Thursday, May 10, 2007

Politically Correct Poker

The key to winning at the game of political correctness is knowing which hand trumps which. You had better learn these rules if you want to succeed in this wonderful land of America. The first concept to grasp is the hierarchy. It is the pecking order of the various hands in this game and there are three main dimensions of them. You have known them from a young age since we made your moral upbringing such a high priority. Here they are:

Race, Sexual Orientation, and Sex.

Within each dimension the order is very simple. Memorize them and you are ready to excel at this game.

A. Race. Yes we say race is a construction invented by evil white racists but that is for the little people. They will never see the contradiction unless we tell them it is respectable to think that way and that would be too much of a burden for their chaste little minds.

1. Jews. Note it is critical that this trump is never overtly announced. To announce it is worse than exercising the trump at all. This is what is called a silent trump. If Jews are ever involved in anything bad the story must either be ignored completely or the race not mentioned or worst case we're White. If Jews are ever associated with a good story the relationship must be handled subtly by use of menorahs, Stars of David, skull caps, etc., as visual cues but not too obviously.

2. African-Americans. Nothing subtle here. Everything Whites are known to be good at substitute A-A’s and all the bad things A-A’s are known for substitute Whites. If there are 1,000 interracial rapes, murders, etc., of which 90% are black on white make sure only the ones where Whites are the perps get any attention. Ignore the rest. If inventions are a topic, champion peanut butter over the light bulb. The more ham-handed the better in the representations of A-A’s. Even go so far as to make commercials with nothing but incompetent, indolent Whites and industrious, intelligent Blacks.

3. Congoids. Pure Congoids are preferably ignored but basically follow the same rules as A-A’s. A-A’s are higher since they are a mixed race that can be praised for their hybrid vigor (10-15% White) over their pure ancestors from the jungles of Africa.

4. Heinz 57. Tiger Woods-types are in a sense the best examples of the future America. They are nowhere men with no past and no future, but a very bright present up on their pedestals for proud display to Whites to envy.

5. Mestizos. This one must be handled with a bit more care since first generation Mestizo-Americans are much less valuable as nation wreckers than Africans. As they are Americanized they will be more valuable though it is doubtful they can move up the chain. Depends on whether H57 ends up more like Jennifer Lopez (too white) or Barack Obama (just right).

6. East Asians. Perfect in the Kwa but dangerous in their own homogeneous nations to the game.

7. Sub-Cons. In America this group is much lower than in the U.K. since H1B consultants aren’t as valuable as violent, lethargic, dole-takers. In another generation they will surely move up a notch. Stay tuned.

8. Arabs. Real Semites are only useful if we can keep them pitted against the dumb crackers. That they are fanatical Jew-haters keeps them down low. We’ll eventually “reform” Islam to give them a good chance for future progress.

9. Non-Hispanic Whites. Don’t even give them the respect of a positive label – Whites. Instead name them as the leftovers after Latinos are subtracted. Spit in their face and tell them it’s raining. They won’t do anything. They’ll even provide the best of their people to maintain this order. Gotta love it.

B. Sexual Orientation. Remember that none of these dimensions can be taken alone. The highest ones on this list are less valuable if they are non-White. Black fags are OK but let’s not push it too much. After all Blacks still fight a bit against genocide. Jew queers are not to be mentioned at all.

1. Fags. Non-White fags are high scoring (in PC poker) only if they are eloquent representatives which allows more recruitment among white children.

2. Dykes. If they weren’t into combat boots and crew cuts maybe they’d be first.

3. Pederasts. The younger the children and the more homo the higher the value.

4. Pedophiles. See note above since this one may sometimes drop below hetero. If White Men are marrying young White Women just below the statutory rape line but who are sexually mature (say 16 or 17 years old) then that is the lowest score of all. Remember Whites must be kept sterile if possible. If unavoidable have them marry later and remain less fecund.

5. Hetero

C. Sex. See the note on B. Feminism scores highest for Whites. We can’t completely ignore it for others since we don’t want to be considered hypocrites for crying out loud.

1. Women. Always remember this in all the other contexts. Young, white, militant feminist, dyke, good. Young, white, traditional, fecund, bad. In other words the score of sex is very much dependent on other characteristics involved.

2. Other. Any ecological or psychological situations leading to more white hermaphrodites or other physical oddities are good, hence the higher score.

3. Men. Again only the lowest within the context of being White and hetero.

Confused? Don’t worry. Now that you understand the scoring let’s play a hand. Dealer, give us our cards.

Alright I have one A-A female hetero, a Mestizo male fag, an Asian male hetero, one White male hetero, and a jew. And you have an A-A male hetero, a white male hetero, a White fag, an Asian female hetero, and a female Mestizo hetero. Now let’s count up the score.

My Hand
A-A Female Hetero +3
Mestizo Male Fag** +1
Asian Male Hetero*** +1
White Male Hetero -1

Your Hand
A-A Male Hetero* +3
White Male Hetero -1
White Female Hetero**** +2
White Fag +3
Mestizo Female Hetero***** +3

* Alright, you’re wondering why the A-A female and male have the same score. Keep in mind just how valuable A-A males are to us. The murder and mayhem are more priceless than a Master Card commercial. The male/female agitations are for Whites only.

** No the Mestizo fag isn’t worth as much as a white fag. Remember the dilemma here. Non-white perverts aren’t exactly loved in their own communities and unlike Whites, we need to respect somewhat their sensitivities. Yet we can’t bash them either so as to not lose our white queers. This is kind of a wink and a nod score.

*** Asian males are still a bit too independent for our liking, but at least they aren’t white.

**** The white female hetero is very hard to score and must be left to a professional – like me. If she is one of those rare, nasty racist, fascist bitches then she is lower than even a straight white male. But if she is the typical empty headed soccer mom who has listened to us and desires nothing more than her 1.4 children become the next American Idol then 2 is a good score. She will accept that she can never reach the 3 score of her betters.

***** Non-descript, compliant, and more fertile than rabbits. We do need to think on the practical side as well. They make better drones for the labor pool than A-A’s. Once the Whites are gone the A-A’s will have served their purpose. I’ll deny this if you ever say so.

Which hand won you ask? There’s only one card that you need to see that gives you the answer. Acknowledge it and move on, kapisch?

That was easy wasn’t it? Oh, you’re not confident you can remember the system? No worries. Just come to us and we will always patiently explain it to you. Never take these analytic loads on your own mind. Life is hard enough as it is. Trust us.

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Excellent, excellent work, brother. So good to see you posting again.