Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Epitaphic Couplet

Did you ever wonder
‘bout this thing called history?
I hear it’s all the rage now
For those who watch TV.

At least that’s my presumption
for I hear them say
that my folk are all evil
from creation’s first day.

My people do not exist it seems
unless there is a need
to pin the blame for all life’s ills
upon our burdened seed.

The piper playing this pretty tune
unto our open ears
divines our basest motives
to make his story clear.

Reflection on this situation
had better lead a man
to either bite his tongue
or move to Kurdistan.

You think that you love beauty,
strength, justice, loyalty?
Then time for reprogramming
to see reality.

Up is down and left is right
and you had better not
think that you know better;
else contemplate your lot.

The way prepared is one that must
be taken with a dose
of sour grapes for he who thinks
or bliss for he who won’t.

As we pass remember
with sardonic wit,
that whiteless jewry prospers
not a blessed bit.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The end of Little Geneva?

Several days ago LG got hacked and today there is a posting saying LG is packing it in for good. Because of the reference to the LGR it seems legitimate to me, though maybe that is a clever ruse by a false friend who betrayed trust. The other references on the final post are vague. The only person mentioned by name is Doug Wilson, and he – aka Dishonest Doug - is complimented. Weird.

If this is really how it ends then it’s a shame. The most sane Christian outlet I had found is gone. As virtual and abstract as it was it still provided a link to others who were striving to recapture spiritual and physical health for our kin. It was a fledgling community or at least a community support forum.

I do hope to find out what is behind this sudden – to me anyway – state of affairs. If they don’t reinstitute LG or resurface with their old monikers I wish all my brethren and their families the best.