Sunday, January 14, 2007

The end of Little Geneva?

Several days ago LG got hacked and today there is a posting saying LG is packing it in for good. Because of the reference to the LGR it seems legitimate to me, though maybe that is a clever ruse by a false friend who betrayed trust. The other references on the final post are vague. The only person mentioned by name is Doug Wilson, and he – aka Dishonest Doug - is complimented. Weird.

If this is really how it ends then it’s a shame. The most sane Christian outlet I had found is gone. As virtual and abstract as it was it still provided a link to others who were striving to recapture spiritual and physical health for our kin. It was a fledgling community or at least a community support forum.

I do hope to find out what is behind this sudden – to me anyway – state of affairs. If they don’t reinstitute LG or resurface with their old monikers I wish all my brethren and their families the best.


M.B. said...

Someone confirmed to me that the shutdown is for real. Yeah, what can one say? It's awful. LG meant so much to so many people. It's a profound loss, but I'm sure that he's thinking that it's for the best at this point, and other avenues for getting out the message are available or will come along. The spineless little cyber-pricks who attacked the site did so because the pathetic, microscopic amount of machismo it took to hack it is as much as they'll ever exercise in their entire lives. Whoever they are, they're just scrawny homo's who would be ripped limb from limb in mere seconds in a real fight with a real man like most of the ones who hung around LG. I spit on them.

wjg said...


Thanks for the confirmation. The loss is great for our cause. I hope the site's contents were backed up and can be restored even if the site is no longer maintained. Maybe it was all lost.

This hacking is a nice metaphor for the final stages of the judaizing of "Christianity". No dissent, not even in the far reaches of the internet, is tolerable. The hacking just precedes inevitable hate crimes legislation by a little time.

What now?

Laurel1861 said...

I will miss Little Geneva terribly, the wit and humor as well as the theology. But we have to remember that we are more than Little Geneva, and the work must continue.

God bless,

Scorebored said...

This is indeed a terrible blow. But do try to take heart, my friends. God has gifted our group with a variety of skills and talents. There is work to be done, and the truth is that, Lord willing, we can do more. So after our grieving for this loss reaches its fullness, let's strap our swords back on and stand even closer together. And in the meantime, pray for those who are being directly affected by the evil committed against our kinsman and his family.

wjg said...


I agree. It was thought provoking and funny at the same time. It was us; a gathering of unashamed Whites.

The work must go on.

wjg said...


What you say must happen. I haven't forgotten about some of the topics we have discussed previously.

Isn't it ironic today is Marchin Lootin Coon day. The true god of judeoxtians. Now he can be worshipped with fewer troublesome dissenters.

I don't know the specifics of who or how our kinsman was wronged. Is there anything - besides prayer - that can be done to help?

Email me if needed.

Laurel1861 said...

Happy Confederate Generals Day, my friends!

We can choose to honor those whom the world honors, or those who deserve honor.

Indeed, Scorebored, we do have different skills and talents, and as long as we stand together, the battle is not lost. I recently found a quote that spoke to me regarding the battle.

"Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more."
– Louis L'Amour

One instance of hacking does not a defeat create.

Onwards and upwards!

Mark Ivey said...

Folks, many of us are still around and posting. We'll carry the flag until such a time as new portal can be built up and made to flourish. Though some of the tactics may need to change, the objective remains, and we are ever eager to continue the work ahead. There's much reason for hope.


Ehud would said...

I'm sorry to see LG go myself but I hope Harry is hereafter able to devote time to writing a Kinist Manifesto 'cause inorder for the Kinists to be taken seriously there must be some standard canon of work on the subject. LG went a long way toward such an amassment but until its all type-set and bound between the covers of a book, it will never be part of "the Christian Library." And if not part of said Library, it will not acheive a mainstream status anytime soon.

For those remaining I'd like to offer a suggestion: Try to be more winsome in your writing. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fireside-chat atmosphere acheived by this community but good-hearted candor amongst friends can seem obtuse or even ugly to the very outsiders whom you hope to persuade.

