Friday, June 15, 2007

The Republican Party

It took me a long time to wake up to the healthy, adult world of racial realism. Having grown up in a culture and family which inculcated almost no loyalty whatsoever to my race it should come as little surprise that I was functionally aracial as late as three years ago. I mean no disrespect to my family as they are “normal” in this regard. Ordinary white folk just don’t care about their race. I mean who wants to be a racist or a hater. That’s for Nazis and Klansmen but not for decent, patriotic, American Whites. Liberal, Conservative, Christian, and Atheist all agree on that. Such is the matrix we find ourselves in.

In spite of this being the publicly acceptable/demanded view by Whites on race for at least the last 40 years there was always simmering just beneath that surface the instinctive, yet mostly personalized, racism that can be kept from Whites no more than the sun from the afternoon sky. If the bizarre world of anti-racism (code word for anti-White racism) were given no outlet it would have soon imploded into either an outright revolt against the system that institutionalized it or a much more Bolshevistic crackdown on dissent: stripping away all pretenses of freedom of speech.

But there was an outlet - American Conservatism – and its physical manifestation came in the form of the Republican Party. In decreasing fashion during the White Man’s craven and idiotic slide towards extinction the Republican Party has supposedly stood for us. It now overtly disowns us with impunity and is plain to see to all who are not blind. George Bush champions amnesty (i.e. wholesale Euro-Am disenfranchisement) and demonizes its opponents; Carl Rove addresses La Raza and excommunicates the immigration restrictionist wing from the GOP communion table. The post-civil rights era Republicans have, until now, obliquely hinted that they would represent White interests. Now they explicitly disown us. What do we do?

I have long held the Democratic Party in contempt but my feelings against the Republican Party are now far stronger. The Democrats haven’t – since they abandoned Whites in the 60s and 70s – even tried to conceal their being the Party of the non-white and the degenerate. They are an enemy to healthy White life for sure. A false friend (euphemism for traitor) is a much more repugnant being. Alright, it’s silly of me to personalize political parties. They are functioning within our political reality rather than making it. Still, the leaders in it are accountable as traitors to our race. Dogs like Nixon and “heroes” like Reagan both were complicit. Though their bodies are spared just punishment, their legacies should not be.

JW Holliday posted at Majority Rights what we need to hope for and work for: the demise of the Republican Party, if not in actuality, then at least as any sort of false advocate for White interests. Read his post and comments as Jean Depression.

We are in a struggle for life and death. Europeans worldwide, are under attack physically, mentally, and spiritually by a foe with merciless (though dissimulated) intentions. Obfuscation as to our predicament and bogus solutions to its cure are not luxuries we can further entertain. Proponents of them are either dull/deluded or treacherous. The Republican Party is based by the former and led by the latter. Its demise is our gain.

As JW says, we should push for divisiveness and provocation since it will possibly stimulate a predictable overreaction by both Jewry and their tools. This, in turn, will wake up more Whites to what is happening and we will have one less false friend to betray us. We need to rally around our blood. The patriotards can be left with their ever shrinking and delusional rainbow coalitions.


Scorebored said...

Remarkable and quite thought-provoking. Personally, I need to be periodically reminded that I was once as blind and mindless in my racial awareness as are most Whites today.

It's a very dicey thing for a racially-aware man to listen to members of his own family or beloved friends grudgingly admit that Negroes are to be avoided as much as humanly possible...and then to hear the same person(s) make comments about the Jews being "God's chosen people" and how we must "support Israel," etc.

I know a married couple who are prototypes for the standard-issue Republican Christian Conservatives: upper-income professionals, deeply active in their presbyterian congregation, at least one son serving in Iraq, signed photos of various Bushes on the parlor walls of their McMansion, volunteering their time at the local Republican Party HQ, etc. And when gently asked about the POSSIBILITY that the official 9-11 story being less than factual, this couple's united response was nothing less than frightening. Someday, when I ask them some pointed questions about Jews, I fully expect for the gentleman (a grayheaded senior citizen) to physically attack me.

Slaves and lemmings. That's the state of our people right now.

Thank you for your writings, brother. What you're doing is important.

wjg said...


When I still attended church services (it's been over 18 months since I did so regularly) the politically active were almost all of the sort you mention. I was as well - to a point.

I bought a lot of the argument (it's hard not to when everything around you points in the same direction) that Israel was our friend and Jews were the pearl in God's eye and racism is a sin, blah, blah. But it was always forced/contorted into my psyche. As mind mouth said "yes", my spirit revolted.

Perversity (be it physical or spiritual) can only be tolerated so long before either a healthy being rejects it or is itself poisoned by it.

The surreality of Judeo-Christianity/Republican Conservatism begs to be destroyed. Its bizarre "morality" of degeneracy, dysgenics, passive-aggressiveness, self righteousness, and fanaticism is rotting us from within.

The weak are being culled by it and maybe this is needed. As these weaklings surrender on everything given them by their forefathers thinking that this gains "God's" blessing an outsider can plainly see who their "God" is. He whose commands they follow exists in the flesh in Washington, New York, and Hollywood, without needing a pillar of smoke.

