Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So this is Caucasian?

A nice resource to use to help keep your family safe is a sex-offender registry. There are quite a few web sites to choose from. I checked into my area and it is loaded with offenders, partly because there are quite a few people in the outskirts of imperial headquarters. The other part is – how shall I say this so as not to offend all my sensitive readers? - all the wonderful pieces (especially the ones “of color”) making up the patchwork quilt that is modern America. One of these sites (familywatchdog) displays a map with color coded dots of all the offenders. In particular I look for child molesters and repeat offenders. When you click on an individual link you get a picture of the offender and a description of them. I looked at all the child molesters on the screen which covered a good part of my region. It was funny to see every White person correctly described as Caucasian, and also Arabs, Mestizos, Africans, and Asians described as Caucasian. There were also several non-Whites described as “unknown” when Helen Keller could have figured out what they were.

Look in particular at:

These “Caucasians”…







and these “unknowns”…





There were 37 total child offenders with home links that were visible on the query I ran and the 10 misleading pictures above were among these so I didn’t cherry pick these results. So roughly one third of these are distorting; either they are mislabeled or labeled as unknown when it is obvious. The other 27 results were either blacks or whites though many of those whites were swarthy Sicilian types. Funny that none of the real Whites were mislabeled or unknown. When it comes to white wrong-doing it ain’t ever misidentified. Everyone with half a brain knows there are the following broad groups in the US:

African-Americans (including Africans)
American Indians
East Asians (Chinese, Koreans, Japs, etc.)
Subcons (Asian Indians & Pakis)
Arabs (including Persians)

These are the groups that are clearly contending with each other for survival. Jews, chameleon-like, define themselves however best serves their purposes. Generally they would pass as either White or Arab. There are others but they are insignificant. There is also quite a lot of intra-group fighting, esp. among East Asians and Whites. As we all know Whites are the un-group/the nowhere men; the group that can be punched but can’t defend itself by all the acceptable “rules”. B is White? If the cops beat him up he would be the new Rodney King.

Would any of the “Caucasians” above be considered the nasty white devils that Jewry caricatures as White? Of course not. In that case Whites are Nordic, blond, and blue-eyed. Would any of them be defenders of white society and work to preserve our culture and race? Hell no, because they aren’t us. They know that and we know that, so why can’t the FBI or whoever classified these people see that. Because it ain’t kosher by gosh. When it comes to crime data, anything that inflates the negative view of whites as serial killers and pedophiles is fair.

The demographic data in the US is riddled with distortion. I’ve seen the “official” reports on the race data in my area and it is a complete joke. Not only are we way over-counted in population figures, we are also over-counted (using this very unscientific sample) in crime stats. In spite of this racial crime data shows how less prone to crime “whites” are. It’s already known that Mestizos are more criminal than Whites but how about they get to take all their refuse and leave us only with our own criminals. It’s generally known that Asians are less criminal than “whites” but putting people like J in unknown skews their figures.

It’s getting late and there is diversity to celebrate. What am I waiting for?


Scorebored said...

My brother, you're doing great work here on your blog. You see much...and I'm not exaggerating or being "pious" when I say that I pray that God will move you to write and post more often.

wjg said...

Thanks Scorebored. The main thing that motivates me is seeing my people getting washed away and passively submitting. Somewhere inside our people have fight, or did.

Scorebored said...

I agree, and I'm encouraged to see at least one more brother unafraid to use the word "fight." It nauseates me to see how few of our own kind aspire to cultivate and utilize "fight." We'd much rather be nuanced and balanced.

In other words, we'd much rather die.

Patriot Alliance Downunder said...

Good work mate, love your site, keep it up!

wjg said...


Thanks for stopping by.

W. Lindsay WHEELER said...

Dear WJG,

I see you don't have an e-mail address, so I am posting it here in hopes of engaging in a discourse.

I don't think there is such a thing as a "White" Race. I think that is is terribly ineffecient and very unChristian from a Biblical point of view.

I have laid out a position here:

I would like your observations and of anybody else.

Yours in Christ Jesus. WLW

M said...

Whites have murdered and rape their way through guys are hilarious