Thank God they weren’t privileged in the sense of Government preference, like most “people of color” are today, since it is a corrupting influence. Maybe we were privileged by the genetic endowment of our ancestors but that was certainly not what that teacher was talking about. Northern Virginia, just south and west of Washington DC, is the America that is eventually coming to Idaho and Kansas and …, an America that is being ethnically cleansed of our people. Not only are we Whites driven out but our government insures we can’t escape through its anti-White bureaucracies like Civil ‘Rights’, Housing Subsidies, etc. There are fewer places to flee. White flight is even called racist. At all other times, when one race is chased from its home by members of other races, the other races are accused of ethnic cleansing or genocide. In the case of Whites, as with all racial issues, the definition is stood on its head. Even our desire to live is being decried by our masters. They will make sure, as long as they rule over us, that we will have no escape. Be prepared.

You see, there are two circumstances that have come together, partially by design and partially by fate, that have put Whites into a death spiral. The first circumstance is a recurrence of history that greater minds than ours have been unable to avoid. This is the part possibly attributable to fate. History shows that once a culture becomes prosperous its women bear fewer children. Once its own women fail to replace their own people, foreigners are brought in by the ‘pragmatists’ to fill the void. Once a critical mass of the genotype is lost through mixing, the culture is lost. This is postulated as the cause of the demise of many nations that became empires including Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Now “why” women of prosperous cultures become less prolific is clearly answered. They become more educated and aware of how to avoid the dangers of child-bearing while also being more economically valuable as a mammon producer instead of a child producer. There is an even more fundamental cause behind this that few seem to acknowledge and that is the definition of “prosperity”. Prosperity is almost universally thought of as a socialistic, urbanized, specialized, compartmentalized society instead of as a holistic, agrarian society. Socialism always reinforces dysgenics; that is reproduction by the least successful relative to the more successful, especially, as is the case today, when the socialism is coupled with effete, pseudo-Christianity. If progress always leads to the former (socialism) then it will cause the demise of the people who initiated it. If progress doesn’t poison its own wellspring then it is not, necessarily, self destructive.

The second circumstance seems unique to the prosperity of the European cultures of the 20th and 21st centuries, though it may not be unique; maybe it is also repeating itself, like a Groundhog Day from which Mankind never awakes. It is self-hate through a progression of intellectual movements which pathologized and are pathologizing Whiteness – the bedrock, coupled with Christianity, of Western Civilization. These movements are not only not weakening but are growing stronger as the White Race continues to dwindle (30% of the world’s population in 1900, projected to be 6% by 2050). These intellectual movements have normalized White self-hatred such that every mainstream institution propagates it and anathematizes any who resist it. Read Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique for a scholarly presentation of this thesis. Even Christianity has been co-opted into being advocates of this Marxist/Jewish inspired White self-hatred. This has long been the case with liberal sects but now the more conservative Evangelical and Reformed sects also are onboard. The dogmas of Man are now totems to which even Christians now willingly bow so that their ‘religion’ stays respectable. I am a Christian but have grown disgusted by this sissified Judeo-Christianity. Judeo-Christians have been told their place and they willingly go there. Judeo-Christianity now fills its role as the opiate envisioned by our masters and the clergy of institutional Christianity gladly complies. Imagine if Luther and Calvin were cut from this same cloth?

Other non-white prosperous countries have to deal with the first circumstance but not the second. They may or may not be bringing in replacement populations depending on how long-sighted they are; the more visionary will never sell out their genes but instead substitute capital for labor. That is what Japan is doing. Since these other prosperous nations have not been demonized as races they can easily, and naturally, continue their self-preservation, for now at least.

The prosperity which leads to socialism combined with institutional self-hatred results in one thing – Genocide. That other races are indifferent to or gleeful of our plight is not too surprising; that Whites agree is. A real prosperity of holistic lives, sustainable productivity, modesty, temperance, godliness, and humility will not lead to the end of our people. Not only will this path serve our people better but it will leave the other races of the Earth at liberty to rise to the level God has gifted them. The imperialism of capitalism and democracy being forced on the world brings warfare, welfare, and slavery.

Last week when I was driving home I happened to get slightly in the way of a Mestizo woman who was driving with her (probably) taxpayer-subsidized brood and I got an earful of the fruits of the New America. I said nothing in return. When one is falling is it wise to question gravity? It is better to see the sneaky hand in the dark that wants to push you over the cliff and send its master over in your stead.

Will we reverse course, learn from history, and save ourselves, or passively submit to our ritual sacrifice? The ultimate act of White egalitarianism is being played out – the absorption of our genes into a new race. The New World Order and their neo-babelist allies who lead the contemporary Christian church see this as a reason to cheer. The neo-babelists expect this new race will be closer to God than that which preceded it. Since racism is such a great sin (in their minds) and race will be destroyed, Man will be holier, right? We will all come together and sing “Kumbaya”, just like when there was only Adam and his mono-racial family. Oops, they forgot about the example of Cain. Oh well, at least their hearts are in the right place. Useful idiots indeed.