As they ascend (in their minds)/descend to oblivion in their consumerist cocoons the dwindling remnant of our people will emerge stronger.

Life, beauty, strength, and nobility require actual work, especially in a society at war with them. Our phony institutional "friends" just try to convince us to lie down and pass without a fight.

Let's hope that our false friends are revealed to more and more of our strongest and best and our awakening gains momentum.

JBB said...


It’s been awhile since I’ve last visited here, wjg, so I was initially nicely surprised to find you had written something as recent as 15 Jun 2007; and with the title “The Republican Party”, I was instantly hooked. I wondered, “What theme would wjg use? The Traitor Party? Or, The Self-Imploding Party? Or, The Pro-Illegal Party? Or, maybe, The Party That Made Hilary President in 2008?”

I say initially nicely surprised because I couldn’t get pass the first paragraph, wjg. I knew I had to stop reading and send you this comment after the following three sentences: “I mean who wants to be a racist or a hater. That’s for Nazis and Klansmen but not for decent, patriotic, American Whites. Liberal, Conservative, Christian, and Atheist all agree on that.”

Here’s the definition of racism I found on the net: Racism is a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human so-called races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior. Many scholars maintain race to be a social construct with potent social and political effects but no basis in biological science.

The second sentence of the definition is total bunk. What do I care what scholars maintain concerning race? Most scholars treat facts and proofs in the same manner as did the jury in the O.J. Simpson trial. What I do care about is what scientists say, and scientists are finding more and more evidence through medical research that there are profound differences between the races at the DNA level, many more differences than was previously thought.

The first sentence is the crux of the matter. The sentence has two parts: First, the achievement of a race is relative to its inherent differences to other races, and second, achievement is the measure by which a race’s superiority is gauged.

Well, yeah. That’s exactly the way I believe. Wouldn’t a race of four-legged humans be able to outrun a race of us, the two-legged variety? And, if we based superiority on speed, wouldn’t the “four-legs” be the superior ones due to that inherent difference?

Don’t you agree that some races are inherently superior? If so, you and I, by definition, are racists.

The History Channel is one of my favorite channels to watch. I especially like one program called Modern Marvels. Today’s program concerned a new method of parachuting supplies to troops on the ground from cargo planes. The parachute used is huge. Stretched out it covers a quarter of a football field. But, what’s truly amazing about it is it uses GPS, and it flies the load of supplies to the delivery point rather than just landing wherever the wind carries it. Can you imagine that—the sheer ingenuity of it? Now, do you believe any race but the white race capable of imaging it much less doing it, or capable of imagining the harvesting of the ocean floor, or imagining the colonization of the stars, or actually achieving any one of a million things that our race has achieved?

I do see the white race as superior based upon its achievements. Hell, the white race has created everything in the modern world. However, just because I believe my race is superior to all other races doesn’t mean I automatically hate anyone. And, while I personally do not know any Nazis and Klansmen, it’s my honest feeling that there must be many of them who are just as decent, and just as patriotic as I think myself and you to be. Being a Nazis or a Klansmen and being decent and patriotic are not mutually exclusive, regardless on what Liberals and Conservative and Christians and Atheists agree.

Those three sentences shattered me a little, wjg. It’s the language of our enemies.

wjg said...

I completely agree with what you are saying. I was speaking in that first paragraph with the voice of the typical de-racialized white man; as I was several years ago.

White folk are "supposed" to look at racists as evil haters, witches, misfits, freaks, etc. Nazis and Klansmen are to our Matrix what Kulaks were to a Trotskyite; bogeymen who are the foil to the model robotic biped who has accepted his place. The White masses are "supposed" to respond with subconscious revulsion at racists. The problem is that they are rebelling against reality. To take your 4 legged example further imagine arguing that all dog breeds are interchangeable and that Malamutes can just as well serve as Mexican lap dogs and Chihuahuas as Alaskan sled pullers. As ridiculous as that sounds it is less absurd than a nation of Africans developing a space program.

The Republicans have redirected natural, healthy racial instincts into a kosher fog of ideological insanity. They have not fought our slow suicide but made it more probable by providing a false outlet for rebellion against it.

Far from abandoning racial reality I am condemning the entire phony conservative establishment for undermining it. Race is probably the most important feature on which a healthy society is based. Until we rediscover this and discard counterfeits we are going nowhere.

Good to have you visit again.

admin said...

Good points. I used to be a republican, but realized very quickly that they had abandoned all pretense of representing the traditional white majority. It is good to see other whites awakening to the jew world order, and its attendant miseries. please link to my blog,


admin said...
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wjg said...


I like your blog. That cartoon is so true. I see your neck of the woods is experiencing all the wonders of diversity as is my area - Northern Virginia.

Who are we to complain when we are race-replaced with our own tax dollars? Evil haters of course.

admin said...

Yes, California is overrun. officially, whites are about 40% of the state. But unmixed whites are probably less than 1/3. What kind of a future does that leave for white kids. Its debasement and humiliation, along with genocide. I'd rather be exterminated fighting, than take this slow blending with the third world. Thanks for linking to me, the favor was returned.

Tim Pennington