Friday, November 10, 2006


A media outlet superficially outside the Jewish filter is itself a tool for that monstrosity. An example is a headline I just saw on Yahoo News coming from AP where White LA cops are roughing up a Spic ( The video comes from You-Tube but since it serves our Masters' ham-handed anti-white propaganda it is now to be distributed thru Jew-Tube: AP and Yahoo today, tomorrow the world. So, even if there are a million things coming thru You-Tube that are favorable to a White racialist viewpoint that reach a few thousand real humans the one anti-white exception (at least that is how it will be spun) is all that will be worthy of distribution to the millions of voting bipeds that prove what a farce democracy is.

There is a second story here as well and it is the content of the story. Looking at it straight on it contains all the expected components: ACLU analysis, reflections on Rodney King, lamentations by the Police Chief, a Spic activist, yada yada. That is the hackneyed pabulum any free White Man should expect. But here’s my take. In a way I hope Whites are purged and/or quit from urban police forces so that the law of the jungle returns to the barrio and the ghetto. Let the mestizos and blacks kill each other in their 3rd World hellholes but when they come into our territory we need to learn some lessons from our ancestors and thrash them. We can do it with our police (unlikely since they are under Hymie’s thumb) or with our own private militias (eventually needed if we will survive) or as individuals (the most doable but ultimately untenable).

Jews have a bit of a dilemma with a story like this. Do they push it and possibly destroy the order the cops impose which then exposes their pets more as they really are to the lemmings or do they back off and lose another chance to prove what nasty racists Whites are? They’ll try to get both of course. Keep Whitey in the police to make sure the forces stay effective but tie their hands sufficiently so that more White Cops die while at the same time more brown thugs are kept free to perform their duties. Under this scenario the cops will both keep sufficient order in the ghetto so that the tan-man can continue to breed and expand and still be there to be used as propaganda fodder when the need arises.

Jewry is learning to better take advantage of the internet. More and more it will serve to generate the content for its “news”. That frees up more members of the Master Race to use their enormous creativity on how best to market all this material to its drooling customers.


lokuum said...

A fine post. The same thing occured to me when I saw the type of blogs purveiwed on CNN, a little new spin, but all the "right thinking". If the blogger steps out of line, you can bet it will be curtains.

jlh said...


Your post highlights for me the importance of excluding from our movement any and all subversive elements. Failure to do so will lead to it being used by our enemies as just another weapon against us. As I'm beginning to see it, how to resrict the movement to whites and still find enough common ground to build it up will be the big challenge. You and I -- without success, at least in my case -- have both tried to argue that one necessity will be to publically embrace personages and movements that at this time are considered beyond the pale of polite discourse. When we can show that whites who resisted negro suffrage, forced integration and other "civil rights" innovations were heroes worthy of our respect we may be getting somewhere. To do this we need our own media, directed at our own audience. We need an "Our Tube."

wjg said...


We must learn to act in our interests and stop being everyman because everyman is nowhereman. Nowhereman soon becomes goneman. We need to reclaim our ancestors not in spite of their racism but because of it. Their racism is what made our people great and if it is ever great again will have to be rekindled. Your piece on Cobb touches on this perfectly.

You already know by "racism" I am using it as Jewry really understands it (free Whites acting as a group in our interests) not as they market it to their slaves (evil whites who fully deserve the genocide we are in the midst of). I just clarify in case an escapee from the asylum stops by for a drink.

How a morality and ethical structure consistent with our survival can be internalized by a critical mass of thinking Whites when EVERY institution of morality is in enemy hands is a challenge to put it mildly. As bleak as things now look our only option is to act with the strength, intelliegence, and spirit of the best of our race.

I think Forrest said that the one advantage to being completely surrounded by the enemy is that you can attack in any direction. We are certainly surrounded. We've got to learn to attack - and soon.