Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Delusions of Wordism

Wordism is a term used by Bob Whitaker to describe groups primarily organized by ideology. It is the bane of the White Race. It pits Republicans against Democrats, conservatives against liberals, communists against capitalists, etc. His idea, which I think is obvious after one is exposed to it, is that Whites are killing themselves with words; words that are often important but secondary to our survival. David Duke recently made a speech of a similar vein. Other races are not now primarily organized by words but by blood. This is our great comparative disadvantage.

A classic example of the futility of wordism is the limp-wristed opposition paleo-conservatism provides neo-conservatism. Neo-conservatism is a more moderate flavor of liberalism than hardcore or moderate leftism. Paleo-conservatism is a more moderate flavor of neo-conservatism. They are all word fetishists. Go to Chronicles Magazine and read the comments to get a sample of this. Outstanding comments and thought provoking, but almost none sullied with the reality of blood. These are among the most well educated commentators in the paleo-con world. Until the core of paleo-conservatism abandons its primarily ideological orientation, it is purely reactionary – that is taking the scraps the Establishment gives them and trying to turn it into something. These scraps aren’t fit for dogs much less free men. Reaction is not a strategy for victory, action is. Until they rally to the explicit call of the White Race and say so they should continue to flounder in obscurity.

Team America is a political action committee that is what I would consider classic paleo-con. It is headed by Bay Buchanan, Pat's sister, and I have a lot of respect for what they are trying to do. They are trying to stop the immigration insanity currently going on, in particular the amnesty scheme, and are trying to oust a few of the more notable open borders advocates (i.e. Establishment Lackeys) in Congress. The problem is they have already surrendered the high ground to liberalism; that is they argue about the pros and cons of immigration within the propositional paradigm. I suspect many of the leaders in this organization know of the importance of race but they will not utter it. They constantly run from the label they fear most - Racist. The American Conservative, a paleo-con magazine, recently editorialized of the necessity of distancing the immigration reform movement from white nationalism. In other words they will try to out-liberal the liberals regarding which proposition is the most American while they hypocritically condemn neo-cons for doing likewise in certain other moral domains (like fag rights and imperialism).

The "king of open borders", Chris Cannon recently won the Republican primary for his seat in Congress. Team America put a lot of effort into beating him. Part of me wanted Cannon defeated but another part realized that we haven't awakened yet. Until our side is willing to say we are the White Race and we (blood, faith, culture) are worth defending we don't deserve to win since we will be winning due to sophistry and playing by the enemy's rules.

All this is not to say ideology is not important. It is, very much. The problem is we are facing an attack clearly intended to wipe us off the face of the earth and this must be addressed first. The defense of our race has to be a given amongst the intellectual leadership of our people. They must sunder themselves from the distorting influence which emits a narcotic fog throughout our people. After that ideas can be sorted out.


jlh said...

Great post, WJG. This essay and the thread over at Badlands where naziism is discussed make the point that you and I tried to make at Majority Rights earlier in the year: that we simply are not going to get any traction until we can neutralize the holocaust merchants and other slingers of the "nazi!" label. And that requires that our people be desensitized to those charges. (I think the reason GW and those Brits over there can't see this is they still have too much pride in the exploits of Field Marshal Montgomery and Bomber Harris) As long as we fear being called nazis and racists and what have you, we will be operating within the conceptual framework our enemies have set for us. Am Con and Chronicles are two of the best mags we have out there, especially Chronicles, but they suffer from this defect. At least they don't bow to the idol of Lincoln.

Bad said...

Excellent post!

wjg said...

Thanks Bad.


You're right. Until we can praise, or objectively (as opposed to perfunctorily) criticize Hitler and the Nazis we show whose heel we are under.

That the folks at MR have this loyalty to Churchill, who was a slave to Jewish warmongers like Rothschild; and Harris, who was a piece of excrement, etc., shows how trapped in the past they are. Hell, most my ancestors were English, but my loyalty is to my people and not its traitorous leaders. They've hooked their wagon to the wrong team.

Guessedworker recently had his precious British decency handed to him on a platter by The Other Guy (if I remember correctly). GW had the gall to suggest the IRA was "terrorist" for blowing up a few people in London while the firebombing Dresden (which killed thousands of non-combatants) followed the "rules" of war. Dresden being "lawful" is the same as open borders and cultural poison in the West today being "lawful"; it is naked aggression that those in power have legitimized. To hell with them and their made up laws.

Still, that's the trap conservatives find themselves in - defending the ideals/words of the progressives who preceded them.

Chronicles is the American version of MR. Peanut chewing (to borrow a phrase from R.E. Lee) people who have no interest in victory - only their precious high morals. Yes, they condemn Lincoln but much of the time because he was, cover your eyes and ears, a racist (at least when they follow DiLorenzo's lead). That was about the only thing good about Lincoln. Also they are slaves to Rome, in spite of their criticism of VII. As if pre-VII RC was so great. The RCC is now an openly declared enemy of the White Race.

This school of thought that we must stay "legitimate" and "respectable" so as to appeal to the masses is a fool's errand. It merely shows that we are a stray dog trying to get on the dandy's leash so that we can hold our noses in the air rather than be free in our own unwashed pack.

One's views on Hitler and Nazism may be the best litmus test for which type of dog he is.