Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson meet Marlon Brando

I happened to get a copy of the Washington Compost yesterday and scanned thru it to see if there was anything worth reading an voila; there was a short story about Mel Gibson getting arrested for drunk driving and having a tirade against Jewry. Granted he was intoxicated and his guard was let down but it was refreshing to see a public figure allow some air into the stagnant public forum. Of course the Compost is run by Jews for Jews so it attacked his anti-semitism and pounded its chest in vindication for its doubted characterization of him in the buildup to the release of The Passion. The Compost even reminded its lobotomizsed Goy readership and its Chosenites how Gibson did not prostrate himself before the Holocaust but instead only said that Jewry was one group among many that suffered in WWII. Gouge out his eyes and cut out his tongue, the uppity dog!

The sad, though expected thing, is that the story didn’t end with Gibson’s defiance of Jewry but his prostration to it, “deeply regretting” his remarks and attributing his tirade to his struggle with alcohol. It’s hard to blame him for not really being a William Wallace in our time. Even the real William Wallace doesn’t compare to the fake one. The same thing happened to Marlon Brando a few years ago. He went so far to grovel and cry at the feet of the blessed and perfect Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League – begging for forgiveness and redemption from an anointed one. Gibson has not done that yet (it’s still too early) but expect Jewry to demand it.

Public figures in the last 100 years who have defied the Master Race have not fared well. Jewry knows how to make an example of uppity Whites, either individuals (Charles Linbergh, Henry Ford, etc.) or nations (Russia and Germany). I see no way in the next few generations Whites will cast off this parasite from our presence. I have spoken to enough “average” Americans (inside my family and out) who will hear of many things but not an attack on the Chosen Ones. Not that I expect average folks to do anything contrary to that which they have been conditioned to believe; it is for them too deep, too emotional, too dear. They are, in some sort of strange reverse projection “Jews” even as real Jews despise them. Judeoxtian-holocaustianity is at their core now. Mention Jewry as our enemy and the fists fly up in defense – “But not ALL Jews are against us. It is not right to generalize”. When I reply that they have attacked us AS A GROUP and we must respond in kind all I hear is, “it is not right to stereotype.”

This is another effect of judeoxtianity – niceness. Jews never fail to remind us how Christ turned the other cheek so good little xtians must do likewise “to make certain that their chaste minds are insulated against a wicked temptation not to love their enemies”- to quote Revilo Pendleton Oliver on a similar subject. Hollywood, the MSM, and Academia have demonized Whites AS A GROUP my whole life yet we are expected to defy them person by person. Jewry IS collectively guilty of crimes against the White Race in our own homelands for centuries but especially in the last 100 years. Why? Because every substantial political movement disproportionately influenced by or run by Jews has acted against us. I didn’t finally wake up to this fact until just recently.

Another thing I have heard by the conditioned masses is “but you don’t deny The Holocaust (TM), do you?” I now reply truthfully that I don’t know. This is usually met with dismay. I explain that I have become very skeptical of the claims of Jewry, and that since this is now considered the greatest heresy in any public discussion (to the point of imprisonment) it raises red flags in my mind as to its truthfulness. Why ban evaluation of this subject unless the assertions are dubious? What about freedom of speech that Jews claim to love so much? When I follow up with a question of why did the Germans perpetrate “the holocaust” more dismay follows. “Of course it’s because Hitler wanted a scapegoat. Jews did nothing wrong.” Lastly I ask why is the persecution of European Jewry at the center of our consciousness instead of the holocaust (not trademarked) of White Christian Ukrainians by Jewish Bolshevism? Most of the folks I talk to don’t say “tell me more”, they say – in effect – “shut up”. As long as it took me to see the light on this issue I think I would have been very open to hearing “me” several years ago. But most are not.

We have an alien race, an alien religion, and an alien consciousness grafted into our psyche’s all to serve the alien’s malignant purposes; notably their ascension and our destruction. Rather than confront this life and death struggle head on our more intelligent people are directed to think harmless, even counterproductive, nonsense like the gummint blew up the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, Islam is “our” greatest enemy, Israel is a wondrous friend, and modern America is worth defending. The length of “acceptable” subjects for our people to devote their political energies on is only exceeded by their meaninglessness. Likewise the few meaningful ones are spoken about even less than the emperor having no clothes.

I hope Gibson defies our masters but I don’t blame him for not doing so; he has a family to support. But I pray he doesn’t grovel either, even as many of the judeoxtians who flocked to The Passion turn on him. Betrayal by friends and family has got to be the worst thing a man can face and that would be Gibson’s fate. If he proves not to be a martyr I have no complaint. I already know I am not.

P.S. Seeing the cover of the JewSA Today this morning is a fitting exclamation point. Right under the perfunctory attack headline on Gibson, directing the lemmings back to the Lifestyle section to get taught what happens to bad anti-semites, was a picture of several Lebanese children dead from an Israeli bomb. I doubt that was an attempt at irony.


Scorebored said...

Another fine post, WJG. I was particularly interested in your remark about the effects of Mel Gibson's comments: "even as many of the judeoxtians who flocked to The Passion turn on him." So true! Right after I read about the DUI arrest and Gibson's Jew-baiting remarks, I said, "Just wait; the very judeochristians who were slobbering all over Gibson back when he released "The Passion" will be screeching for his scalp because he dared speak against The Chosen Ones. Dobson, Colson, Kennedy, Thomas, Parshall, and others will be baying for his blood.

wjg said...


Yeah, they'll all be saying, "I defended Mel Gibson against what I thought were false charges of anti-semitism and he has proven me wrong. He needs to renounce his own words in the strongest possible way."

