Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Commute

The following is a drive from my house in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC to work but it could be one of many similar spots across the Kwa in this age of transition...

Back out of the driveway in the quiet suburban neighborhood in mid-August. Leaves are still full on the maple, oak, chestnut, poplar, and ash trees though they are starting to brown and fall due to the dry summer. Wave hello to the neighbor on the right, a naval officer and his Asian wife; I like them both as individuals. He’s a conventional right-wing patriot, not at all agreeable to Bush’s amnesty but still a believer in the propositional America we’ve been given. Believes our greatest threat is Islam and best friend is Israel. My occasional challenges have not caused us strain. He is a decent fellow and a good neighbor.

On the other side are Somali tenants: a husband, wife and seven children ranging in age from late teens to fivish. They are not bad neighbors in the typical sense that is thought of. Islam seems to be giving them some semblance of discipline. The females all wear robes and head scarves. The modesty is becoming. Their younger children sometimes play with our kids. I have never spoken to the adults. We occasionally exchange waves.

Behind them (on the parallel street) are Peruvian newcomers. They fill the stereotype of the obnoxious Mestizo to a tee; loud music blaring at all hours forcing us to close our windows even when the weather is nice, when we yield to the base desire of wanting to sleep. Have called the cops thinking they’d get the message but that was expecting too much.

Drive down my street. The next house on the left has higher Latinos in the sense of being more Euro in both appearance and demeanor than their more prevalent cousins. Their daughter often plays with ours.

Walking down the middle of the street is some of the brood of pickaninnies imported by the U.S. Federal Government at our expense to a house at the end of the street. They slowly move out of the way and stare blankly as I dare to pass. Their presence in the street is ubiquitous; going to and from either the school to learn how superior they are to the White slaves who work day and night to feed, house, clothe, and entertain them or to 7-11 for their well earned sustenance. The sidewalk is too off-putting for them. 400 years of slavery and all. I believe I have heard that seven of the precious lil’uns occupy that house with their mammy. Some of the local White women have tried to be adult figures in their lives by taking them to the pool or otherwise watching them. The older “youths” or their friends often speed by with window rattling noise emanating from their SUV’s. What joy.

Further down is an older White couple still sporting signs for the GOP during every election cycle. One year before I woke up I went to the local school to hand out ballots for that racket.

Next to them is another Latino dwelling. The patriarch runs a towing business and cars overflow from all the residents. They have fixed up the house pretty nice. From what I hear they don’t get along with their gringo republican neighbors.

The rest of the drive out of the neighborhood includes some externally healthy White households. Most of the children in these cases are teenagers. Whites with young children are few; maybe one house out of twenty. Latinos abound and to their credit, most are industrious. Once their children are indoctrinated by ZOG that will change. By then we’ll have long said “hasta la vista baby”.

Heading down the major local road towards the Capital Parking Lot (aka the Beltway) the demographics hardly change either on the sidewalks, the busses or the cars. Latinos are everywhere. Asians aren’t far behind. Africans, home grown and imported, follow. Whites have been blown away. Driving through Annandale on Little River Turnpike can’t be much different than Tijuana. The McDonalds down near the Beltway doubles as a rent-a-spic though I doubt they get a cut of all that “cheap” labor. Then again no one does. I got no help from ZOG when my son was born but I’m sure all the wondrous “minorities” crowding us out did. No bother, I’m told they are enriching us.

Finally on the Beltway. Yes, it’s slow but I’m not on it for long. On I-66 West the traffic lightens and the speed limit is no longer posted as a mockery. Oh great, there’s a cop. Here to catch immigrant invaders? Going to stop a burglary, rape, or murder? Oh, it’s a speed trap. New $1,000 fines for driving too fast. Sam Francis so rightly called the hell of modern America an Anarcho-Tyranny. So true.

Ah, made it to work. And to think I get to keep almost 70 cents on the dollar. What a country.


Wheeler MacPherson said...

As I read this piece, the two words that kept ringing in my mind were "devastatingly accurate."

I spend a fair amount of my emotional energy feeling/expressing amazement and dismay that most of my fellow Whites don't seem to notice or care that what used to be a nation is now a festering chancre. But sometimes I think that one reason Whites are so apathetic to their own destruction is that they are so inwardly horrified at scenes like the ones you described, they shut down inside. A sort of racial state of shock, as it were.

This state of shock does not excuse inaction or apathy, mind you. Many, many times when a person lapses into shock (or hysteria), they need a good belt in the chops, NOT mollycoddling or sympathy.

I daily pray for the point of critical mass, the "tipping point" where more Whites will wake up and say, "We were wrong. And now we're going to right some wrongs." I don't think this tipping point will occur in my lifetime or my children's lifetimes, but I hold out hope that it will occur.

Thank you again for your work on behalf of the remnant of a once-noble race.

wjg said...


I wonder about the tipping point as well. How much abuse will we take:

By our government in the form of tax slavery, enforcement of bad laws (like quotas and civil "rights") and non-enforcement of good ones (like borders), and wars diametrically opposed to our national interests.

By the media (entertainment and news) who cover/coverup, and make pretty/ugly topics exactly as it serves to poison us and insult every aspect of our being with impunity.

By our churches who value nothing more than to serve the established order and destroy any potential renaissance so as not to lose their favored tax status.

By our factory "food" and pharmaceutical industries who churn our ignorant masses straight from one market to the next in a wicked symbiosis.

By academia in the form of perverted politics masquerading as knowledge all of which is anti-white.

Come to think since we are getting hit by all sides at once with ZERO institutional defense by those entrusted with it how could there yet be a corporate awakening?

I do hope our children's generation is just MORE awakened than ours. At this point a full fledged revolution (be it peaceful or violent) any time in the near future is a pipe dream. We and they have to at least hold their own through this awful trek through the wilderness.

That is one thing we can do.

The_West said...

Great piece. I happened to stumble upon your very informative blog. I noticed you had our link up for "News From The West" Thanks. I just added yours to our blog as well.

How much more abuse can America really take? I don't remember the straw that finally broke the camels back so to speak that made me want to start NFTW. But, I think it was a number of discoveries that I realized could not be left silent anymore.

"In a time of universal deceit-telling the truth is a revolutionary act"--George Orwell 1903-1950

Keep up the fantastic work that you are doing.

-the West

wjg said...
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wjg said...

The West,

My transition largely occurred in 2004/2005. The election of 2004 finally awakened me to the fact that Republicans aren't our friends and the whole system is stacked against White interests. It is an unsettling epiphany but nakedly obvious once one no longer fears reality.

For a while there was a large network of Kinist bloggers that I was tied into but that has receded for the present. These things tend to run in cycles.

Thanks for stopping by and keep up the good work at your site. We are all pieces in what may someday prove to be the renaissance of our people.