Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The King, the Counselor and the Prophet

There is so much beauty and Aryan wisdom in the writings of J.R.R. Tolkein that it should be required reading by all White Nationalists. It is true that Tolkein disliked allegory but it is hard not to apply his works to our time. In fact by him overtly distancing his work from any contemporary issue he made its message all the more timeless. One recurrent theme in his works is decay; things are created in an original pristine state that is followed by inevitable general decline. I am not a fan of this particular aspect of Tolkein’s world though experience tends to reaffirm it. Still Tolkein reveals a desire as futile as it may seem to him to fight the decline and reform that which is sliding. In regards to this I want to emphasize one particular story of his I think is most relevant to us now.

Since I’ve awakened both to the rot that has inflicted Aryan Man and tried to understand its causes the revelations and learning have pointed in a consistent direction. All the filth and degeneracy always points to the same source. Oh, to be sure there are other factors involved. European Man is both blessed and cursed with an open, inquisitive spirit. We formulate ideologies to try and better order ourselves such that real progress is achieved. This spirit has served us well in our traditional historical environment: one of cold and scarcity; where cooperation was not only desirable but was required for survival. This spirit has also been our Achilles Heel, the kink in our armor which we have been blind to when we are not in our natural environment and are sharing our physical and intellectual space with foreign beings. For it was long ago espied by an outsider who has used it to slowly but surely inject his poison into us; to turn us to his service, and to that of his master.

Tolkein captured this situation perfectly in the relationship of Grima Wormtongue and King Theoden of Rohan in the Lord of the Rings. Theoden was noble and strong, daring and proud, and just as well. Yet he was not subtle, cunning or sly nor really wise as a king must be and was thus prone to one skilled in those areas. Sometime after (or it may have been before) his rise to kingship he took into his confidence Grima. Grima was all the things Theoden was not and at the start this was seemingly a positive relationship for Theoden and his nation. Tolkein says just that – that Grima initially provided wise council to Theoden.

Over time Grima’s councils directed Theoden to serve another power; a power not at all consonant with the spirit of Rohan. This shift in direction was gradual and deliberate and Theoden never saw the big picture until much later, after he had become a servant of all that the true spirit of his people loathed. Now it must be made clear that Grima himself was only a funnel through which the desires of Saruman were poured into the heart and mind of Theoden and over time Grima the subtle counselor became Wormtongue the corrupter. In turn Saruman had been twisted into a servant, though renegade, of Sauron who himself was a servant of the first corrupter – Morgoth. But I will use Wormtongue as the proxy for these powers to which he was but a slave.

There were nobles and officers true to Rohan who tried to warn the king of his and his nation’s slide into corruption but by that time the councils of Wormtongue had enslaved Theoden. Therefore these patriots were ignored if not imprisoned. Through Wormtongue, Theoden looked at natural friends as enemies or at best as undependable neutrals. He saw all Saruman’s intentions as honorable and in the best interests of Rohan. It got so bad that even when Theoden’s own son and many other of his people were killed in a sneak attack by Saruman’s orcs and mongrels he did not awaken in a fury of vengeance. That things were not much worse in Rohan by the time of the arrival a prophet of light is mostly due to the diligence and “treason” (at least as regards the councils of Wormtongue) of the faithful and vigorous remnant of Rohan as best seen in Prince Eomer, Theoden’s nephew.

This prophet is who awakened Rohan through the exorcism of he through whom Rohan was led. Gandalf’s arrival was vigorously contested by Wormtongue and for a time the sly adviser debated the wizard with the addled mind of the king unable to see the light through the fog. At this time Tolkein employs a tool we would do well to hearken to in trying to communicate our plight. Gandalf ignores the supposed “man” named Grima and rightly calls him a serpent whose words are nothing more than hisses.

One of my favorite lines from Gandalf is, “I have not come through fire and death to banter words with a witless worm. On your belly snake”. If that isn’t the exact quote, it is close. (Just as an aside there is a comparable classic moment in the climax of C.S. Lewis’ The Silver Chair.)

