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Presidential Rankings

Here is an attempt to rank the U.S. Presidents in order of their faithfulness to the interests of our nation’s founder’s posterity; in other words OUR interests. What I especially focused on was what the man did or failed to do when the actions would have made the most difference. I have heard it said many times the George Bush (little shrub) is the worst president ever from the perspective of White people. I think that is balderdash. He is awful for sure but is constrained in the damage he can do both by his own limited capacity but mostly by the times we live in which have virtually assured the results we are getting. We are now in a freefall with no end in sight and our people are truly out of control at the macro political level. This is not said to breed despair as much as to hopefully inspire local, humble actions which is about all we can do for now. This powerlessness was not always the case.

Starting with Lincoln and accelerating with Wilson and FDR the collapse has progressed. When we reached the point of no return – that is the time after which no president could any longer right our course back towards being a White Republic – is certainly debatable, but it has clearly passed. Whether it was with FDR (my guess) or Eisenhower or possibly – at the latest – Nixon is a good question. . Jews are right to gloat as they are now wont to do: the United States of America is now not only finished as a White nation it is filled with so many poison pills as to absolutely prevent its reformation back in that direction. A new model can and must rise again but the USA is gone.

From FDR forward the only debate is the degree of damage that each did. For Reagan apologists consider the 1986 Race Replacement Acceleration Act. Do his tax breaks come close to neutralizing that? Yes the soviet flavor of judeo-communism was thwarted but it was only replaced with a more virulent strain of judeo-capitalism. I agree Reagan was the best Republican since Hoover but that ain’t saying much. He ultimately fell far short of how he sold himself.

If I were to rate the Presidents on despicability the order would be a little different. For White folks in recent years the most despicable of the men below are those who said they were one of us but then served the enemy; as bad as Wilson was I don’t consider him as treasonous as Eisenhower or Nixon. He was clearly deluded but there is a special place in Hell for those who knew better and sold us out – along with their forefathers, us, and all our potential descendants – with forethought. But I wasn’t trying to rank intent, just effect.

Below my ranking, Wikipedia's ranking, and my comments are provided. With more knowledge and wisdom I’m sure I’ll find a few who are misplaced.

My Rank-Wiki Rank Comments

1-4 Thomas Jefferson. Acquired huge tract of land without a drop of blood. Understood that agriculture was the backbone of our people. Opposed money-worshippers. Race realist not through conformance but through reason. Dealt with Barbary Pirates very effectively.

2-3 George Washington. A man of unchallenged integrity, courage, and humility. Tried to hold together such creative and opposed men as Jefferson and Hamilton into a coherent whole. Walked away from power when it was his to keep.

3-16 James Monroe. Monroe Doctrine institutionalized an Aryan ideal (expansion of White living space) that served us well. It has long since been perverted beyond recognition.

4-13 James Madison. Understood the depravity of Man and the need for checks and balances against our worst tendencies.

5-5 Theodore Roosevelt. An explicit white nationalist at a time when that was coming under attack. At least outwardly an opponent of homo economicus and America as the great money machine. Conservationist. Imperialistic tendencies and progressive at a time when being conservative still had value. Split the Republicans in 1912 allowing Wilson to win.

6-31 Calvin Coolidge. Screwed up little. Oversaw the last significant action of the American government in the interests of White folk: the Immigration Act of 1924.

7-17 Grover Cleveland. The last Democrat who was obedient to the Constitution.

8-26 Chester A. Arthur. Signed Chinese Exclusion Act into law and supported other eugenic immigration restrictions.

9-10 James K. Polk. Liberated the American SW from pathetic, mongrel Mexico

10-8 Andrew Jackson. Defied the money-changers but also elevated the power of the presidency for later tyrants - starting with Lincoln - to abuse.

11-23 Martin Van Buren. Neutral.

14-19 John Quincy Adams. Skilled diplomat. His post-presidential defense of the Armistad "mutineers" reflects an addled universalistic morality: the White Man's bane.

12-36 Millard Fillmore. Ran as a candidate of the nativist Know-Nothing party after being president.

13-40 Franklin Pierce. Copperhead. Avoided Civil War. Followed the Constitution. But enacted the Nebraska-Kansas Act which allowed slavery (and negritude) room to grow in the west.

15-20 William Howard Taft. Possessed a cool, conservative temperament which at that time was a virtue. Supported income tax amendment along with just about every one of our blind leaders.

16-11 John Adams. Driving force behind American Independence but possessed a prickly temperament more suited to being a lawyer than president.

17-34 Zachary Taylor. Insignificant.

18-30 Benjamin Harrison. Neutral.

19-41 James Buchanan. Avoided Civil War. Followed the Constitution.

20-39 Andrew Johnson. Fought against Redestruction.

21-42 Warren G. Harding. Graves aren't filled with the "accomplishments" of his term as with the Establishment's darlings. Tea-pot dome? Who gives a damn. It's funny that Harding is pilloried for something that doesn't mean squat today and lying war-mongers who ripped the heart out of the West like Lincoln, FDR, and Wilson are lionized.

22-33 James A. Garfield. Was his defiance of cronyism which led to his death good or bad for Whites?

23-35 John Tyler. Evicted from the Whig party.

24-38 William Henry Harrison. His inauguration proved fatal so who knows what he would have done. Too bad that wasn't the case which such infamous traitors as FDR.