As ambassadors I beleive we have a responsibility to avoid unecessary offense of those who are simply unfamiliar with the doctrines which we seek to revive.

If a blessing, let the Kinist doctrines be evident as such, rather than muddied with our own vain propensities.

That having been said, I look forward to seeing the scholarship rise to even greater forensic levels in the writing of this community.

wjg said...


We must adapt to survive and I hope not the least our interpretation of our religion. If Christianity is truly what the Establishment (left, right, up, down) says it is then I'll concede to the views of Nietzche, Spengler, Oliver, and Pierce and look anew for a faith of Life in concert with the spirit of my people.

Christianity, as it now stands, is a death cult full of unhinged minds. I know many Kinists believe that Christianity has been hijacked into the abomination now calling itself Judeo-Christianity but when will there come a time when we must either form a new variation - what the Establishment would call a cult - vs. ditching it altogether?

I know the worldly church would consider this heresy but I pray to find what God would have me to find. If the status quo is not Satanic then my intuition and reason have abandoned me.

wjg said...


The manifesto is essential by he who would be our Luther or Calvin or (forgive me) Smith. We must declare who we are and what we stand for in terms that are unmistakable.

Unnecessary offense should be avoided but the enemy must be confronted boldly. Agreeing what that is and who we are is an essential foundation of any statement of purpose. Without this we are perpetuating the cult that now is poisoning us.

Maybe the revised Kinist approach will lean towards wanting to fit into that which still calls itself Christianity. Without it changing I hope not. It is the way of death.

Fr. John said...

I have to ask, as I am seeing NO OTHER PLACE where this is even being discussed via the former posters to LG.

What of this>?

Mr Wheeler sent it to me- any comments? And did ANYONE keep WORD files of the really good columns written, like 'On the supposed interracial marriage in the Bible' column? WHy did I not copy and SAVE it!>?!>!

wjg said...


I just went to that link and got a bit more detail than I cared for. How much the author asserts that is truthful vs. lies I can't say but it's a shame that Harry got all wrapped up in that damnable intrigue.

We need to leave the old ways behind. Let the judeo-xtians pontificate about "bigotry" while they disappear into the mud. Our vision must be on what is true and beautiful and it ain't the putrid disaster still calling itself Christianity.

I hope Harry and Bad resurface better and stronger than ever with the joy of having been sundered from a decaying body which revels in its own rot.

Ehud would said...

Thanks for your response wjg,

I agree with you when you say that we must be forthright in our beleifs. My only detraction is that while our foremost concern be for our people, we seem to neglect or even spurn the notion of respectfully persuading others such as Blacks, Asians, etc. toward tribal insularity.

Afterall, Phillip witnessed to and catechised the Etheopian before commisioning the man's return home. I'm just suggesting that we, I daresay even more than most, must be above reproach in our presentation and consistent adherence to the ideals of what we reckon to be historical and biblical Christianity.

If, as we say, the love of our own children in no way equates to antipathy toward the children of others, we must not allow for it to appear otherwise. We must "avoid the appearance of evil." Albeit, I recognize that Christ is Himself an offense and a stumbling block to men. But we ought not add our own stumbling blocks-- if you stack up enough of them you've got a wall afterall.

Really, say Blacks were to adopt a strong Kinist view; wouldn't their indoctrination benefit us also? The point is that we must be cognizant of the fact that healthy views of race, if maintained even by others, will be to the good of our people. That is, we must not appear to deride others for simply being as God created them to be. It hinders the reception of our message.

P.S.~ The magnum opus of Kinism by Smith? Fine by me.

wjg said...


There are two ways of looking at our relation to "the other". One is to look at them as fellow men that, though different, we can be empathetic toward, even allied with. The other is to constantly hide behind them so as to provide credibility to our own cause. This latter case is what should be avoided.

We owe no apology to anyone and derive our legitimacy from our very existence; if one so chooses - from God Himself. This desire to pull in Blacks to Southern Nationalist organizations (e.g. the LOS) or to paste colored faces onto the homeschool movement so that it is not "too white" is revolting. We must come to any relationship as free and independent men.

