Friday, June 16, 2006

What is this thing called Judeo-Christianity?

About a year ago was when I was first exposed to this movement called Kinism one of the things many of the Kinist bloggers talked about a lot was Judeo-Christianity. Up to that point I had a positive view of it, having uncritically accepted the notion that our culture and even religion were Judeo-Christian at their foundations. After all, every conservative opinion medium that was easily accessible sang the praises of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Could they all be wrong? It didn’t take long for me to see and agree with what the Kinists were saying about the ‘virtues’ of this amalgamation. Since I was already well aware that something was seriously wrong with the conservative political movement it should come as no surprise that that which was (and still is) its largest supporter was also diseased. I used to reflexively defend the Religious Right since they were opposed to much of the progressive ideals of liberalism, at least in word. I was thinking the thoughts the Establishment expected from those in the antithetical sphere of its dialectic charade. Liberals boldly propose new schemes, conservatives counter-propose something more palatable, and the masses ultimately receive a synthesis of the two.

There was a time when I thought the conservative variety of Christianity really was in opposition to this spiral of progress. It is not since it truly is JUDEO-christian. The oft-used moniker Judeo-xtian fits even better. When you look at the current state of the West today, and more importantly the White Race, you will see, if you are unafraid of the truth, that the institutional church is not only not working against our demise but has possibly become its most energetic cheerleader. Why is this, and what the heck IS Judeo-Christianity?

There are a few characteristics of it that I think are generally true. Within the following very important subjects Judeo-Christianity has made its position very clear. I consider the contemporary conservative/evangelical church and its many political organizations to be the soldiers making up the army known as Judeo-Christianity. These include such church groups as the Southern Baptist Convention, the Presbyterian Church of America and the more conservative varieties of the mainline Protestant and RC churches; such organizations as Focus on the Family and Campus Crusade for Christ; and such public figures as James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell, and Tim LaHaye; and such publications as World Magazine. What is the faith that binds them and motivates them? Judeo-Christianity.

Here are some of the key characteristics of it:

God’s Chosen People. Judeo-Christians first and foremost acknowledge that God’s Chosen are not those who He has elected from the beginning of time to share eternity with him but are those who claim to be the blood descendants of the Hebrews – modern day Jews. Modern day Jews, be they Orthodox, Reformed, Liberal, or as Atheistic as Madeline Murray O’Hare, have Judeo-Christians wrapped around their fingers. Judeo-Christians think God will curse those who oppose followers of the Talmud; a book exclusively for Jewry which claims God’s Son is boiling in excrement. If ever a group has been characterized by members who have committed the unpardonable sin – blaspheming the Holy Ghost – it is Jewry. Yet Judeo-Christians not only do not oppose Jewry, they think they walk on water. They even take them as their primary identity – Judeo. Authentic Christianity acknowledges that God’s Chosen people are the Elect; those He has chosen to save from damnation by his sovereign, and to us mysterious, will, through the sacrifice of his son.

Dominion. The Bible is clear that all is God’s and he expects his chosen people to take his revelation and apply it in the world. Judeo-Christians think that when Jesus says to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, it means everything that Caesar claims is his. This is a cop out which allows Judeo-Christians to seemingly stay relevant to the fickle moods of the world. It is also an act of cowardice since Christians no longer have confront evil but can virtuously (in their own minds) surrender to it. If Caesar chooses to conscript your children into a war for imperialism Judeo-Christians will cower and say “Caesar calls” so we must render unto him. Authentic Christianity understands that since all is God’s then “that which is Caesar’s” is clear – nothing. Caesar exists to serve God and we are all under his dominion. There is a role for Government and that is to be obedient to God’s revelation and enforce His law. Judeo-Christian’s will deny this surrender of dominion but listen to how they always speak of obeying the ‘law’ – Caesar’s law that is. Good little Judeo-Christian John Ashcroft said he would enforce the law of the land when appointed Attorney General – this ‘law’ being Roe vs. Wade; not even a law based on how law is formulated in the United States much less a law in the mind of God. It is an abomination (like much of the law in the West today) but Judeo-Christians render unto Caesar whatever Caesar says.