25-18 William McKinley. Annexed brown lands of Puerto Rico, the Phillipines, Hawaii, and Guam subordinating nation to empire.

26-15 Ronald Reagan. Equal or better than every other President since Hoover. Homo economicus is the best model Conservatism holds up for White Manhood. Proved that even our victories are sterile. Amnesty of 86: an infamous act of racial treason, though he may have believed the lie about that being a one-time necessary evil.

27-27 Gerald Ford. Short term but still not short enough.

28-29 Herbert Hoover. Compared to his successor he looks great. Not compared to that animal he was pretty lame.

29-7 Harry S. Truman. Ended the Pacific War without tens of thousands of more dead whites in defiance of Jewry who would have rather dropped A-bombs on defeated Germany. Involved us in another imperial adventure - Korea. Became a crusader for the latest blight to strike White people's right of self-determination: Civil Rights.

30-24 Rutherford B. Hayes. Was sympathetic to the plight of God's precious and always persecuted darlings as they started to face ramifications for their latest nation wrecking adventure in Russia. Hayes helped make sure America would be the parasite's new host.

31-37 Ulysses Grant. An incompetent administrator which allowed the carpetbaggers and their pet apes free reign to further ravage the South. In peace forgot how he treated Jewry in war.

32-12 John F. Kennedy. Set into motion - thru life and death - the end stage of America.

33-25 George H. W. Bush. Another tool of Judah like all since Wilson. Invasion of Iraq. Champion of New World Order. Caved when one of Hymie's pets was beaten to keep it in line and sold out white cops.

34-21 Bill Clinton. Cheered the on-going genocide of the White Race. Destroyed another white nation's (Serbia) attempt at sovereignty in favor of the NWO. Raised the Judah's governmental involvement to new levels of overt power.

35-22 George W. Bush. A Wilsonian dolt with (fortunately) only half of Wilson's IQ, but there is only so much more damage that can be done to what is left of America and the West. A lobotomized Goy that his masters let off the leash on occasion to sow destruction when it is kosher.

36-27 Jimmy Carter. Gentle as a dove but unfortunately only about as wise as one also. Case study in not becoming IQ fetishists since his was supposedly high. Had a unique fusion of Wilson's naivety with Grant's management skills. The first in a perverse parade (later Willy and Shrub) of born-again xtians: all proud of their sychophancy and what they considered their own "ideals".

37-9 Dwight D. Eisenhower. Deported the wetbacks while it was still PC to do so. A robotic anti-nazi who did nothing (like a "good" conservative) to recapture what FDR had ravaged. Stabbed our last notable patriot who had political power, Joe McCarthy, squarely in the back. Attacked the South by using the military to integrate schools and the South abdicated.

38-1 Abraham Lincoln. Wanted to repatriate Africans. Redestruction would have probably been much more temperate had the fury of the southern haters not been loosed by his "martyrdom". Ravaged the nation and our most legitimate culture and created an empire. Even though he was spinning fantasy with his Gettysburg Address and showed, with his own views, not to believe most of it, it nonetheless became fodder for the post-war invader to remake America to serve its own purposes.

39-14 Lyndon B. Johnson. The first Texas idiot to demonstrate his virtue as an anti-white. Was too cynical to believe the hocum he pushed. A base and craven politician. Oversaw the institutional dismantling of White people's rights, sent our young men to die in jungles leading to a generational rift amongst our people. Could have slowed down the pace of Kennedy's liberalism. Instead he supercharged it.

40-32 Richard Nixon. Hated by the non-neocon element of Judah for some odd reason since he did their bidding in spite of knowing they were an enemy. A more mediocre variation on LBJ but with the ignominy of treachery since he sold himself as a patriot. A huge reaction to the excesses of LBJ could have been unleashed. Instead this respectable conservative diverted this anger to where his masters expected. Implemented the Great Society like a devoted commissar. He wasn't forgiven for his proforma, youthful red-baiting; hence the Watergate scandal. Was partially aware of the Jewish threat but failed to act out of cowardice.

41-2 Franklin D. Roosevelt. Bernard Baruch's water boy. Drove a stake straight thru the heart of America and the whole West. Before him there was a chance of restoration, after him our course was unalterable. An evil, duplicitous warmonger. The NWO's favorite whore. If pure evil and treason were being rated this creature would lap the field. It might not even be fair to call this thing a traitor since it was really a Rosenfeld in body and spirit.

42-6 Woodrow Wilson. Accelerated what Lincoln started and handed to FDR to finish. First known pawn of the New World Order. Delivered to Judah tens of thousands of our best young men both in betrayal of Germany and in support of future Israel. Oversaw the institutionalization of both the White Slave Act (aka the Income Tax) and the Great Kosher Money Tree (aka the Federal Reserve). League of Nations?, War to end all wars?, Safe for democracy? Actually believed that nonsense. Best personification of Aryan Man's precipitous decline. Supposedly awakened to his own mistakes in the end.

If all goes as expected we will soon we will under the overt dominion of a mongrel-savant of the NWO as opposed to the more usual white ones. I look forward to an end to the white stooges. We cannot judge Obama as the men above since he cannot be blamed for not looking out for us. Our own won’t even do that unless their masters tell them it is acceptable.

True leaders are courageous, wise, and moral free agents in the sense of defying the "spirit of their times" if that spirit is not in the interests of the progress of their people. Those attributes are anathema to the entity still referred to as the United States.

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