With that said I agree with not giving undue offense. Many of the other races who are now taking from us were put there to serve a purpose of the one race that truly deserves our enmity and that of every other freedom loving race. This enemy is Jewry and they must be named.

We must name them and separate from them and cast them from our presence or we will go the way of all the other races they have poisoned thoughout history.

Re. Blacks in America today I think it is next to impossible to form any sort of allegiance because Black Nationalism (Garvey) and Black Separatism (BT Washington) were both destroyed by Jewry. Blacks are no longer a race in America but an anti-race. Their sole utility - since following the path of stooges like DuBois, King, Jackson, etc. - is to destroy us. Even in Africa they are so backward and undependable they are better left alone.

Muslims are a different case. They - at least the ones still in their own lands - are our greatest potential ally. They see the threat of both World Jewry and Israel unlike any since the Nazis.

Oh, and the Smith I was referring to was Joseph Smith of the Mormons. I think Christianity is more degraded now than he thought it was back in the 1840s. We need a similar withdraw I think. I do not see how it can be reformed since it is diametrically opposed to quality in life - only the basest element of quantity.

Ehud would said...

You're right of course that we can't "hide behind" others inorder to lend ourselves credibility but we can encourage others (of all people groups) to protect and nurture the uniqueness of their respective groups, which if done is to our mutual benefit.

And I have no problem speaking of the Jews as both Jesus and the Apostle Paul did. Nor do I shrink from pointing out their incipient tendencies toward Jacobin-Bolshevism but I do try to stop short of speaking of them in the terms of strict biological determinism. I think the Christian must avoid the evolutionary language of Nazism-- afterall, we've seen the outcome of two groups (Germans and Jews) embracing their own "Master Race" theories in occupation of a common living space. Evil is bound to follow when all becomes a "will-to-power."

As for the Joseph Smith thing, I took you as meaning Winston Smith. Regarless, I think rather than anathematizing ourselves we ought to reclaim the ground lost in recent generations. It is not the Kinist who ought be considered the heretic but rather the gnostic evangelicals in their denial of both God's Law and the physical constitutions of men. In my estimation they bear the burden of proof to the contrary but inorder to make plain to them the poverty of their position I beleive we must "go the extra mile" by amassing a standard body of well-argued theology on the subject.

wjg said...


Unless we confront Jewry as a race we will continue our slide to extinction. Whether this is considered biological determinism or something else is secondary. They confront us as a race. They condemn us and treat us like garbage in our own country. Our response? To treat them as individuals.

Many say "Oh but not all Jews hate us. Many are upstanding, conservative, decent folk, even Christian". This is the failed view of the patriotard Right; the John Birch Society, and now American Renaissance. It is the view of the kept Right.

As a people group we must evaluate others as groups. Jews AS A GROUP, have been, are, and (seemingly) always will be poison. Study history: Ancient Egypt, Babylon (remember the story of Ruth?), Rome, Spain, Russia, Poland, Germany, and now the entire West (though notably the US and UK). It is littered with the corpses of nations destroyed thru racial mongrelization and war and Jewry was there singing their oh so sweet tune every time.

For those who pin our failings on the Enlightenment, and its many bitter fruits I see this as a fight against phantoms doomed to failure. Our people are prone to idealism, which is a strength when we are amongst ourselves but a grave weakness when mixed with others.

The Nazis were destroyed by Jewry (and its useful idiots) because they defied Jewry the only way they can be defied; by naming them, denying them citizenship, and expelling them. For this Jewry started WWII in 1933.

I respect the Nazis for what they tried to do. WE failed in the 1940s, not Germany. We are now reaping the whirlwind for siding with that satanic people. They are returning the favor the way they always have to their goy cattle; by a trip to the abattoir.

If we don't learn from past mistakes we will not only perish, we will deserve to perish. Everything in the West now serves them, even that which still calls itself Christian.

Until they are cast down our cause is hopeless.

