Monday, April 28, 2008

The Clintons

Now that the Left/”Progressive”/”Liberal”/Democratic establishment has their panties in a ruffle over Hillary and Bill’s reluctance to bow out of the Democratic party’s primary a little reflection is in order. It’s funny that this same clique of boobs had absolutely no problem when the Clinton’s narcissism was only ruining the dwindling remnant of traditional America. (Of course the reason they had no problem with it is because this ruination was/is intentional and the Clintons were very effective in its execution.) Now that it is their precious rainbow coalition that is being exposed for the fraud that it is they want Hillary and Bill to get back in line like all the other good little crackers that are grist for the mill of progress. Thank God H&B have the integrity (in their own special kind of way) to just be themselves here. Don’t they realize that White folk are supposed to be used and then discarded? How dare they not conform! I know this little rebellion will be short lived but you gotta love it while it lasts. More Whites on the Left might finally wake up and see the reality of the one way street of race in the Jew-blighted States of America: a wonderful multicultural paradise as long as Whites surrender, turn the other cheek, self immolate, work and give but a Third Reich in-the-making if Whites come as equals to the political table.

What do I expect to come of this in the next few years? Absolutely nothing. Whites are still too narcotized by the spiritual poison of our zeitgeist and too comfortable playing remora to the New World Order’s shark. It will take others to save us unfortunately: whether it be Jewry’s own chutzpah, or some foreign power’s unwillingness to bow to this monstrosity we are trapped in.

In the meantime we (White Nationalists) can only cheer every new crack that is revealed within the JSA and hope the fissures keep growing to the point a critical mass of Aryans can grow out of the toxic waste. Based on our enemy’s unprecedented success (which the Clintons contributed to handsomely) in lowering White birthrates, encouraging miscegenation, and having brown skins fill in the carrying capacity we have built and maintain it is a race against time.

Here’s to the Clintons. May they always be themselves.

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