Usury. This is a subset of dominion but deserves special mention. The entire pyramid of Western prosperity today is built upon usury – making money off of money. The Bible condemns it repeatedly and the Church did for the first 1500 years of its existence. Around the time of the Reformation, and picking up steam ever since, is the Church’s acceptance of this practice. The Church today is even one of its greatest practitioners through its ‘investments’ as well as its tortured biblical interpretations. It is commonplace to hear the Parable of the Talents used as a defense of usury when it is clear Jesus is condemning it, remaining consistent with his respect for his father’s law. Usury has been and is a destroyer of nations; it reaps where it does not sow, it is avaricious and feeds the beast known as capitalism – a modern antithesis to Marx’s communism. It has helped make the United States an empire that is now the greatest champion of the New World Order. To consider that the United States 150 years ago was probably the most Godly nation on earth and now it is probably the most wicked makes this all the more obvious. Productivity must come from work, real work, not through schemes.

Race. This area more than any other shows the sycophancy of Judeo-Christians to the Establishment. Jewry has schemed and is currently carrying out what can be called nothing other than Genocide of the White Race. This has been going on for a very long time but has accelerated dramatically since the world wars of the early 1900’s. The Church until at least the mid-1800’s was a strong opponent of Jewry in this area and at least a moderate opponent until the 1940’s. Since the 1960’s the Church has been in wholesale retreat and now accepts Jewry’s ‘religion’ as its own. The Evangelical Church threw in the towel once Jewry was able to destroy White people’s solidarity in what is badly labeled as the Civil Rights movement. Anywhere in the West today, if you cross Jewry, you end up marginalized at the least if not ruined. The gutless cowards of Judeo-Christianity have even jumped on the bandwagon and consider ‘racism’, that political weapon Jewry (notably Leon Trotsky) invented and has wielded like an axe, into a sin, maybe even THE sin. Go to any Christian blog and see which attracts more venom from its hosts – blasphemy or ‘racism’. Some of them even consider racism to be blasphemy. These folks are so clueless and craven they have convinced themselves that Jewish ideology intended to undermine White society is from the Bible.

Judeo-Christians know their place; in the religious realm filling the same role which respectable conservatives fill in the political – practical implementers of that which their master’s have granted them. They will take the leftovers of the real debate that the Establishment has already decided and make ‘Christianity’, Judeo-Christianity that is, fit into it. No wonder Kinists are hated by these frauds; we hold up a mirror to their pock-marked faces.

No doubt liberal Christianity is worse in many ways but for how long are we going to continue to accept “less worse” and the continued slide into degeneracy as evidenced by culture, race, and faith? Things are too bad to accept the lesser of two evils anymore. Christianity which is in thrall to Jewry is no Christianity at all.

With all this said, here is an attempt at a concise definition. Judeo-Christianity is a political and religious union which subordinates and perverts Christian (and especially White) interests to Jewish interests.


Steve said...

I believe the Judeo-fascist regime has two synthetic slave religions in play.

One is Political Correctness. It is a religion and its god is Hitler:

"Political Correctness is a religion, i.e. a structured belief system based on faith. A religion need not have a god, although Political Correctness appears to have one. Its god is Hitler, an altogether evil god that is despised by its followers. In this respect Political Correctness is similar to the Aztec religions whose evil gods had to be appeased with constant human sacrifice. The evil god Hitler needs to be kept at bay with constant discrimination against whites."
From What is Political Correctness?

The other is Judeo-Christianity. This religion is based on a forgery, the Scofield Reference Bible. This forgery has been America's best selling bible for over 90 years.

For full information on this heretical text and its origins I think the best resource is Straight Gate Ministries:

"World Zionist leaders initiated a program to change America and its religious orientation. One of the tools used to accomplish this goal was an obscure and malleable Civil War veteran named Cyrus I. Schofield. A much larger tool was a venerable, world respected European book publisher--The Oxford University Press.