Gandalf knew words were important tools but they can be and in this case had been used to distort rather than edify and for a brief time had to be smashed to bits. In Lewis’ story the Silver Chair is literally smashed. In this case the chains on the spirit and the fog on the mind of Theoden were just as real but could only be destroyed by reaching in and pulling out the king from a self-imposed slavery once the well-spring of the enslavement had been disrupted.

Once Theoden reemerged as himself his nation returned as an organic healthy entity; with spirit, body, and soul working together to fulfill its destiny.

What does this mean to us? Who are the people filling these roles in the current production we are all actors in? My estimation after several years of being awakened is that King Theoden is the bewitched and AWOL leadership strata of European Man. Grima is the liberalized European commissariat without whose suicidal cooperation the enslavement, corruption, and genocide of Euro Man would not be possible. Wormtongue is the chattering creator and disseminator of that kosher zeitgeist known as political correctness, which is simply the latest ideological tool used by Jewry to achieve its objective of world domination. This is where the Mainstream Media, education establishment, and government bureaucracies all fall. Saruman represents the group of people from whom the agenda for the New World Order issues. It is Talmudic at the core and though many participants are not physically Jews they are nowhere men with no past and no future unless they are ultimately absorbed into that tribe. Think of the international banking houses, and groups who are the real guides of governmental and commercial policies and actions. Sauron/Morgoth is their lord. Whether one wants to call this entity “Satan” or something else is debatable but from the perspective of Aryan Man it is the Biblical equivalent of Satan.

I separate Grima from Wormtongue in that there is a part of liberalism that comes from the honest desire of Euro-Man to fix/save the world. Experience and even intuition reveals classical liberalism (as opposed to judeo-liberalism) as folly but it is not evil per se. But by design Grima was transformed and became the voice of Saruman - Wormtongue. Just as a exorcized Theoden had a desire to see Grima return uncorrupted as a servant of Rohan I would hope our deluded liberals will soon come home to their people, repent, and make amends for the damage they have done. Likewise there are
elements to liberalism that may be salvageable as expressions of European Man’s desire for real progress. Rohan is Euro-Man, adrift without an organic leadership strata; awesome with one.

Of all the pieces to this allegory the one that is the least certain to me is Theoden. Is there still a potential aristocracy for Euro-Man? If so from where will it emerge? No body lives long without a head in the midst of merciless foes. We have not had one for quite a while.

King – Counselor – Prophet. Is there a king left to rescue from corrupt counsels or has he been so tainted that he is permanently estranged from us in all but name? Or will he rise from among a new aristocracy? - an aristocracy wrought by the fires of an ongoing spiritual enslavement and physical genocide. Might the new story be that Theoden is overthrown by Eomer as the only means to save Rohan/us? I wish there were a Theoden but more and more it looks like a pipe dream.


Wheeler MacPherson said...

You've given me quite a bit to chew on for the next few days. And your observations/warnings/questions are poignant to me, personally, because I have for a while now seen the same Theoden-esque role and symbolism in the current situation.

I've quoted it before in other forums, but I think it's appropriate here once again - King Theoden's words before the battle of Helm's Deep:

"Where is the horse and the rider?
Where is the horn that was blowing?
They have passed like rain on the mountain, like wind in the meadow.
The days have gone down in the West
behind the hills into shadow.
How did it come to this?"

wjg said...


Those questions reflect an element to Tolkein that at times is depressing. His philosophy of inevitable decay. Fortunately - for those of us who like happy endings - Rohan had a reprieve both at Helms Deep and in the final defeat of Sauron.

Even when his work has those fatalistic elements - almost all of the Silmarillion - his work is uplifting.

Theo said...

Pessimism will get us nowhere. Keep looking up. As the old proverb goes: "It is always darkest before the dawn."

rhys said...

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