Friday, September 22, 2006

Paleo-Conservatism Bares Its Fangs

It’s time to party, or so I’m told. Randy Graf recently won the Republican nomination for a congressional seat from Arizona. He is one of “us”, one of the good guys, not a nasty liberal or one of those open borders, establishment Republicans. He is Team America’s boy. Bay Buchanan (Team America’s main cheerleader) has been singing his praises. The immigration reformer, Tom Tancredo loves him. Graf now has a chance to show just how much he will pull for “us” and he did. See here:

Don’t it bring tears to your eyes? Don’t you just want to go out and sing the Star-Spangled Banner and salute Old Glory since our reversals are coming to an end? Graf ain’t some “crazy racist”. What a relief. You see, paleo-conservatives – these supposed bastions of all that remains good in America – know what they are supposed to and that is “us” aren’t White Folks. Where would we be without them?

For those White racialists who believe that Team America and the Minutemen might speak for you, think again. We are “crazies” according to paleo-conservatism. Makes you tingly all over don’t it? We, who don’t want to go the way of the Dodo – and who truly are “paleo”; thinking as our fore-fathers did. We knew that the Liberals hated us and the Country Club Republicans hated us. Now these fire-breathing old-school “conservatives” prove themselves no different. What truly are these jokers trying to conserve? What is their mission? Their vision?

We (I know many racialists who did, including obviously Duke) gave these people material and spiritual support and in return get calumny and treachery. No longer can they be treacherous since their strategy is now exposed. Next time we have only ourselves to blame.

All this should be no surprise. Sheeny says “grovel” and Cracker says “right foot or left”. We deserve no respect from our enemies because we have earned none. This fraudulent and pathetic political movement had already revealed its intentions when the American Conservative editorialized that White Nationalists have no place in the immigration reform movement. They didn’t enlighten us as to where we do have a “place”. Answer: nowhere. If P-C is the best we’ve got we’d better hang it up. Paleo-con racialists - where to now?


M.B. said...

I can't believe no one else has commented on this yet, but WTG, WJG! You hit the bullseye with that one. People like us know the system is so corrupt from top to bottom that it can't be "fixed", it needs to be scrapped. Never trust anyone who runs for office, especially not on the Republican ticket, because they are assuredly not on your (meaning our) side.

wjg said...


The worst kind of defeat is one perpetrated by treachery and "conservatism" in all its flavors is just such a creature. It claims to be our friend, at least with a wink and a nod, but it is our worst enemy. If it weren't for the phony conservatism from pukes like Eisenhower all the way thru to Shrub White America may have awakened by now. It has been Jewry's invaluable ally in ways leftism can never be so infamous.

If we awake from our stupor in time these "friends" - who have sold us out for a pile of crap - will have hell to pay.

Sadly, many patriots still believe in these traitors. Not one of the anti-racists (i.e. anti-whites), regardless of their meaningless labels, deserves anything but scorn.

Some discussion on this would have been nice since determining who we are and who our friends are is absolutely essential. We can no longer afford to give our loyalty to least-worse. Only complete, and explicit, devotion to the White Race should gain our support henceforth.

To hell with paleoconservatism and its damnable groveling to our genocidal masters.

M.B. said...

WJG, you're very eloquent on this topc and I couldn't agree more. And thank you having the courage to state it so bluntly. That's what we need, without sugar-coating.

"Some discussion on this would have been nice since determining who we are and who our friends are is absolutely essential."

Yeah, and if you don't mind I'd, in furtherance of that end I'd like to re-post this blog entry at my Xanga site, with a link back here. I don't do too much with my site, or get much traffic, but I do have a few kinist friends that drop by and leave casual comments. I think I might be able to generate a little more discussion.

wjg said...


Thanks for asking and please post it on your blog if you'd like. We are reaching only a few people but the intrepid souls who venture into these uncharted waters are worth a hundred lemmings who only swim in the mainstream.

M.B. said...

Great, and amen. I just posted it to my site

and I'm not sure how long it will take, but there should be a few nibbles, at least!