The scheme was to alter the Christian view of Zionism by creating and promoting a pro-Zionist subculture within Christianity. Scofield's role was to re-write the King James Version of the Bible by inserting Zionist-friendly notes in the margins, between verses and chapters, and on the bottoms of the pages. The Oxford University Press used Scofield, a pastor by then, as the Editor, probably because it needed such as man for a front. The revised bible was called the Scofield Reference Bible, and with limitless advertising and promotion, it became a best-selling "bible" in America and has remained so for 90 years.

The Scofield Reference Bible was not to be just another translation, subverting minor passages a little at a time. No, Scofield produced a revolutionary book that radically changed the context of the King James Version. It was designed to create a subculture around a new worship icon, the modern State of Israel, a state that did not yet exist, but which was already on the drawing boards of the committed, well-funded authors of World Zionism."
From We Hold These Truths

Judeo-Christianity is a heretical sect that is Christian only in name and form. Like Political Correctness, it is a synthetic slave religion that serves the Judeo-fascist regime.

wjg said...


Right before I saw this comment I was over at Bob Whitaker's blog (one of my favorite stops though I have not yet posted there) and saw a comment with a link to a blog - your blog it turns out. I like what I see there.

I am aware of the Scofield Bible and agree with your comments. They are a great addition to my piece. Rather than emphasize Schofield, in trying to grapple with Judeo-Christianity, I would go back a little further to the roots of his heresy and the cult of Zionism - dispensationalism.

This dichotomized biblical interpretation got started with John Nelson Darby in the 1820's. Schofield was just a disciple (rather than the founder) of this movement though his Bible is noteworthy for its popularity. I used to use it myself before I knew any better.

Dispensationalism has turned the sin of lawlessness into the false virtue of anti-legalism.

It is fair to say it is one of the parents of this hideous mongrel called Judeo-Christianity.

Louise said...

I recently came across a hard-hitting web piece entitled "The Original 'Hate' Criminals" which exposes the Talmud and those who compiled it. Since it carries no copyright notice, you may want to air it. I believe I saw it on the National Vanguard site (and I might have been surfing either Yahoo or Google). Thanks a million for your insightful comments! Louise

wjg said...

Thanks Louise and I'll check out the piece you reference.

jlh said...


All your essays bear and reward repeated readings, none more so than this current piece. You are sharp as always and get better and better at focusing your vision on the true nature of our problems.


Scorebored said...

Thank you for this excellent essay. In your usual fashion, you've offered original insights into a problem so common as to be almost invisible to the modern mind. I'm not kidding when I say that you really might want to consider publishing this as a small tract to hand out. We all know there are legions of "JudeoXians" out there. Some of them might even be teachable.

Fr. John said...


Thou hast hit it, great sir!

wjg said...

JLH, Scorebored, & FJ,

Thank you all brothers. Scorebored, they do need to be reached. We can hope that at least those who know something ain't right find some wisdom out here in the fever swamps.

We may only be reaching small numbers but even if we don't see the reawakening of our kindred in our time we will keep the torches lit.

MC Bradley said...

My brother sent me over here. He was right-it's must-reading. It could definitely be a tract. There are a few people I'd like to hand it to...well, more than a few.

The thing about Judeo-xtianity, what this makes me think about, is that we probably all know Whites who are basically good, godly people, being unconsciously misused by all this tripe. Some of them are just ignorant of it; some may lack the critical thinking skills that a lot of you fellers display so abundantly. Maybe a tract like this could wake them up.

"Its god is Hitler, an altogether evil god that is despised by its followers."

Steve, that's wonderful. I don't know where people come up with ideas like this, but yes, it's very true.

wjg said...

Mc Bradley,

I appreciate your thoughts. The post is a decent start for a description of J-C but as I reread it there are a few gaps in my presentation. One, I should have better described that J-C has different varieties and the one I emphasized is the 'conservative'/evangelical sort. Partly this is because it is the most treacherous to real conservatives. There is also the liberal type and possibly others - RC? They oppose each other in the religious domain the way Democrats and Republicans do in the political - purely as form but with no real substance.

Another thing that strikes me about the typical J-C is materialism/consumerism. Also their love of being self-righteous (e.g. "see how much better I am than those nasty racists"); hence their indifference towards or hatred of kinship.

These latter points probably better describe the effects of J-C morality amongst the masses rather than its motives.