Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Speciation – The NWO end-game?

There is much discussion about the New World Order on the Internet but the term is usually not delved into. It is nebulous and this is not without value since it appears less a covert conspiracy than an evolving phenomenon that is heading always in one direction.

A huge blessing of the Internet is that it has freed a layer or two of people beneath that of the truly exceptional to the world as it is as opposed to the world as it in the interests of our masters to appear. Once one at least partially awakens to certain realities it is stunningly clear that there is this dichotomy of truth and fantasy due to the primacy of power politics. The masters CANNOT let a critical mass of thinkers unite behind a common theme in opposition to this situation for then a cadre to bring them down is a possibility. This is why “hate crimes” laws will easily trump the beleaguered piece of paper our forefathers mistakenly believed could endure in a world filled with a motivated and organized race of murderers and swindlers.

As this scenario continues to gather momentum I am struck by what I can’t help but think will be their final solution to the Goy problem. Their Talmud long ago was penned in actualization of a diabolical spirit that among other things declares those not in their tribe as cattle – literally. This manifest destiny of Judah to conquer the world as their playground has slowly but surely progressed. The 20th century was a coup for them of epic proportions. Based on how they got the best of the Goy to slaughter each other for their sole profit and entertainment I actually am starting to believe that we are cattle. What kind of idiots believe that we were right to destroy Germany in the mid-20th century because they were our enemies? Just about every American; even many so-called White Nationalist bloggers. So I can’t blame Judah for considering us sub-human. We shunned and murdered some of the greatest men nature could have blessed us with like Hitler and Rockwell; men who tried to wake us up when our chances of slaying this Beast were much more possible but as Christ long ago said, when we are shown light we instead prefer the darkness. I hope the trend changes but hundreds of years of history are all going their way.

What is this final solution? Is it not just this power bending to their will the current reality which defies it? And that is literally separating what is now referred to as humanity into not only two subspecies/breeds/races – a flagrant violation of the very PC dogma they have addled the minds of most Whites with – but two distinct species. How this will be achieved is another question that I have no idea about. But I have no doubt that the powers that rule us would like to do this and will attempt to do it.

Think about it. The ruination of Aryan Man through our mongrelization is the last major step towards Judah’s undisputed reign over this world. But once this is achieved it is only a reprieve from even the Mongrel-man evolving as a threat. But now once a significant gap is reached between the elite and their tools all the stops will be pulled out to maintain and increase this gap. Then as now Judah will extract the best of the Goyim as breeding stock to improve their still degenerate physical and spiritual traits. These Goyim will be destroyed as Aryans since half water and half dirt is just mud. The next tier of Goyim, then as now, will be left in circumstances where reproduction is minimized through feminism, materialism, and faggotry. The bottom tier, then and now, will be the most fecund and most prone to cross with “people of color”. Over time and with the help of all the technology money can buy the Master Race will not only distance itself from its fellow humans it will separate from them permanently – as man is now from livestock.

Once we are speciated they will breed, cull, and use their stock as suits their purposes: worker drones, medical and scientific test objects, sexual slaves, gladiators; the possibilities are endless. It will be the end of all except the Chosen Ones.

Seem implausible, impossible, just silly? Maybe. But the evidence is clear that the demonic force ruling us now and poised to control every corner of this planet would LIKE to do this.

Once this state is reached the “God” of Judah will be vindicated with a little help from his friends.

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Do a favor to your country and respond to Jerry Mitchel's blog @ Clarion Ledger. May Pride and country be with you. Down with socialism. God be with U.S.(us) all.