Thursday, July 31, 2008

Westward Bound

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. Between being both at a loss for what to say regarding America’s/The West’s continued decay and preparing to move from Virginia to Idaho my always sporadic entries have become nonexistent. But now the move is mostly over and I wanted to catch up and share some thoughts.

Northern Virginia had been my inherited home since my mom moved there (from Texas) while I was still in high school back in 1979. So for 29 years it was my little corner of the world. I finished high school, college (albeit on an extended plan), entered the workforce, became a property owner, met my wife, and have been blessed with three children here so it was in me/us and we with it. I also witnessed first hand the dispossession of the posterity of its creators by our masters. My graduating class in high school in 1981 was easily 90% White. Now that same school is maybe 50% White. The elementary school my girls were just pulled out of was maybe 25% White. Even that’s too many for our masters who look at Aryans the way Phil Sheridan looked at Indians. And the numbers are not the worst part. They are merely the symptom of a seemingly terminal spiritual disease.

I was unable to sell two of our properties in the area due to an ongoing collapse in property values so I can’t yet completely leave it behind. I’ll have to be a landlord until things turn around enough to sell. When that will be is a good question. That the house next door is home to an indeterminate amount of Central American mystery meat is doubtless a factor as well. I'm leaving behind at least one neighbor who is an honorable Aryan who's young adult son is possibly waking up to our plight. They were two of the few real life people I met who ever seemed interested in the story behind the story.

The trip cross country was mostly enjoyable. First off we stopped in Niagara Falls. We went out of our way to go there since neither my wife nor I had been. This stop was the biggest disappointment of all. Not the natural beauty which is awesome and uplifting. There were two things that ruined the experience. The first is that Niagara Falls, NY has allowed little bush-league tour groups to set up shop in the middle of town and unless you know this you will pay triple the price for the actual events for the ‘pleasure’ of these shysters shuttling you around town in their little busses spending half your time waiting for the slowest members of the group. So if you go to Niagara Falls, do NOT pay for any tour package. Go to the stops yourself for a fraction of the price and at whatever pace you choose. The second is that Niagara Falls is like New Calcutta. There are Asian Indians everywhere. Every other restaurant and every other visitor smells of the fusion of Cumin and BO and speaks like Gunga Din. They seem to have this strange water fetish as most probably already know as with the River Ganges. It seems to be for spiritual “cleansing” but not physical; my wife noted how three consecutive of their females didn’t wash their hands after using the rest room. Given what America now is they probably all have a piece of paper saying they are American. Of course none of them is coupled with a mongoloid or a Mestizo or a Negro with mongrels in tow. That’s the sole domain of those of us crackers who aren’t queer.

Fortunately most of the rest of the trip was edifying from an Aryan perspective. There were a few nauseating sites the rest of the trip. Noteworthy was the occasional White Woman in a rest stop who looked attractive but was in the arms of a Negro and was pushing around a wooly-headed little mulatto. She just followed all the leads of our sick culture and revolted against all her healthy instincts to end in that state. If we ever recover all the mongrels will have to be cast out or destroyed. Seem harsh? Well, they are all tools of our masters’ plan to destroy us. Do they give a shit about you as a carrier of life and progress? We can either be nice and die (or worse - end up permanently distorted) or be firm and live the full life that potentially awaits us. Payment cannot be avoided.

The next stop of note was in South Dakota. It is a beautiful state, with both diverse geography and topography and a largely untainted (from my small observation) Aryan population. I encountered a few Mennonite families and chatted a little with the husbands. They are characteristic of many of the best of our people; industrious, humble, communitarian, energetic and they were all physically well proportioned: in height, weight, and structure. They also exhibited the other characteristic of our people which has gotten helped get us in our current state – expected universal reciprocity. They are gentle as lambs but they do not appear as wise as serpents – at least not as regards the malign intents of our masters. They seem very protective of their beliefs but not of their genetic endowment. How they would fare if they were specifically targeted for destruction is a good question but I am skeptical. For now ZOG is busy ruining the still more numerous mainstream Whites so some of the dropouts (not all – note the Mormon Fundamentalists) are under the radar. I hope they can wake up to this without losing the best of themselves. Maybe they are savvier than I give them credit. If anything will save them – as Aryan people - from ZOG it will be their religious beliefs since that sets them apart and makes them close knit. Very few non-Aryans have the pioneer qualities it takes to be self-sufficient farmers and ranchers so this is an important though seemingly unintended firewall against miscegenation.

The Badlands, the Black Hills and Yellowstone were all as beautiful as expected. Mount Rushmore is especially worthy of seeing. Even if you hate Lincoln seeing the vision and implementation of such Aryan art is breath taking. The American Federal Government even deserves credit for the infrastructure they have put in around it. Almost all the other Americans encountered were decent and friendly. There were lots of Chinese at Yellowstone. They are on the ascent. Hopefully they all go back home when their visit is over.

I barely survived the behavior of my kids. It must have been half of the trip that one of them was having a tantrum. Higher doses of Talmudvision (the CD variety) would have pacified them but we only allowed a little of it and that was more benign shows like Andy Griffith. We arrived in western Montana after seven days and over three thousand miles right on Fire Cracker Day. Since then we have been lining up a temporary abode in northern Idaho to hold us until we can build a custom home further north on some acreage we bought a couple years back.

Even though my wife has not been agreeable to my racial awakening I am still happy to be away from ZOG’s imperial headquarters. The life there was getting worse every year and Whites are nowhere close to yet standing up to their destruction. As best I can tell they aren’t ready in the Pacific Northwest either but it is a place where a resistance may arise and if it does has the greater chance of success. For those either trapped in or defiantly staying in areas where Whites have largely been cleansed I hope for the best for you. We do need to carve out a nation within an empire but how to do it is not something I yet see.

I wish I had more things to say and there were others sharing ideas about truly constructive action but I must admit being at a loss right now. We must persevere and carry the torch since this generation won’t see the light. A high price must be paid for generations of failure and cowardice.


Wheeler MacPherson said...

So very, VERY glad to see you writing again. I pray that you do not underestimate your importance in the saga of our peoples' great battle.

I owe you a letter...

wjg said...

As always brother much thanks for the kind words. Likewise I owe you a letter.

Hopefully talk with you soon.