There are other fights besides this one but it is by far the biggest. Confront the evidence and see if you don't agree. In the past, when I was still a pariotard, I wouldn't/couldn't see what was obvious since my mind was still captive.

How we fight this enemy is an important discussion but acknowledging it is the first step.

wjg said...

Re. Joseph Smith, I was using him as a man who was a prophet to a people rather than as the exponent of a specific revelation.

It is true Mormonism is considered heretical to Christianity but what now are we afraid of being anathematized from?

What should be done to a tree which produces no fruit? Should it not be cut down and cast into the fire? What fruit does the judeo-xtian church produce? Mediocrity, self-hatred, consumerism, war-mongering, ugliness, dysgenics.

Being a "nice" people in a decadent, corrupt society is not a fruit but a glaring failure.

Who is it you/we are afraid of? God? How is he now manifest? In Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, R.C. Sproul, Charles Stanley, in "the Church"? If he is still speaking to us thru our conscience's then I am hearing clearly to start anew; to leave the old ways behind.

New wine cannot be poured into old wineskins.

Ehud would said...

I too believe it appropriate and even a duty to address the Jews as a group but such address ought be considered general rather than categorical. Afterall, Jesus addressed the Jews in general but stopped short of condemning them categorically (think Nicodemus and the early converts).

Actually, I see Christ and the Apostles using "Jew" itself as a rather perjorative term in the N.T.-- by contrast, Christ, his Apostles, and other individuals are called Hebrews, descendants of Abraham, or Israelites. "Jew" seems to be indicative of "Judah" who sold Joseph into Egytian bondage(analogous of Christ himself being sold by Judas).

Having said that, I concede the fact that Hebrews such as Nicodemus be far and few between.

As to having respect for the Nazis, I appreciate many attributes of the German people and their culture but again, not categorically.

I find it a great irony that so many of those noted "German Enlightenment" Dr.s of Philosophy and language were actually Jews. It appears, that the Germanic return to Paganism and/or decline into Materialism was fostered by Jewish thought. It was only a matter of time before the German Superman squared off with the Jewish Superman. But as you've said, the Jews won the subsequent propaganda war. They sold the West on the idea that Germany's aggressive encroachments were born of the endemic Saxonic dispositions of Christianity. To the point, I attended a lecture by a "Holocaust" survivor some years ago at the Simon Weisenthal Center; I was agast at the sheer hypocracy of the speaker who claimed that the Germans must be "wiped from the earth" because they are so innately and uniquely evil. He claimed that "unlike the Jew, murder is in the blood of every German." Everyone in the auditorium nodded approvingly. When I (a blonde haired/ blue eyed Aryan type) stood and pointed out his hypocracy, they called security to escort me out. The Talmud bearing witness, the "Master Race" ethos came from them.

And as far as extricating ourselves from the church goes, we must not leave them but rather make clear that they left us and "the faith once and for all delivered to the saints." We must elaborate all the ways inwhich they've abdicated to Judaism and Romanism. We aren't the radicals, they are.

wjg said...


I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and it is interesting what you say re. the clash of the Ubermensch: the German vs. the Jew. Since the Jew was aided by the US, the USSR, the UK, France - pretty much the whole world - it is unfair to draw certain conclusions from the outcome.

The Jew won - for now - in its jewey way: lies, sophistry, graft, bribery, blackmail, sneakiness, murder, extortion, etc. The Aryan lost by not realizing he wasn't fighting a man but a virtual demon.

Are there Nicodemus's in its ranks? I suppose but that means nothing when there are a hundred Caiphas's. Any/all Jews must be excluded from any true White organization. For now this is a fantasy since they force themselves into anything we create thru their control of our government but if we are to survive it must eventually come to pass. They are corporately our enemy by any measure yet are so damned satanic they never pronounce their intent. It is easily seen by he who looks but blindness is clearly a contemporary virtue, and cowardice an even higher one.

I think it is fair to act in ways you think Jesus would approve but don't let the modern, weak, "Christian" zeitgeist of effeminate niceness pollute that path.

This whole Kinist flap with all the little j-x shills is a distraction from the war.