They prove such useful idiots yet Jewry still eviscerates them.

Sid Thomas said...

I got your blog over at
appreciate your work.

I put up this take on the Mel Gibson thing (fellow blogger) if you are interested:

ALso: argue "Israel" abuses the right to self-defense.

M.B. said...

Excellent, WJG. You're doing fine work and I really enjoy reading your thoughts here and at LG. There was only one, teeny, tiny thing gave me brief pause. When you said, "I hope Gibson defies our masters but I don’t blame him for not doing so; he has a family to support."

I can only blink. You do know how fabulously, obscenely wealthy this guy is, right? Maybe not by Industrialist or Silicon Valley standards, but he really doesn't have to worry about supporting his family, even if he never made another dollar in his life.

wjg said...


I didn't mean it in the economic sense as much as in the emotional sense. Jewry is a vile monster and it will rip into his family and him in every conceivable way if he doesn't back down. For the purpose of white survival some big fish need to start taking some serious lumps so I hope he fights back. But we whites are our own worst enemies and he probably realizes he will be standing virtually alone; under attack from the beast and its spawn.

We need to understand he is only human and he does need to look after his family in the best way he sees fit. There is a time to fight and also a time to retreat. Poor timing will only leave one a footnote in history.

Thank you (and Sid) for visiting.

M.B. said...

Ah, WJG, I understand. Yeah, good points. You don't pull punches and I like that. I'm trying to cut MG some slack. It's true, he's only human, and I wasn't real surprised that he turned into a puddle of liquefied jelly, but I really didn't expect that he would would sink quite to the depths of abject sycophantism that he seems to have reached. If none of the big fish (as you say) are going to step up and say anything, how can they expect anyone else to, when comparatively they have much more at risk? I guess that's what leadership boils down to in most cases, huh? It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man of status to defy the Jews.

Rusty Mason said...

Another good post, thank you. Do you have recommendations on what Whites can do to rebuild their civilization, any organizations that recognize the problems and are attracting mainstream adherents?

wjg said...


In the last couple days Gibson has sunk lower and lower but I expect Jewry to demand more. They have to make an example of this uppity Goy - whether out of cunning calculation or their paranoid malice is hard to say. As spittle flies from their fat lower lips will Gibson continue to give or is their some of the spirit of his fictitous heroes in him

I think you are right about the Rich Goy and his Master; most seem to already have taken the number of the beast.

wjg said...


That's a good question. The problem, for now, is every mainstream organization, even of a supposed conservative philosophy, serves Jew interests and not White interests. Unless a "mainstream" organization explicitly states that it will serve the interests of Whites it will be of no use.

Our first big hurdle is removing the stigma of white nationalism from the minds of our intellectual leadership. These folks have been conditioned to refexively work against their natural instinct of self-preservation. The reason I can't divorce myself from the JQ is that there can never be true WN unless the enemy is named. Jewry is our enemy; not blacks, mestizos, muslims, communists, liberals, or "insiders". These latter groups are only an issue because of the first.

So, I don't think the time is ripe for much in the way of political victory. Our job is to stanch the hemmoraging; to slow the rate of decay. The nadir of the White Race is not yet here. It is clear we require much more humiliation before a recovery can begin.

In the interim we must act locally, to at least keep the torch lit. Marry good women from within our people, raise strong children, and equip them from a young age in the awesome history of our people and in our current fight for survival. Name the enemy to those who will listen. Shun the true-believing antis.

My view is that the current system is so rotten and unreformable we need to drop out (of most of it) and let it collapse under its own weight. We need to start building new institutions from scratch that, above all, never let in the termites that ruined the old structures.

There are some groups and individuals who are explicitly pro-white and anti-jew and these need our support as long as they stay that way.

My thought on the mainstream is that it needs to be directed towards white survivalism and separatism rather than WN going to it in such a watered down fashion as to make WN worthless. Winning power by selling out the very principles one purports to stand for is much worse than the defeat that may come from standing firm.

Sorry for the deficient, rambling answer but it's the best that comes to mind for now. Please let me know your thoughts on this. I don't want to be defeatist, just right.

BTW, are you affiliated with the NPUSA? I seem to recall a Rusty Mason there.

iggy said...

I challenge anyone regarding the veracity of Mel Gibson's comments while drunk. Einstein commissioned the nuclear bomb (see his letter to Roosevelt) and Haber created poison gas for the Kaiser(Both jews). The mass of wars being fought right now serve zionism (racism). WMD's are a jewish invention. Jews have goy children doing the dangerous dirty jobs the world over. They serve satan and must be stopped.

wjg said...


There are at least 2 ways to look at Jewry from the perspective of an awakened White Nationalist. One is that Jews are evil; a demonic deceiver and destroyer who must be dealt with as such.

Another is that they are our enemies yes but not evil per se, just a reflection of their incompatible moral and ethical system. Revilo Oliver was as "anti-Semetic" as our system would label any man but he never considered Jewry evil since he also believed that the moral dichotomy of good and evil were not Aryan but Jewish.

I have some regards for both views but the bottom line is which one matters less than that one (or a blend of both) is held.

It's too bad Mel's comments didn't lead to a more noticeable revival. Maybe it is just another piece to a larger puzzle whose revelation is still in the future.

The time is clearly not ripe now.

sickpopculture said...

Fallen Freedom, contact me (also in D.C.)historicnewspapers at hotmail dot com

Von Richthofen said...

There is some interesting and illustrated commentary on this issue at:

and at: